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Richard D James
Nov 21, 2000

Problem description: Hi everybody. My Windows 10 PC is driving me crazy. It seems to be powering up normally, but it will not output any picture. I really need some help here.

Attempted fixes: Because everything else seemed to be working normally, the first thing I did was remove the GPU and try the onboard video. I got the same thing. I checked every connection, and then tried to boot with as few devices connected as possible. Same result. The motherboard (an ASUS Maximus V Formula) has a q-code display, and each time I turned it on the code displayed was A2, which is listed in the manual as "IDE detect." From searching online this seems to be a generic "something is wrong with the mobo" code.

I notice that the fans on the GPU (an EVGA 1060) are briefly spinning up and then down whenever the computer is on, continuously. But the lights on the card look normal, and again, I got no picture from the onboard video.

I tried HDMI, displayport, and DVI. Multiple cables, multiple monitors and a TV.

I also tried an older power supply that was in my closet. I got the same problem. Although this PSU is old and I'm not sure if it works properly?

So, thinking the problem was the mobo (around 8 years old now) I purchased a new one, along with a new CPU and RAM. I've installed those, and I'm still not getting a picture. I'm using the same PSU and GPU. AFAIK the new setup doesn't have onboard video so I can't test that.

Recent changes: No changes before the original problem

Operating system: windows 10

System specs:

the first setup:
Intel Core i5 3570K
ASUS Maximus V Formula ATX LGA1155
corsair CX500 PSU
EVGA GeForce GTX 1060

AMD Ryzen 3 3100

Location: Canada

I have Googled and read the FAQ: Yes


Jul 29, 2003

Using a CX500 with a 1060 card isn't recommended. That PSU (even brand new) is underpowered for that card.

Using an older PSU would also not likely work unless it was a really HQ one.

As far as what PSU to try going forward:

"Power supplies have roughly doubled in price due to the current trade war. Cheap PSUs are now pricey and good ones are very pricey. Its recommended to get an 80+ Gold (or better) PSU with a 7 to 10 year warranty. While not an absolute sign of quality, long warranties are indicative of the manufacturers confidence in their product. Currently this includes the Seasonic Focus and Focus Plus Gold lines, Corsair TMx, RMx 2018 and RMx 2019 lines, and EVGA Supernova G1/2/3 lines."

Oct 2, 2003

The cheaper Corsair CMX line is not a huge drop off in quality either, and available for somewhat reasonable prices at present.

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