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May 19, 2021



May 19, 2021

What have I gotten myself into now? I think to myself as I run through the alien jungle, trying my best to not trip over branches and dodging the trees. I look for the device that is transmitting my current location to my fellow soldiers, I find it and begin taking it off my suit. After a few clicks and beeps, it’s off, but I can see the ship hovering over me and it’s looking like it’s about to land.

I have to find a way to get rid of it, or better yet it could be my ticket off this planet. That might just work, the hard part is the actual hijacking of it of course.

I’ll suppose I will just have to make do.

“It says that he’s over here, where is he hiding?” The soldier says over the radio as I look over from the bushes. The soldier looks at his handheld tracker device and steps forwards, straight into my trap,

His body is torn apart as the explosion rips right through him, making him into a thin red paste. These mines that they issued to us pack a punch.

I look over to see the pilot of the ship leaving his ship.

“What the hell just happened!” He shouts as he looks at the strewn remains of his former friend. I put the barrel of my gun up to his head and I have my finger on the trigger.

“Don’t move or I’ll put a bullet in your head,” I say to him.

“Alright man, I’ll do whatever you say,” He says with quavers in his voice.

“Good. Now walk towards the ship. I want you to fly me off of this rock and to the nearest space station that isn’t owned by the corps.”

“We can’t leave. They’ll shoot any ship that is unauthorized to leave off-planet out of the sky.”

“They aren’t that crazy to shoot on their own people are they?”

“You must have not been with corps that long. Most superiors care little about their soldiers, we’re just cannon fodder to them.” The pilot says. I hear from the distance the sound of a tracking party, they must have sent a group after the ship after they heard the explosion.

“I don’t believe you. You just are stalling for time so your friends can reach me while I’m distracted. Now get on the ship and fly or you’re dead.” I say with anger in my voice. No way I’m going to be tricked into staying on this hell-hole planet and being executed, or worse.

The pilot obliges me and gets into the ship, with I following not that much behind him holding a gun up to his back.

The ship’s interior is rather small and cramped. This type of model must only really be used for scouting missions or small runs.

The pilot gets into his seat, and I sit in the seat beside him.

“What’s the nearest space station?” I ask.

“That would be Oenias, plenty of bars and lowlife.” The pilot says.

“Are you implying that I’m some kind of scumbag?”

“No no, I’m just saying that it would be a good place to hide from the corps”

“Yeah, whatever. Get the ship started up and get me there as soon as possible.”

The Pilot begins flicking switches and turning knobs on his control panel, for all I know he could be hitting a distress button but I suppose that doesn’t matter considering that the corps already knows something is up.

The ship hums to life and begins slowly taking off the ground vertically. As it does so, I see at least five corpsmen outside the window, they raise their rifles and begin shooting at the ship, but most of their shots miss.

The ship was at least five hundred feet up in the air, getting ready to jump into faster than light speed. That is until the ship began taking fire.

I heard a loud crashing sound that comes from the rear of the ship. Guess the pilot was right, corps superiors really are bat-poo poo crazy.

“Warning, breach in hull detected. Advise evasive maneuvers,” The ships ai bleats out.

“We’re going down. I told you that they would shoot us down.” The pilot says with fear on his face as he frantically tries his best to get a hold of the situation.

“Shut up and focus on flying this thing. I’ll go to the rear of the ship and see if I can make some field repairs.” I say. As I take some tools and head to the back, I hear another loud crashing sound.

“Warning, critical failure imminent. Apply immediate repairs or enter your nearest escape pod.” The ai bleated out.

“This tin can doesn’t have an escape pod!” I say out loud in frustration. The back of the ship looked completely screwed, only barely being held together. There was no way were getting off-planet with this type of damage.

I head back to the cockpit, with the pilot still struggling to hold his cool.

“We’re going down! We have to brace for impact!” The pilot shouted out. I quickly got into a seat and buckled my seatbelt, I then assumed brace position, with the pilot doing likewise.

The ship crashed and I blacked out.

I wake up in a haze, fading in and out of consciousness. The ship is a wreck, and I look to my left to see the mangled corpse of the pilot, guess he wasn’t so lucky. I tried to unbuckle my seat belt and get up from my seat but I had very little strength left in me. Weariness takes me, and I lay back in my seat and close my eyes, blacking out.

A noise woke me from my slumber, someone or something tore into the ship. The corps? Or something worse?

I heard a pair of footsteps approaching my position, I was easy prey in my current injured state.

“Looks like we got a live one. Good thing we got him before the corps could,” One of the men called out as he shone a light on me. Let me guess, slavers.

“He doesn’t look too bad. Could fetch a good price in the market if we fix him up.” The other one said. Yup, slavers.

The one with the light spoke to me, “You awake buddy? Don’t worry, we’ll fix you up, but after that, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to sell you. Consider your enslavement the payment for us saving your life.” I used all my remaining strength to try to break free, but it was all for nothing. “You aren’t in the best of shape to walk out of here buddy. I suggest you do your best to cooperate or else you might not make it out of here.”

“I am not your buddy,” I say between my gritted teeth.

“That’s a real shame. Jake, hit him with a tranq. I want to make this easier for both of us.” One of the men injects a syringe into my arm. It makes me drowsy, and after a few seconds, I lose consciousness.

