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May 27, 2013

Yet where is that woman now? Tell me, in what heave does she reside? None of them. Because no God bothered to listen or care. If that is what you think it means to be a God, then you and all your teachings are welcome to do as that poor women did. And vanish from these realms forever.


"Alright, I'm going to make this quick," the imposing figure begins, "because I ain't gonna be late for my smoke break." The tall figure is wearing a dirty, purple suit and heavy sunglasses. "I am Ringleader. My quirk is Fright. If you look in my eyes, you want to poo poo your pants. Keep that in mind. I run my own hero company in Kabukicho, don't cha know? We work closely with what's left of the Yakuza, keeping them in line. So, don't think I'm here for any of the tough guy acts, you hear."

The man takes a moment to shuffle his papers. He seems intent on something written on them. "We got less people than usual this year. I guess the better schools lowered their standards. What's that say about you, eh?" The man laughs. "Relax, punks. I'm kidding."

The man writes the schools name on the blackboard: "Hero Essentials."

"We both know the score, man. This school, it ain't U-A. We ain't Shiketsu. Man, we don't even got a proper name. We're Hero Essentials, the last place for would-be heroes that no one else will give a chance." The man turns to the class. "I'm your homeroom teacher and, for the next four years, we will prepare you for your hero license exam." The man looks to the window. "I ain't going to lie that we got a good percentage of passing students, but I ain't like some of the other teachers here." The man points at the class. "Y'all want to be heroes, right? Well, sometimes this is what it means. You got to deal with poo poo. We ain't All-Might. All-Might runs the talk show circuit, good for him. Some of us deal with the poo poo jobs. Organized crime, human trafficking, drug runners, you name it." The man slams the table. "You can't trust to police to handle that poo poo. I ain't got any trust in them. Not one of those clean heroes who plays by their rules."

The man breathes.

"The point is that society gave up on you kids. It sucks. It ain't right. But, I ain't giving up on you, you hear. All of you are going to pass, that's a promise I make every year and I drat well plan to make good on it, don't cha know?"


This is a My Hero Academia Play-By-Post Cortex Prime game using the following rules:

The premise is that you are students of "Hero Essentials," a failing school who will take any student. You are the heroes that couldn't make it to the better High Schools in Japan. You had to settle for this one. That doesn't mean it has to be bad, however. You got Ringleader, the best homeroom teacher in the school. You got tenacity, as most others would have just went for an easier major. You got a shot, is what I'm saying. What are you going to do with it?

What do I need from you?
  • One Character Sheet
  • One to two paragraph biography
  • Answer to this question: what are you looking forward to do in the game?

Recruitment ends on December 4th, one week from now.


Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Shinobu Toha a.k.a. Raze

Shinobu Toha is many, many things. Tenacious, dedicated to her friends, a hardworker... but subtle she is not. As seen in the brief viral video sensation that was her failed UA try-out, where she managed to blow apart a near-record number of large robots and catch her fellow testees in the resulting storms of shrapnel, she tends to work best on problems with a very simple, direct solution. Heroics, alas, are rarely that.

Still, for reasons she's rather tight-lipped about, she is dead-set on becoming a hero. Not just a hero, either, but the hero. She dreams of that #1 title, being the strongest one out there, and finally showing everyone that doubted her along the way that they were a bunch of dumbasses who should feel bad about their life choices. Admittedly, she's definitely thinking more on a who can beat who level rather than the actual work of professional heroics.

The most natural target of her enmity is, of course, UA. Apparently, they were more concerned with her lack of judgment during the application exam than her clear, if unpolished, talent and categorically denied her entry. A rejection like that trickles down, too, and it was all she could do to find any school with a heroics program that would even return her calls.

Shinobu's quirk, in stark contrast to her personality, is very fluid and adaptable. Her arms, a bio-mechanical framework, can freely shift and change to different forms. They tend towards construction equipment as a broad thematic, but it's as-yet unclear if that's simply where her comfort zone is or if it's a harder limit.

