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Nov 11, 2007

The Islamic Orb Illuminati.


What is this?

CYBER SHADOW is a cool Cyber Ninja Slasher indie game that carries on the tradition of making NES style graphics and game play but with thoroughly modern sensibilities.

It was originally developed by one person, when acclaimed developers of SHOVEL KNIGHT Yacht club games took him under their wing to provide the game with the spit and polish. the result you have is basically a spiritual successor to the NES classic 'Shadow of the Ninja' but with Yacht Club Games level of Gameplay and Polish. the result is a 7-8 hour really great action platformer.

this is NOT a ninja gaiden game, this is more like 'shadow of the ninja' in terms of fundamental gameplay.

With music done by an extremely talented musician Enrique Martin and Jake Kaufman (VIRT) you have a real winner of a soundtrack.

I literally just bought the game, and if you hurry you can get it on the nintendo Eshop for 25% off. But it's Available on Every single platform out there.

The game officially launches TODAY Jan 26th 2021
Looking forward to exploring the game with you guys and checking it out!

Why should you care?

Do you like Shovel Knight level quality retro action platformers? yes.

Do you like amazing aesthetics and music? yes.

Do you like games that have gotten great reviews within the 8-9 range? yes.

Do you fuckin love Cyber Ninjas? gently caress yes.

here are some game play videos and reviews!

Here are some pictures!

Looking forward to playing the game alongside you guys!

Al-Saqr fucked around with this message at 07:47 on Jan 26, 2021


Jan 24, 2004

This seems to be reviewing well but I wasn’t that big on shovel knight. It does look kinda cool though.

edit: oh its on PC gamepass

Overbite fucked around with this message at 22:32 on Jan 26, 2021

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

I was really enjoying this game (though god drat the checkpointing is a bitch sometimes) until I got to chapter 5 and they introduced an incredibly janky parry mechanic including the traditional play table tennis with Ganon boss at the end of it. I've stopped at said boss for right now because I was ready to throw my controller.

Jan 24, 2004


I'm up to chapter 8 now and holy loving god drat argh gently caress spikes and gently caress water

Dec 12, 2003
Saint of Killers

Just noticed it was on Gamepass maybe 30 minutes ago. Played 15 minutes and it seems pretty solid, but the jump feels touch floaty and I'm a ninja that can't duck...

Up+attack instead of a third button and not being able to duck are really annoying to me right now, so I'll play more later tonight when I'm in a better mood for an NES game.

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