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Mar 24, 2007

Suck it
Two tears in a bucket
And then another thing
I'm not the one they'll try their luck with
Hit hard like brass knuckles
See your face through the turnbuckle dude
I got no love for you

I saw this AI story generator on Reddit today, and found it actually does a pretty good job at booking matches. Here's what it wrote for me, anything in bold is me adding a line to keep the story going.


Chris Jericho looked across the ring at his opponent. Tanahashi smirked, his IWGP championship draped over his shoulder. Tanahashi handed the belt to the referee as the bell rang, the match underway.

Tanahashi raised his arms and shouted, "Boom!" as he charged. A wide swing from Jericho caught him in the gut - Tanahashi folded in a heap. His grip on the belt slipped - and in an instant he was down on the mat.

Jericho grinned in triumphant delight. The crowd cheered, then sighed, then cheered again, still on the edge.

Tanahashi quickly rushed Jericho, taking him down to the mat.

"You're mine tonight," he growled, starting to connect his hands around Jericho's neck.

He covered Jericho's face and forced the man to close his eyes - but Jericho reached up and grabbed the exposed side of his head, letting an elbow connect with one of Tanahashi's eyes, then the other.

Tanahashi cried out in pain. He struggled to respond.

Jericho jumped to his feet and grabbed a steel chair from the crowd.

He swung it, knocking Tanahashi back into the ropes with the back of his knee. "What's wrong with you?" Jericho shouted into his face, pointing his finger. "You're supposed to be the best!"

Tanahashi was backing away, clutching his face. Jericho swung his leg into his gut, knocking him back into the ropes. "Why are you here?" Jericho

Tanahashi gasped, and replied "I am here to show the world that I am the Ace". He rushed Jericho and hit him with a Slingblade.

Jericho weaved underneath Tanahashi's kick, avoiding the rest. He gave Tanahashi backhanded headbutts before ramming his shoulder into Tanahashi's face. Jericho pounced as Tanahashi stumbled.

He dove forward, tearing Tanahashi's shirt before shoulder taking him down. Jericho popped straight up and went for the cover.

1... 2... 3


May 20, 2004

Would you be my new best friends?

It would be kind of interesting to feed WWE results into it to see if it can book a better show than Vince McMahon (spoiler: it will).

Dec 10, 2005


I was trying to go to sleep a few minutes ago and for some reason the enormity of these events finally hit me and I couldn't stop crying. I have no real life friends who give a poo poo about professional wrestling, so this is basically the only place I have to express these feelings, but I really feel the need to express them. The official results are basically the same as everyone else's.

Steve Austin is a bad rear end.

e: i was gonna try doing jerusalem's wwe summary for last month but it only lets me try twice before making me pay $15/mo

sk fucked around with this message at 21:57 on Oct 1, 2020

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