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Oct 27, 2008

Ba-dam ba-DUMMMMMM

Pottery Barn is selling the Prepster three-day emergency kit. Letís check it out:


The Prepster Luxe 3-Day Emergency Bag helps you prepare for unexpected events with its thoughtfully-planned and generously-stocked kit of survival supplies.
The Preppi 2-Person canvas and leather emergency survival kit is generously stocked with all of the necessary supplies to get through 3-days following an emergency event.
In addition to Datrex Food and Water with a US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life, you will find luxe comforts from Malin+Goetz, tech gear, and First-aid essentials.
3-day Datrex food and water supply is approved for a 5 year shelf life by the US Coast Guard.
First-Aid kit includes bandages, gauze, gloves, antiseptic towelettes, antibiotic ointment, wound closures and first-aid guide booklet.
Kit includes a Natural Canvas Backpack with a solar/hand-crank power supply, radio, LED flashlight and USB jack, Malin Goetz essential kit (grapefruit face cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, Bergamot Body Cleanser, Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer, Peppermint shampoo and Cilantro conditioner), Marvis toothbrush and toothpaste, Mast Brothers chocolate, Kusmi Tea, First-Aid kit, multi-tool, Preppi poncho, Preppi Space Blanket, hand warmers, whistle, duct tape, dust mask, tube tent, survival matches, Preppi candles, work gloves, utility bags, Paracord rope 550, Field Notes Expedition Waterproof Notebook and Preppi pencil, LED combination signal flare, flashlight, flasher, glowstick and whistle, LED headlamp, BYOS Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Poker playing cards .

First, those Datrex emergency water rations are a great start but thereís no way thatís going to last two people three days, especially if you have to cut into it in order to apply a peppermint shampoo and Cilantro conditioner. The FAK isnít terrible, but it seems more like a run of the mill household FAK that couldnít really handle a major emergency; I also didnít see any necessary meds like NSAIDs, anti-diarrheal, antihistamines, etc. in there. Also for that price Iíd want to see something high-proof that I could put in that flask. This strikes me as a day and a half kit rather than a 72-hour one.

I see the primary utility of this kit as demonstrating its shortcomings and providing the end user with a foundation upon which to build. There are some good items in this kit, but it needs a lot of work. I get the feeling most people would buy one of these and toss it in a closet and think theyíre good to go.

Also, lol that Pottery Barn is selling prepper stuff


Jul 8, 2006

pantslesswithwolves posted:

Also, lol that Pottery Barn is selling prepper stuff

That looks like about $50 of stuff for $500, so about right for Pottery Barn.

The Oldest Man
Jul 28, 2003

pantslesswithwolves posted:

I also didnít see any necessary meds like NSAIDs, anti-diarrheal, antihistamines, etc. in there.

The funniest part of that kit is imagining someone opening it up in their Lexus after evacuating for a wildfire or something and realizing they have a luxury toiletry kit but their only food for the next several days is Datrex emergency rations and they have no laxatives.

The Voice of Labor
Apr 8, 2020

wife bought me a gopnick bag, I managed to stuff a splinters cuts scrapes and minor burns first aid kit, paracord, lighters, pad and pen/pencil, compass, multitool, flashlight and extra batteries, and a grip of pearson's salted nut rolls and trail mix. I've needed to swapped out the weird gerber multitool with something functional for awhile, I think I'm just going to get another swiss army knife, a pair of slip joint pliers and a good multitip screwdriver and throw them in there. today's examination of the bb&bbb made me realize I should probably put some advil in there too and possibly a flask.

C.M. Kruger
Oct 28, 2013

Godholio posted:

It's a lot easier to lug a kindle/tablet, a small solar charger, and a lithium battery pack thing than a stack of books.

A Kindle/Kobo loaded with books is a great choice just for psychological reasons, especially if you've got kids.

Now, I'm just a random civilian, and I was never in the boyscouts and don't have much of a outdoors background beyond basic camping stuff, but I got into Mother Earth News/Homesteading/survivalist stuff as a teenager and in my experience like 90% of "survival books" all have the same information in them with different editorializing/organizing and focus. Compare say, a bushcraft guide for hunters/boy scouts to something targeted at the "woah, I'm concerned by natural disasters, I should make a earthquake kit" market, or at preppers. You could grab a old 50s era outdoorsman's guide, or even George Washington Sears' book from the 1880s, and it would mostly have the same (although dated) information.

And some of it will doubtless be second-hand information. Like maybe the author is just recounting the "everyone knows" instructions on how to make a fire drill from FM 21-76, but they're missing one specific trick or aren't being detailed enough since they never tried it themselves. Or maybe they've got a desert survival section but have never seen a cactus.

IMO somebody would be fine with a single book by a reputable author versus a bunch of different non-specialized books, and actually practicing the relevant skills, however I would "mention as notable" the Collins "SAS Survival Guide" by Lofty Wiseman just because it has a pocket edition that's actually pocket sized, so it's actually practical to carry around and won't take up much space or weight in a backpack.

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