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Mar 27, 2011


I wanted to post about some aliens, but I couldn't find a good thread to revive for it, so I'm making one of my own. Here's some species to start out with.


The XCOM series has a lot of classic sci-fi aesthetics, and their footsoldiers have a bit of a classic alien feel. Of course, the frail, big-headed sectoids can't fight on their own, so they have the Mutons to do the real fighting after they acknowledge human soldiers as a threat. Big dumb brutes covered in armor, they're a real threat when they first show up, and throughout the game, they progressively get upgraded with different suits and hats just as humanity's soldiers continue to gear up.

They, like all the other enemy aliens in XCOM, are a slave race, having presumably been conquered long ago, and their current existence has been heavily engineered and modified to best fulfill the role that they have in the alien empire. Perhaps a similar fate awaits humanity after we're conquered and the Ethereals are finished playing with us. They talk a lot about how "special" and "unique" humans are among the races they have encountered, which is an interesting example of human-centrism, but maybe they just hosed up with the mutons, and humans are just showcasing the benefits of freedom.

Uber Ethereal posted:

Now… The New One confronts a greater threat - a rare strength, found in an easily controlled breed. And yet, they are incapable of brilliance, of independence… they will never be more than primitive warriors… serving only to fight, and die, as did those who came before them.

Of course, throughout the games, they also change with the style of the game. In XCOM 2 they have weirder organic bits because more genetic engineering went into them, in the Bureau they lack armor and are sorta prototype models, and in the original game they were sort of purple gorillas in spandex.

Thresher Maw

These things are some kind of giant wormlike creature (but with arms and legs unlike a worm). They burrow underground and absorb minerals, but they also pop up above ground to hunt for living prey (or cars, they don't seem picky). They started out in the game as just an enemy for the Mako to deal with, but in the later games you encounter them on foot, which was a much more harrowing experience. In Mass Effect 3, there's one that's big enough to eat a reaper, which is either a testament to the power of thresher maws, or to the way that the series has really inconsistent threat scaling.

There's a lot of influences going into thresher maws between bobbit worms and graboids and maybe some plants or fungi, but I think the most interesting thing about them is that they're somehow a spaceborn species. Humanity first officially encountered thresher maws at Akuze where Cerberus was experimenting on the effects of feeding soldiers to thresher maws, but they're strewn throughout the galaxy. The biggest one was on Tuchanka, maybe they like all the nuclear fallout. They reproduce through spores that can survive entry into atmospheres, but I'm not sure how they get those spores into space into the first place.

It kinda reminds me of the EU background to the sarlacc or space slug in Star Wars, and I think it's a common idea for spacefaring series to reuse monsters on multiple planets. It's a neat idea. I guess Lavos is a take on the concept where it actually hits a planet that isn't ready for it.

The Entin (Genji the Pollen Prophet)

So this here's Genji, a character from the game Awesomenauts, a cartoony 2D platforming moba. It's free to play, and I think it's pretty fun. His backstory is that his species used to be a scourge across the galaxy, rapidly reproducing and eating up everything in sight. In retaliation, they were nearly bugsprayed into extinction, and the survivors set up the Order of Popae Monks to suppress their fowl, undesirable instincts and dedicated themselves to the worship of the Grand Butterfly.

Genji sinned with snacks and dirty literature though, and he was sent out to travel the galaxy on a soul-cleansing pilgrimage throughout the galaxy. To cut his costs, he signed up to be a mercenary with the Awesomenauts. He can use the power of prayer to empower his teammates, and he can fire cocoons to trap and harm his enemies. He also fires astral butterflies from his staff and grows wings with the power of his god to do a little jump. He's very slow, but he's good at pushing turrets and supporting his squad. I also really like his ability to make butterflies to help push.

He's very versatile with all his upgrades, but he's pretty weak in the early part of the game. He's goofy and weird, with his weird playstyle and his shouting about his weird religion. I like him a lot, and he's definitely the best Genji that ever was in a competitive online videogame.


Mar 27, 2011


Anyhow, if you got some aliems you wanna talk about,

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