Her default go-to is a pile bunker for concentrated strikes, doubling down on the natural strength granted by her quirk by concentrating every iota of force into a single sharpened point, but anything from a jackhammer to a drill to a hammer and chisel combo could come out depending on the situation.

What are you looking forward to do in the game?

Fight crime when we're not supposed to, learn to fight crime, be messy students, and maybe get sucked into matters way beyond our pay grade. But, most especially, I'm kind of interested in digging more into the slobs vs snobs thing that's being established between Hero Essentials and the big names. UA, certainly, but any of them would be a lot of fun. Also, definitely looking at chances for people to get impressed with the tenacity and grit we show, even if the students are a mess otherwise.


Name: Shinobu Toha
Hero Name: Raze
Quirk: Multi-Tool ó Shinobu can freely reconfigure her arms into a variety of loosely construction themed forms.

Physical d10
Mental d6
Social d8

Duty d4
Friendship d8
Glory d8
Justice d6
Power d10

"I'm not going to let anyone stand in my way!" d8
"Collateral damage? C'mon, that's just how heroes do things!" d8
"I'm not short! ...My power's just concentrated." d8
    SFX: Hinder. Gain a PP when you switch out this distinction's d8 for a d4.
Quirk - Multi-Tool:
Construction Arms d10
    SFX: Always got the right tool for the job! Spend a PP to generate a d8 Asset for the scene.
    SFX: I'm gonna blast through anything in my way! Step up or double a Multi-Tool power against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die from your pool and add three dice together for your total.
    Limit: Finesse? Who needs that? Both 1s and 2s count as hitches when using a Multi-Tool power.
Master Combat d10
Expert Menace d8
Expert Crime d8

Ridiculous Power, Ridiculous Lack of Control
1XP...when you make excuses for or brush off your lack of control.
3XP...when Finesse? Who needs that? is activated to create a complication.
10XP...when you either acknowledge the need for control and remove the Finesse? Who needs that? limit with further training, or gain lasting notoriety as a loose cannon.

Those UA Jerks Are Gonna Rue The Day
1XP...when you talk about your grudge against UA.
3XP...when your need to prove yourself causes a situation to escalate
10XP...when you either earn the right to transfer to UA and give up your grudge, or when you settle it by showing the world you're better than one of their rising stars.
Art source:

Jun 9, 2010

Putting this out now to A. get feedback on a whole lot of homebrew and B. bug me into finishing it later.

Sadie Williams

Sadie Williams, the daughter of America and German diplomatic personnel, has had an interesting life in Japan. Her appearance is unusual, and her speech is accented, which got her . . . not bullying, really, but she was always the odd one out as a little kid. Less isolation than unconventionality, she managed to forge her own identity, and meet her classmates as she was - not trying to pretend to be a native. It's been something of a tumultuous life, which matches her quirk quite well - as a situation becomes tense in one way or another, she can release that with bruises, private moments, et cetera. Physical training similarly can be extremely grueling with no harm done that can't be solved with a bowl of ice cream and a cuddle from Dad.

What am I looking forward to?

Getting an idea of how well this quirk works, a dose of non-vigilante superhero justice, conflict resolution that isn't just punching people.


Name: Sadie Williams
Hero name: Rebound
Quirk: Reactive-Adaptive Physiology. Rebound is uniquely able to control her body's stresses, and can channel them into unconventional attacks.

