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Jun 15, 2013

Greetings goons, I wanted to share this mini-compilation from the groups I'm involved with.

It's a mix of synthpop, ambient, industrial goth and dark metal.

Feedback is super appreciated.


Dangerous Minority
Oct 24, 2016

May cause birth defects

Just gave it a quick listen! Some things that stood out to me:

Shadows has a good main melody, and I really liked the step up around 1:57, but I feel that the bass doesn't quite fit with it, especially when the drums fall out and you can hear the two of them on their own. The biggest issue I had was with the vocals, they're really quiet and thin and they feel like they're fighting with the rest of the music. If it were me, I'd bump the low end up, maybe add some echo or reverb to give it more of a ghostly feel to match the thinness of the delivery.

I liked Midwinter Dreaming and I think the strings really added a lot to it, especially the swell at 0:27. Short and sweet, had a somber and dreamy vibe that I really enjoyed.

Grave Birds took a bit for me to warm up to it, but I ended up really enjoying it! While I sill think they could use a volume boost, the vocals mesh a lot better than in Shadows and that part at 3:37 where they get louder and prominent was executed perfectly. The way the different tracks drop in and out help make it feel dynamic, and I feel that on a whole they play really well together.

Tender Prey was a weak point for me. It feels very static, with those notes being sustained for too long without any sort of modulation of texture to break them up, they have a really shrill sound to them that makes them kind of unpleasant and takes away from the ambient vibe, and the drums are really simple and repetitive. It also comes in really loud after Grave Birds, especially since I had turned the volume up to hear the vocals.

Sorrowful Heart was really drat good, though. It has a nice and easy lead in that helps make everything feel chill, and the soft vocals in the background fit really well with the 3/4 timing and the arpeggios to give it a dreamy feel. The middle section with the female vocals reminded me of something from Spiderland, and I like the transition to the distorted guitars and shouted vocals. The guitar work was done well and the simple drums let the guitar stand out while giving it a bit of an indie ambient feel. I would give the shouted vocals a bar or two before coming in though, as they feel a little jarring, and not in a good way.

Room for improvement but still liked it a lot, hope you guys keep playing and improving!

Jun 15, 2013

Thanks so much for the feedback! And I'll be passing it along.

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