“He’s waking up. Someone call Alda,” A voice says as I wake up. I’m in a room now, sitting in a chair with my hands and feet restrained by rope. I feel better than I did right after the crash, but not by that much. I focus my attention on a door, the only way in and out of this room, no doubt closely being watched.

The door opens and a woman enters the room, she closes the door and approaches me, which allows me to get a closer look at her.

She looks to be in her fifties, graying blond hair in the style of a bob. She has a nasty scar on her cheek, from a knife wound probably.

“Who are you?” Her voice is grating, it perfectly matches her appearance.

“Who’s asking?” She slaps me hard across the face. I begin to see bright spots and flashes.

“I will ask you once again, Who are you?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” Another slap goes across my face, this one is harder and makes my cheek bleed. drat, is this bitch’s hand made out of steel?

“You match the description of corps deserter. I could sell you back to them, the corps is real keen on punishing their deserters harshly.”

“So why don’t you? Why are asking who I am if you already know my identity?” I ask.

“What did they teach you at training?”

“I was trained as a sapper, corps thought me how to build and breach fortifications, how to lay and clear mines, that sort of stuff.”

“So you know how to build bombs then?” She asked with interest in her voice.

“Look if you’re going to send me back to corps, do it already.”

“I will be blunt with you Mr.Jackson, I want to recruit you into my gang.”

“Why would I want to join slaver scum?” The woman flinches at the insult but she quickly regains her stride.

“Because we pay well, you get looting rights, and you won’t get sent back to the corps.” The deal does sound tempting, especially the part where I don’t get sent back to the corps to be flogged for desertion.

“gently caress it, I’m in.”

“Wonderful, welcome to the team. Sergei! Cut him loose,” She yells out before promptly leaving the room.

As I wait for Sergei to free me, I wonder if I made the right choice. Did I just get drafted into another army, only with better pay and fewer rules? Then again, who says this deal is permanent? I will just have to bide my time and look for an opportunity to escape.

Sergei comes into the room and cuts away the ropes that were restraining me.

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021

The Night Howler
1103 words

There are rumors of a strange band of roving pirates. What is odd about them is that the entire crew is said to be made up of “Beastmen”; humanoids that resemble animals. Your group has heard from one of your contacts that their ship, The Night Howler, will be docking at a certain island to dig up their stashed treasure. An adventurous sort might be able to use this knowledge to their advantage.

The Sea Beasts:
The pirate crew of beastmen goes as follows.

Grayfeet-Captain of the crew. Resembles a grey wolf. Wields a cutlass and a custom flintlock pistol. No strengths but no weaknesses either. Has the key for the brig on his person.

Makreg-Firstmate and navigator of the ship. Resembles a golden eagle. Extremely fast and agile but also fragile.

Grimmouth-Boatswain, in charge of guard duty and unhooking the anchor. Resembles a great white shark. Can survive on land but he is much stronger when in water.

Dozzur-Crew Quartermaster. He keeps a record of treasure and provisions. Resembles a North American cougar. Hates getting wet like most cats. He has a key around his neck that will open the door leading into the cargo hold and ship stores.

Moguk-Ship Gunner. Resembles a bull. He wields a giant ax made out of scrap metal. Stupid and can be fooled easily.

The Night Howler:
Your traditional pirate ship. It uses sails made out of cotton canvas to travel through the sea. The ship areas and rooms consist of the main deck, crew quarters, captain’s quarters, ship stores and cargo hold, brig, and chemist quarters.

Ship defenses and defenders:
Makreg, Grimmouth, and Moguk are on sentry duty. The rest of the crew is inside the ship. Makreg will defend the ship by air; flying over the intruders and attacking them with his sharp claws and beak. Grimmouth will attack by sea. And Moguk will serve as fire support with the ship’s cannon.

Getting onboard the ship:
The Night Howler has ladders on its side that could be used to climb aboard. Your crew could also use a ship to board it directly but beware of cannon fire. Alternatively, you could sneakily swim to it. But Grimmmouth, the shark man, is guarding the waters.

Main deck:
The Ship has four cannons, two on starboard and two on portside. Moguk is manning one of the cannons. Once on the deck, you will see two doors. One leads to the crew quarters and captain’s cabin(Path one); the other door leads into the cargo hold but it is currently locked(Path two). Maybe you could break the door down or bait Dozzur out of the cargo hold? (I would recommend going through path one first and then path two to avoid backtracking.)

Crew quarters(Path one, Room A):
Inside, your party will see several bunks and lockers of the crew. Gold coins and valuables of the crew are scattered around haphazardly. Watch out for the captain’s exotic pet, a black mamba, which is prowling the room. If one of your PCs gets bit, they can find antivenom stashed around somewhere. There is also a door that leads into the captain’s quarters.

Captain’s Quarters(Path one, Room B):
The captain, Grayfeet, is currently holed up in his room. He will fire his flintlock on the first person that enters his room. He will use his cutlass once he fires his first shot. Once Grayfeet is dealt with, you can find a key to the brig on him. You can also find a map and a silver compass on his desk.

