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Feb 14, 2012

It appears the NFL will intake another crowd of unpaid professionals and make them paid at some point next year using some type of data points from this year. Since all this year is dumb navel gazing anyways, why not start doing dumb projections with 1/2-3/4 of the season done. Some early thoughts:

- Best early QB year in a while. Lawrence and Fields are both in the Luck-caliber of prospects, and guys like Trey Lance are solid first rounders who would probably be top-10 in other drafts. Going to be interesting how the second/third tier of prospects fill out, but guys like Kellen Mond will make it at least a fun exercise.

- Apologies to anyone needing edge or DT help this year. We havenít really seen a Chase Young/Bosa type of prospect this year. There may be some developmental value, but there will unquestionably be some reaching this year. Barmore or guys like Haskell Garrett probably emerge at DT but will never be Suh-caliber prospects. Guys like Paye are solid edge prospects but likely to get over drafted.

- Receiving corps are going to have some huge big-play guys this year. Chase, Bateman, Olave, Waddle, Devonta Smith, Rondale Moore, Elijah Moore is an insane amount of deep pressure for the average class with any of those guys having first round potential. Great value again, similar to last year. Good year for receiving TEs as well with Pitts and Freiermuth both huge mismatch guys.

- By contrast, corners are going to be tight this year. Shaun Wade and Pat Surtain are nominally up there but both have gotten beaten pretty publicly this year. Combine probably ends up super important since a lot of pass defenses this year are pretty bad. Safeties are in a similar spot.

- Good high-end T prospects in Sewell and Leatherwood this year but depth again is a concern, as are the interior linemen. These guys are usually late to emerge once we get a full season of tape but itís not going to shock me that thereís not much of a run on linemen with some of the receiving talent this year. Wyatt Davis and Josh Myers are examples of two guys who were getting first round hype where I donít know if the tape this year doesnít seriously hurt them, goofy season and all.

- Itís a good year for top-end LBs. Parsons and others with plus athleticism like Moses come to mind, but there are going to be 3-4 LBs in the first round I imagine this year.

Canít wait to see how the NFL completely botches all of this. Prayers up for the 100s of people who will have to bubble in Indy for a month.


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