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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Let's Play Hockey Legacy Manager 20!

What is HLM20?

HLM20 is a simple but fun ice hockey General Manager simulation, available on Android or iOS. What this means is that we don't play or directly control each game ourselves, but we sign and draft and trade players and hope we build a championship-winning team!

Why HLM20?

HLM20 is not the most advanced hockey sim out there, as you might have guessed. It's a mobile game, so it lacks a lot of the detail from games like Eastside Hockey Manager (EHM) or even the Be A GM mode from EA's NHL series on Playstation and Xbox. But that means it simulates super fast because there's nothing extra going on, and I like it for another reason: The developer doesn't have an NHL license, so even though every team's roster starts off accurate (to when the game was released, at least), all of the player names are randomized. I'll also be using Reddit user /u/seacucumber3000's AI-generated hockey player faces to give the names some personality. I think it's more fun to play this way, to become attached to "your" players and watch them grow and triumph and fail, than it is to just try and simulate real life.

So here's the plan...

I'm going to start by simulating a month at a time (roughly 10-15 games out of an 82 game season), writing up a few paragraph summary at the end which contains anything interesting that happened or any developing storylines. Last-second wins or losses, injuries, trades, hot or cold streaks, etc. If and when we reach the playoffs I'll slow down, of course, so we don't skip over everything all at once. Then comes the draft, re-sign period, and we're off to the next season! I think the most fun part of simulating/GMing is seeing how the players that you chose turn out, and the multi-year storylines that emerge. So I want to focus on keeping the story moving, rather than agonizing over every game.

One thing to note:

Since I'm such a big fan of player growth, I am of two minds when it comes to how most hockey games do "Potential" and "Ratings": On the one hand, I hate how you can draft a player and immediately know who's better than who, and whether they're a future superstar or a bust before you even make your next pick. It takes away all the fun of seeing how they turn out. But on the other hand, sometimes it's fun when you're forced to throw that 79 Overall "4th Liner" on the 3rd line and watch him score 40 points. So to accomodate both sides, I'm going to try including info like "what real life player he's supposed to be", potential, and ratings in Spoiler Tags. I'll also be censoring this information in screenshots. That way, if you want to play God and know, you can check. If you want it to be more realistic, you can play along without knowing. I only ask that, if you read the spoiler tags, try not to ruin it for everybody else! I'll be hinting at players ratings or potential with my in-game blogs, but I'll never come right out and say it, and I may even be wrong sometimes (accidentally or on purpose).


G - Goals
A - Assists
P - Points: The combination of Goals and Assists. When I write something like "1-1-2" or "15-20-35", it's Goals-Assists-Points. Unless I'm talking about a Goalie, then it's probably Wins-Losses-Overtime Losses... You may also see PPG - points per game.
S or SOG - Shots or Shot On Goal: Technically, if you take a shot and miss the net, it's not a "shot".
+/-: Even-strength or short-handed goals for you are pluses, the same for the other team is a minus for you. Unaffected by power play goals. Controversial in real life, but it's one of the few stats this game tracks, so we're going with it.
ATOI - Average Time On Ice: In this game, 1st line forwards get about 19:30 per game, and decrease by 3 minutes for each line. 1st pair D gets about 23:30, 2nd pair 19:30, and 3rd pair 16:30.
SVP - Save Percentage: I always write it as a decimal (.915), but some people write it as a percentage (91.5).
GAA - Goals Against Average: Goals scored against a goaltender, averaged to 60 minutes. If you give up one goal in 20 minutes, your GAA is 3.00.
The game lists player's ratings as such: OVR OFF DEF. According to the game itself:


Players on the first line should be over 87 overall. Players on the second line should be between 84-87. Third line players should be between 82 and 85 and fourth line players should be below 81. First-pair defensemen should have a rating over 87. Defensemen of second pairs are between 83 and 87 and those of the third pair should be above 79.
So 79 85 72, for example, would be a fourth-liner with good offense whose defense is so bad he's a borderline player overall.

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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Season Preview
Year 1, October
Welcome To Teal Town #1
Trade Announcement/ Year 1, November
Year 1, December
Trade Announcement/ Year 1, January
Year 1, February
Year 1 Trade Deadline
Year 1, March
Sharks Season Wrapup
League Season Wrapup

Current Roster

Anssi Armia      Playmaker 30 80 Top 9 
Andrej Bobrovsky Playmaker 29 81 Top 6
Bill Daze        Sniper    31 79 Top 9
Murphy Dineen    Two Way   27 82 Top 9
Dody Harrington  Playmaker 26 86 Top 6
Kenny Helander   Two Way   22 79 high Top 9
Tod Kaminsky     Sniper    28 87 Top 6
Lou Lacombe      Sniper    35 86 Elite
Eric Laxton      Sniper    33 85 Top 6
Ken Miller       Playmaker 28 84 Top 6
Peter Nikitin    Playmaker 29 83 Top 6
Derek Sauer      Two Way   28 81 Top 9
Tom Svoboda      Two Way   31 86 Elite
Derek Sykes      Power Fwd 24 83 medium Top 6
Shane Zanussi    Sniper    28 82 Top 6
Chris Bordeleau Offensive 32 84 Top 6
Eric Brophy     Defensive 24 80 medium Top 6
Matt Evans      Two Way   30 87 Elite
Bill Faubert    Two Way   34 82 Top 6
Ron Lemieux     Offensive 24 80 low Elite
Dean Ribeiro    Two Way   26 82 Top 4
Roman Rozsival  Defensive 23 81 medium Top 4
Elias Sjoberg   Offensive 34 90 Elite
Matthew Guerard 34 84 Starter
Gerry Kariya    24 79 medium Low Starter
Ivan Kravets    29 81 Elite
Jaroslav Pilar  26 83 Starter
Current Stats

Current Standings

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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

San Jose Monitor - Tuesday, September 1, 2024

Sharks Season Preview

General Manager: Phineas Goonson
Head Coach: J.J. Thornton

The San Jose Sharks enter this season just one year removed from winning the Legacy Championship, and having won it twice in the past four years (bookending Toronto, who won back-to-back in '21 and '22). After a down season and a disappointing first-round exit in 6 games to eventual 2024 champions Calgary, the Sharks are hungry for a bigger bite of the playoffs this year. Goal scoring seemed to be their biggest weakness last year: despite having a .920 SVP and 6 shutouts, starting Goalie Matthew Guerard ended the season with only 36 wins in 64 games. It certainly didn't help that 26 year old backup Jaroslav Pilar, once presumed to be the starter of the future, seems to have stagnated. An 8-10 record with an .889 SVP and a 3.71 GAA isn't going to cut it. With the 34 year old Guerard on the last year of his contract, GM Goonson will have to make a decision on the future of the team's crease soon.