Ship stores and cargo hold(Path two, Room A):
This is where the Sea Beasts keep their treasure and provisions. Dozzur will attempt to spring an ambush on your party if you did not bait him out. Once Dozzur is dealt with, your party can examine its surroundings safely. They will find three barrels of food, a couple of powder horns, and a chest full of gold coins. Your party will also find a crank-powered freezer. Opening it will reveal four vials filled with unidentifiable liquids. Maybe someone or something can help you identify the vials? There are two doors in the cargo hold; one leads to the brig, and the other leads to the chemist quarters.

Brig (Path Two, Room B)
Two prisoners are being held in the brig. If both of them are rescued, one of them will give your party a golden ring as a reward.

Chemist Quarters(Path Two, Room C)
You can find an old, white-bearded man in this room. Upon speaking to him, he will tell you his story. His name is Kraus and the Sea Beasts have kept him captive for three years; forcing him to make mutagenic serum to be consumed by the crew(He won’t say how or why he knows how to make the serum). Kraus will refuse to make any more mutagenic serum but he will identify the strange vials found in the cargo hold if rescued.

A list of unique treasures that can found on the ship. This list does not include gold, gunpowder, and other generic treasure.

Grayfeet’s custom flintlock pistol-The grip has a design ingrained into it depicting a stag. Otherwise, it’s an ordinary one-shot flintlock pistol. Obtained by getting it off Grayfeet.

Moguk’s scrap ax-An ax made out of scrap. Mostly worthless. Moguk can be found welding it.

Silver compass-Could be used for navigation or sold. Found on the captain’s desk in his quarters.

Gold ring-A family heirloom of the rescued prisoner. Receive it by rescuing him and his friend in the ship’s brig.

Map-It shows the surrounding area and islands. Might be useful. Found on the captain’s desk in his quarters.

Strange Vials-Vials with unidentifiable liquids in them. Drinking them will result in strange effects on the body. The vials and their effects can be identified by Kraus. If identified, they will go as follows.

Grey vial-Canis lupus: If ingested, the character will receive a random mutation based on the wolf species. These can include night vision, fur, fangs, etc. (The mutation doesn’t have to be purely positive)

Orange vial-Felidae: If ingested, the character will receive a random mutation based on the cat species. These can include claws, night vision, etc.

Blue vial-Selachimorpha: If ingested, the character will receive a random mutation based on the shark species. These can include gills, scales, shark teeth, etc.

Clear vial-Purifier: If ingested, the character will remove a random mutation.

Note: The vials will not survive long outside of a cold environment.


Mutagen Serums-Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021

Ice Age
Word count-578

The decrypt city is blanketed in snow; a sprawling relic of a bygone era. There is no life here, at least none that I can see.

I look inside my backpack. The canned goods that I scavenged are there. My tribe will be pleased. There is still one thing that I am missing, but that certain object is not for the tribe. It is for my eyes only.

I make my way back to the camp, but I take a detour. A short, red-bricked building still stands. The sign for the building is covered in snow, so I brush it off. It reads Indianapolis Public Library-Southport Branch. Just where the map said it would be.

I enter the dilapidated building through a hole in the wall. Ruined books are scattered around on the floor. I look through the few shelves that are still standing. Some of the books are still in good or decent condition. One particular book catches my eye. The heritage of the desert by Zane Grey, the spine reads. I grab the book and open it, to check if the words are still legible. They are, so I put the book in my backpack.

I head south, out into the outskirts of the abandoned city.

Our tribe is currently camped by Wildwood Lake. There are around five dozen of us in total. We scavenge and live off the land; with what meager offerings the frozen earth does give us. By the lake, numerous tents are set up to house us. I walk to my tent first.

My tent is rather small, with only a bedroll and a small fire to keep me warm. I dig into my backpack and take out my book. I look at it for a second before I stuff it inside my bedroll.

“You know Chief Elijah will kill you if he finds out you are reading books,” A voice states. I jump and turn around to see Ava, my girlfriend.

“Quit sneaking up on me like that,” I say.

“The Cooling was man’s punishment for worshiping machines,” She mimics the chief’s voice, “tomes of the old-world corrupted the past generations.”

“That’s a load of bullshit. I bet Elijah can’t even read.”

“Seriously though, I don’t want you to get hurt. What’s in those books that are worth dying for anyways?” I grab my book from the bedroll and show it to her.

“It’s called The heritage of the desert by Zane Grey. Do you know what a hot desert is? It’s a place where the sun shines and it’s warm every day. Where you don’t have to worry about frostbite or hypothermia.”

“Aren’t you too old to be chasing tales and legends?”

“Says the one who believes in the Yeti,” I retort.

“I saw it while relieving myself. Or It might have been Tim perving at me. My point still stands.”

“Look, this isn’t a fairy tale. I saw a postcard of a place in a desert. Mexico ti was called. It is to the south of us.”

“Jake, this is our tribe. Even if this place does exist—It’s probably covered in ice like the rest of the planet. Be realistic, Jake.”

I sigh, “I just want the best for both of us.”

“I know,” Ava points at my backpack, “You might want to get those goods to Duncan before he gets suspicious.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that.” I grab my backpack and leave my tent.

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021


Ironic Twist posted:

you should probably pick a song, asap

save your tears-the weeknd

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021


Red in tooth and claw
944 words

The day of awakening started like any other day. People went to work, the birds chirped, and a comet passed by Earth. Well, almost like any other day.

