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Just finished a cup of tea and a mandarin, now trying to decide between reading airport trash and playing a video game



Prof. Crocodile posted:

which video game and which airport trash? this decision is not as easy as it might seem at first blush...

Have briefly postponed this decision as I have just dicovered Voyager by Daft Punk!!!!!!


Thank u for this insight into jcvd, who has not previously touched my life much

Muffin splits for lunch w/ butter, wholegrain mustard, trying to make it through to monday on my current supplies

Considering liveblogging interstella 5555 now, it's not like i've got better to do on a lockdown saturday afternoon


It's a cartoon set to a Daft Punk album that they chopped into bits to release as music videos. There's a playlist of them on youtube that was linked from the song that youtube linked to me earlier. That's all I know apart from one or two of the more famous songs.


Alright, lets go, beer accompaniment is Monteiths Pilsner,

One more time is playing to nice visuals of planets , theres a concert going on, it reminds me of the obscure animes that used to be used as filler at the end of the sunday cartoons, before thunderbirds and then black and white doctor who came on.


A little more bland then the other one i saw, I guess because this is the video for a single rather than a more obscure track,

Oh, theres a meteor that turned into a ship and now invaders, maybe this is going somewhere afterall


Ooh interesting, the invaders hijacked the concert, their soundtrack is much funkier, nice groove that makes you feel cool


The invaders have kidnapped the band that was playing, they obviously planned this well because they had a laser guided crossbow that got one guy who tried to get away.

Much more upbeat house musc in "Digital love", it took me a moment to figure out the guy was the hero and not the invaders, it's hard to keep up when live updating.

Lol a spaceship morphing into a 747 is funny to my for unfathomable nerd resons, it's so mundane somehow


Harder Better Faster,

Someone's transforming the kidnappees into normal humans (They were blue before)
I'm enjoying the eggs that are fired at them to colour their skin.
This moves very fast when viewed as a movie


Extremely 80's electropop start, general 80's theme as the kidnapees are transformed into a pop band, I think the music producers are the bad guys but I keep missing important plot points

dammit I just missed all their names on screen while typing


Song fits nicely with a kind of whirlwind of fame vibe.

Night vision
Band worn out and imprisioned by fame
Very reflective and quiet start to music

oh it's just an interlude, barely anything happened

Staight out house music vibe, everyone loves the band but they're tired of the circus

Mytserious cloaked stranger has arrived, I think he's the good rescuer, but he's going to deprive the stadium of people of their concert!

Lol he arrived in a rocket pack but he escaped in a Nissan Homy wtf

Aw goodish guy was lasered


High life

Sort of a high fashion vogue photo shoot, The bad fatcat guy still has the band girl and is now using her for nefarious fashion purposes.

oh, it's the grammys or whatever

Ooh, daft punk making an appearance as themselves

Ah, last minute the little drummer kid unbrainwashes her an they get away in a taxi

Something about you

Very laid back pop song with a slight bedroom funk groove
So rescuer must have survived, but he's circling the drain now, the band is now together and free, he's done it all for band girl, having a little fantasy dance now, it's nice. I think band girl's character is designed specifically to look very cute when sad.


Love this, it's exactly the sort of bittersweet house groove I've gotten into over the last few year, the band is back in the nissan homie, now I understand why eveything is lovely scenery only they've got a dead body in the back


Band, btw, consists of generic white guy, cute girl, afro guy and pudgy kid drummer. The drawing style is very anime but the actual stuff depicted is pretty much entirely european, it not set in japan like every other anime i've ever seen.

Veridis Quo

We find the bad guys at Darkwood Manor lol. This music is more funereal then the funeral in the last video to, lots of plot exposition, bad producer is part of a cult it seems


Producer seems to have sacrificed his clone who may have been mozart


It seems producer has been cloning people into musicians to obtain gold records to destroy the universe or something like that. God I love musical allegories


Short Circuit

Another intro using '80s synth tones. Band is getting away in the Homy after producer fell into lava trying to grab his gold record.

Biblical tome comes with convenient minidisc memory

Ooh, Afro guy's turn to shine, he's infiltrating a building

Lol the guards are busy watching football

Stealing the master for one more time

Oh, he got knocked out and turned blue, band has been caught again


Face to Face

Second to last song, kind of a little bland so far, TV report on band, authorities are piecing together bad guys plot,

ah, the memory card tells everyone what happened, The world is happy and is sending the band home now

These city scapes seem more japanese after what I said earlier

Spaceship launches on a monorail, they head home

Too Long

They transferred to a flying v guitar shaped spaceship

Going through a wormhole, black cloud is following,

Now being attacked by spirit of producer

They've powered through,

Girl has retrospective on rescuer

music is slow building house

general retrospective on plot

Space nebulae etc

flying through a meteor field

have timed beer nicely to finish

band having a jam as they approach home planet

Contact is made, much joy

Ah, 9 minute song, we got about 4 miute s of celebration


Home, time for a gig

Cheesy power of rock visuals are much better in their natural home, at the crescendo of a dance music sone after 4miutes of build up

Everone in the universe is happy even nice producer who had the master tape and worked out the truth

Waves good bye

Zoom out through univers to daft punk record in a room with a child sleeping

end, I am sweating like a pig through typing, had to take my jersey off



Plot: 3/5, competently executed but fairly standard musicians against the corporate machine allegory

Music: 5/5 not perfect but this is a classic of the genre for a reason. A number of hits that I'm familiar with and like at various intensities. New listens Voyager and Aerodynamic will stay on my playlists for a long time. Last two songs don't grab me by the gut. I much prefer the instrumentals in general

Cheesyness: This should have been so cheesy but it's not, it suits the concept album format v. well, it's reasonable that alien people can exist and do things in what i've always felt is a spacy, fantastical genre. The climax has some anime cliches in it. Much better than say, Styx's attempt at the same thing

Visuals: 4.5/5 I guess like most of the target audience I have good associations with this type of art. The space fields are really nice. In general it's like those early 90s broadcast staple animes but with a lot of the ropy stuff cleaned up a lot. The main characters have that impossibly perfect except the clowny people are tiny and rotund with crude features. I like the nice but more realistic depictions of the regular people. I like evil producer's look.

So yeah that was definitely a thing, I doubt that watching it yourself would be like high comedy but it was fun and has excellent music if you're into dance music. I think it would probably be fun to watch in a dark room at night with your favourite sensory enhancing substances but that's only a guess since I don't really do that.

Link, hopefully


It's 2.30 pm and I have no idea what to do with the rest of my afternoon


OMG these kids on freaks and Geeks are expected to read crime and punishment by monday It took me literally 2 years to get through that thing


Bill or whatever his name is looks way better as the Bionic woman lol


OMG the guidance counsellor's pumpkin that's so mean >



Goons Are Great posted:

Go watch it, it's 3 hours long, consists out of 60% monumental music, 20% ads that have enormous nipples, 10% Jared Leto saying poetic stuff and 10% Ryan Gosling bleeding almost as much as DiCaprio in the revenant
This makes me very glad that the live posting concept lives on

Not quite live posting: This morning I put breakfast in the microwave, went round and opened my curtains and put weet-bix in another bowl and was poised to put the milk in before I realized that breakfast was in the microwave

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