Key Players:

Lou Lacombe | C | 35 | Sniper
3 YR $8M | Canada | 6'1", 200
Logan Couture, Elite, 86 86 85
Among active players, he leads in playoff games played (189), and is second in playoff goals (75) and fourth in playoff points (157). His 28-30-58 centering the first line was good enough for third among forwards in points, although he went from +20 in '23 to -16 last year. 1-1-2 and a -5 in 6 playoff games last year, although remember: he's just one year removed from 14-11-25 in 24 games and Playoff MVP.

Eric Laxton | LW | 33 | Sniper
1 YR $7M | Canada | 6'2", 210
Evander Kane, Top 6, 85 87 83
Led forwards last year in points with 30-33-63. Has played mostly on the second line since 18/19 (16:05 ATOI last year), although it looks like he'll start this year on the first, with Lacombe moving down to center the second. Did not play in the playoffs last year due to injury.

Tod Kaminsky | RW | 27 | Sniper
5 YR $7.305M | Switzerland | 6'0" 210
Timo Meier, Top 6, 87 87 87
Likely the best overall forward on the team, he only managed 24-29-53 and a -9 on the first line last year, after 71 points and a +14 on the second line in 22/23. Given his young age and the fact that the entire team had a downturn last year, it's likely not a concern. 1-2-3, -5 in 6 playoff games, although it wasn't for lack of trying: he had 21 SOG.

Elias Sjoberg | D | 34 | Offensive
3 YR $11.5M | Sweden | 6'0", 190
Erik Karlsson, Elite, 90 92 88
11-56-67 off the back of an incredible 266 SOG was good enough to lead the team in points, although his defensive game suffered like everyone else's: only a +5 last year, down from +37 in 22/23. His 2-2-4, -2, 15 SOG in 6 playoff games wasn't enough to drag the team to the second round.

Matt Evans | D | 30 | Two Way
3 YR $7.75M | Canada | 6'1", 221
Morgan Rielly, Elite, 87 87 87
Fans may salivate at the thought of another 70+ point season (18/19), but last year's 11-25-36 is more in line with his usual results (in fact, he hasn't hit 50 points since that career year). His +/- was identical to Sjoberg's, going from a more typical +37 in 22/23 to only +5 last year.

Starting Lines:

Young Guns:

Derek Sykes | C | 24 | Power Forward
1 YR $675K | USA | 6'2", 209
Medium Top 6, 83 83 82
Drafted first round #30 overall in '20, Sykes hasn't found a home in the top 6 like he had hoped by now, but he still racked up 9-12-21 and a +13 in his first GHL season while bouncing between the third and fourth lines. If that was his contribution to a team having a bad season, here's hoping he can take advantage of the opportunity of playing with Lacombe on the second line this year.

23 year old Roman Rozsival medium Top 4 and 24 year old Ron Lemieux low Elite, both Defensemen, will start the season with the big club, likely mixing around in the 5/6/7 spots. Johan Olvestad medium Elite, 2023's second round pick (#59), has impressed the team with his improvement, but the young Defenseman will nonetheless play in the Minors this year. Last year's highest draft pick was Jame Gray, a Goalie picked in the second round, #50 overall. The scouts say he has amazing medium Elite potential, but the 6'1" 19 year old will start the season unsigned and playing in Juniors.

Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Sharks Monthly Rewind
October 2024

The Sharks' season got off to an inauspicious start with a 4-0 shutout at the hands of Philadelphia. Things didn't get much better, being out-scored 14 to 6 over their next three games. It took overtime against Montreal on 10/17 to pick up their first win, with RW Tod Kaminsky scoring with 3 seconds left in the game. Coach Thornton made a small adjustment, substituting Bill Faubert for Dean Ribeiro on the 2nd defensive pair, leading to a 2-1 OT loss to New Jersey and a 5-1 win over the Islanders.

A 7-5 loss to Boston on 10/26 looked closer than it actually was, thanks to three third-period San Jose goals. Thornton made more changes, moving Lou Lacombe up to 1st line Left Wing and Eric Laxton down to the 2nd. He also dressed Anssi Armia for 3rd line Center, and Bill Daze came in at 4th line Left Wing.

Roman Rozsival injured his foot in the 3-2 loss to Buffalo on 10/28, putting him on a 3-week timeline for recovery. Eric Brophy received the call-up and moved directly into the 3rd D pair. He acquitted himself well, managing to be +1 in the 3-1 loss to Toronto that closed out a painful month for the Sharks.

Standings after 11 games: 2-8-1, 5 points. 8th Northwest Division, 30th Overall.

Analysis: First, the good (this shouldn't take long): Lacombe with two goals, four assists, a plus four, and 40 shots on goal in 11 games... and that's about it. While six other players have five or more points (Sjoberg leads with 1-7-8), Lacombe and Brophy (+1 in 1 game) are the only plus players on the entire team!
While everyone had a bad month, though, Laxton stands out as the worst of it. Zero goals, three assists, and a minus 10 in 11 games would be terrible for a fourth liner, let alone someone getting top six ice time.
If the team wants any hope of salvaging this season, they'll have to make a move in net early. Guerard has seemingly fallen off a cliff, with one win, seven losses, and an .887. Pilar actually wasn't that bad in his limited time (1-2, .906), but can you trust your team to a guy who's a career .899 over 57 games?