The comet released a gas that awakened the psychic power of every animal on earth. Naturally, humans benefited most from this. Telekinesis, telepathy, and other powers were added to humanity’s toolbelt.

However, they soon realized that their newfound powers were too great. Wars of untold magnitude were waged by mankind’s newest weapon. Humanity was on the brink of extinction.

With only a few pockets of humans spread throughout the world; a new animal took the mantle as the dominant species. An animal known for its intelligence; Its viciousness; Its cuteness?

Delphinus. The common dolphin took the helm as the dominant species of planet Earth.

Azul and Kos hovered over the ruins of a once-great human city. Their smooth, rubbery gray skin glistened in the scorching California sun as they scanned the area.

“Proctor Kos, what exactly are we looking for?” Azul telepathized to Kos.

“Student Azul, patience. We will find what we are looking for,” Kos replied. Something rustled in the distance. “In fact, much sooner than I expected.” Kos went near where he saw the rustling, while Azul followed behind.

A scream was let out. A human was lifted in the air by an invisible force. He writhed and screamed in agony. Azul knew that Kos was using telekinesis to torture the poor man. Kos giggled as he twisted the man’s limbs like a marionette.

“Proctor Kos, what is the point of this?” Azul asked.

“Student Azul, we must not show any mercy to humans. I want you to kill this vermin,” Kos said. Azul hesitated as he watched the man suffer. “Do not tell me you are a human sympathizer.” Kos then made the man’s head explode; blood and chunks of head splattered across the decaying sidewalk. Azul had thoughts of horror and revulsion which Kos could sense.

Kos’s beady eyes fixed themselves on Azul, “Student Azul, do you believe in our creeds?” Kos inquired.

“Proctor Kos, of course!” Azul responded.

“Then why did you not follow my order?” Azul said nothing. “I do not want to take you to the mind readers. Breaking the mind of someone so promising would be a shame.” Azul sensed otherwise.

“Proctor Kos, I just think we are being too hard on humans,” Azul said.

“It is typical for young dolphins to feel hesitation. That is why I took you on this expedition; to test your loyalty to the creeds. Recite the first and paramount creed,” Kos commanded.

“Exterminate humans.” It was a rule ingrained into all dolphins at a young age.

“Execution would typically follow for those who disobey this creed. I am a forgiving dolphin, however. After all, you still have much to learn. So I will teach you why we are so ‘hard’ on humans. Come, I will show you a relic of humans that will ease your mind.” Kos went west towards the pacific ocean. Azul once again followed him.

Kos led him towards a large structure set next to the ocean. It looked to Azul as some kind of park or attraction that the humans had built. OceanWorld San Diego, a stylized sign read. Azul gazed at the dilapidated and rusted remains as they went deeper into the park. Kos stopped when they were in the middle of an auditorium. The stage—which was a very large pool, was dried up by the sun long ago.

“Student Azul, this is where they kept our kind. Humans made us perform and do tricks for their amusement,” Kos said.

“Proctor Kos, I’ve heard tales of places like these told by the other dolphins. They kept all kinds of animals here. Orcas, walruses, bottlenose dol-”

“Silence! Recite creed twenty-three!”

“Do not steal dried fish from your fellow dolphin?” Azul said with a hint of confusion.

“No, that is creed twenty. Creed twenty-three states that long-beaked dolphins must never speak of the bottlenosed traitors. But enough of them. The point is that humans deserve to be destroyed. They treated us like tools.”

“How do you know so much about what happened here?” Azul thought that Kos knew more than he was letting on.

“Because I was one of the dolphins that performed here.”

“Were you happy?”

“I was at first, but that was because I knew nothing outside of here. Of the ocean, or freedom. We knew when the wars came that it was our chance at escape.”

“Did you kill anyone while escaping?”

“No, I did not. I did not hate humans until I felt true freedom, and heard the teachings of our Alliance leader Lemnos. After I saw what they did to the planet and the wildlife. I decided to return here and kill every last of the humans. All of their best warriors were gone, and so they did not stand a chance.”

“Didn’t you know some of the humans? They can’t be all bad?”

“Yes, I did know some of them, but they were nothing to me,” Kos stopped projecting his thoughts for a moment, “although there was this one human. Kira, she would always give me extra fish and playtime. I was her favorite I think.”

“Did you kill her too?” Kos said nothing for a few moments.

“Let’s get back to base. And I want to see you studying the creeds again. It is shameful for a dolphin to get their creeds mixed up.” Kos hovered away with Azul following him. As he did so, he felt a scrap of empathy coming from Kos.

May 19, 2021

In, cat.

May 19, 2021

Flash Rule:

The Curse
473 words

“I’m going to turn into a werewolf!” Ulrich proclaimed. A few fellow bar patrons glanced at him before going back to their business.

“Relax, what old crone doesn’t claim to be able to cast spells or curses?” his friend said before taking a sip from his mug. The tavern they sat in was grubby and dirty, but it was the only one in the village.

“I’m serious, Sven. She chanted something strange and then told me that I would turn into a beast on a full moon.”

Sven nearly spit out his ale, “That’s tonight! How did you get in trouble with the crone anyways?”

