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Some Guy TT
Aug 30, 2011

"I am not Josh Hawley, literally not Josh Hawley" - some other Josh Hawley irl, but not that one.

Welcome to the 20th iteration of Something Awful's most surprisingly resilient thread.

Kennel posted:

BTW, this is the first time since 2013(!) that we have 666+ pages within a year.

Forums status: not dead yet, probably gayer than ever.

Also, for the first time ever we are more active than the Politoon thread.

This thread had humble beginnings as a For Better or Worse thread, that eventually grew to expand to all newspaper comics as the scope expanded and the thread began to serve comically elaborate archival purposes. Speaking of which, the full history-

Old Thread Listing
  1. For Better or for Worse, here we go again
  2. For Better or For Worse II, The Sun May Get in 56kers' Eyes
  3. For Better or For Worse III: Who need this?!?
  4. For Better or For Worse Megathread
  5. The Comic Strip Megathread: Luann's Funky For Better Minimum Security
  6. The Comic Strip Megathread V - Just Another Uneventful Lesbian Road Trip
  7. The Comic Strip Megathread V, Part 3 - Dick and Jane Go to the Goddamn Bank
  8. Comic Strip Megathread V, Part 4: Thalidomide Theater: Day of the Jackelrod
  9. Comic Strip Megathread Part Ten: Infections and Gams... FOR ME! BARB ELS!
  10. Comic Strip Megathread Part 11: drat that's a fine elephant.
  11. Comic Strip Megathread Part XII: Reply All is the best comic in this thread
  12. Comic Strip Megathread XIII: Still can't get over it!
  13. Comic Strip Megathread XIV: Happy After Death 2013!
  14. Comic Strip Megathread XV: So smile, Margo, and move on
  15. Comic Strip Megathread XVI: Winking Throwbacks to Retro Sexism
  16. Comic Strip Megathread XVII: I have a special recipe (cackle-cackle)
  17. Comic Strip Megathread XVIII: Please refrain from erotic speculation about our characters
  19. Comic Strip Thread: Sumpin Arful

Speaking of which I am very bad at archiving even my own comics that I personally translate. So I'm fully expecting other regulars to offer more proper introductions to their comics as well as favorite edits of threads past. What I can offer, is very unsolicited opinions about every comic currently being posted, grouped by genre.

Family Comics
The Lockhorns: Older middle aged couple hates other, is much more sweet and less mean-spirited than it sounds!
Arlo and Janis: Older middle aged couple gently caress each other, is much more wholesome and less pornographic than it sounds!
9 Chickweed Lane: Younger couple gently caress each other, while constantly playing music, is considerably less subtle and more pornographic than it sounds!
All Quiet on the Homefront: Younger middle aged Norwegian couple in the present day are happily married, love their kids.
Hagar the Horrible: Older middle aged Viking couple in an ambiguously defined day are happily married, love their kids.
For Better or Worse: Older middle age couple are ambiguously married, have an ambiguous relationship with their kids.
Sally Forth: Middle aged quirky couple maybe loves their singular kid? It can be hard to tell sometimes, lots of words and pop culture references.
Dustin: Older middle aged couple love their daughter for not being their son.
Zits: Older middle aged couple love their son, have mostly forgotten they also have another son.
Rose is Rose: Younger middle aged couple love each other and their son in a way that makes it seem like they're trying too hard.
One Big Happy: Younger middle aged couple love each other and their children but hate everyone else.
Daddy Daze: Single dad loves his son who speaks in gibberish.
Take it From the Tinkersons: Middle middle aged couple love each other and their kids and show it by being snarky.

Brewster Rockit Space Guy: Zany comprehensible and family-friendly space adventures with little-to-no continuity. Named for the dumb, oafish main character. He's a bit of a joke.
Safe Havens: Bewildering incomprehensible and child-endangering space adventures with entirely too much continuity. Named for the daycare where all the title characters grew up when the comic started three decades ago. That's not a joke.

