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Jun 9, 2007

Where the Water tastes like Wine- a narrative based game that takes place over the USA over the last 100 years, this game had a lot going for it- a great soundtrack, some interesting historical based stories on union members, vagabonds, and poor farmers, and a neat main premise where you would wander the country gathering stories you would retell to the major characters you meet who would then tell you their own life stories once sated on your experiences. Main problem bring the “wander the country” premise. You’re on a huge map and you point in a direction and walk. You can whistle to go slight faster, and there’s the possibility of catching a ride, but in general you’re just slowly crawling across a fairly nicely drawn but somewhat jankily crafted map collecting bits to advance the story. For about a dozen hours. The aforementioned soundtrack helps out a bit but it turns what could be a neat historical storytelling game into a extremely drawn out slog. As much as I enjoyed the mystical storytelling you did and the gritty destitute quality of the stories you heard, the majority of the game being a chore puts me off of recommending it to anyone.

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon- a curious adventure game for the Wii, this game centers around a boy living in a post apocalyptic Japan where humanity seemingly just died out, no nuclear war or monster attack necessary. Having spied a girl wandering the landscape after his father figure dies, he gives chase across the lonely landscape in search of her, exploring the desolate and abandoned society while battling a series of weird ghost like monsters. While it starts out with lots of mystery and a seemingly obvious question of who this girl is, the games pace slows to molasses level in exploration, and the boring combat and punishingly small inventory (imagine resident evil made files take up your inventory until deposited in a item box) really drain lots of the games initial charm away quick. A relatively uninspiring finale and explanation for the games world is all that awaits, and while the exploration element feels neat environmentally, the game doesn’t do a lot to make the actual playing of the areas to feel rewarding. Unique in style and world but that’s all it had at the end.

Also I’d throw Shadowverse in here- a hearthstone anime clone type that drew me in with a long single player campaign that quickly became super difficult. Nowadays I boot it up every so often to collect free daily login stuff that it’s pretty generous with.


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