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Boba Pearl
Dec 27, 2019

Yellow Pearl, Blue Pearl, Pink Pearl

Boba Pearl.


Your hero (or heroine) rolled out of the bed, and ignored the banging on the wall to their home. The wooden frame nearly buckled bending against the mud-brick walls that makes up the majority of their house. They look around dazed as they try and collect yourself. They had graduated yesterday from the hunter’s academy, had gone out on a tear with the other graduates and then…

Then they did something. They’re not sure what it was, but it was important. They collect themselves as you stare around the room. Why would someone be so pissed you slept in? You scratch and yell out to the door, “Yeah, yeah, I’m up let me get myself together.”

The voice comes back in, “Look you’ve got 5 minutes, and then I’m leaving with… Or without you.” 5 minutes they thought to themselves, not much time. They looked in the mirror, and tried to gather themselves. Looking back out at them was

1A.) Petra, she had green eyes, bright blue hair and a winning smile.(she/her)

1B.) Peter, he was bristling with muscles, and his hair was brown and cut short. (he / him)

1C.) Charlie, beautiful bright red curls spilled out over their shoulders, they had sharp blue eyes, and looked ready for adventure. (They/Them)

1D.) Devia, she was pale, had purple eyes, and her hair was tied up in a knot (She/Her)

1E.) Saul, he was skinny, his hair was messy and unkempt, his eyes glowed bright orange (She/Her)

1F.) Morgan, they were muscle bound, had dark green hair, like moss growing on a tree branch, and eyes that matched. (They/Them)

They quickly threw on the only clothes around them, one of their many hunter’s uniforms, and reached down by their side. They had misplaced their weapon, and with some stranger knocking on their bedroom door, this was cause for alarm. Quickly, they searched around their room, over throwing clothes and furniture alike, when at last it seemed like all was lost, they found them hanging over the mantle of the clay fireplace, gleaming pristine in their trophy rack. They sighed with great relief and pulled it down. It was a…

2A.) A Great Sword, nearly 6 feet long, and 3 feet wide. It had been grafted from steel pulled out of an ancient ruin, it nearly took all of their strength just to swing it, but anything between it and the floor would be dead fast. Very difficult to hit middle and medium sized monsters, but extremely useful against large ones.

2B.) A Sword and Shield, A much smaller blade rested in it’s pommel, and over it laid a shield made out of the skin of a steel dragon. It’s breastplate shined. It still had some magic left in it, as it was always warm to the touch, and it was slick, almost like it was covered in a thin layer of oil. A good all rounder, able to attack and defend almost any sized creature.

3C.) A Bow, made out of the intestines of a metal dragon, this bow had a bow string that could never break. The bow itself was nearly 6 feet from top to bottom, and the arrows were thick, and unwavering. They had no fletching, but were grooved, and seemed to always fire straight. Useful against flying and slow creatures of any size, but difficult to use against fast ones.

2D.) An ancient artifact, Twin light daggers, these tiny daggers emitted a white hot plasma that projected about 4 or 5 inches from the tip. They glowed, and no-one was quite sure how they worked, (except for you! Who pulled the blade out of it’s cradle on one of your first training missions.) Great against small and medium monsters, but difficult to make much against larger ones.

2E.) An ancient artifact, a light rifle. This item was good against nearly anything, but for some odd reason, it had to be fed sunlight, and it could run out at the most inconvenient times. Almost no merchant had seen one of these before, and power sources for it, (besides light) did not seem to exist. Great against pretty much everything, but very limited in use.

They quickly pulled their weapon onto their body. Took a deep breath and left the room. Their home, like most homes in De’hrun, was a small cottage made out of mud-bricks that were cut and baked in the furnace of a steel dragon. Most of the furniture was wood, though as a hunter, even in training, are able to afford some luxuries, their bed is filled with cotton instead of hay, and your furniture is leather over cotton cushions. They have an electric stove, though they do not know quite how it works. They can not afford a cryo unit, like the most luxuriously wealthy have, and keep their food cold by burying it in an ice chest on their property, most days they feed themselves with food from the market.

Standing in their kitchen, was an extremely irate person. In the drunken fog from last night, they hesitated to remember who they were, the dim light, and foggy head made it hard to make them out. After a few moments of staring they realized it was…

3A.) Alys, she was their best friend and romantic partner, and signed up with the academy with them. They were partnered up because they enlisted together.

3B.) Cyrune, she was her trainer at the academy, and helped them become the great warrior they are today. They were partnered up because Cyrune specifically requested it.

3C.) Theren, he was their intern. A member of the fresh group that enlisted this quarter, and was eager to prove himself. They were partnered up by lots, and Theren was paired with you by the academy.


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