Office Comics
Dilbert: Is banned for transphobia and Scott Adams being a dick.
Safe Havens: Is allowed because it effectively demonstrates how Americans rationalize abusive work environments.
Cheer Up Boss Dharma: Is probably technically a crime since I translate them without permission from the Korean author.
Working: Daze: Is allowed because...I don't remember it's terrible and I don't think it's actually published anywhere.
Tina's Groove: Is allowed because when you think about it restaurants are kind of like offices except with food.
Retail: Is allowed because when you think about it retail stores are kind of like offices except with more unwanted social interaction.
Intelligent Life: Is allowed because...I don't remember it's terrible and I don't think it's actually published anywhere.

Furry Comics
Kevin and Kell: Is not made by a furry, despite being gross and horrifying.
Phoebe: Is made by a furry, despite being cute and wholesome.
Breaking Cat News: Probably not made by a furry despite featuring an overabundance of fur.
Sherman's Lagoon: Probably not made by a furry since sharks aren't furry. Otherwise structured like a family strip.
Rae the Doe: Is possibly made by a furry but it's hard to tell because there's more puns than worldbuilding.
Pearls Before Swine: Is possibly made by a furry not because it's about animals but because the man who makes it is very clearly depressed.
Buni: Is possibly made by a furry although this has no apparent connection with the content.
Moomins: Not sure. Do hippopotami have fur? Otherwise structured in a very unique, dreamlike manner.

Pet Comics
Pooch Cafe: The dog has a dickish personality, but is smart.
Get Fuzzy: The cat has a dickish personality, but is dumb.
Footrot Flats: The dog has an endearing personality, and also a job appropriate for a real dog.
Mother Goose and Grimm: The dog has no real distinct personality quirks.
Garfield: The cat has a lazy personality, but becomes bland over time.
Heathcliff: The cat has an affable personality, but becomes weird over time.

Comics Predating World War II
Ella Cinders: A reimagining of the Cinderella story featuring no glass slippers.
Thimble Theater: A preimagining of the Popeye cartoon featuring no spinach.
Skippy: A preimagining of Skippy Peanut Butter.
Out Our Way: A reimagining of the really old days from the perspective of the kind of old days.
And He Did: An imagining of what would happen if he did.
Outbursts of Everett True: An imagining of what the world would look like if justice were real.
Hitz and Mrs.: A preimagining of zany husband sitcoms.
Gay and Her Gang: An imagining of flappers.
Oaky Doaks: An imagining of chivalry from the perspective of a goofball.
Dark Laughter: An imagining of how black people would look in comics if they weren't drawn as racist stereotypes.
Mopsy: A reimagining of flappers after the flappers went away.
Patty Jo 'n Ginger: An imagining of what if Mopsy lived with Nancy and also Nancy's a leprechaun.
The Timid Soul: A preimagining of the now common word milquetoast.
Dok's Ducks: An imagining of the world if we were all ducks.
Brenda Starr: An imagining of what the life of a reporter would be like if she never actually did any reporting.
Smokey Stover: An imagining of what the life of a firefighter would be like if he did odd jobs around the station.
Popular Comics: A reimagining of which comics used to be popular.
Origins of the Sunday Comics: A reimagining of which Sunday comics used to be popular.

Modesty Blaise: Legendary long-running competence porn and I'm kind of surprised there's still interesting ideas left in there.
Axa: Legendary short-running regular porn and I'm kind of surprised it has so few interesting ideas.
Rip Haywire: This one definitely has action but I can't keep track of what's going on in between the action.
Prince Valiant: Where there's no action, there's still indisputably beautiful art.
The Phantom: Exactly the right amount of action.
The Shadow: Action without the police.
Dick Tracy: Action with the police.
Spider-Man: Action that sometimes features cooperation with the police.
Mandrake: Quite a bit of action despite the main character's power being his ability to avoid action.
Zorro: Uh I assume there's action in here somewhere it's kind of hard to tell.
Flyin' Jenny: Action with airplanes.
Blueberry: Action with various soldiers in the Wild West as imagined by Belgians.
Dinky Dinkerton: Action with a detective who indulges in slapstick.

