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Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Larryb posted:

Come to think of it, do we get ANYONE’S actual ages on the show (I assume Adora and Catra are probably teenagers, maybe Glimmer and Bow as well)?

According to the creators, Adora and Catra are 17-18 at the beginning and 20-21 by the end.


May 27, 2010

The Saga

Season 1, Episode 13: The Battle of Bright Moon

Last time on She-Ra and the Princess of Power, Entrapta hacked the Black Garnet, causing the weather on Etheria to go crazy and giving Catra ideas....

The Best Friend Squad is flying towards Bright Moon on Swift Wind, and Adora notes that the craziness is coming from the Fright Zone. The Whispering Woods are frozen over, and Glimmer's still glitching...

Cue the theme song!

In the Fright Zone, Catra's observing the skies. She's called to the Black Garnet chamber and shown exactly what's going on, while Entrapta, gleefully riding around the room on a spinning chair, records a technobabble-filled audio log about it.

Catra, stopping Entrapta's chair with her foot: "Translate."

"As per my last email"

By supercharging one runestone, it's started sapping power from the others, upsetting Etheria's balance and making the weather go screwy. Catra'a very interested in the part about making the other elemental princesses less powerful (Entrapta doesn't have a runestone, and Scorpia has no connection with the Black Garnet, so they're not affected) and wants to make it permanent, and by breaking a light on Entrapta's model, learns that destroying one of the other runestones should work.

Catra: "Get a strike team together. We're going to Bright Moon."

Angella uses the Moonstone to set off a distress beacon, leading Glimmer and the others back. Angella explains that it's taking all her power to maintain the connection and for the Moonstone to counteract what's going on. Bow wonders what the plan is, and Adora says they have to prepare for an attack. Horde armies have been spotted in the woods going towards Bright Moon. The only princesses to have answered the distress call are Netossa and Spinnerella, to Bow's badly feigned excitement.

Netossa: "You still don't know what we do, do you?"
Bow: "Ehh... no."
Netossa: "Seriously? It's in the name! Net-tossa? Nets! I toss nets! Okay?"
Spinnerella: "Yes, darling, you have beautiful nets."

Angella thinks it's too dangerous for Glimmer to fight without her powers and while still glitching, and Adora agrees. She doesn't even want anyone else to risk themselves, saying She-Ra can do it alone. Bow disagrees.

Adora: "Then what good is she?" (with a very, very clear undertone of "Then what good am I?")

She leaves the room but Bow and Glimmer go after her. Adora knows Catra will be leading the attack, and has to face her. She blames herself (surprise) for having pushed Catra further to the side of evil while in the First Ones temple. The Best Friend Squad hug it out and go to prepare, Glimmer leading them to the armory. Well, not really the armory, just a room full of weapons that Glimmer has sneaked away. Swift Wind falls in love with a mace, an idea that Adora nixes.

Yeah there was no way I wasn't gonna screencap this

Angella enters, revealing she knew all along that Glimmer had been hoarding weapons. But instead of getting mad, she gives Glimmer a staff—Micah's staff, and just in time for the Horde to start attacking the castle. Adora transforms, into a slightly new form—Battler She-Ra (with Bow and Glimmer getting some new armour as well). They head out and are faced with several tanks that start firing at the Moonstone. Adora cuts a projectile that was heading for it, and the fight is on. Angella goes to keep the Moonstone running for as long as she can, while the other take to the battlefield. They fight off multiple Horde tanks, skiffs, and robots, though Bright Moon takes some damage. Adora is hit by a blast and drops the shield she had transformed her sword into, and looks up to see Catra standing on a tank.

Catra: "Hey, Adora."

Meanwhile Bow and Glimmer are taking out Horde skiffs, when Scorpia shows up on a tank and threatens Glimmer. Spinnerella descends and pushes the tank away, before her wife traps it in a big net.

Netossa: "Boom. Nets."

Adora and Catra fight on the cliffs surrounding Bright Moon. Without her sword, Adora goes for heavy punches, but Catra's nimble enough to dodge her attacks. Adora tries convincing Catra she won't win, to which Catra replies she's made it farther than anyone thoughs. She jumps over Adora, landing on and planting her claws in her back. Adora uses the opportunity to grab Catra and smash her into the cliff wall behind them. But Catra manages to maintain the upper hand, and launches a verbal assault on Adora, saying she'll fail and that she's too weak to save her friends. In response, Adora chucks a rock at her, leaving her hanging off the edge of the cliff. Adora pulls her up and claims Catra lost, but a lot more robots and talks have shown up to fire on the Moonstone, shattering the barrier Angella was keeping up. Glimmer heads to her mother's aid, but is stopped by Scorpia, while Adora searches for her shield... when a group of Horde soldiers manage to subdue her with electrified whips. Bow finds the shield, but Angella is blasted by a robot while Glimmer's trying to get past Scorpia, and the Moonstone darkens. Catra approaches Adora...

