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Jun 1, 2012

So for this I've decided to make my every day chili. I make this pretty often, formally after coming home from work but now after walking from the living room. The idea behind it is simple, a quick an easy chili made from things I can keep in my cupboards. My wife and myself tend to not eat that much meat so I like making this with beans, or beef, or a combination depending on what I have. But good news I went to the butcher this week so this is a beef chili. I usually make a Salsa/Guacamole to go with this so doing that as well

Like I say I make this after work so no popping it in the dutch over for 3 hours, time to bust out the pressure cooker!

So onto the ingredients

So what I've got here is diced shoulder of beef, it's a decent cut for this sort of thing where I want it to break down. Chilis are all dried, I live in the UK so it's generally hard to buy fresh chilies in the first place and I can just have these in the cupboard. So it's Chipotle, Ancho, Rocoto and Birds Eye Chilis, I've tinkered with this a bit and this is a mix that we like. Then we have Pinto, Black Turtle and Kidney Beans for the mix of beans. Luckily we have a Mexican food shop in town that sells the chilis and beans in big bags. (Except for that bit when the UK banned Chipotle chilis for a bit). The some cumin , well like a ton of cumin seeds really. For the salsa I'm using avocado, tomatoes , garlic, fresh chili and spring onions. Usually I'd use just normal onion but I didn't have any for some reason.

I start off by toasting the chilis a bit in the dry pan then grinding them down

Then I put some boiling water on then and let them soak for a bit.

Onto the beef, first off get it all browned in a hot pan

take that out and set aside before frying some cumin seeds in the pan, once they're smelling nice add in the beans!

mix that all together,

Then add the Chilis + water, beef stock, tomatoes that I forgot to mention earlier and get it up to pressure!

High pressure for 45 mins should do the trick.

For the salsa just dice up the garlic and chili really finely and everything else just mash in there

mash it all up and add some lemon juice, salt and pepper , I normally add lime juice but I don't have any so lemon will do.

The rice cooker is on, salsa made. Nothing to do now other than have a beer or cup of tea and wait for it to be ready.

Quick release the pressure

Then break out the trusty potato masher and just break it up a little, you don't need to do too much, some of the beans will retain their shape and some break right down and make it nice and thick.

Then there you have it

Chili with salsa and rice. Takes about an hour all in start to finish and makes plenty so I can keep some in the fridge or freezer for later in the week. It's very simple and very easy, making it the perfect chili, for us at least.


Aug 29, 2003

You can't be angry ALL the time!

Fun Shoe

gently caress yeah, that's a chili!!

May 19, 2011

Everything by design.

Ah, our first bean entry. Looks good!

Mar 1, 2010

TRULY scientastic.

I really wish I had a pressure cooker

Jun 1, 2012

Scientastic posted:

I really wish I had a pressure cooker

I'd really recommend it, they're pretty expensive but really really handy. I use my pressure cooker pretty much every week for something or another. Being able to cook beans from dried without soaking is great.

Mar 23, 2004

Come into the lob-ratory! The dog lobster laboratory!

There should be black friday sales on soonish, whenever the Americans have thanksgiving.

field balm
Feb 5, 2012

A great looking entry for team beans! That looks really well incorporated and cooked down considering that was just an hour. The salsa is a nice touch.


Eat This Glob
Jan 14, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

team bean! hell yeah!

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