Month 1 Stats

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Mar 7, 2014

It would be a sad error in judgement to mistake me for a corpse.

Clapping Larry

Is it possible to recreate Ron Hextall?

Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Jobbo_Fett posted:

Is it possible to recreate Ron Hextall?

Not exactly. It's possible to create custom players and add them to a team, but you have to do that before you start a new save file. Same with editing players already on the roster. If we had enough interest, though, I would be fine with restarting a new team with goon players instead.

Mar 7, 2014

It would be a sad error in judgement to mistake me for a corpse.

Clapping Larry

Brettbot posted:

Not exactly. It's possible to create custom players and add them to a team, but you have to do that before you start a new save file. Same with editing players already on the roster. If we had enough interest, though, I would be fine with restarting a new team with goon players instead.

Well, I wouldn't want to be the cause for a restart. I'm just wondering if anyone can be trained/searched for that would be very similar to my boy Ron.

Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Sharks' Goaltending Woes Leave Them In A Pinch
posted by Lester Lancaster, 10/31/24 0832PST

First off, let me be clear: I'm not laying the blame for the Sharks' rough start solely at the feet of our goalies. I think something was rotten in the chumbucket, if you know what I mean, because the whole team's been in a funk. That being said, we can't ignore the obvious. Matt Guerard has not lived up to his contract, or his job as the starter. He was fantastic last year, with a .920 that was his best since his first year in the league (13/14 with LA, he had a .934 in 19 games).
Could it just be age? When the Sharks brought him back on a 1 year, $4.121M contract at age 34, you have to figure they at least considered the possibility of him slipping. Whatever his problem is, it's happened to him once before: In 18/19 he had an .896 in 62 games. Ironically, he ended up with the same number of wins that year (36) as he did last year with a .920! Hmm, maybe it's not his fault after all...
In any case, we here at WTTT have done our due diligence and examined the goaltending situation around the GHL. First things first, forget Free Agency. There's no one available that I'd be comfortable with trusting even as a backup, let alone a starter. So let's look at trades.
About 18 teams, or almost 2/3 of the league, could improve their crease greatly by trading for Guerard and using him as a backup. If they believe that the problem is more about the players in front of him, a trade could turn out to be a steal for somebody. Within those teams, a full 10 could even improve their starter (again, assuming Guerard turns it around in a new city). And being on the last year of his contract, that's a low-risk option for a team low in the standings who've got a young goalie close to being GHL-ready.
Detroit's next to last in the East, and with their forward corps they should be near the top of the heap. Or Minnesota, for example, is lurking just outside of a playoff spot with a perfectly average team all around. Los Angeles is somehow third in the West with two backup-quality goalies, but maybe they know their luck could soon run out. Edmonton is in a playoff spot with two lousy goalies, but it's the second wildcard and there's four teams behind them that could pass them with a single win. Vegas is running two replacement-level goalies, and they don't even have a single goalie prospect in their organization.
The problem, of course, is that a team with lousy goaltending isn't gonna have someone to send back our way to take Guerard's spot. So this would have to be a multi-team deal, sending Guerard one way and finding his replacement elsewhere. Buffalo and the Rangers both have GHL-capable goalies languishing in the minors.
Buffalo might be convinced to sell high on Dominik Balej 82 Starter, 32 with 2 years left at $2.587M. He’s 5-0 with a .952 this year, but he’s a career .907 in 256 games. With a younger cheaper starter signed for next year and a 21 year old ready to make the jump, Balej is the odd man out.
The Rangers are set for a starter, but have 28 year old Ivan Kravets 81 Elite (3-1, .917) playing backup on the last year of a $1.066M deal, and 23 year old Keith Farkas 80 medium Backup in the minors, although in his only GHL season he went 7-17 with a .900.
The final option, of course, is to do nothing. Whether you think Guerard can turn it around, or you want management not to chase another early playoff exit at the expense of high picks, there's something to be said for letting Guerard play out his contract and waiting for 24 year old Gerry Kariya 79 medium Low Starter, 20 year old Jean Carter 77 medium Low Starter, or 19 year old Jame Gray 75 medium Elite to mature.
WTTT’s final suggestion? Move Guerard for a bonafide top 6 forward while people still want him, and his replacement (even if they’re not as good as G) should at least give us league-average results.

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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

From: GHL Headquarters
10/31/24 2:15 PM

The San Jose Sharks announced today that they have traded G Matthew Guerard, D Martin Michalek, a 2024 4th round pick, and a 2025 4th round pick to the Detroit Red Wings for RW Dody Harrington Top 6 Playmaker, 86 87 85. "Matt has been a key part of our team for years, and we wish him well in Detroit." said Sharks GM Goonson. "But we are focused on making the postseason, and we think Dody will be a major contributor to our future success." Harrington, 26, was 0-2-2 and +1 in 12 games, playing on Detroit's third line. He was drafted in the 4th round (#121) by Ottawa in 2017. Michalek, 23 76 medium Top 6, was drafted in the 2nd round (#53) by Arizona in 2021. He signed with San Jose as a free agent and had yet to appear in a GHL game.

Dody Harrington

Sharks Monthly Rewind
November 2024

Things seemed to get off to a poor start after the big trade. Pilar, with 24 year old Gerry Kariya backing him up, had an .866 in the first two games of the month, losing 3-2 and 4-3.

The team's luck seemed to turn around after that, though, and the Sharks won the next three games in a row, including a 3-2 victory over Vancouver on 11/11. Coming into the third period tied at 0, Kaminsky scored just 45 seconds in, assisted by Harrington for his point with the Sharks. Zanussi and Evans also scored, and by halfway through the final period it was 3-0 San Jose. Vancouver scored twice in a minute and a half to put a scare into the Sharks, but they held on for the final 2:30 to take the victory.

Ken Miller injured his ankle in the game against Los Angeles on 11/12, and would be out for 2 weeks. Peter Nikitin would move up to the second line to take his place.

