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May 17, 2007

I would assume "free RV" is even less free than "free car" and your descriptions seem to be validating such an assumption.


May 4, 2007


I think "Free RV" is somewhere between "Free car" and "Free boat" in the list of most expensive objects in the universe

Mar 22, 2003

how few people do you
need before you can
change the world?

theparag0n posted:

I think "Free RV" is somewhere between "Free car" and "Free boat" in the list of most expensive objects in the universe

I made $300 of the Free T Cruiser.

Suburban Dad
Jan 10, 2007

Well what's attached to a leash that it made itself?
The punchline is the way that you've been fuckin' yourself

Rhyno posted:

I made $300 of the Free T Cruiser.

Long term health effects not taken into account.

May 20, 2012

Your rear-end wont survive my hammering.

Fun Shoe

kastein posted:

My *hip* went through the roof while I was patching it. I'm hosed, I'm going to have to redo the entire structure I'm assuming. I made it waterproof again but it's not pretty. Are these wood or metal house frame?

Yeah, criminally slow. I think we dropped to 25 or 30 on the Mount Shasta grades and the same on Siskiyou. Cuesta was brutal too, I had to stop and cool down to avoid hitting the red zone.

But we made it and I'm fighting blackberries right now.

The fuel tank is alright, it fits at least 35ish gallons on this model. We filled up 3 times after starting with a nearly full tank and ended up with about half a tank.

E: oh hey the spec sheet I have looked at ten times in the last 2 weeks says 33 gallons. It has been getting nearly 12mpg with my foot on the floor.

Metal framing is usually some 1x1 or 1x2 along the edges. Wood is similar materials, with a ton of staples/glue. If its an aluminum frame it will tout it on the marketing materials. It honestly doesn't mean much as it still needs to rely on wood otherwise the aluminum will just crack. It will still use wood around windows and vent mounts. In the middle of the roof its all "structural" 1/8" plywood glued to styrofoam. Facets like vents and such will have some wooden/metal/plastic reinforcement framing around it, sometimes with a crossmember that ties it into the side beams(A/C). These are built in sections, from the inside out. The exterior walls are built on a table, pressed together, then bolted to the coach.
I've a ton of reference photos if you need anything specific.

The "shop" that rebuilt the roof on mine just threw another layer of 1/8" over the rot and then a new rubber layer on it. Complete bullshit and a 100% hack.
Peel off the rot if you can, throw down some new plywood with liquid nails or whatever (epoxy!), skin over that with aluminum or fiberglass, Glue the roof vents and hatches down with 3m-4200, forget about it forever. Their hack made it a 200% chore to fix the solar panels to the coach. They've held up fine though.

30ish up Shasta is painful as hell. I'm betting the thing has no pryometer too so there's no indication to how hard its working. My old rig pulled ~45 through that area, though I did get sandbagged by an old lady in a class-c which meant yeah about 35-40 till the turbo wasn't blowing hot air. My worst was the 9% grade coming out of death valley onto Panamint springs. dirty air filter, lousy rad, 100F ambient, ~25-30mph. brutally slow, brutally hot.
12mpg is pretty good for what it is though, I'm averaging about 9.5. The big pushers/buses and such run 8-12 so you're not far off the mark other than not having their power.


May 12, 2006

I thought I was a nice jester

kastein posted:

Alarbus is correct. My wife inherited (well, early, they realized they weren't safe to drive it anymore, nor fix it, and wanted it out of the driveway) a 1994 Safari Trek 2830 RV which we will be living in while we build the barn and house. Then restoring it after.

We're currently within 20ish miles of our place. Stopped by some friends on the way there and stayed later than planned. Most of the passes and grades on 101 and i5 were brutal since this thing weighs 11000lb and has a whole 135hp at sea level, but it made it.

Found a couple of videos showing one in good shape - that's pretty drat nice. Especially for free.* (it'll cost more than a brand new one by the time you're done...)

Also found the same spec sheet Alarbus ran across. The gently caress were they thinking with that engine in something meant to hit highway speeds? I'd expect a Detroit or something equally beefy, not that puny rear end Isuzu.

STR fucked around with this message at 08:46 on Jun 12, 2021

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