One-Off Comics
The Dinette Set: Horrible fat people make horrible observations.
The Far Side: Normal fat people make strange observations.
Junk Drawer: A single cartoonist makes scattered observations.
Richard's Poor Almanac: A single cartoonist makes many bizarre observations at the same time.
Six Chix: Six women cartoonists make one observation a week each.
Rhymes With Orange: One woman cartoonist makes whimsical observations every day.
F-Minus: One male cartoonist makes offbeat observations every day.
Andertoons: One male cartoonist makes accurate legalistic observations.
Computoons: One male cartoonist makes bewildering technical observations.
Family Circus: One male cartoonist makes observations about himself as if he were his own father.
Bizarro: One male cartoonist makes observations with easter egg hunts.
B Kliban: One male cartoonist refuses to make observations instead preferring to make bizarre sketches about nothing.
Monster Rally: Charles Addams makes terrifying observations.
Dark Side of the Horse: A horse makes reality-defying observations.
Fingerpori: A Finnish person makes frequently untranslatable observations.
Super-Fun-Pax Comix: Tom the Dancing Bug makes large groups of observations in a newspaper comic parody format sometimes and then GoComics repackages them in singular daily form.

Kid Comics
Peanuts: Kids in the fifties/seventies behave like kids.
Wee Pals: Kids in the sixties complain about pop culture and politics as if they were kids.
Crabgrass: Kids in the eighties behave like kids.
Calvin and Hobbes: A kid and his tiger in the nineties behave like kids.
The Boondocks: Kids in the aughts complain about pop culture and politics as if they weren't kids.
Cul De Sac: Kids in the aughts behave like kids.
Wallace the Brave: Kids in the tens behave like kids.
Curtis: Kids in the tens behave like they're in the nineties.
Nancy: Kids throughout the ages behave like teenagers.

Webcomics from GoComics wherever
Bad Machinery: Mostly high school adventures featuring mystery solving teens.
New Bobbins: Mostly adult adventures featuring mystery creating adults.
Robbie and Bobby: Mostly wholesome one-off jokes featuring a boy and a robot.
Mr. Boop: Mostly overly sexualized copyright infringed nonsense featuring a man who loves his wife, Betty Boop.
Nekonaughey: Mostly wholesome wordless jokes featuring a silent cheerful yet anxious Japanese cat and sometimes his silent rich yet undersocialized rabbit buddy.

Soap Opera Comics
Funky Winkerbean: Tries to be hip and relevant and profound, frequently depicts basic facts about the subjects wrong in baffling ways.
Mary Worth: Tries to be hip and relevant and helpful, frequently depicts people making bad decisions in ambiguous ways.
Rex Morgan: Tries to be hip and relevant and medical, frequently depicts medical emergencies in boring ways.
Mark Trail: Tries to be hip and relevant and zoological, frequently succeeds despite an ambiguous understanding of real estate law.
Mämmilä: Tries to be hip and relevant and managerial, frequently depicts Finnish culture so obtusely that footnotes are required.
Apartment 3-G: Tries to be hip and relevant and lovelorn, frequently depicts men in an unflattering way which may not have been intentional.
Sturgeon's Tales: Tries to be hip and relevant and historical, frequently depicts dysfunctional Scandinavian nobility.

Monstrous Comics
Scary Gary: Literal monsters persist in suburbia.
Overboard: Monsters disguised as animals are very friendly and do favors for pirates.

Single Person Comics
Luann: College students spurn relationships because they think each other have cooties.
Monty: Middle aged people spurn relationships because they think themselves have cooties.
Pondus: Middle aged people are hideous and I'm pretty sure they all have cooties.
Zelda: Younger middle aged people are pretentious and think everyone has cooties.
Dykes To Watch Out For: Middle aged lesbians are neurotic and think straights have cooties.

Old Person Comics
Crankshaft: An old man refuses to retire, is a menace to society.
Pickes: An old man has retired, bickers with his wife in a cute manner.