Kariya finally got his chance to start a GHL game on 11/16 against Florida. His teammates made sure he felt supported, scoring 8 goals from 5 different players, including a hat trick for Kaminsky. Sjoberg had three assists as well. Kariya faced 33 shots in total and stopped them all for a shutout in his first pro appearance.

Rozsival was officially activated from the IR and played in the 5-4 OT win over Boston on 11/18. Sjoberg scored his 200th career goal at 13:15 in the second. A trio of Boston goals in the third sent the game to overtime, but Lacombe ended it on the first official shot of the extra frame.

A 4-3 victory over Anaheim on 11/20 would come with a steep cost, as Laxton would injure his Achilles and be placed on IR for approximately 3 and a half months. Zanussi moved into the opening left by the injured sniper.

Harrington would score his first goal for San Jose on 11/22 in a 4-2 victory over Arizona.

Kariya couldn't keep the magic going versus Vegas on 11/24, giving up three goals in the first period of a 3-2 loss. Even after the .893 that night, he still had a .953 and 1.50 GAA on the season.

Pilar didn't fare any better on the next night of the back-to-back, giving up 6 goals on 29 shots for a .793. He probably should have been pulled after he gave up 2 goals in the first 20 seconds of the third period, but perhaps Coach Thornton was trying to send a message. The Sharks would score three goals in the last 7:30 of the game, but come up one shy in a 6-5 loss.

Miller returned in time for the final game of the month on 11/28 versus Philadelphia. He also scored the first goal of the game, unassisted. Down 3-1 in the third, he scored the second and assisted on the third to send the game to OT. 35 year old Clay Bureau, playing in just his second game of the year for the Flyers, scored the overtime winner.

This month: 7-4-1
Standings after 23 games: 9-12-2, 20 points. 6th North West, 27th Overall.

Analysis: A huge turnaround from the first month. Agree with it or not, that trade accomplished its mission: a genuine playmaker on the first line got his linemates going and bumped everybody else down, giving them easier matchups. Detroit had no GHL-bound defensive prospects over 20 and no spare defenders between ages 20 and 29 at all, so they could use a player like Michalek. They also have no first this year and no first, fourth, fifth, or seventh next year, so they needed a refill on picks.
Lacombe is really going since he moved up to the first line, 5-6-11 +4 and 40 SOG in 12 games this month. Zanussi (6-6-12 +6 33 SOG) and Nikitin (7-7-14 +8 15 SOG) are holding their own on the second line. Sykes is 5-5-10 +12 27 SOG centering the third. The focus among forwards now is the fourth line. Helander and Dineen are -8, Sauer is -6. But considering they started the month around -5, it's not a major concern yet.
On defense this month, Sjoberg (4-12-16 +11 28 SOG) and Evans (1-9-10 +11 33 SOG) continue to be a formidable pair. The middle pair has been fine with Faubert (1-1-2 +3) and Bordeleau (0-5-5 +3), although their stats still look rough overall after that first bad month. The bottom pair was unsteady thanks to lackluster peformances by Brophy (0P -3 in 12GP), Lemieux (0P -2 in 6GP), and Rozsival (0P -1 1SOG in 6GP). At the end of the month, Rozsival was sent down and Ribiero was called back up from the minors to try some new combos on the backend.
Goaltending is still an ongoing question. Pilar went 6-3-0 as a starter this month, improving his GAA slightly (3.31 vs 3.33) but degrading his SVP (.906 to .900). Kariya is 1-1-1 with a .931, but that is inflated by his shutout first game. He was roughly an .888 goalie otherwise. A further trade to solidify the crease would be ideal, but there doesn't seem to be any good options out there.
For those keeping track at home, by the way, Guerard is 9-4 with a .926 in Detroit, taking them from 8th in their division to 6th, 1 point out of a wildcard spot.

Month 2 Stats

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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Sharks Monthly Rewind
December 2024

The month started with a back-to-back against Florida and Tampa Bay. Kaminsky led the way with a goal and two assists in a 6-2 win against the Panthers. Kariya cost the Sharks the next game against the Lightning with a brutal .682 on 22 shots. He had plenty of scoring support, and the Sharks were up 3-1, 4-3, and 6-4 before giving up three unanswered in the last ten minutes of the game. Stefan Traverse Steven Stamkos had a hat trick and Olander Prusek Ondrej Palat had 3 assists for the Lightning.

The next game, against Washington on 12/4, would be a 1-0 win off the back of Bordeleau's first goal of the season. This was Pilar's first shutout of his career.

In the 4-3 OT win over Ottawa on 12/9, Daze would tie the game at 2 in the last minute of the first, then tie the game at 3 with 3:40 left in the third before Svoboda potted the game-winner in overtime.

After giving up two goals in the first five minutes, Kariya locked it down on 12/10 against Minnesota, ending with 30 saves on 33 shots for a .909 in another 4-3 OT win.

The third back-to-back of the month came against Calgary and Vancouver. Kariya had a .909 and Lacombe had 7 SOG but nothing to show for it in the 3-1 loss against Calgary. Pilar had even worse luck, putting up a .943 on 35 shots and still losing to the Canucks, 2-1. Ribeiro, recently moved up to the second D pair, scored his first goal of the season (also his first point). He had 24 points last year.

Brophy came back into the lineup, playing on the third D pair, and scored the first goal of his career in a 6-3 loss to Edmonton on 12/18.

Miller was moved up to the second line in place of Nikitin to help solidify their defense after the loss to Edmonton, but it was all offense after he opened the scoring in the 5-0 win over Vancouver on 12/21. His line had 8 points (Miller 1-0-1, Svoboda 0-3-3, Zanussi 2-2-4). Evans had a goal and two assists, and Pilar got his second shutout of the season.

The Sharks closed out the year with a 7-3 win over Dallas on New Year's Eve. Dallas scored 3 goals in the first, but once Daze scored four minutes into the second the floodgates were open. Evans, Dineen, and Helander all had 3 points.

