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Wizard Master
Mar 25, 2008

The following will contain spoilers for the series and is mainly intended to catch you up to the point the show is at when it was written.

Steven Universe is the most anime thing that is not technically an anime. It's a magical girl anime where the lead character is instead a young half human half magic space rock boy who has to deal with things like the responsibility of his powers, where he fits in between the worlds of alien space rocks and humans and and things that happened before he even existed but lead to his being. The show is also really gay and I don't mean that in a derogatory way, I mean that all the magic space rocks are ladies and many have romantic feelings for each other and I mean look.

and they aren't even romantically involved!

Anyways, the show was created By Rebecca Sugar who formally worked on Adventure Time. The world she creates is one where Magic space rocks (or gems) fought a civil war over the earth and the side that wanted to protect the earth (The Crystal Gems) won. However after the war, only four Gems on the Earth side (Leader Rose Quartz, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl) survived. After that, they spent years defending the earth from gems that had become monsters (known as being corrupted) while living in a temple in the town of Beach City. Eventually Rose fell in love with a human (Greg Universe) and sacrificed herself to make a son (the titular Steven Universe). Now the homeworld gems seem to be interested in Earth again and the remaining gems need to defend it. More details on that below because I have a ton of characters to get through. I will probably end up leaving out a lot but bear with me this show has built up a ton of lore


The Crystal Gems

Steven Quartz Universe voiced by Zach Callison

Steven is the main character of the series. He's a mix of a Human and a Gem and the first of his kind. Because of that, no one really knows his limits or generally what he's capable of. His powers are mainly defensive (creating shields, protective bubbles and healing) while he also inherited a sword from his mother. In general Steven is very friendly and likes to see the good in everyone. He would rather talk a conflict out and make friends with an enemy than fight (though lately that hasn't been working out). His main interests include video games, certain foods (like cookie cats and fry bits) and sappy fiction.

Garnet voiced by Estelle

Garnet is the current leader of the team. She is a strong fighter (her magical weapon being gloves), can see into the future and can usually keep her cool in any situation. She is also a fusion. A fusion is when two or more gems combine into one. The two Gems making up Garnet are named Ruby and Sapphire seen here

Fusion is looked down upon on home world and even is mostly done for strength purposes with a permanent fusion being considered taboo. Ruby and Sapphire are fused because they love each other. They take the subject of fusion very seriously and it's probably the main reason she rebelled against home world. I say "probably" because Garnet is mostly keeps things to herself and is the least transparent of the gems about her feelings. .

Pearl voiced by DeeDee Magno

Pearl (or Bird Mom) is the least secure of the Gems. While a skilled fighter (spear being her main magical weapon) and perfectionist, she is the most likely to worry about others or herself. Part of this probably comes from her gem type being a subservient luxury item owned by the upper class on homeworld. She was deeply in love with Rose Quartz and seemingly left homeworld fought for Earth to be with her. Losing Rose to Greg really did a number on her. Pearl can very selfish at times but overall she is extremely caring and Moms Steven the most out of any of the Gems.

Amethyst voiced by Michaela Dietz

Amethyst is the youngest and least mature of the Crystal Gems. She was formed in a hole smaller than her type was supposed to be formed in and was found by the other gems long after the war. She is brash, rude, gross and often acts without thinking or taking into considerations others boundaries. She's also fun loving, willing to take risks and just generally pretty chill. She's recently has become more insecure upon learning she was supposed to be bigger but she's slowly getting over it. She's very often at odds with Pearl thanks to theist clashing personality types. Her weapon of choice is a whip and she also likes shapeshifting, often to the discomfort of others.

Rose Quartz voiced by Susan Egan

Rose is the former leader of the Crystal Gems and leader of the rebellion for Earth against homeworld. She gave up her life in order to form Steven so any information we have about her is in the past tense. She seemed fascinated with humanity and with life in general though also a bit naive about it all. She seems to have been against the unnecessary taking of life, though it is likely she did kill the former Gem Leader of Earth (Pink Diamond) during the war. We still only know bits and pieces and her legacy is a constant shadow hanging over Steven.