Physical: d6
Mental: d8
Social: d10


Duty: d10
Friends: d8
Glory: d6
Justice: d8
Power: d4

Stranger in a Strange Land
I Can Take Anything For Ten Seconds
A Sunny Spirit Tames The Greatest Storm

Reactive-Adaptive Physiology
Shapeshifting d8
SFX: I Get Knocked Down. When receiving stress of one type, you may redirect it to either other type.
SFX: My Weakness is Strong. You may add all stress to any roll. An empty stress die defaults to d6.
SFX: Getting Ground Down. Gain 1 PP and increment any stress meter.
SFX: Pulling Your Punch. You may step down a stress meter and your effect die when attacking.
SFX: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. When creating an asset or complication, use a team-mate's specialty or reroll any 1s. If the asset or complication is available only to team-mates, both boons apply.
Limit: Mercurial Biology. Roll Shapeshifting at 1d4 if total stress is above 28.
Limit: Overworked. While stressed out, asleep, or unconscious, shut down Physiology. Recover Physiology when you recover that stress or wake up. If you take mental trauma, shutdown Physiology until you recover that trauma.

Expert Acrobatic d8
Expert Hope d8
Expert Psych d8


I Heart Japan
1 XP when you express fondness for Japan (verbally or in apparel) or actively participate in Japanese culture.
3 XP when you successfully protect or defend a part of the country, or save a Japanese landmark.
10 XP when you become a registered Japanese hero, or head for greener pastures.

Heroes Do More Than Punch
1 XP when you first take stress in a scene.
3 XP when you solve, or help solve, a problem without throwing a punch.
10 XP when you use nonviolent methods to defeat a major villain, or publicly assault one unprovoked.

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Nov 18, 2009

Kiyoshi Takahashi

Shortly after his Quirk manifested his parents noticed that whenever he used it at its most powerful he would become extremely exhausted, so they drove it into his head that he should not do that until he had built up his endurance, from that day onward Kiyoshi spent many hours building up his stamina so that he wouldn't fall over from overexertion when he used his Quirk. Once he was old enough he applied to UA and Shiketsu, and though he was able to pass the written portion of the entrance exam he was unable to pass the practical part as his Quirk did unacceptable damage to the test areas they had, and they were loath to spending money on reinforcing walls to prevent his shots from going out into the community. Any other school he applied to would reject him once they learnt this until the only choice left to him was Hero Essentials.

What am I looking forward to?

Finding a way to regulate my Quirk at it's strongest without getting exhausted


Name: Kiyoshi Takahashi
Hero Name: Bulletlance
Quirk: Railgun. can use magnetism to launch small ferrous items at others.

Physical: d10
Mental: d8
Social: d6


Duty: d6
Friends: d4
Glory: d8
Justice: d8
Power: d10

Not A Morning Person
SFX: Hinder. Gain a PP when you switch out this distinctionís d8 for a d4.
SFX: Hinder. Gain a PP when you switch out this distinctionís d8 for a d4.
Precise Detruction
SFX: Hinder. Gain a PP when you switch out this distinctionís d8 for a d4.

Apex Sniper d10
SFX: Stay There. Add a d6 and step up your effect die by one when inflicting Pinned complication on a target.
SFX: Overcharge. Step up or double any Railgun power for one roll. If the roll fails, you gain a complication equal in size to your power die.
Limit: Exhausted. Shut down any Railgun power to gain a PP. Activate an opportunity to restore the power.

Master Combat d10
Expert Medical d8
Expert Herofan d8


My Quirk is Too Powerful
1 XP when you make excuses for losing control of your Quirk.
3 XP when Exhausted is activated to create a complication.
10 XP when you either acknowledge the need for control and remove the Exhausted limit with further training, or damage your body permanently.

This is Why I'm A Hero
1 XP when you first take stress in a scene.
3 XP when you protect someone.
10 XP when you use your power in a clever way to defeat a major villain, or fail to save someone using your power.

May 27, 2013

Yet where is that woman now? Tell me, in what heave does she reside? None of them. Because no God bothered to listen or care. If that is what you think it means to be a God, then you and all your teachings are welcome to do as that poor women did. And vanish from these realms forever.

Recruitment ends tonight

May 27, 2013

Yet where is that woman now? Tell me, in what heave does she reside? None of them. Because no God bothered to listen or care. If that is what you think it means to be a God, then you and all your teachings are welcome to do as that poor women did. And vanish from these realms forever.