If you want to post something, and it even comes slightly close to any of these categories, just post. If you have an observation about any comic that you see here, just post. Want to make an edit? Go nuts- it's not as hard as you'd think-

SubNat posted:

Basic moominfont v0.1: I used Calligraphr and it was pretty simple, might add variations and tweak the character spacing and etc some other time.

Only has basic A-Z + some punctuation.

This is a thread for posting. Don't overthink it. That is all, and have fun.

Some Guy TT fucked around with this message at 14:16 on Feb 17, 2021


Hostile V
May 30, 2013

Solving all of life's problems through enhanced casting of Occam's Razor. Reward yourself with an imaginary chalice.

Feb 15, 2005

What, Me Worry?

Looking forward to another year of awful and not awful comics with you comics friends

Jan 30, 2006

Happy New Year, comic strip thread!

Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Loon, Crazy and Laughable

Woooooooo happy new year!

Just Dan Again
Dec 16, 2012


Glad to be reminded of "WHEN MAN'S CONSCIENCE IS GONE HIS SOUL IS DEAD" for the new year. Happy Comic Strip Megathread, everybody!

Johnny Walker
Jun 14, 2005

Old Owl, a Lookout

Love that new thread smell!

Feb 12, 2014

Perhaps you have not been to the *Playground*.
The *Playground* is for Taalo and for Orz, but *Campers* can go.
It more fun than several.
You can go there for too much fun.

Comic stirps into the new year baby!!!!!!!!1

Mar 22, 2009

The art... it's growing on me. I find myself enjoying it.

I want this edit to make it into this year:

Feb 12, 2014

Perhaps you have not been to the *Playground*.
The *Playground* is for Taalo and for Orz, but *Campers* can go.
It more fun than several.
You can go there for too much fun.


Drimble Wedge
Mar 10, 2008


Thank you for that stellar opening, and I'm so happy to see the Everett True cut out in here bashing away.

Aug 28, 2009

Dexter didn't much care for the party.

Excellent first post! Intelligent Life isn't there though, and it certainly defies the given categories. Any given week could be Office, Family, or Pets. It's no longer in print, but it's from Comics Kingdom rather than gocomics.

Intelligent Life

Daddy Daze

Take It From the Tinkersons

Dark Side of the Horse

Strontium fucked around with this message at 11:29 on Jan 1, 2021

Oct 17, 2002

hey bebe

Happy New Year, fellow degenerates!

Posting for the first time in 2021 while I still can. I may lack the will later in the day.

Monster Rally – 1950

Oct 10, 2012

Grimey Drawer

This is the absolute best thread, and so much work goes into it from so many people.

I'm just grateful. Thank you, posters!

Mar 22, 2009

The art... it's growing on me. I find myself enjoying it.

It's not quite the New Year for me, but have a special anyways!

The Shadow first "appeared" July 1930 as a narrator for a mystery radio show, to promote a pulp magazine before getting spun off into his own magazine, radio shows, movies, and comics. The radio show might be the biggest claim to fame, having been narrated by Orson Welles from September 1937 to October 1938. The newspaper strip ran from June 17th 1940 to June 20th 1942, and we're currently part-way through the first story, July 8th, 1940. Lamont Cranston, wealthy playboy and vigilante The Shadow, has been trying to take down a graft ring. There's a sealed box with evidence involved, but unfortunately we lost track of it when the archives I'm working from were missing pages. Now some criminals have, correctly, guessed that Lamont Cranston is The Shadow, but he manages to trick them into thinking he's not, by having an associate show up as The Shadow. And now...

Axa is a sword and rad-waste comic from 1978-1986, written by Donne Avenell and drawn by Romero, of Modesty Blaise fame, and published by The Sun. Set in 2080, 100 years after the apocalypse has hosed poo poo up, Axa flees the stifling conformity and safety of the dome to explore the wasteland beyond. It's not The Road. It's not even Mad Max. Think more Hell Comes to Frogtown. It's most famous for Axa constantly finding excuses to be naked or as close to naked as possible. She also has a sword, and generally when she uses it the comic kicks rear end. Lots of the time she's pining over guys who are just the loving worst, like someone found my Fallout/Apartment 3-G fanfiction and made a comic of them. Sometimes it gets gross and creepy. If it's too bad I might skip ahead to the next story. Might drop it if it happens too much. But until then, despite my occasional issues with it, I'm enjoying it, so, here's... um... Axa getting naked and a creepy old dude.


