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Sep 3, 2020


Ccs posted:

I'm looking for feedback on the opening section of my novel. A lot of people have looked at it and I got a few sparse notes but I had one recent viewer that had an issue with almost every line. I was so thrown by the reaction that I'm now second guessing my ability to string a sentence together or construct a scene at all. Wondering if people here will have similar reactions.

Feel free to comment on the doc or quote sections here, though as I just learned trying to copy from Google Docs into a forum post leads to very strange formatting issues.
I'll also take a look at the next few things posted in this thread that people are looking for feedback on, as long as they're not too many pages.

Just threw my crit in the doc as well. I did a few line-by-lines and then an overall at the bottom. You've got a good grip on your protagonist and his conflict and it came across well, so that's the bulk of the hard poo poo out of the way. Now you can focus on all the boring stuff, like verb choices and sentence order.

As for the recent crit bringing you down, I just went through something similar and I know how much it sucks. I got through it by reminding myself that a) the person took the time to critique, and that's absolutely better than someone not caring about the story enough to say anything, and b) some people's critique style is focused strictly on pointing out problems, rather than highlighting both what works and what doesn't. And that's okay! Strangely enough, there are people in this world who really want to have their flaws pointed out in excruciating detail, which is why the subreddit /r/roastme exists. For others, this isn't particularly helpful, and they need some positivity in the mix too. That's why /r/getmotivated exists. Those groups couldn't be more different, yet each one has millions of followers. Point is, it takes all kinds of make a world, and even your harshest critic can be trying to help you in their own way.

having said all that, i still hate getting harsh crits, and i for sure stay up all night thinking about them as i take sad pics of myself in animal crossing. such is life...


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