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Some Guy From NY
Dec 11, 2007

Grew up in NYC, now live in eastern PA.

Get a GOOD snow shovel. Don't get the cheapest one.

If you have a lot of property/sidewalk/big driveway, invest in a snow blower. minimum 2 stage. You will not regret this.

buy a few pairs of gloves/hats/scarves/boots. They will get wet and take awhile to dry so it is great to have a second pair ready to go.

Dress in layers.

For your car, if you can, get remote start. Get a good ice scraper, but also get a SnoBrum. google it.

If you have significant snowfall (5+ inches IMO) Avoid driving if possible for at least 24 hrs after the snow ends. It lets the snowplows do their work and lets all the idiots that crashed be cleared.

I have never used snow tires, but they are supposedly great. However, even snow tires won't work on ice. Look up youtube videos on how to save yourself if you start skidding on ice.

Learn about your house's heating system and get it inspected, at least for the first time.

If you go on vacation during winter LEAVE YOUR HEAT ON (if it's electric). You pipes will freeze if your house is not heated. Or as others have said, learn how to shut off your main water supply. You then have to drain your faucets and shower/tub heads. For good measure, you can also buy RV antifreeze (walmart sells it, a few dollars per gallon) and pour some in your toilet bowl, toilet tank, and down your tub/shower drains and your sink drains. This is completely safe to do and will prevent the water in the traps from freezing.

Buy a lot of batteries and flashlights or those battery powered lanterns. You may lose power.

Go out a few days before snow is predicted and stock up on food. Do NOT go the day before or the day of. Buy food that doesn't need to be heated, there is the risk of losing power FOR DAYS.

Good luck to you! you are going to hate life going from Florida to PA.


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