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Nov 7, 2006

So a couple of issues I did this match all 4 stages at 15 yards with a b-29 target. It was busy at the range and I didn't want to screw with people on the range.

Security Six DA only:

(Extra shot right of the head was someone on the range thinking it was his target)


Q5 Match:

EAA Witnesses 10mm:

S&W Model 41:

Now for lol 44mag DA only

300gr with lil gun:

240gr Trail Boss:

180gr 31.4gr ww296:

Edit: B-29 target not B-27

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Nov 7, 2006

Yea it was fun also I think I could have done better with the trail boss loads but since it's been a while doing DA only with the Redhawk I kinda screwed that up. Also, the people on the range did not appreciate going from trail boss to full house 44 mag loads few of them step away from me I guess double-tapping 44mag is unpleasant for them but fun as hell for me.

Nov 7, 2006

I'm going to run this drill Sunday with a bunch of different guns. One of them I know this is impossible and I'm happy being an Idiot but ill try my best with a TOZ-35M in the "I'm a loving moron thinking I can do this under 2.5 seconds class".

Nov 7, 2006

So last rounds for me this is still like last 15 yards.

Not sure what to call this class but

Fusion long slide 10mm

I forgot how fast this pistol is i was averaging .9 from the draw the double from the draw total was 1.1 i always forget how fast the trigger is on this pistol.

Now for the im a loving idiot round for speed shooting a free class pistol.

gently caress i tried so god drat hard. While working out a technique to do this in 2.5 seconds and i just couldnít do it. While training for a technique that world work I managed a 3.1 on the double from laying on the table hands up to draw bang reload bang. The singles i was able to manage 1.1. In the above i averaged 1.3ish on the singles 3.8 on the double as the second shot hung up on the reload. I Failed and tore the sit up out of my hand slipping it in and out of the grip loading and cocking it but i had fun on it. I failed the but fun times trying to speed shoot a single shot breach loaded pistol.

Nov 7, 2006

poeticoddity posted:

FWIW, if those targets are the ones I'm thinking of, they're significantly smaller than IDPA targets.

Yep as you can see from my Redhawk and the TOZ-35M these are far smaller targets.

infrared35 posted:

I just wanted to give props to this again. Thatís really not bad for a single shot with a reload. On the MDFI qual, youíre shooting a fist-sized target at five yards, and you have to draw-shoot-reload-shoot in less than six seconds.

Thank you not sure my left hand is thanking me but I cannot wait till the next match. I may be a bit late on that since my travel schedule went from covid lockdown to all-out chaos yay FEDRAMP compliance. I should be back by thanksgiving to give the next match a go.

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