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fool of sound
Oct 10, 2012

This thread is for advertising new or underappreciated D&D threads.

---D&D has long been known for expecting extremely high effort OPs but, while this is still appreciated, it presents a substantial barrier to new thread creation. To that end, we're loosening the expectations:
------Breaking news TVIV threads don't need much more that a short explainer about what is going on.
------Short-term or experimental threads should make it clear what it being discussed and make an attempt to kickstart conversation.
------Larger projects should at least link some basic resources on the topic, but certainly don't need to be essays in their own right.
---If a thread is particularly successful, it might eventually be rebooted with a more detailed OP.
---Remember that while the OP can set some guidelines for discussion, they are not the mod of that thread. If you are concerned about the guidelines you would like to set, get in contact with a mod.

---This thread is only for thread advertisement, NOT discussion

---Your posts in this thread should contain a link to the thread in question, and an explanation as to what the thread is and why people should post in it.
---You do not need to be the OP of a thread to advertise it here. If you really like a thread and think it deserves more attention, feel free to say so.
---That said, don't spam ads for a given thread. If a thread just can't garner interest or the topic is exhausted, that's fine. Threads don't have to last indefinitely and not all threads succeed.

fool of sound fucked around with this message at 18:57 on Jan 24, 2021


Mar 23, 2009

Did I just say that out loud~~?!!!

I'll take a whack at it.

I'd like to promote the Existential and Global Catastrophic Risk Thread.

What the thread is: I made this thread to discuss topics such as human extinction, global threats to civilization, possible futures for intelligent civilizations, and provide a home for speculation such as Boltzmann brains, Roko's Basilisk, the abilities of superintelligent AI, and the simulation hypothesis

Why should people post in it: It's kind of a spinoff thread adjacent to the Tech Nightmare and Space Thread where we can mock characters from the "effective altruism", Singularitarian, and "rationalist" movements, such as Elon Musk, Eliezer Yudkowsky and followers of Ray Kurzweil. I think it's also a more positive thread in outlook to many of the pessimistic, doom-mongering threads out there. I think it's common for goons, especially far leftists, to claim that "Oh, humanity's doomed anyway". This viewpoint tended to make me really depressed until I discovered existential risk studies, which takes such concerns seriously and rationally, and proposes methods of avoiding said risks, rather than making it a personal or emotional issue. I thought that it would be good to contribute these thoughts to D&D and that perhaps learning more about existential and global catastrophic risks, and ruminating on futurist concepts might help others as it has helped me.

Feb 14, 2006

Hi folks.

I made a thread on The Executive Orders of the Biden Admin

What the thread is: A place to gather information about Biden's Executive Orders in one place and also to discuss the implementation of them, implications and other EO-related things. It is a fairly high effort thread (the OP alone took me over 2 hours to write/research) so pithy one liners are discouraged and there isn't much in the way of tl;dr as the EOs can be complex enough that any simple summary leads to a mischaracterization of what the EO is/does.

Why should people post in it: Do you want more in-depth analysis of EOs than a tweet or a CNN article that just lists the title? This is the thread for you. Hopefully we can get some information from people in the know about how federal regulations are made/administered as some of the EOs go really in-depth on these things. Additionally, as Biden has already signed more EOs in his first week than Trump and Obama combined, it's good to have as a simple resource for what's going on in the government while we wait for Congress to get its act together.

Mar 6, 2016

I made a resource thread, updating the old and out of date "helping D&D Debate and discuss" thread.

What the thread is: I'm sure all of us have found a really useful link, study, website, graphic etc that we found great but can't remember where we found it or in what thread. Or would like to have a quick run down of the available information on a subject without making GBS threads up a thread with basic questions. This thread is designed to gather a lot of information in one place.

Why should people post in it: To add to the general level of knowledge, and in doing so have a place for your own resources to live. And because there's a lot of subject matter in there to cover and I'm certainly not the best or only person to be updating that OP.

fool of sound
Oct 10, 2012

The new D&D feedback thread is up. The topic this time is sources and the discussion thereof, and how both should be moderated.

Help us develop new guidelines for improving the discourse in the age of clickbait and fake news.

Probably Magic
Oct 9, 2012

The hopefully soon-to-be-renamed #metoo thread because apparently that was completely the wrong thing to name me considering the foot it made it lead off to.

What the Thread Is: Hardly constrained to debates on the efficacy of hashtags in social justice, which may be the most boring and irrelevant topic possible, here's a thread where people can talk about the experiences of survivors of sexual assault through an academic or personal (if they so choose) lens, and how society can be best benefit those people moving forward.

Why People Should Post In It: There are a lot of sexual assault survivors in America and it's becoming a bigger and bigger topic in the public consciousness, from the disingenuous centerpiece of many QAnon conspiracy theories to having radical effects on our culture as people rightfully lose their jobs and such. There are a lot of questions about this, a lot of thoughts on this, and it's exactly the type of thing it's very hard to get people to discuss about. I'm just a survivor, not a social worker, so I can't really be the resource the thread needs by itself, but also, I'm willing to bring what perspective I have as a male survivor to the discussion. I'm interested in any resources or perspectives of the like.

Apr 23, 2012

psst you wanna do a communism?

Have made a DSA thread

What it is: A thread dedicated to the Democratic Socialists of America

Why you should post it: people want to give stories on what is going on their chapters or just if they want to get involved are not.


Nov 4, 2020

Here's a thread to talk about politics and science fiction:

What is it: A thread to talk about politics in nerd poo poo

Why you should post in it: to talk about science fiction in nerd poo poo, duh

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