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May 7, 2013

Trying to get this going again after a big nostalgia hit for this game. Feel free to apply for a new team.

The Goon Guide to X11 - Read this new people for some great advice

Basic Information

Xpert Eleven is a football manager game where you manage a fictitious football team. The thought behind the game is that you compete with your friends in a league that you create yourselves. You manage your team/teams in good times as well as bad. Your tasks consist of selecting your team and working out some cunning tactical moves. You don't need to know anything about soccer at all and the game is designed to only take up about 15 minutes of your time twice a week at a minimum. You may find yourself enjoying it so much that you spend a few hours trying to find that perfect transfer, though...

One fun part of the league is press releases- it gives you a chance to smack talk your opponents and write how your team is full of winners who just constantly get screwed by RNG poor circumstances. Also you get money every week you write a press release so just do it!

Xpert Eleven also has VIP, which thankfully gives you absolutely no advantage over regular players. However, it does give you access to neat stats and charts where you can truly understand how hard your team chokes under pressure.

Also, you can rename your players to whatever idiot gimmick you want. I do get final say on names so no, you can't name your entire team "Weedlord Bonerhitler".

Goon League Information

We're in the thirditeration of the Goonship League: The previous league went for 20 seasons before fizzing out. Seasons last about 8-10 weeks and there is plenty of time for a new team to get their youth going and turn into a bunch of superstars. Right now we are starting from scratch again and will see if there are enough players to set up multiple leagues to promote and relegate into.

The first and second league played for 20 strong seasons and we had a blast. Rivalries were formed, broken, and soap was had for all.
Feel free to invite non-goons but be sure they're a good fit. Most of the poo poo talking happens on the forum too, but that's their loss.
I check the game daily so team approvals shouldn’t take too long. If for some reason I’m slacking post in this thread!

Need more information?

I've set up a discord for the league here.

There is an FAQ here:
The rules of the game:

The Goon Guide to X11 - Read this new people for some great advice


Long term inactives (3 weeks + of no activity) will be cleaned between seasons.

Previous Threads


Write cool things! Stories! Maybe this time I'll do something with the league!



May 7, 2013

I am dumb and forgot to make a snarky title.

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