“One of my traps accidentally killed her cat. drat that animal; it wasn’t my fault it was curious!”

“Okay, let’s say that the crone did curse you—what do we gotta do? Are we going to look for the crone?”

Ulrich looked from side to side, “There is no time! I have to restrain myself before I slaughter the whole village. I can already feel the changes.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll help you. Let’s get to your cottage and see what we can do.”

The chains and shackles restrained Ulrich to the cottage wall. Furniture and wooden planks barred the windows and doors—there was no way he could escape, not in his current form.

“Ulrich! Are you alright in there?” Sven shouted from outside the cottage.

Ulrich grumbled and muttered under his breath incoherent sentences. Sweat accumulated on his brow despite the cool, fall weather. “Not so bad—If I ignore that I will become a werewolf in a few minutes!” Ulrich shouted back.

“There is no need to be so clever. I’m here to help. Remember that,” Sven said.

Ulrich began to feel a strange sensation surging throughout his body as if some kind of spirit or beast was inside him. Then came the changes.

At first, they were gradual. Fur sprouted on Ulrich’s legs and arms. It was coarse and black in color. Ulrich stared at his fur in astonishment as he realized that it was proof that the curse was real.
He grew silver whiskers on his cheeks. His mouth and jaw elongated as fur engulfed his face.

Urich stared in horror as his hands and feet morphed into paws. His nails turned into claws.

Lastly, he started shrinking in size. His bones cracked and shifted as he became smaller; much smaller than a werewolf. That was the last thought that coursed through Ulrich’s mind before he lost consciousness.

A cat squeezed through the boarded-up window of Ulrich’s cottage—out onto the outside. Sven’s eyes widened as he stared at the cat. An elderly woman appeared, and the cat sauntered towards her as she let out a cackle.

Ulrich assumed that the crone’s curse would turn him into a werewolf. He assumed wrong.

May 19, 2021

In, and word.

May 19, 2021


Pizza! +300 words
Thranguy will give you a Grievance from the Declaration of Independence

May 19, 2021

Ice Cream (+400 words): Thranguy will give you a Grievance from the Declaration of Independence.

"For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences:"

Offense Or Offence?
936 words

“This sucks,” Lee said as he stared out into space. He swore that the tax collector was taking too much. One snide remark later, and he had been tossed on a ship to the nearest “Civilized” planet for trial. The problem was that at the ship’s current speed, it would take ten years to arrive.

A knock on his door broke Lee away from his thoughts.

“Yo, is anybody still living here?” a man said. Jerry was a lanky middle-aged man. He wore a grey duster almost every day, along with a pair of goggles that rested on his forehead(which Lee had never Jerry use in all five years of living with him).

“Smartass,” Lee said without looking away from the window.

“Holy Jesus, Lee. Aren’t you going to celebrate your birthday?” Jerry said.

“Why start now?”

“Well, maybe because ol’ Jonah decided to cook you a cake. I guess it’s more of a pie than a cake, but he tried his best with what he had.”

“I’m still not going.”

“Look, consider going to this a favor to me. Remember when I fixed that hologram of yours? The one that dances.”

Lee’s skin flushed red, “You promised that you wouldn’t speak of that! Alright, if it means so much to you, I’ll go.”

The ship’s hallways gleamed from cleanliness. Lee was glad that the ship cleaned itself, and he imagined the other prisoners thought so as well.

The mess hall was the largest room on the ship. Still, it wasn’t that roomy. It only had one table and four chairs. Two of the chairs were already occupied by a couple of men.

Calvin was in his early twenties. He wore wire-framed glasses and a button-top dress shirt. He was staring at his holo-reader; Lee guessed he was reading Macbeth or some other allowed reading material.

The other man, Jonah, was the oldest in the group. He had long graying hair along with a beard that reached down to his navel. Jonah was a priest as well as the ship’s occasional chef. Lee truly believed that the priest had the power of God on his side. After all, It was a continuous miracle that none of Jonah’s facial hair ever found its way onto the food that he prepared.

In the middle of the table sat what looked to Lee, the bastard offspring between a chocolate cake and apple pie, with a little lit candle smackdab in the middle for good measure.

“So this is the famous cake everybody’s been talking about?” Lee said in a dry tone.

“Happy birthday, son! It’s been praying for you, and it’s great to see you out here instead of being locked up in your room all day,” Jonah said.

Calvin finally looked up from his holo-reader, “Happy birthday. Jo made that monstrosity that you see there out of leftovers.”

“It is not a monstrosity! It’s a new dish. I call it the pie cake.”

Jerry spoke, “Alright, Lee. Why don’t you make a wish and blow out the candle?”

“Yeah, then everyone can dig into my new creation!”

“You better wish for a new tv or something,” Jerry said.

“It’s not like this wish will come true,” Lee said sardonically. The flame flickered in and out of existence as Lee half-heartedly blew.

“Come on, son. You got to do better than that!” Lee gave Jonah a sidelong glance before continuing.

The candle went out with a cheer from the group. Lee stood stoic.

Jerry approached the pie-thing with a knife, “Finally, we can eat,” he said while cutting himself a slice.

Jonah spoke while eating a slice of his cake, “Did you I ever tell you how I got on this ship?”