Aug 21, 2011


This will be the year I successfully follow the comic strip megathread and not give up about a week in.

Sep 25, 2009

Rise and shine, master leprechaun.

I can't even tell what's going on in this one.

Apr 19, 2004

ikanreed posted:

I can't even tell what's going on in this one.

Uncle Fester is sharpening the spikes on the fence with a file.

Aug 13, 2009

Alone, she fights.

ikanreed posted:

I can't even tell what's going on in this one.
He's sharpening the (typically mostly-decorative) spikes on the fence with a rasp/file.


Jul 14, 2002

Some Guy TT posted:

One-Off Comics
B Kliban: One male cartoonist refuses to make observations instead preferring to make bizarre sketches about nothing.
That's a really good description.

Also, can't have this thread without Aldo.

B Kliban

Jan 8, 2009

Hello Fatty!

Fun Shoe

Let's celebrate the new year with double comics!


Support Tauhid's Patreon here.

Old School Peanuts (May 19-20, 1952)

Calvin and Hobbes (Sept 30-Oct 3, 1988)

Robbie and Bobby

(Mar 29, 2018)

(Apr 2, 2018)

Support Jason's Patreon (and see new My Dad is Draculas) here.

(Apr 4, 2018)

(Apr 6, 2018)

Happy new year everybody!

Mercedes Colomar
Nov 1, 2008

"I have to confess... I never killed anybody."
"Not even a teensy bit of killing?"

Down with new OP, up with Haifisch. Nah I kid.

Hello comrades. Be gay, do crimes, trans rights.

Family Circus

Rose is Rose

One Big Happy




And a hearty gently caress McEldowney and Adams.

Jan 18, 2003

Holy butts the comic list in the OP is so much longer than I would have guessed. Happy new year everyone! It's been a tumultuous year, but I'm glad we're still going strong. Here's to another great year of the best thread on SA!

Prince Valiant is a legacy strip that began in 1937. Drawn for decades by the brilliant Hal Foster, it follows the many adventures of the titular prince of Thule and knight of the Round Table. The strip is Sundays only, so I have been posting the modern strip (by Mark Schultz and Thomas Yeates) on Sundays and classic strips otherwise, from the excellent Fantagraphics collections. If you like what you see I urge you to buy some of these collections, as they reproduce the strip in a lovely oversized format with stunning color fidelity. Foster's artwork is spectacular and these collections are probably the first time it has been given a format it deserves since first being published in papers.

Vintage Valiant (Jan. 17, 1943)

How Wonderful!
Jul 18, 2006

I only have excellent ideas.

Thank you for the fresh new thread, I'll let the paint dry before tampering with the title.

Dykes to Watch Out For #26 (1991)
Spoilers for nudity

I wanted to save this one for NYE but frankly I fell asleep early and just woke up now, at 3:30 AM. This is the last regular strip included in Dykes to Watch Out For: The Sequel, the fourth volume in Firebrand Books' collections. We still have a long bonus story, "Serial Monogamy," which is not part of the ongoing narrative but is an interesting preview of Bechdel's eventual autobiographical turn.

Travis Place was a mail-order clothing company that specialized in cotton women's underwear. It got a little hype in the early 90s for being women-owned and having sort of witty catalogs so Bechdel might just be giving a free shoutout here.

For those just jumping on, Dykes to Watch Out For was a long-running serial strip that began in the 80s and ended in the early aughts, with a brief return in 2016. It details the travails of a bunch of lesbian friends, room-mates, and lovers in what people generally seem to agree is a small East Coast city. Our main character, Mo Testa, is a political pessimist and anxiety time-bomb of a type very familiar to the current moment. In recent strips we've seen friction begin to emerge between her and her more sanguine girlfriend Harriet, and tensions emerge at work when a position both Mo and her friend Lois Macgiver had been competing at Madwimmen Books for is given to a new character, Thea. Meanwhile Toni Ortiz and Clarice Clifford are beginning to embark on a long subplot about their efforts to have a kid. Lois' room-mate, Ginger Jordan, is also unusually prominent at around this point, simultaneously finishing her dissertation and beginning a long-distance romance.

