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Mar 30, 2005

I may have missed it and nobody seems to have asked: What part of Pennsylvania?

Get a parka, a heavier weight set of jeans, 1 pair of winter boots (Merrell Moab waterproofs can work all year round) and some long sleeve shirts/hooded sweatshirts. Fit the parka with the mentality that you're going to be wearing it over a heavier underlayer like a sweatshirt/sweater, so one size up (usually, depending on fit).

Check your vehicle. If you've been using bare water for washer fluid (because you're a dunce), get that stuff mixed with legit all season fluid immediately (blue or orange bottle, sold at every gas station). Change the oil just in case. Make sure your coolant is proper and doesn't need any changes as directed by the OEM. You do not need winter tires for Pennsylvania (unless you're going rural, but even that's marginal), but you should get a set of durable all season's. Do not cheap out on this. Go with a Major brand: Goodyear, Firestone, Yokohama, Michelin, Cooper or Continental.

Seriously: I lived in Florida for a decade, i know how poo poo people are about their tires down there. If there are more than 15K miles on those tires and you do not get them rotated every 5K and the alignment done every 15K, get a new set of all seasons.

Seriously: DO NOT BUY poo poo rear end NO NAME TIRES. They will be hard as rocks whenever the temp drops below 40.

Driving on snow is more like boating than driving. You can't really get good at this until you've done it a few times. There's no use in trying to instruct you. One tip though: Be deliberate. One other tip: Anything 'sudden' is not your friend. No sudden turns, no sudden braking, no sudden acceleration. Deliberate and careful. If you are forced to do anything sudden, you are either not being deliberate or someone/thing else on the road is out of control and you're about to get roped into it.

The furnace heats your house. Without any indications on how you're living (rent, own, house, apt, teepee), can't give any more info than that. There are different types. Some take natty gas, some are heating oil and some are electric.

If you own the place you'll be living, you need to shovel your walks including sidewalk, if there is one. If you're renting, that's going to be on the landlord. Keep a jug of ice melt on hand to help with this. Shoveling half way through an event can make cleanup later easier, FYI.

Yeah, you'll be fine.

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