Peridot voiced by Shelby Rabara

Peridot is a the newest member of the Crystal Gems and a former nemesis. She was sent to Earth to check on the Cluster (a giant fusion forming in the center of the Earth that threatened to destroy it) but was thwarted by Crystal Gems. After being trapped on earth and trying to go forward with her work for a while, she reluctantly teamed with the gems to stop the cluster and later fully joined when it was clear she could not reason with her leader (Yellow Diamond). Peridot is a bit geeky and is most comfortable around technology. She used to have high tech limbs but those got destroyed and now she feels helpless and much shorter. She is quick to anger and call people "clods" but she also has shown she is willing to learn and tries her best to be friends with everyone. It was also recently revealed she has Magnetic powers.

Other Gems
Lapis Lazuli voiced by Jennifer Paz

Lapis isn't a member of the gems but she is friendly with them. Her gem was cracked and trapped in a mirror for thousands of years before Steven freed her. She turned out to be a powerful water controlling gem, who then stole the Ocean to try and get back home until Steven healed her cracked gem allowing her to fly. She eventually made her way back to homeworld where, against her will, she lead two Homeworld gems (Peridot and much tougher gem named Jasper) back to Earth. After some fighting, she fused with Jasper but used the fusion to keep Jasper imprisoned in the ocean. She remained down there for quite some time until the fusion was defeated by the gems and she was rescued. She now lives in a barn with Peridot. Lapis is extremely powerful but she also doesn't think much of herself, thinking herself evil and not worthy of anything good. She also admits that she did like the feeling she got by forcibly imprisoning Jasper. She's generally low energy and pretty blase but she does have a silly immature streak in her.

Jasper voiced by Kimberly Brooks

Jasper is a big tough brute and also currently an enemy of the gems. She was sent to earth to back up Peridot but ended up being captured by Lapis. She later broke free and started amassing an army of corrupted gems but ended up fusing with one, became corrupted and the Gems bubbled her. Jasper initially looked down on fusion but after fusing with Lapis she now sees the power in it and misses being fused. She is a perfectly made Quartz and it sounds like she was a hero of the war for the homeworld side. She really hates Rose for shattering her Diamond, Pink Diamond.


While not technically a Gem, Lion is a magic being that has some connection to Rose and now serves as Steven's mount/pet. Not much is known about Lion other than the fact that he acts like a atypical cat and seems to know more about what's going on than he can let on or even express because he can't talk. He also has a large hidden meadow in his mane where Rose kept a bunch of stuff like...

Bismuth voiced by Uzo Aduba

Bismuth is a former Crystal Gem that was bubbled inside of Lion's mane. She was the blacksmith for the gems and created many powerful weapon's like Rose's sword. She had a falling out with Rose when she created a weapon that could shatter gems, which lead to them fighting and Bismuth being bubbled. Rose never told the other Gems what happened. She was accidentally let free by Steven where history pretty much repeated itself. She seems to have a joyful outgoing personality but an extreme hatred for homeworld.


Centipeetle is a corrupted gem that Steven befriended and then partially healed before it reverted back but not before being reunited with it's former crew. She appeared to have been a captain that was sent to Earth but was corrupted during a mass attack by the Diamonds. She really like chips.

Yellow Diamond voiced by Patti LuPone

Not much is known about Yellow Diamond other than she is one of the leaders of the Homeworld gems and she is leading the current attack on earth. She is the former leader of Peridot but doesn't seem to care that much about her. She also has a very smug Pearl.