This month: 7-6-0
Standings after 36 games: 16-18-2, 34 points. 8th North West, 27th Overall.

Analysis: This month had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. After winning 5 out of the first 6, they turned around and lost 5 out of the next 6. The Sharks are doing themselves no favors, but they are lucky by being in a weak division. They're only 5 points behind the Kings, who are third in the North West. There's still time to salvage this season.
Pilar seems to have found his footing, going 6-3 with a .923 this month. Perhaps all he needed to flourish after three straight years as a faltering backup was to have the role of starter forcibly thrust upon him... or perhaps the stress will catch up with him eventually, only time will tell. Kariya went 1-3, and his save percentage yo-yoed as he had one terrible game, two good games, then one bad game to end the month under .900. Expect another goalie trade soon as GM Goonson tries desperately to improve his backup goaltending, even just a little.
The defensive carousel continued, as Lemieux was sent down at the end of a month after only having one assist and going -4 in 8 GP. Rozsival got the call up and should start next month on the second pair, trying to cover defensively for Bordeleau.
Daze led the team this month with 6 goals, Evans with 11 assists and 14 points, and Evans and Sjoberg were both +10.
Harrington is 2-17-19 and +4 in 25 games since being traded to San Jose. Guerard is now 12-10 and a .914 in Detroit.

Month 3 Stats

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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

From: GHL Headquarters
01/01/25 10:15 AM

The San Jose Sharks announced today that they have traded G Niklas Jonsson, C Adam Taglianetti, and RW Ken Stoner to the New York Rangers for G Ivan Kravets Igor Shestyorkin 81 Elite.
Kravets, 29, has an 8-7 record with an .897 SVP this year, and is 82-111 with a .902 SVP in his career. He was drafted by the Rangers in the 4th round (#121) in 2014.
Jonsson, 19, medium Backup was drafted by San Jose in the 6th round (#174) in 2024. Taglianetti, 25, 78 medium Top 9 was drafted by San Jose in the 6th round (#185) in 2017.
Stoner, 24, 77 medium Top 9 was drafted by Edmonton in the 3rd round (#67) in 2020. He signed with San Jose as a free agent in 2021. All three had yet to play a GHL game.

Ivan Kravets

Sharks Monthly Rewind
January 2025

First off, the month started with another trade. Kravets was once viewed as the future of the Rangers crease, but never lived up to his potential. His best season was his second (20/21), going 15-18 with a 2.93 GAA and .906 SVP with 4 shutouts. With a younger, better starter signed for the next 4 years and an even younger GHL-ready backup stuck in the minors, the Rangers had no need for Kravets any more. What New York does need is reliable forward prospects. While their young defensemen are a respectable lot, almost all of their youth forwards are longshots, 4th line/depth guys, or both. Taglianetti and Stoner are now their two best forward prospects overall. Jonsson was nothing special, not expected to be a full-time starter, but he's only 19 so the Rangers have plenty of time to wait and see.

Sjoberg and Kaminsky combined for 13 shots against Montreal on 1/2, but they scored only 2 goals and it wound up a 4-3 loss. Sjoberg had another 6 shots against Toronto on 1/4 but went scoreless, while Kaminsky had only 2 shots but scored on both of them in the 6-2 win.

Kravets got his first start for the Sharks against Ottawa on 01/5, taking a hard-luck 2-1 loss despite a .920 SVP.

Back-to-back wins against the Kings and Coyotes on 1/15 and 16 were huge for the Sharks, catapulting them from 8th to 5th in their division. Kravets had a .964 and Zanussi scored 2 goals on 8 shots in the 5-1 win over Arizona. Unfortunately Rozsival hurt his jaw in the game, and would be out for almost 3 weeks. Brophy would take his spot on the second pair.

A 3-0 shutout loss to Anaheim on 1/21 came on the second night of another back-to-back, and in the middle of a 4 game 0-3-1 losing streak that knocked San Jose back to 8th in their closely-contested division. Faubert would move up to the second D pair.

A 7-1 win over the Rangers on 1/25 at least helped them feel better, even if it didn't help them in the standings. Bordeleau and Lacombe had 2 goals each.

The Sharks closed the month with another back-to-back, resulting in a pair of losses. A 5-4 OT loss to Pittsburgh (interestingly, an identical result to the last time they faced the Penguins earlier this month), and a 6-2 drubbing at the hands of the Red Wings featured five unanswered goals to start the game before Zanussi scored a pair in the third period. Former Shark Guerard walked away from the game with a .935, compared to Kravets' .793.

This month: 5-7-2
Standings after 50 games: 21-25-4, 46 points. 8th North West, 25th Overall.

Analysis: Another tough month for the Sharks. They got hot at the right time to give themselves hope, then blew it at the end of the month. Defense is their weak spot: aside from the top pairing (+23) and Faubert (+3), the rest of the defense is all minus. Most egregiously, Ribeiro 4P -11, Lemieux 3P -10, Brophy 1P -10, Rozsival 2P -5. These are all young players, sure, but the Sharks likely cost themselves a playoff spot by relying on too many youngsters at once.
Not that the forwards can escape some blame. Miller is +13, Sykes is +11, no one else on the forward corps is over +4. Pilar is putting up the best season of his career with a .909, basically legit starter numbers in the GHL, yet is only 17-14. Kravets had a .905, yet had only 1 win in 4 games. The 2-1 or 1-0 tough loss is rare: when they hold opponents to 3 or fewer goals, they win. When they give up 4 or 5 or 6, they lose. Not hard to understand.
That being said, Goal Differential is usually a good measure of where teams will end up in the standings, roughly speaking. The best team (St. Louis) has a +37, the worst team in the league (Columbus) has a -51. The Sharks are currently a +4, and if the league were sorted by Goal Differential, they would be 11th in the league, not 25th! There are teams ahead of them that are as low as -32! So whether those teams are getting lucky or the Sharks have been unlucky, this team is not as bad at "score more goals than the other team" as it might seem.
Harrington's stat line with the Sharks so far: 4-27-31, -1 in 39 GP. Guerard is 15-15 with a .916 for the Red Wings. Did GM Goonson give up on him too soon? Even though he's slowed down from his blazing hot start in Detroit, it sure would be nice to have that save percentage in San Jose right about now…
Unless things go just right for the Sharks (and just wrong for everybody ahead of them) in the next month, they're going to have some tough decisions to make when the trade deadline comes up at the end of the month. They've got just over $9 million in cap space, but they'll almost certainly be better off not spending it.
Should they move Laxton? He's 33 and injury-prone, but he's also a top 6 forward who's on the last year of a $7 million contract. He could probably fetch a first-rounder. Lacombe has 2 years left on his contract after this year, but he's also 35 and could be thinking about retirement. To lose two top 6 snipers in one year would definitively set the team into rebuild mode. The Sharks have their first, second, two thirds (Minnesota), a sixth, and a seventh in the upcoming draft.