“Yes, you told us twelve times already,” Calvin said while poking at his slice of cake.

“Lee hasn’t heard it yet. Have you, Lee?” Jerry said.

“No,” Lee said.

Calvin groaned as Jonah continued his story, “I was seventy-five, back then. A pregnant woman had come to my church. She said them imperial agents kicked her out of her house on account of them having suspicions that the lady had housed rebels at one point. She swore to god that those accusations were untrue. I thought that was not right, so I decided to speak to those agents. Next thing I know, I’m on this ship charged with contempt.”

“So, what’s the point of your story?” Lee asked.

“No point. Just passing time is all.”

Calvin spoke up, “I know the point of the story. The empire wants to send all the troublemakers on a long journey in the hopes we end dying of old age. Why do you think they sent us without any cryogenic pods?”

Jerry spoke next, “Hogwash, Empire didn’t send us with any cryos’ because they’re too cheap and incompetent.”

“Careful, Son. The captain might be hearing, and he might not like us talking bad about his Empire.”

“gently caress it, I’m already in this bitch. And I doubt the cap’n and the Empire are on good terms considering they assigned him to guard us.”

Lee got up and began walking to his room.

“You aren’t going to grab a slice, son?”

“No, I’m good.”

Calvin went after him, “Hey, hold up.” Lee turned around. “Listen, the boys and I are planning to play cards tomorrow. I don’t suppose you would mind joining us?”

Lee was about to decline the offer but then thought about it more. Sure it was miserable on this ship. But it was probably preferable to be miserable in company than miserable alone.


May 19, 2021

In, give me a photo.

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021

New Kid
Word count 958

There was something strange about the new kid. Kevin came out of nowhere; Arriving during the fall.

He wore coke-bottle glasses that magnified his eyes enough to make them seem like they were bulging out. And his clothes always seem to be falling apart, even though they didn’t look that old.

But what was really weird was what he did. He would never talk. Most kids and even some of the teachers thought he was mute, but most thought he was just shy.

Naturally, he was a target of the school bullies.

“Why don’t you talk?” Marc, the head bully, asked. However, it was more of a demand than a question.” Kevin sat there silent and stared straight ahead as if he hadn’t even noticed Marc. “I know you heard me, retard.”

“Maybe he’s deaf and mute?” Sam, a lackey of Marc, said with a sneer.

“Yeah? Well, lemme do something that I know he’ll understand.” Marc pushed Kevin off his chair. He fell with a thud. But Kevin did not react. He simply laid on the floor with a blank expression.

Marc looked at his hands to see them lightly covered with some kind of strange goo or slime. He grunted in disgust and wiped the slime onto the table.

“Here, let me get your glasses,” Sam said before he stomped on them, “oops.”

Erek, the third and final member of the gang, looked over his shoulder with a nervous expression. “Guys, I think a teacher is coming.”

Mrs. Whitehall glared at us, “What do you boys think you’re doing?”

“Kevin fell, and we were helping him up. I swear!” Marc said.

“I saw you push Kevin,” she pointed at Sam, “And I saw you break his glasses. All three of you to the principal’s office right now!”

The bullies walked towards the office while Mrs.Whitehall lifted Keving up.

Principal Walker stared at the four boys closely. “As I understand it, you three boys were bullying this young man?”

The three boys looked down at their feet, as to avoid meeting the principal’s eyes.

“That was not a rhetorical question.”

Marc sounded off in a bragging manner, “Yeah, we did, but it’s his fault for acting weird. Nobody stood up for him either.”

“Marc, Sunnyview is a place that welcomes everybody, regardless of their quirks. I would like all three of you to apologize to Kevin.”

“I apologize,” Marc said.

“Sorry,” Erek said.

Sam apologized last.

“Alright, now everybody, return to your classes,” Marc got up with a snide smile, “But don’t think your parents won’t hear about this incident.” Marc’s smile disappeared.


The bullies walked home from school. They laughed and jeered while taking their favorite shortcut. A path through the woods.

In the distance, Marc spotted something familiar. “Hey, you guys seeing this?”

Sam squinted his eyes, “That’s Kevin!”

“What’s he doing here?” Erek said.

“I don’t know, but I think it’s a perfect time for payback,” Marc said as he jogged towards Kevin.

“I don’t know, man. This seems kind of weird,” Erek said.

“Come on!” Sam said as he jogged after Marc. Erek sighed and followed.

The three boys followed Kevin’s trail but soon lost track and sight of him.

“poo poo, where did that little tard go?!” Marc shouted.

“I dunno,” Sam said.

“Hey, see that?” Erek pointed to something.

“What the gently caress?” Marc said as the three boys stared at the corpse of a squirrel. Its lower half was completely missing as if corroded or melted away. Sam grabbed a stick and poked it. The stick sizzled as if being burnt. “poo poo, Kevin’s more hosed up than us. And the principal forced us to apologize to that maniac.”

“We should get out of here,” Erek said.

“Forget it, I’m gonna teach this creep a lesson,”

“Are you crazy? Did you see what he did to that squirrel I ain’t going!” Sam said.

“Me neither.”

“Fine, I’ll find him myself then,” Marc said before trampling off.

Sam and Erek stood still for a few moments.

“Should we go after him? What if he gets lost?” Erek said.