Greg Universe voiced by Tom Scharpling

Greg is Steven's Dad. He used to be in a band (where he was known as the Star Child) but gave it all up to be with Rose. He's a bit of a dead beat, living in a van and working at a car wash he owns that doesn't get much business, but he's always there for Steven. He recently got to stop worrying about money after getting a large check from one of his songs being used in a burger ad. He mostly gets along with the gems, even if they don't think much of him. For obvious reasons he has the most trouble getting along with Pearl, but they've recently taken steps towards resolving that.

Connie Maheswaran voiced by Grace Rolek

Connie is Steven's best friend and possible crush. She's a bit of an introvert and Steven is her first friend. She thinks the world of him and wants to do her best to help him however she can. The main way she done this recently is by training at sword fighting with Pearl, at which she has excelled. She's a bit of a geek and gets way into certain books, movies and tv shows. She used to wear glasses but Steven healed her eyes. Her parents are very strict and push her very hard but have reluctantly let her help the Crystal Gems as long as she let's them know what's happening. Steven and Connie can also fuse together and when they fuse they are known as Stevonnie

Sadie Miller and Lars voiced by Kate Micucci and Matthew Moy

Sadie and Lars are two teenagers that work at a donut shop called The Big Donut. Sadie is nice but also can be insecure. She is usually more open to Steven's shenanigans and she also likes horror movies. Lars is a bit of a jerk and is also extremely insecure, though he fight harder to hide it. He desperately wants to be one of the cool kids and feels embarrassed being seen with people he doesn't think are cool. Sadie likes Lars but has trouble dealing with how much of a jerk he is. Lars likes Sadie but has trouble admitting that. How much they like each other and if this unhealthy relationship will lead anywhere is yet to be seen.

The Onions: Onion, Sour Cream, Vidalia and Yellowtail voiced by Zach Callison, Brian Posehn, Jackie Buscarino and Tom Scharpling

Onion is a local kid that can't speak normal words and weirds Steven out. He is constantly doing strange things, wasting food and seems borderline evil but seems to like Steven overall.
Sour Cream is a local chiptune DJ and one of the cool kids. He stresses out because his father wants him to be a fisherman
Vidalia is a former party girl and friend of Amethyst and Greg. She had a fling with Greg's former manager (leading to Sour Cream) and is currently married to Yellowtail.
Yellowtail is a fisherman who also can't speak normal words. He spends a lot of his time at sea and wants Sour Cream to follow in his footsteps.

The Frymans: Mr Fryman, Peedee and Ronaldo voiced by Billy Merritt, Atticus Shaffer and Zachary Steel

The Frymans own the food stand Beach Citywalk Fries
Mr Fryman doesn't really get involved with things outside of his stand and most of his attention is focused on that.
Ronaldo is a crazy conspiracy theorist who runs his own blog called Keep Beach City Weird
Peedee is just sort of reluctantly along for the ride.

The Pizzas: Kiki, Jenny, Kofi and Nanefua voice by Reagan Gomez-Preston, Godfrey C. Danchimah and Toks Olagundoye

The Pizzas run a local Pizza place called Fish Stew Pizza
Kiki is a hard worker and all around goodie goodie but easily pushed around by her twin sister. She also enjoys running.
Jenny is one of the cool kids and enjoys hanging out and going to concerts. She doesn't like work and often pushes things off on her twin sister.
Kofi is the owner of the Pizza place and can be a little intense.
Nanefua is a cool sassy grandma.

The Deweys: Mayor Bill Dewey and Buck voiced by Joel Hodgson and Lamar Abrams

Bill Dewey is the Mayor of the town. He's kind of incompetent but isn't corrupt or anything. He has a thing for Pearl
Buck is an artist and one of the cool kids.

Jamie voiced by Eugene Cordero

Jamie is the mailman and an aspiring actor. He had a thing for Garnet but that didn't work out very well.

