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Boba Pearl
Dec 27, 2019

Yellow Pearl, Blue Pearl, Pink Pearl

Boba Pearl.

Big shout-out to DogKisser for making this CYOA genre, I’m going to try my hand at it.

Before there was a beginning and an end, there was the Great Circle inside of the Great Circle were 7 spheres, each one containing a tower of pure white ivory. Each sphere contained a world of unending beauty, and despair. Before time, everything was everywhere simultaneously, and everything that is already was, and would be. There were legends and stories, tales of woe and cheer. This is not their tale though you may yet get to hear them.

This is the tale of the aftermath of the Woeful Breaking. Gods had created alliances, cut off the 7 spheres from each other, closing them off from the great circle, and had a war that was so intense, the fighting birthed a new world. Now the gods are damaged, almost beyond repair, with few able to speak, or even breathe. They are those that were left after the great war, and now with the Great Circle gone, and the 7 spheres locked, they have been cast out from their ancestral realm. They are stuck in the land between, observing over the new world, clawing and fighting for the first time in their lives with Time, and Entropy. The only thing they have left that could resemble a purpose, is to make the New World better than the last.

The Rules


  • To create your God, simply list your Name and Specialty. That’s all. For instance, Thakoth, God of Rain or Vendri, Goddess of Molten Steel or Wallace, God of Candy. Keep it simple, at least initially. You’ll have the chance to add to your Portfolio, with time - if you survive.

  • For you are indeed Fragile. Each God begins with 3 HP, and each turn you must roll a 2d20L1 (2d20 Keep Lowest Number) to determine the magnitude of your Action. Add +3 if you have a relevant legend that you can invoke.

  • On a dice roll equal to or below 10, lose 1 HP.

  • On a roll of 1, lose 2 HP and your Action backfires entirely, causing the opposite effect.

  • On a roll of 20, your Action is greatly magnified and you gain a +5 Bonus to Actions thereafter.

  • Create 1 Legend this is a story, long or short that describes something important that happened to you, or in front of you Before There was Time. This will effect your actions, and help me pick out my first set of gods.

  • Talk to your fellow gods, after gods are picked, you will be expected to come up with 2 Cooperative Legends involving you and at least but not limited too one other God.

  • Any reader not currently portraying a God is a Wisp - Wisps have no Names or true personalities, but may affect The New World through affecting the Gods.

  • A Wisp may still add or subtract one point from any active God’s Action. If this drops their roll below 10, so be it - The New World is a harsh place.

  • Dice rolls only go between 1 and 20 - any bonuses or maluses that would cause them to exceed these thresholds merely become a buffer. For instance, a roll of 19 with +3 granted by Wisps would mechanically become a 20 - but would require -3 to lower it to a 19, rather than -1. Mostly you don't need to concern yourself with the math!
  • List your Name, Specialty and HP at the top of each post in Bold.

  • Write a post about what you intend to do, then roll 2d20L1 in Orokos. That's it.

  • Your Specialty doesn't confer any mechanical benefits, but does affect how your Actions appear to your worshipers, which may have effects down the line. Your Legend on the other hand, DOES confer mechanical benefits, so try to justify invoking it as much as possible.

  • You don't get a name, but make sure to Bold any changes you make, as well as the name of the God affected.

  • Each time you make an action, you weaken the wall between you and Somewhere. Keep track of how many you do!

End of Rules

of the Old Gods remain, waking from their eternal slumber, they move as fast as they can to break the permeable barrier between the Between Realms, and The New World. They fight once again, blasting and burning lying and swindeling, until 6 of them manage to break free, and look at the blank canvas. Somewhere in these lands is the ability to make a God immortal, through words and deeds if nothing else. And so they shape the land into something strong, to make a permanent impact on the world. They form together, and take the first steps to forming a new land.


Everyone who signs up God or Wisp, whatever Needs to give me 7 Elements which can be anything, corporeal or incorporeal. “Shadows” “Time” “Love” would all be fine good and dandy, so would anything that’s a thing like “Sand,” “Moats,” “Tea,”


Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker

Sorkis, God of Creation, 3/3

A world needs things, and thus Sorkis was. Sorkis opened their eyes, and there was vision. Sorkis drew in a breath, and there was atmosphere. Sorkis took a step, and there was ground. Sorkis was pained by that upon which he trod, and there was hardness and sharpness. From the perceptions of Sorkis sprang the perceptions of the world, all its seemings making sense to all.


Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

Amaranth, God of Spite, 3/3

Legend, Personal.
On a field Amaranth was born, a rotten wheat not fit for harvest. Grown and neglected, yet instilled with enough power to make continents shiver, it eventually slouched of to seek out all that was hale and beautiful, to make it less so and more of itself.

Legend, Cooperative.
Sorkis was pained by that upon which he trod, for Amaranth was there to make it hurt. Where Sorkis created, Amaranth corrupted, tore down and defiled.


Swedish Thaumocracy fucked around with this message at 19:26 on Sep 25, 2020

Nov 6, 2012

Terthinus, God of the Ocean, 3/3

The Old World had been destined to break, its structure was weakened by its adherence to form, and Terthinus knew that entropy would seep through the cracks sooner or later. A jealous and bitter God, Terthinus bided their time for millenia, waiting until they could slip through the cracks of the Great Circle and be free of the old laws which prevented them from realising their potential. Now infused with entropy, the power of fluidity was only more evident- everything decayed that would not change, and the ocean was forever changing. Terthinus lay themselves across the world, ready to be its eternal ruler.


Apr 2, 2018

Current status: Angry about subs

Nalar, God of Salt, 3/3

Personal Legend: Before There was Time, there "was" the House of Stasis, those gods that ensured the inherent working of the Great Sphere: independent of the Seven Spheres, though of course present everywhere. The House was divided on whether to remain independent of the struggles of the various godly alliances and continue its work or join them in a bid to elevate its own status. Whether merely an excuse to air out conflicts between House members from the "start" or exacerbated by one of the alliances, the House descended into civil war. The actions of the House of Stasis, both in terms of the effects of their warring and absence from maintenance exacerbated the main conflict. It wasn't solely responsible for the Woeful Breaking, but the Breaking might not have been quite so bad if the House had presented a united front. Nalar was a lower level god whose portfolio meant that it was primarily focused on maintenance of the Sphere and was never involved in House politicking. This was fortunate as it was in the perfect position to slip through the cracks and enter the new world, though it remains heartbroken at how badly things have been broken, and seeks to preserve and enhance what remains.



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