“I don’t know, man. Maybe we should wait until he cools off and then go after him.”

They heard a scream in the distance. Marc’s scream.

The boys looked at each other briefly before running after Marc.

They found him, or rather they found his corpse. His body looked like the squirrel’s, burnt and eaten away. He was missing an arm as well as part of his head, with his exposed brain jutting out of his skull.

Sam threw up, with Erek soon following after. Then, they spotted Kevin.

Kevin’s jaw and chin were ballooned to inhuman proportions. It jutted out like a tumor. They could see some sort of liquid sloshing around inside it and pushing against his skin.

Sam and Erek screamed as they ran. Kevin opened his mouth and hurled the liquid onto Sam. Sam scremed as the liquid ate away at him. He was soon reduced to bone.

Erek tripped on a branch. He laid sprawled on the dirt, prey to the thing that called itself Kevin.

Erek shaked as Kevin stared at him with the same blank expression that he showed at school. Until, Kevin’s face shifted into a mockery of a smile.


I still wonder why it left me alive. Did it do it as a cruel mercy? To have me watching my back every second of every hour for the rest of my life? I sit still in the night, wondering when it will come for me, if ever. All I can think about now is it’s smile. It’s jutting smile that will haunt my dreams and nightmares.

May 19, 2021

In. Happy birthday!

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021

I Remember
Word Count-512 words

I remember when you died.

I remember the weeping and shouting. Some in mourning and others with celebration.

I remember the fire and smoke. It choked and gagged me.

The drinking and partying that followed soon afterward.

They said that you died during battle. Wearing a bearskin and screaming at the top of your lungs. They said that you were a great warrior.

But I didn’t want a great warrior. I wanted a father.

You tried. You showed me how to wield an axe, how to sail, and even how to farm.

You also flogged me when I mixed up portside and starboard. You said a great leader never forgets, but some things deserve to be forgotten.

I forgot when showed me a village you raided.

You forgot when I threw up not soon afterward.

Our tribesmen thought me a weakling.

While they sailed in their longships and raided the English shores, I wrote in my leather-bound journal.

It felt strange that most of the things we used belonged to other people, but I still used them.

I remember one day you brought something that I would treasure the most. A bow, hand-carved and well-made. A war prize from a fallen ranger.

You told me a true berzerker only uses a bow for hunting, and to use them in battle was cowardly. But you also told me tales of archers taking out dozens of your best men from a distance.

At first, I only used the bow to hunt small game. Rabbit and the like. Some of the berzerkers gave me funny looks, but they still ate what I hunted, and they could respect that.

I guess you respected it.

I remember you brought a slave. Hugh was his name. He had killed four men with a bow. He taught me not how just to shoot but to not miss. I was soon the best archer in the clan. I began to respect Hugh not just as a teacher but as a friend.

I remember the merchant you sold Hugh too.

He had a greasy black beard and crooked teeth. Strange things to remember, but if I don’t, I’ll remember the look on Hugh’s face on that day.

I remember the first raid I partook in. Everyone but me was wielding an ax. The berzerkers joked and laughed at my bow. They didn’t laugh when I used the same bow to kill two villagers. More raids came after that. And more killings, but it was all a blur.

I remember when I sailed to England to establish a colony. It was just after your death. You wanted to go. You did arrive, just as ashes.

We started a village. The land was fertile, and it snowed less than back home. We didn’t need to raid for food, and it was peaceful, for a time.

I remember when Alfred the great attacked our village. I used what you and Hugh taught me. I trained archers to defend ourselves. Many died, but we won.

I remember when we finally named our village.

We named it after you.

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021

In. Flash, please.

May 19, 2021

The Kappa
Flashrule-The Kappa
741 words

Noritoshi studied the waters for disturbances. He was looking for the kappa, an imp that was said to reside in rivers.

The water rippled and out popped a creature the size of a child. It was reptilian-like with its green scaly skin, webbed appendages, and beaked mouth. But the most striking feature was a depression on its head, which held water.

The kappa grasped at Noritoshi’s leg in an attempt to pull him in the river, but he backpedaled. Noritoshi reached into his satchel and threw down a cucumber. The kappa focused its beady little eyes on the vegetable before snatching it with its slimy claws and scarfing it down.

With its temper soothed, the kappa leaped back into the river and began to swim away.

“Wait!” Noritoshi commanded.

The kappa turned back and peered its head from the water.

“Yes, human?” the kappa responded.

“You will leave the village upriver from here alone.”

The kappa let out a jaunty laugh.

“Leave the village alone? No, it amuses me too much.”

“Do you think murder is amusing?” Noritoshi said with anger.

“The man wandered too close to the river, so I drowned him. It serves him right for trying to fish in my feeding ground.”

“There is another place not far from here. Plenty of fish and no humans. You can go there.”

“No. Do you humans think a place belongs to you just because you plop down a couple of huts? And besides, there are no pretty women to ogle in the wilderness.”

“Enough. I tire of this. I challenge you to the wrestling duel. If I win, you will leave the village alone.”

The kappa eyed Noritoshi up and down. “No man can best me, but you do look like a worthy challenge. I accept. And if I win, I get your shirikodama.”

Noritoshi’s eyes widened, and he covered his butt with his hands.