Okay, if I'm listing Jamie I think I've gotten obscure enough here (and I mainly only went that far so I could post that pic). I'm sure I forgot something important but that should be enough for now. If there's something you want me to add to the OP just let me know. Here are some relevant links:

Official Crew Blog
Keep Beach City Weird
Peridot's Twitter
Soundcloud of the people that do most of the music for the show


Korean Boomhauer
Sep 3, 2008

steven's universe

Jun 21, 2011

"nichael subtle it up or youre gonna get hammered for evasion" -Breakfast All Day

phonebanking? more like...


why are you posting anime in cspam? we only post about clowns and smile here

Apr 24, 2008

how can i listen to my pirated albums? oh wait.

how can i watch this show

May 22, 2005
Can't post for 2 hours!


Feels like you exposed basically every plot event in a post trying to convince people to watch things.

Apr 24, 2008

how can i listen to my pirated albums? oh wait.

Owlofcreamcheese posted:

Feels like you exposed basically every plot event in a post trying to convince people to watch things.

yeah the boat sinks, but people are still reading titanic hundreds of years later

Gaupo Guacho
Aug 5, 2010
Can't post for 27 days!

I don't watch children's cartoons, op

Hardon Crime
Jan 15, 2020

hubba hubba hubba hubba

wow you're pretty verbose for a kid I could barely read all that haha

Welcome to cspam little dude

Jul 17, 2001

posted by squid gang

is this cartoon ongoing

I thought it was done

Terminal autist
May 17, 2018

Sorry OP I only watch superior Japan animation(Anime) It is intended for adults such as myself. I would recommend watching Akira

Victory Position
Mar 15, 2004

Don't call me a hero.

what the gently caress

Dec 26, 2012

this is the most racist bullshit ive ever seen. viewers beware

Sep 11, 2008

Toilet Rascal

I have seen this show and can confirm it is a cartoon.

Chris James 2
Aug 9, 2012

plz remember that it was ~ME~ who told you that everything you like is actually really not good, because I knew all along.

i like gay things so i liked this show

Squizzle posted:

yeah the boat sinks, but people are still reading titanic hundreds of years later

the Celine Dion song was good, maybe not worth the previous three hours tho

Good soup!
Nov 1, 2010

Lipstick Apathy

i appreciate kids media incorporating more lgbt representation in media but this entire thing has looked just too fuckin weird in an offputting way even for a kids show, so much so i hope my future kids dont ever make me watch it

now if you excuse me im goin to go back to watching the show where the boy with the tail befriends the bald monk and learns to brutally assault people from an elderly sex offender

i say swears online
Mar 4, 2005

medio de fonte leporum surgo amariter

SorePotato posted:

this is the most racist bullshit ive ever seen. viewers beware

I'm watching the first episode and it's just a string of the n-word and having sex with your dad. this show is for children??

Giga Gaia
May 2, 2006

360 kickflip to... Meteo?!

the episode where they show footage from 9/11 with the turkish laughing man faded over top of it was a little much

Oct 29, 2009


I love the cartoon that taught me what empathy is at age 40

Sep 30, 2011

the world building is good but the plot takes a nose dive in the last season, 6/10 don't watch

Wizard Master
Mar 25, 2008

Terminal autist posted:

Sorry OP I only watch superior Japan animation(Anime) It is intended for adults such as myself. I would recommend watching Akira

Fluoride Jones
Aug 24, 2009

That's cool op I like this cartoon called the venture bros. It's kind of similar but the difference is that it's good

Sep 30, 2011

Venture Bros got cancelled, and now officially sucks rear end

Jul 17, 2017

More like Steven Urineverse

Apr 24, 2008

how can i listen to my pirated albums? oh wait.

ever watch a cartoon program called “gargoyles”

decent stuff


Communist Thoughts
Jan 7, 2008

0.000% of Communism has been built.
Evil, child-murdering billionaires still rule the world with a shit eating grin.

All he has managed to do is make himself *sad*.

Instead of building communism, he now builds a precise model of this grotesque, duplicitous world.

I didn't like that fusion is sex and the kids start having sex with eachother and their dad

Frankly that made it really creepy as a kids show

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