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Feb 7, 2006

it isn't easy being a cross dominate shooter.

One of the most-asked questions by newbies is "what do I put in my range bag?"

This is my range bag:

It's a Vertx COF Heavy range bag, formerly called (IIRC) the A-range bag. The stock recommendation on TFR for years has been the MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag. I still have mine, but over the years some of the zippers broke and mice ate some of the material out of the bottom.

Brass bag and eyepro case clipped to the side.

Top compartment stuffed full of poo poo.

All the poo poo in the top compartment. Lead wipes, squib rod, mag cleaning brush, ear pro, notebook, permanent market, masking tape, staple gun, magazine carrier, and shot timer. I've never needed the squib rod but I've lent it to others who have.

The poo poo I keep in the top flap. Bore snake for quick cleaning, Pro Grip, shotgun chamber flag, and spare staples.

This side pocket is where I keep a bunch of printed targets. I think it's a jumble of B-8 centers, FAST targets, Dot Torture targets, and Dot Drill targets.

Side pockets are for foamie ear plugs & lubricant. I also have spare fiber-optic rod and a lighter to install the spare FO rod.

Ammo bins!

I really need medical of some kind. I have trainer's tape in one of the other pockets but that's it.


May 18, 2007

Hair Elf

I really like that range bag! I feel like starting out I used to take a poo poo load of gear with me to the range, but as I get more experienced I tailored it back to really just what I needed for the trip.

For an actual bag, I use the LA Police Gear Bailout Bag which I've had forever and has held up crazy well.

I usually stick any rifle mags in the pouches on the outside, pistol mags and ammo in the middle compartment, and tools and misc gear in zippered pouch. The velcro compartment holds my stapler, staples, and any paperwork I need. I hang my glasses and earpro off the side retention straps, and roll up targets and stick them between the handles.

For a lot of range trips though I'm just taking one or two guns, in which case I really enjoy this bag, which I got for $20 at a gun show and has pretty lovely construction but it's the perfect size. It's a VISM/NC Star brand. Here you can see I also packed my spotting scope.

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Dec 3, 2012

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my backpack which hopefully has some rounds.


Jan 12, 2005

border patrol qt

Plaster Town Cop

I got a three pack of smallish range bags from LAPG a few years ago. The first one I had handy was my "auxiliary" bag, in which I sort of keep extras of things. From left:

Bag, sunscreen wipes, cleaning brush, pens, disposable camera, AR LULA, knife, Glock tool, .22 boresnake, plastic bag for brass or whatever, paper plates for targets, tool kit, staples, cleaning patches and solvent, spare holster for Glock/HK, spare hat, table cards from a pizza place for extra targets, target pasters, chapstick, and a spare 9V battery for the shot timer or chronograph.

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