They chose an empty clearing as their arena. Noritoshi unsheathed his Tantō and drew a ring in the dirt fifteen feet in diameter. He then reached into his satchel for salt.

“There is no need for rituals, human. The quicker I defeat you, the quicker I get back to my river.”

Noritoshi snorted in response. He took off his tunic. His back and chest were covered in a multitude of scars of varying lengths and deepness. He left his tanto outside of the ring.

“Ready, human.”

“My name is Noritoshi, and I will be the one to defeat you.” he went into a wrestling stance.

“Noritoshi, I will enjoy devouring the delicacy that is your soul.”

Noritoshi yelled, and the Kappa screeched while they charged against each other.

The kappa dug his claws into Noritoshi’s back while Noritoshi grasped at the kappa’s slimy shoulder. Noritoshi grunted in pain as he struggled to hold on to the creature. The kappa began to push Noritoshi outside of the ring,

Noritoshi gained a second wind and pushed back the kappa to the center of the ring. But the kappa was too strong, and it eventually pushed Noritoshi outside of the ring.

Noritoshi felt nauseous and dizzy, but he stood up using sheer willpower.

“I must congratulate a worthy opponent.” Noritoshi bowed.

“And so must I.” the kappa bowed, spilling the water inside its head onto the ground.

“Curse my courtesy! This is the third time this millennium that I have fallen for this trick!”

The kappa was severely crippled without water in its dish.

“Would you be so kind as to refill my dish?”

“I will, but only if you promise to leave the village alone.”

“You have my word!”

Noritoshi filled the kappa’s dish with his water canteen. A look of relief appeared on the kappa’s face.

“Thank you, human. As promised, I will leave the village alone.” The kappa jumped into the river and swam away.

Noritoshi dressed himself and retrieved his sword before returning to the village. The village elder was painting a pink cherry blossom in bloom when Noritoshi approached him.

“The kappa will bother your village no longer.”

“Good,” the wizened elder said before he reached into his kimono and pulled out a bag of coins.

Noritoshi counted the mon. Before Noritoshi could leave, the old man spoke.

“I heard Tsuchinoko had infested a mine up north. The villagers who were using that mine might pay mon if someone got rid of them.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

Another day, another monster.

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021

In, Hellrule.

May 19, 2021


May 19, 2021

Get your head out of your orb
Word count: 567 words
Prompt: Stuck head orb

Morgan was an all-powerful sorceress who had, through guile, ruthlessness, and a bitching orb had brought the isles under her will.

Somehow, she had gotten her head stuck in the orb.

Don't ask how-it's not relevant. Don't tell-half of the country wants Morgan dead.

Beasts of mixed race and blood stomped, scurried, and trampled around the halls of Camelot, looking for the best loot.

"Out of the way, runt!" a beast, top half lion-bottom half eagle, roared at me.

I scampered away into my master's bedroom. Her former minions grasped and clawed the fine wine, leather books, and linen scatted throughout her room.

Morgan stood in the middle of the room, with her head stuck inside her prized orb.

"Careful with that tome! It cost me three golden feathers and a bag of spice," she yelled out.

She winced as a minion dropped and smashed a carved vase. I picked up a shard that portrayed a black-haired woman standing over twelve bodies.

The room was stripped bare before the minions rushed out to loot the rest of the castle.

"Without my magic, I am nothing," Morgan wailed.

"That's not true, my lady. You have many assets."

She gave me a dour look with her piercing blue eyes.

"I am speaking of your guile and intelligence, of course. Not your ... let's focus on removing that sphere of your head, shall we?"

"How foolish of you to think that I have not tried already!"

"My lady, there is no need to yell. I can hear you perfectly, even with that orb around your head."

She shot me another death glare.

"What about your magisters? Have you sought their help?"

"Of course I have. They pointed and laughed at me."

Hmm, people do tend to be uncooperative without the threat of death and violence.

"Maybe poisoning Merlin wasn't such a good idea. Well, it's not like he would help if he was alive." Morgan averted her gaze from mine. "He's still alive?"

"Maybe. He could help. If we get to him."

"I don't remember seeing him in the dungeon."

"That's because he is not in one. I found it a safer option to erase his memory, and now he thinks he's a town blacksmith. Luckily, I don't need my magic. I just need to utter a few phrases to refresh his memory."

We walked to town. Chaos had spread to the rest of the country as the humans fought with the hybrids. We did our best to avoid the fighting.

"This is stupid. Why do I have to wear this blanket?" Morgan asked.

"You wouldn't be inconspicuous even if you didn't a giant orb for a head."

"Nonsense, I don't need to hide from my subjects."

"There kind of resentful of you due to the whole evil overlord thing."

"Halt! Who goes there?!" a man shouted at them. He yanked the blanket off of Morgan. The man's eyes widened and he yelled out, "the enchantress! Burn her!"

Morgan and I ran through the cobbled streets as more townsmen gathered with pitchforks and torches in hand. Morgan tripped and fell on her head, which shattered the orb and finally freed her head. Unfortunately, that was our last chance of saving our skins.

The townsmen beat and stomped on Morgan as I ran away into an alleyway.

A little boy looked out and pointed at me.

"Look, dad, a shaggy dog."


May 19, 2021


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