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Oct 17, 2014

I think some of the response to this has got to be a bit intentionally dismissive or obtuse on some level. Reading through its pretty clear there's some stuff that's pretty low effort one word replies and Jupiter Jazz is suggesting that sort've low effort posting shouldn't be tolerated, not that that was the only response they received.


Oct 17, 2014

Stux posted:

low effort posting is tolerated. you can even empty quote! this is someone not getting the response they wanted to a single subject in one thread and then posting about it in the "state of games" thread like its some endemic issue with the entire forum. theres a very handy stickied post dedicated to more long form game stuff where low effort posts arent allowed and people cant laugh at you for saying something insanely stupid if thats the issue.

Low effort posting is tolerated, yes, hence someone arguing they think it shouldn't and that would be a better experience. Yes this is someone not getting the response they wanted, the response they wanted was not to get hit was "lmfao" and "what" instead of something substantive, that's literally the point being made!

I don't exactly agree with Jazz here about wanting more restrictive rules, originally I was going to originally chime in on the chorus of constructive criticism of their posting style and I think there's a degree of myopic self victimization about posting unpopular opinions and all that going on in their own linked post, but I find the weird bad faith reading in order to dismiss their entire perspective as Literally Irrelevant To The Literal Feedback Thread as a bit of absurd reach. I think that "Low effort posting used to not be tolerated here, back in my day, and it was better" is at the least a legitimate stance to share in the Feedback Thread about the State of the Games Forum. There's at least a conversation to be had based off that rather than just scoring more dunks, about whether more people feel the same or whether they actually like the more anarchic posting style and the culture that is cultivated by it.

Also I don't think the Effort Posting thread you're specifically referring to is conducive to their needs in this moment, if its the one I think it is, because they're clearly looking to effort post about being critical of some games in a franchise while praising others and don't want to be dismissed for it, but perhaps this is worth pointing towards more threads of that nature but different variations as a healthy ongoing thing for the forum and a solid middle ground? Trying to be constructive here.

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Oct 17, 2014

Jupiter Jazz posted:

Do you have more constructive criticism on my posting style? I'd really like to change but don't know how.

I'm not an expert in essay writing or a professional editor or anything so take me with a grain of salt but I think there's two main things I can say you're doing that you can try and avoid:

1- The whole woe is me I'm stating an unpopular opinion is unhealthy and unproductive: its okay to just state what you think is contrarian or against the flow and back it up without that sort've trapping. Its alienating to even people who might actually agree with you or see you as having a point. It sets a really, as others have pointed out, oppositional tone to everything and thus sets things off on a bad foot. I'm labouring the point myself here, but yeah. I think part of what happened 2 Months ago is you did this, other people were dismissive, and that further fueled you perhaps feeling all your responses were dismissive in tone even when they weren't. Its a vicious cycle and no one person is solely responsible for it, though also not the end of the world.

2- I don't think length is inherently the problem and I think its fine to write an essay on a forum -They're not messenger chats, they're web forums and fully suited towards longer form posting from time to time- but there are well written essays and poorly written ones and you can try and cut out a let of repetitive, bloated sentences from your post to get to the points you're making much quicker and with a less condescending tone: one that makes it feel like you're talking down to your audience, as if you're more of professor doing an academic lecture instead of passionately talking about something to your peers.

Examples of some of this that jump out to me: Instead of saying things like "what is japanese minimalism: insert paragraph overexplaining minimalism" you can just say that "Dragon Quest has historically been part of the scene of Japanese Minimalism, which it shared story telling methods such as short minimal cuts scenes and dialogue with other great games like Shadow of the Colossus, and I really miss that about the franchise" to get your point across, and even go into examples of what you mean from DQs history there. Instead of sentences like "now lets turn to x or y" you can just segue with starting a sentence/paragraph with "Game X or Game Y start off with [description of scene] and go into how you feel about that or more details about it" A lot of how you have it written as is feels like its just dragging your essay out in a way that feels like its padding to meet a word count, or fill the full length of the class you're lecturing too, rather than communicate your ideas authentically. There's more examples of stuff I can focus on but I don't have all the time in the world sorry, but I hope this is helpful to some degree.

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