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The Glumslinger
Sep 24, 2008

Coach Nagy, you want me to throw to WHAT side of the field?

Hair Elf

When this contest was first announced, I was planning to make the same chili I normally would, a bunch of dried peppers I bought off Amazon, can of chipotles in Adobo sauce, etc. It makes a great chili, but I figured that it wasnt really taking advantage of my resources. I could make that chili in California or Texas or England, and it would be great. But it would just be stuff I bought online, and to honest, I've bought way too much online over the last 8 months

I wanted to make something fresh, taking advantage of the great produce from California and peak pepper season. So I figured I would brave the pandemic and go to my locals Farmer's Market and get my ingredients, and I was certainly rewarded with great ingredients.

(Pretend I remembered to actually take an establishing shot and didn't have to find one on google)

Well, it was a great decision because it really is pepper season, there were a bunch of stalls that were filled with nothing but different kinds of peppers, in every shape and color you can imagine

(Please use your Doctor Seuss imagination since I forgot to take photos)

I made it my goal to get everything for this chili at the Farmers Market

The cast of characters
Japones (?)
Jimmy Nardelo
Purple Bell Pepper (?)

Chuck Roast
Smoked Chorizo

Shiitake (?)

San Marzano Tomatoes

Onions -Not pictured
Garlic -Not pictured

Ok, lets the get the tomatoes cooking down and reducing

While thats going, I prepped the peppers, onions, and garlic for roasting

And as those were taking forever to roast (it was like nearly 30 minutes for the onions to pick up color ), start butchering that big hunk of chuck into bite-sized chunks

Once the peppers and garlic are nice and toasty, get them off the pan and into a big bowl and cover them so they steam some more. I had planned to pull out the purple peppers to chop separately and add, but they were too mushy so I grabbed the jalapenos instead

After thats gone on long enough to finish cutting up the meat, remove the skins and seeds and dump it into a food processor

Brown the meats

Drop in the chopped mushrooms (and reserved onions) to amp up the earth flavors and help pick up everything that stuck to the bottom of the pot

Now add in the blended pepper mix

Finally add the tomatoes (bet you forgot about those), the chopped jalapenos, some homemade chicken stock, and assorted spices

And now the most important ingredient, THYME TIME. Cover and cook low and slow for 6 hours and be rewarded with this sight

Plate it up with some sour cream, tortilla strips, and chopped onions.

Now thats some chili

It had a great depth of flavor, all of the different peppers helped contribute to the flavor, which had a wide variety of floral pepper flavors and just the right level of creeping heat. It was hot enough to make you sweat, but not so hot that it was a chore to eat. A simple, fresh, farm to table chili that can stand up to anything else you'd compare it to.

And now, for the bonus chili dogs

The Glumslinger fucked around with this message at 20:20 on Oct 25, 2020


Mar 1, 2010

TRULY scientastic.

Do you think that chili dog would stand up to being mailed to the UK? I think I need it.

The Glumslinger
Sep 24, 2008

Coach Nagy, you want me to throw to WHAT side of the field?

Hair Elf

Scientastic posted:

Do you think that chili dog would stand up to being mailed to the UK? I think I need it.

I think trivia would probably be over by the time it got there

Aug 29, 2003

You can't be angry ALL the time!

Fun Shoe

Heck yes, them's good chili.

Eat This Glob
Jan 14, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

I've never had mushrooms in chili (to my knowledge) but I bet the flavors involved would be super complimentary! Is that something you came up with or is that "normal" in California? I'm super intrigued

Power of Pecota
Aug 3, 2007

Goodness no, now that wouldn't do at all!

If the japones peppers are anything like the ones we have here, I think they're either straight up arbols or otherwise indistinguishable to me

Really good stuff!

May 9, 2014

Japones peppers that I've seen have always been a fair bit milder to me! YMMV though.


The Glumslinger
Sep 24, 2008

Coach Nagy, you want me to throw to WHAT side of the field?

Hair Elf

I'm not exactly sure what they were, they were in a basket of mixed "hot peppers" with the habaneros

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