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commie kong
Mar 7, 2019

thought i'd make a thread for secret files revealed by foia or leaks

Why Tony Blair thinks he was an idiot posted:

"You idiot. You naive, foolish, irresponsible nincompoop. There is really no description of stupidity, no matter how vivid, that is adequate. I quake at the imbecility of it."
- These are the words Tony Blair addresses to himself in his memoirs while reflecting on his government's introduction of the Freedom of Information Act.

here are a few to kick things off:

no snack car

no secret service files re: somethingawful and obama death threats (via bedpan)

neera tanden

$660 million foia request

reactions to Trump tweets


kentucky police training

Global Investigative Journalism Network posted:

The FBI files offer peeks into the lives of disparate characters ranging from Albert Einstein to Malcolm X to Zsa Zsa Gabor.

"Anytime someone dies, you can request their FBI files, so as long as people keep dying, there’s always going to be a lot of material," says Brown.

spooky docs:

here's a site for logging foia requests and many completed requests are public:
their news blog:
their cia archive project:
refresh this page for a random biden-related cia file:

i'm sure people have seen better, so post the freest info u got


Apr 23, 2008

ah this is an excellent thread. I've been having to dig through some of the stuff on The Black Vault to look at material about PROMIS. There was apparently much more but the reproduction fee was something like $500. Hell I might pay it one day.

Also, with regards to the FOIA I sent to the USSS, there as also another FOIA sent to the FBI:

bedpan posted:

shocked at the turnaround time on the FOIA request with the FBI

The SS took 3 months. The FBI got back to me the same day.

Mar 5, 2019

good idea for a thread this, interesting stuff

commie kong
Mar 7, 2019

thank you both for saving me from having a thread with zero replies lol

long document, but at least read up to page 5 to see some bullshit. sneak preview:

also, quick guide on the things you're expected to say to police officers in new york city

page 448: professional policing

commie kong has issued a correction as of 02:10 on Jan 30, 2021

space chandeliers
Apr 8, 2008

commie kong
Mar 7, 2019

meanwhile, australia is the absolute worst for foi

How a flawed freedom-of-information regime keeps Australians in the dark posted:

  • FOI refusals are at their highest level since records began in 2010-11, spiking recently due to the secrecy of the Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility (Naif), the agency that gave conditional approval to lend Adani $1bn in taxpayers’ money. Naif rejected 99.4% of the FOI requests it received.
  • More than 2,000 FOI requests have taken three months longer than the statutory time frame to finalise, rendering the documents all but irrelevant by the time they are released, if they are released at all.
  • FOI teams have shrunk in at least 20 government departments or agencies. Meanwhile, the federal government is increasingly refusing to process FOI requests because they are too onerous. The government’s use of “practical refusal” grounds to block FOI requests has skyrocketed to record highs, increasing by 163% last financial year alone.
  • The regulator, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, has been chronically understaffed, despite an expanding remit and a 72% increase in the number of complaints received about FOI. The OAIC was gutted under the Abbott government, leaving it with two-thirds of the 100 staff minimum needed to do its job.
  • Academics, authors and not-for-profits are being denied the most benign of documents. Journalist and author William Summers has been battling to obtain a copy of Parliament House lunch menus for two months without success because the Department of Parliamentary Services is not beholden to FOI laws. Lockout campaigner and academic Tony Brown was wrongly blocked from receiving a hotelier’s submission to a recent inquiry into Newcastle’s lockout laws because the NSW Department of Industry indicated it had promised the publican it would remain secret, in a submission seen by Guardian Australia.

Australia’s FoI system worst of any country involved in Julian Assange case

commie kong
Mar 7, 2019

i guess this topic is too boring or too hard--that's okay, I'll still keep posting this garbage

Grey Fox
Jan 5, 2004


commie kong
Mar 7, 2019

"FOIA requests do not operate like a game of Battleship" is a good line. seems like they do tho

some of the people making requests on muckrock have honed their language in response to this. a good one i saw was: "Please also note that communications sent from private email accounts that pertain to government business are federal records."

and this guy went all out to get a fee waiver

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