Bechdel is perhaps more famous now for her full-length graphic novels Fun Home and Are You My Mother? but for years DtWOF was a cultural touchstone for American lesbians, and the strip is pretty dense with allusions to national and global current events as well as subcultural nods, homages, and references, so I try (when I'm not half-awake and crabby) to provide decently substantial annotations. It's funny, well-drawn, soapy, and a really fascinating time capsule of queer culture!

How Wonderful! fucked around with this message at 08:56 on Jan 1, 2021

Nov 8, 2009

Vote shit sandwich or the shit sandwich gets it!

Kevin and Kell (originally Herd Thinners, inc. before being renamed in the early 2000s) is the self-proclaimed "World's Longest Running Daily Webcomic," starting in September 1995 (though for the first few years it was Monday-Friday only). It's set in a world where all animals (and some plants) are sentient and there are no humans; the main protagonists are a blended family, composed of Kevin Kindle (a rabbit), Kell Dewclaw (a wolf), Lindesfarne (an american porcupine english hedgehog, Kevin's adopted daughter from his previous marriage), Rudy (Kell's half-wolf-half-fox son from her previous marriage), and Coney (an omnivorous rabbit, the daughter of Kevin and Kell).

Other main characters are:

Fiona, half-fox-half-fennec, Rudy's girlfriend;
Fenton, a bat, Lindesfarne's boyfriend;
Vin Vulpen, a fox and bully at Rudy's school;
Angelique, a rabbit and Kevin's ex-wife;
Ralph, a wolf, Kell's ineffectual deadbeat brother;
Bruno, a wolf, Rudy's classmate;
Corrie, a sheep (who is currently pretending to be a sheepskin worn by Bruno), Bruno's girlfriend (unbeknownst to most other characters);
R.L., a wolf, Kell's boss;
Catherine Aura, Rudy and Bruno's teacher and secretly the leader of a secret society of birds which has been controlling society for decades, if not centuries.

The strip often tries to deal with social issues, drawing parallels between the discrimination the main characters (and some of their friends) face for being "unusual" in their society and real-life issues (racism, LGBTQIA+ rights, AIDS, and so on). Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes... It doesn't. It also relies heavily on tech jokes. Really outdated tech jokes, since the strip is over twenty years old at this point.

I've been posting strips from the archives, one week per day. We're currently a bit more than three years in, in October 1998. Enjoy the ride.

Classic Kevin and Kell (October 5-9, 1998)

Jun 4, 2011

I'm not a hero...

Happy new year you filthy animals. Hopefully I should be uploading some new comics soon. I think Corto Maltese may have been posted by me enough times to justify against me doing it again.

May 11, 2004

I know where the XBox is!!


Some Guy TT posted:

Mandrake: Quite a bit of action despite the main character's power being his ability to avoid action.

New Years resolution: always fill up the fuel in those motorcycles

Oct 10, 2012

Everything is Sinister

Bad Machinery

Feb 5, 2007

I think I remember one of the Addams sharpening fence spikes in one of the movies, perhaps a cute callback to the comic as well as the show?
Also chimed in to say how much I appreciate the work that goes into this megathread, it is my daily morning read and has been a happy one for so many years I can’t quite imagine my morning routine without it.

Fighting Trousers
May 17, 2011

Does this excite you, girl?

Happy New Year to my favorite thread in the forums! I may be mostly a dedicated lurker, but there's no time like now to say how much I appreciate the quality content you all post!

Nov 27, 2008

I dunno what to say about Moomin, it's wonderful and whimsical, and doesn't take itself very seriously. Also it features thread-favorite gremlin: Little My, from time to time.
I just finished posting story 10: Moominvalley turns jungle in the previous iteration of the thread, and I'll likely keep posting until 2021 either kills me, or I run out of content.
( For anyone who wants to catch up on the backlog. )

Dec 27, 2008

'Cuz it's KILLIN' ME!