Month 4 Stats

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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Sharks Monthly Rewind
February 2025

On 2/1, the Sharks announced that they had signed Power Forward RW Marty Trudel 75 70 79 medium Top 9 to a 3-year, $925K contract. Trudel, 23, was drafted in the 6th round (#168) by Dallas in 2020. He played out his Entry Level Contract with the Stars without appearing in a GHL game.

The month started off with a 5-2 loss to last-place Columbus on 2/2. Nikitin scored both goals.

Rozsival came back from injury after the first game and took his place on the second pair.

Sauer scored just nine seconds into the game vs. Colorado on 2/6, but what seemed like a good omen was for naught, as it would end up a 4-2 loss.

After a 4-3 loss to Vegas on 2/8, Rozsival was moved down to the third pair. He had 0 P and went -6 in 3 games.

Back-to-back games against Edmonton and Anaheim on 2/10 and 11 resulted in two more regulation losses.

After 7 losses on a row, the Sharks finally got their first point of the month with a 4-3 OT loss to Vancouver. Up 3-0 entering the third, Jordie Drury J.T. Miller scored a natural hat trick for the Canucks to tie the game.

Apparently inspired by earning a point, the Sharks picked up their first win of the month on 2/18, 3-1 over Dallas. Zanussi had a goal and two assists, and Sjoberg had three assists but no goals on 9 SOG. Kravets earned the W with a .966 on 29 shots.

Dineen kept the good times rolling by scoring 2 goals in the 4-2 win over St. Louis on 2/20. Pilar picked up his first win of the month.

After that, unfortunately, it was back to losing with back-to-back losses against Nashville and Chicago. Rozsival would score his first career goal against the Blackhawks.

Svoboda injured his hip in the 3-1 loss to Minnesota on 2/25, but he would only be out for about a week. Wild LW Mark Murdoch Marcus Foligno scored his 100th career goal in the game.

The Sharks' final game of the month came against Edmonton on 2/27. They were up 3-1 after one period, but they gave up 3 unanswered to lose 4-3.

This month: 2-11-1
Standings after 64 games: 23-36-5, 51 points. 8th North West, 30th Overall.

Analysis: Well, that certainly wasn't the month anyone expected out of this team. Let's start at the beginning: Trudel is a defensive power forward, a fine minor league signing but nothing special. It continues GM Goonson's habit of signing middle-6 potential guys who never made it with their draft teams, but still have a couple of years left to figure it out. If nothing else, he provides depth or a future throw-in to a trade.
Rumor has it that Florida tried to trade their first-round pick for Bordeleau at the start of the month, but the Panthers were so close to the salary cap that a deal couldn't be worked out. I'm sure San Jose's GM is still wishing he could've made it work because, despite a decent performance, Florida is 9 points out of a playoff spot and finished the month in 22nd place overall.
It turns out that losing to the last-place Blue Jackets was a harbinger of things to come, as the Sharks lost 7 games in a row to start the month. They gave up at least 4 goals in every game, while never scoring more than 3 themselves.
Their 2-0-1 stretch after Valentine's Day was the best that things got all month. Or, depending on how you look at it, a minor speed bump in their race to the bottom with Columbus. Sharks Head Coach Thornton insists that the team isn't trying to tank, but they couldn't have done a much better job if they were…
Another 0-4 streak closed out the month, and the trade deadline looms tomorrow, March 1st. Both Anaheim and Nashville were reportedly interested in Laxton, although neither of them have a first in this year's draft, offering next year's instead.
Interesting side note: Columbus is in last place, but they only have their fifth and seventh in this upcoming draft. Talk about mismanagement of assets! Buffalo (3rd in the league) has the Columbus first, as well as their own and Chicago's.

Month 5 Stats

Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Trade Deadline Report

The day started off with the big trade:

San Jose gives:
LW Eric Laxton
D Paul Robertson

Carolina gives:
2025 1st round pick (EDM)

It was the trade everyone expected to happen. Laxton, 33, had been limited to just 19 games this year due to injury (2-6-8 and -10). With their record cratering and Laxton likely seeking a raise from his current $7M contract, the Sharks decided to move him to a contender.
Robertson, 20, 64 medium 7th D was a 7th-round pick for San Jose in 2024. Scouts say he's a future bottom-pairing D man, just a throw-in to sweeten the deal slightly.
Edmonton is 15th in the league and 2nd in their division so, barring their total collapse, Carolina isn't giving up a lottery pick.

San Jose gives:
D Chris Bordeleau

New York Islanders give:
2025 1st round pick

Bordeleau Colin Miller , 32, had 5-14-19 and was a -19 in 64 GP, and was on the last year of a $4.595M contract. He fits in on the Islanders' second pair, and should allow them to use 33 year old Mike Carbonneau Mark Pysyk (2-0-2 in 64GP) as a 7th Defenseman.
The Islanders are 2nd in their division, 5th in the league, so their 1st will be a late pick.

