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Tuxedo Gin
May 20, 2003


Problem description: Earlier this year, my PC suddenly shut off while I was using it. It would not start again. When I pressed the power button, I would hear a single click. No power on, no POST. The PSU fan starts to spin but stops after about 1 second.

Attempted fixes: My first thought was a dead PSU. I bought a new PSU and it still had the same problem. I jumpered both PSUs and both fans spun normally. At this point I figured it was a dead MB, so I just put the whole thing in a closet because I needed a system immediately so I just put together a new MB/CPU/RAM combo and moved my drives and GPU to the new computer. Fast foward to this week, and I bought a replacement motherboard (same model). Same problem. Guess it's not the motherboard. It has to be either the CPU or RAM. I am stupid because now I have two of the same motherboard (apparently both functional) and two power supplies (apparently both functional). Whether it is the CPU or RAM, I'm basically 2 components away from having two identical working PCs (I am dumb).

Recent changes: No changes that I'm aware of that would have caused the initial death.


Operating system: Windows 10

System specs: i5-6600k, Asus z170i PRO GAMING, 16GB G-SKILL Ripjaws RAM (3333), CoolerMaster Hyper 212 (I think), Corsair 600W PSU, Also tried a Thermaltake 600W.

Location: Japan, Initial system came with me from the US.

I have Googled and read the FAQ: Yes


Jul 7, 2004


Do you have a discrete graphics card? It sounds like your PSU is not happy.

Get a power supply tester:

If you are not getting voltages that you expect, or if the unit will not power on with the tester then you know that the PSU is bad.

If you are getting voltages that you expect, I would boot with enough hardware to get it to run and test to see if its something like RAM, HDD, or GPU

Let us know how that goes!

Edit: reading into your post more, you may want to check to see if you are getting enough voltage from the wall socket:

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Tuxedo Gin
May 20, 2003


Thanks for the response. Itís definitely not the PSU as I had the same response from a brand new PSU which is now chugging along happily in my new system. Same for the wall outlet.

I was using a GPU in the original build that died, Iíve since moved the GPU to the new PC and am trying to fix the old one while using on onboard graphics.

Tuxedo Gin
May 20, 2003


It was the CPU. Bought a cheap used one similar to the old one (i5-6600 instead of 6600k) and it booted right up.

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