Oh man I barely cracked the top 30 of posters last year, I gotta step up my game.





Oct 9, 2012

Happy new year folks.

Rhymes with Orange is a gag-a-day strip by Hilary Price and Rina Piccolo.

Get Fuzzy is a strip about a guy and his pets. It was really popular 20 years ago but the creator, Darby Conley, burned out rapidly and gave it up. This one is from December 31, 2000.

Brenda Starr, created by Dalia "Dale" Messick, is a long-running soap opera strip whose title character is a reporter for a newspaper called the Flash. It's currently Sundays only, although that will change in a few months. We're at March 25, 1945.

Brenda, whose looks are based on Rita Hayworth, somehow keeps her job despite never seeming to do much reporting. Possibly this is because every eligible man in the strip is in love with her, although they're all assholes anyway. The supporting cast includes: annoying teenage cub reporter Pesky Miller; boring but manly reporter Tom Taylor; butch female reporter Hank O'Hair, who is invariably the smartest and most capable person in the strip; Brenda's fat cousin and roommate Abretha Breez; spoiled blonde reporter (and boss's niece) Daphne Dimples, who is Brenda's rival and thus constantly gets abused by the rest of the cast; and Brenda's pal Detective Traverts, a private investigator with a talent for missing really obvious clues.

In the current storyline, Bub Walters, the son of Brenda's boss, Muggs Walters, has introduced himself by crashing his plane through the office window and announcing his intention to take over the Flash from his dad. Also, there's a weird little guy called Mr. Jinx wandering around who everyone, except Hank, is terrified of because he brings bad luck. This is, by Brenda Starr standards, a fairly sensible and grounded plot. So far.

Smokey Stover by Bill Holman is a screwball comedy strip featuring the titular dimwitted firefighter and his equally dim chief, Cash U. Nutt. Smokey's wife, Cookie, and son, Earl (called Woodie in early strips) also make appearances. Expect lots of sight gags, nonsensical catchphrases (particularly "foo" and "scram gravy ain't wavey"), slapstick, and ghastly puns. The current run of strips involves various gags about the Chief trying to lose weight, which seems appropriate for the new year even though these are from March 9-11, 1939.

Richard's Poor Almanac is a one-page gag strip that the late lamented Richard Thompson did weekly for the Washington Post Magazine. It's been rerun on Gocomics so many times that it no longer has any connection to the actual calendar, but what the heck it's funny. "Restaurant Closings" is one of several running gags.

Bonus ad! While flipping through old newspapers to find the comics, I sometimes spot ads, headlines, letters to the editor, and other stuff that looks amusing, and throw it in here. Like so:

I wonder if the artist decided to use Scotties here because of the popularity of FDR's dog, Fala.

Sep 23, 2009

Time to take care of some unfinished business.

Mr. Mr. Boop

Dec 26, 2012

This isn't STRICTLY SPEAKING a comic strip, but does involve them: local webcomics whipping-boy Questionable Content has been doing 100 stupid comics (his words, not mine) over the last week or so and one of today's new-year-fresh batch involves a familiar subject!

Nov 8, 2009

Vote shit sandwich or the shit sandwich gets it!

kidcoelacanth posted:

Time to take care of some unfinished business.

Mr. Mr. Boop

no don't

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Going to start the new year by praising thread, praising regulars posting comics and most importantly praising Arthur, Mr for being comfortable enough to rock socks with sandals and the very charming Kwanzaa storyline Curtis is running.

Shaman Tank Spec
Dec 26, 2003


Let's kick the year off with some Fingerpori, won't you?

Feb 15, 2005

What, Me Worry?

First hack job of the year is a re-run! Also ew that creeper Boop is back.


Professor Wayne
Aug 27, 2008

So, Harvey, what became of the giant penny?

They actually let him keep it.

Heck yeah, Mr. Boop is back. I don't really feel like writing a description for the comics I post. But they are good, and you should read them.

The Far Side



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