Well, everyone kind of gets in by default. I'm gonna let Citizen Keen still apply because he contacted me on Discord a week ago to apply and it slipped his mind. I reminded him last night and today and he said his app would be up later today.

Nov 13, 2003

easygoing pedant

Name: IchirŰ Umewaka
Hero Name: Cargo
Quirk: Hammerspace - Ichiro (I'm going to write Ichiro because English keyboards are hard) has access to a void where he can store and retrieve anything. Things have a tendency to disappear around him as he shoves things behind his back into hammerspace that he thinks might be useful later.

Physical: d6
Mental: d8
Social: d10

Duty: d8
Friendship: d10
Glory: d4
Justice: d8
Power: d6

Big, Fun, Lovable Fat Guy
Prepared for Anything
Always Looking Around

Quirk - Hammerspace
- Mimic d10

SFX: I'll Take That. On a successful reaction against a gear/thrown action, convert your opponentís effect die into a Hammerspace asset or step up a Hammerspace power until used in an action. If your opponentís action succeeds, spend 1 PP to use this SFX.
SFX: Explosives. Against multiple targets, for every additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die. For each complication you create using your effect dice, step up that effect die and add d6 to the doom pool.
SFX: Quick Fix. When one of your opportunities is activated to add a d6 to the doom pool, replace it with a d4. Spend 1 PP to do this to an existing d6 in the doom pool.
Limit: Free Hands (cannot use when bound or restrained). Shut down Hammerspace to get a [PP]. Test to restore.

Expert Covert d8
Expert Hope d8
Expert Science d8

I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa
1XP...when you name another character who has a crush on you, or reference some wild* times you had
3XP...when you help another character recover social or reputational stress, or recover your own social or reputational stress by flirting, partying, or socializing.
10XP...when you go steady with a romantic partner or break off a relationship to maintain your independence.

Missed Opportunity
1XP...when you remind somebody of the importance of integrity and kindness
3XP...when you make an outsider feel special, or help another student do the same
10XP...when you help a fellow student make the school a better place through an act of kindness or convince a villain to turn over a new leaf as a hero

* Cribbing this from She-Hulk, but mindful I'm in a high school game.

Ichiro had it all going for him. He was the king of [8th grade?]. Easily the most popular kid in [pre UA prep school], Ichiro was going places. Maybe he wasn't always kind, maybe he was as popular as he was because he was a bit of a tease (plus, his quirk allowed him all kinds of practical jokes and contraband), but he was the darling of his school.

Until he stole a little too much. The laptop looked like just another laptop, but it belonged to the school's liaison with [SHIELD equivalent?]. And it was fitted with a quantum tracker, which means that, much to the headmaster's delight, they could prove Ichiro took it. Ichiro was kicked out of school, disgraced, his future in shambles.

He's here at Essentials. He's actually pretty sanguine about it. He's humbler now, and kinder. He knows what it's like to have everything taken from you because of your own actions. He knows his quirk will likely land him in the private sector, not as a hero, but that doesn't mean he can't make the world a better place.

What I Want To Do
I'm curious how non-action scenes play out. I'm excited for high school drama and shenanigans, for the problems that crop up during "downtime". School dances and sports and final exams.

CitizenKeen fucked around with this message at 23:47 on Dec 5, 2020


May 27, 2013

Yet where is that woman now? Tell me, in what heave does she reside? None of them. Because no God bothered to listen or care. If that is what you think it means to be a God, then you and all your teachings are welcome to do as that poor women did. And vanish from these realms forever.

Alright, sorry about the endless delays. Work got a little intense. It's a long story, but basically someone in one of our offices just ran off and our office had to take up the slack. We are finally back in control of that situation. And I'm about to start by last vacation of the year.

So, the game is up at this address:

Sorry about the real life bullshit.

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