San Jose gives:
G Ivan Kravets
D Bill Faubert
2026 6th round pick

Nashville gives:
2025 2nd round pick
2026 4th round pick

Kravets, 29, was basically a mid-season rental for the Sharks, just meant to hold the line while the young goalies continued to mature. Despite performing admirably (.902 SVP), the team let him down, and he's better than his 2-6 win/loss record looks. Nashville was running 38 year old Chris Bellefeuille Cory Schneider 78 Elite as a backup, who went 6-10 with an .885 and 3.80 GAA.
Faubert Brenden Dillon , 34, had 5-8-13 and was a -7 in 59 GP, and will slot in to Nashville's third pair. He was on the last year of a $4.055M contract.
The Predators are currently in the second wildcard spot in the West (16th overall), 2 points ahead of Winnipeg with a game in hand.

San Jose also announced the signing of two players:
LW sniper Brett Larocque, 23, 76 78 74 low Top 6 signed a three-year, $785K contract. Larocque was a first-round pick (#29) by Anaheim in 2019.
C sniper Milos Sivek, 22, 73 76 70 medium Top 9 signed a three-year, $740K contract. Sivek was a third-round pick (#85) by St. Louis in 2022.
The Sharks' prospect pool is mostly full of playmakers and two-way players. San Jose is nowhere near the contract limit, so these signings will hopefully add some goal-scoring for the future.

Around The League

Nashville acquired 35 year old LW Josh Raymond Jamie Benn 87 Elite from Dallas in exchange for a 1st, a 2nd, and 37 year old D Mike Corbet Marc-Edouard Vlasic 82 Elite. Corbet, the former Shark (2020 Legacy Cup Champion), was traded to Ottawa after the 21/22 season and still has 2 years left at $7M per. After a painful 23/24 on a dreadful Senators team where he had 1 goal, 0 assists, and was -38, most thought he'd retire. But he came back this year and had 1-3-4 and is only -4 in 53GP, and his reward was being flipped to Nashville two weeks before the trade deadline, only to be flipped again to Dallas as teams play Hot Potato with his contract.

Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Sharks Monthly Rewind
March 2025

After the excitement of Trade Deadline day, the Sharks still had a game that night. A 6-2 victory over Chicago came from six different goal-scorers, including 13th forward Bobrovsky coming off the bench to get his first goal of the season in 23 GP. Svoboda would return from injury on 3/2, pushing Bobrovsky back out of the lineup.

Sykes had a pair of goals in the 4-3 win over last-place Columbus on 3/4.

It took overtime, but the Sharks beat St. Louis 3-2 on 3/8. Lacombe scored the game-winner.

The 6-5 win over Washington on 3/10 was a nail-biter. Up 5-1 entering the third, the Sharks gave up a goal 30 seconds into the period. Miller scored what would turn out to be the game-winner a minute later, before they gave up three more goals, narrowly avoiding defeat. Evans had 1 assist and 7 SOG.

San Jose’s first loss of the month came against Detroit, 3-2 on 3/12. This was also Kariya’s first start of the month.

Another victory came against Edmonton on 3/14. Lacombe had a pair of goals, Harrington had 4 assists, and Ribeiro and Sjoberg scored in the third period to ensure the 4-3 win.

Kariya got another start on 3/16 against Calgary and, despite a .909, picked up his (and the team’s) second loss of the month, 3-2. Pilar didn’t fare any better the next day against Vancouver, as he had an .800 SVP in the 6-1 loss. Only Miller kept the game from being a shutout.

Another pair of losses followed, a 4-0 shutout to New Jersey and a 3-2 loss to Vegas.

Pilar reversed the team’s fortunes on 3/24 with a .971 on 35 shots, leading to a 2-1 victory over Calgary. Sauer would injure his back in the game, being placed on IR for the rest of the season. Bobrovsky returned to the lineup.

Kariya picked up another loss on the first night of a back-to-back, a 5-4 OT loss to Chicago. Down 4-3 in the third, Harrington scored with three minutes left to tie the game, but the Sharks would be outshot 5-1 in OT until one squeaked through Kariya to end the game. The next night was a different story, as Harrington had 2-1-3, Kaminsky had 1-2-3, and Pilar picked up another win, 5-3 over St. Louis.

Harrington would receive what team doctors described as a “minor facial fracture” in the 3-2 OT loss to Nashville on 3/29 and be placed on IR for a week. Armia would come in to center the 4th line.

Dineen scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory over Vegas, and Pilar had the shutout on 28 shots. Svoboda hurt his finger and would be out for a few days. 25 year old Two-Way LW Rasmus Lahti 79 76 81 medium Top 9 would get the call-up.

Pilar had a .935 and Kaminsky had 6 SOG, but the Sharks were shut out 2-0 on 4/3 by Dallas.

Svoboda and Harrington would return on 4/5, so Lahti was sent back down with 1 SOG and an even +/-.

Coming into the third down 6-1, Daze, Bobrovsky, and Nikitin would score, but it wasn’t enough as the Sharks racked up another loss, 6-4 to Colorado.

Kariya got the final start of the season on 4/7 against Minnesota. Lacombe had 2 goals, Kariya put up a .935, and Evans had 2-2-4 and 6 SOG in the 5-2 win. One of the goals was Evans’ 100th of his career (now 101-406-507 +130 in 922 GP).

This month: 9-7-2
Final standings after 82 games: 32-43-7, 71 points. 7th North West, 30th Overall.


Well, this was a surprisingly great month, considering they sold off several key pieces. Overall, this certainly wasn't the year the Sharks hoped for. They went through some hot and cold streaks, but unfortunately for them, the cold streaks lasted longer than the hot ones. The Sharks looked like a bizarre team this year: The top defensive pair blew everybody away, while the rest of the defense was middling-to-bad. The first line looked pretty lousy, but the middle six had a great year, and the fourth line held their own. The goalies didn't look great, but that's so dependent on the players in front of them that it's hard to make a judgement on them overall.
Management seems to have reloaded heavily, though, in order to give the veterans on this team another shot at a championship. Three first-round picks this year (including what will hopefully be the second overall) might give them what they need to make the most of the top line and top pairing's next few years.
Looking around the league, Columbus went on a tear somehow and climbed out of the basement to pass Vegas and San Jose for 29th. This is rather pointless, of course, but at least they hurt Buffalo's chances at the first-overall pick. The Oilers and Islanders stayed where they were, so the extra picks San Jose picked up didn't move. Nashville's trade deadline moves failed to work out for them, though, as they fell from second to sixth in the Wildcard race and missed the playoffs entirely. Carolina was a little "luckier", falling from the top of their division to the first Wildcard spot.

