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Aug 15, 2008


His Divine Shadow posted:

Get a house with a high roof angle and preferrably sheet metal. SNow will just slide off.

I also note that some people think winter tyres are not needed, in Finland they are mandatory and I wouldn't be without them.

And nobody has mentioned block heaters for cars, aren't they a thing in the US. Good for the motor.

I feel like they're more popular in the northern midwest/up by Canada (and in Canada, obviously). In New York (just north of Pennsylvania) I've only ever really seen them in like, the options list in car brochures.

You can get away with not having snow tires if you have decent (and not bald) all-seasons, generally. If you're running summer tires in Fl, then definitely get snow tires. Like someone said, they're not just for "snow," they're made to provide proper grip when it's below 45 or so, which is quite welcome.

The number one best snow driving tip I can give you is this: change speed or change direction. Only do one at a time (because you more or less can only do one at a time). Tip number 2 is, "if you can't get moving, try second gear."

Depending on how your house is set up, your "furnace" might just be your water heater, which I assume you're familiar with.

Shoveling sucks, but if you need to actually go somewhere, you're gonna have to deal with it. Doubly so if you park on the street and the goddamn plow has boxed your car in. There's a very real risk that leaving all the piled up snow they've encased your car in will result in it becoming ice, which is far worse to try and dig out.

Also, long johns. Buy some drat long johns and don't be afraid to put them on. Even if your neighbors are wandering around in goddamn shorts and sandals, suck it up and dress so you're warm. If you're going to be outside for longer than the time it takes to grab the newspaper or smoke a cigarette or whatever, pay attention to the weather, and particularly the windchill. It doesn't matter if it's 40 out if there's a 20mph wind and it feels like 20. Being cold is goddamn miserable, and after a few weeks you'll probably manage to sort out how to dress properly. This goes double if you're not used to the climate.


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