Final Lineup

Final Stats

Final Standings

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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Team Leaders

Elias Sjoberg, 74 Points, 60 Assists, +34

Tod Kaminsky, 30 Goals

Matt Evans, +34

Jaroslav Pilar, .901 SVP, 26 Wins

Traded Away

Matthew Guerard with Detroit: 27-26, .918, 2.78 GAA in 53 GP
Eric Laxton with Carolina: 6-3-9, -2, 31 SOG in 14 GP
Chris Bordeleau with Islanders: 5-4-9, +5, 29 SOG in 19 GP
Bill Faubert with Nashville: 0-1-1, -3, 23 SOG in 17 GP
Ivan Kravets with Nashville: 3-7, .897, 3.26 GAA in 10 GP

Around The League

Most Goals, Points, SOG: Mikhail Radulov, MTL: 52 Goals, 105 Points, 396 SOG
Most Assists: Jean-Claude Dollas Jonathan Drouin, MTL: 76 Assists
Best +/-: Scott Berry Shayne Gostisbehere, PHI: +48
Best SVP & GAA, Any GP: Paul Nash Pheonix Copley, WSH: .934 SVP, 2.40 GAA in 2 GP
Best SVP, Min 10GP: Gary Hauser, MIN: .926 in 24 GP
Best GAA, Min 10GP and Most Wins: Alexander Lyashenko Andrei Vasilevskiy, TBL: 40 Wins, 2.52 GAA in 62 GP
Most Shutouts: Jesper Wallstedt, OTT: 6 Shutouts

Fewest PPG: Jaroslav Ruzicka, TOR: 0 G, 1 A in 82 GP
Worst +/-: Scott Gove/David Bethel David Savard, CBJ: -48
Worst SVP, any GP: Petr Svoboda, PHI: .869 SVP in 4 GP
Worst SVP, Min 10GP: Jason Gorence Jake Oettinger, DAL: .870 SVP in 18 GP
Worst GAA: Keith Farkas, NYR: 4.29 GAA in 18 GP
Worst Winning %: Paul O'Regan, ANA: 6-16 in 23 GP (.261 winning percentage)

Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


Notable Playoff Performances

Carolina RW Artem Petrov Andrei Svechnikov: 14-11-25 82SOG +14 in 23 GP

Carolina LW Eric Laxton: 6-12-18 52SOG +5 in 23 GP

Colorado D Bill Dupont Bowen Byram: 4-21-25 64SOG +10 in 21 GP.

Boston D Chris Bergland Charlie McAvoy/ D Ted LaBarbera Torey Krug: 1-13-14 / 0-13-13, +24 in 16 GP.

Carolina G Stan Lalor Spencer Knight: 16-7 .924 2.50GAA 1SO

Boston G Tapio Pikkarainen Tuukka Rask: 10-6 .941 1.92GAA 3SO

Chicago G Andreas Ekman Anton Forsberg: 2-0 .951 1.50GAA 0SO

League Awards

Congratulations to Elias Sjoberg for winning Offensive Defenseman Of The Year and Defensive Defenseman Of The Year! This is his third Offensive Defenseman award, and his first Defensive Defenseman award.


Former Shark Jeff Courteau Jamie McGinn, 36. Drafted by the Sharks in the 2nd round (#37) in 2006, he played 4 years for them before being moved at the 11/12 trade deadline to Colorado. He then played for five different teams in 7 years, with injuries limiting him to just 7 points in 19 games for the Panthers in 18/19. Looking like his career was over, he took all of 19/20 off before re-signing with the Sharks and, in a shocking comeback, had 31- and 35-point seasons in the Sharks' bottom six. Unfortunately, injuries caught up with him again in 22/23; he played only 26 games and was not considered part of the Sharks 2023 Legacy Championship Team. Signing with Tampa Bay, he managed 29- and 32-point seasons before finally retiring this year.

Also retired:
Evgeny Zholtok Evgeni Malkin, age 38, despite putting up 40-48-88 and +21 this season. The Pittsburgh center's career numbers: 597-874-1471 in 1339 GP.

Carolina backup G Jack Girard James Reimer at 37, having finally earned a Legacy Cup. After putting up an .896 in 18 games in the regular season, he had 1 win and 1 loss with a .933 in the playoffs.

Montreal G Colin Vachon Carey Price, 37. Despite making the finals last year, the Canadiens missed the playoffs entirely this year, and Vachon decided to hang them up. He had 532 Wins and a .919 in 986 career games.

Boston G Tapio Pikkarainen, 38. After cruising through the first two rounds (5 games each), Boston ran into the eventual champions and lost in 6. Pikkarainen's .941 was the best for a starter in the playoffs, but somehow it wasn't enough. He had 471 Wins and a .919 in 858 career games.

Draft Lottery

Dallas wins big, moving up from 7th to 2nd and bumping San Jose down to 4th. The season is now officially complete, and it's time for the GHL Entry Draft.

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Sep 18, 2006

After All The Prosaic Waiting... The Sun Finally Crashes Into The Earth.

So here's a question: I see that people are reading this thread, but obviously nobody's commenting. Would you guys rather pick a new team? I can change the team names, colors, and logos. We could restart and "relocate" one team or make an entirely fake league. I can import a name pack to make all of the players real, or I can edit players to put anybody in the game. You could pick a team, or I can make you a free agent and see where you wind up. Let me know what's interesting before I start another season!

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