Catra: "Now it's over."

I'm just gonna keep saying "subtle"

Glimmer manages to knock Scorpia away, and Swift Wind brings her up to the Moonstone. They take out the robot, while on the battlefield Adora is joined by Bow, Spinnerella, and Netossa, who puts up a net-barrier around them. Bow wants Adora to say they can still fix it, but Adora sees no way out. Suddenly Adora's shield starts glowing, and globs of water start floating up.

"The gently caress?" (which is quickly replaced by "Oh gently caress.")

Cue Mermista riding a huge wave coming in, along with Sea Hawk. The front line of tanks is taken out, Catra is washed away, and Mermista puts out the fires. Catra tries rallying her forces, but then vines appear, binding the soldiers and tanks. Perfuma arrives riding a vine, and with the tide of battle turned, Adora starts glowing. Catra manages to get onto a tank and fires one more shot at the Moonstone... and the pedestal it's on starts crumbling. But before it can fall, it's covered in ice, leaving it standing. More ice pops out of the ground, knocking tanks away, and Frosta comes ice-surfing in. Holding up her sword, She-Ra glows even more and golden light erupts from her.

Adora: "For Etheria!"

The light reaches the Moonstone, which erupts in an aura of light, clearing the darkness and the weather. The other four runestones are affected by it, with the machinery hooked up to the Black Garnet breaking off and the power going out in its chamber. Angella and Glimmer starts glowing, which fixes Glimmer's glitching, and she teleports down to the others. Together, the princesses (plus Bow and Sea Hawk) make short work of the Horde forces. She-Ra's sword glows further, and the gathered princesses all start glowing in different colours, unleashing a rainbow blast of concentrated gay magic energy.

When asked what this rainbow represented, the crew actually did reply "The gay agenda"

It washes away the remaining Horde soldiers, including Catra, who glares at Adora as she and Scorpia make their exit on a skiff. The battle is won, Bright Moon is safe, and the princesses have finally truly united again. Angella hives the Best Friend Squad a big hug, thanking them. Adora detransforms with tears of happiness in her eyes.

Back in the Fright Zone, the Super Pal Trio walks up to Hordak's throne. He claims Catra's "experiment" failed, but Entrapta disagrees, as she now knows more about First Ones tech than ever before and says that this is just the beginning. Catra argues that she got closer to conquering Bright Moon than anyone ever has, and even if they didn't succeed in that, their biggest line of defense—the Whispering Woods—is still ruined.

Catra: "Etheria is ours for the taking."
Hordak: "Very well, Force Captain Catra. You will have other chances to prove your worth to me, as my second in command."

We'll have to see if getting what she wanted was worth it in the next season

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Frosta does what she's told.

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Intermission #2: Island of Magical Creatures

With the first season over, it's time for another intermission. Last intermission we looked at the first SPoP book, so this time, we're going to be looking at... the second SPoP book! Like Origin of a Hero, this one was written by Tracey West and published by Scholastic, and came out in June of 2019, roughly halfway between seasons 2 and 3. Chronologically, however, we're at just the right time for it, as its story kicks off just a few days after the Battle of Bright Moon. And as opposed to Origin of a Hero, it's a wholly original story.

...but you might want to temper your expectations, because this book is... not that great. It's not offensively bad or anything, just kinda bland. It's also clearly written for a somewhat younger audience than the show, and very Swift Wind-heavy.

So let's just get into it!

Chapter 1: Into the Woods
In the days following the Battle, Adora and Swift Wind are patrolling the Whispering Woods to clean up remaining Horde robots. Adora's not sure was a duck is. Emphasis is put on the Horde robots looking like four-legged spiders. Swift Wind notes he can't fly if he doesn't have room to flap his wings, so he has to stay above the trees. They destroy a robot and then Adora has to go to a Princess Council meeting. Swift Wind wants to come but Adora notes he's not a princess, and he talks about how he doesn't like hanging out with regular horses since they're not magical. Reminiscing about her fight with Catra in the battle, Adora still has some hope that she can get through to her and bring her over to the princesses' side, but also knows she's too loyal to the Horde. She also muses on that if she hadn't found the sword, she would have been the one to lead the charge on Bright Moon with Catra by her side and then the Horde would have won. Then Glimmer shows up and teleports them into the meeting room.

Chapter 2: The Princess Council
The princesses (and Swift Wind, who got to stay) have their meeting. They try to think of ways to strengthen the Rebellion. They consider recruiting and training more soldiers, but they need something special. Frosta points out Swift Wind, and Angella mentions he might not be the only magical creature on Etheria, with there being a First Ones mural showing an island of animals who seem to have powers. The Best Friend Squad, plus Swift Wind, will go check it out. This chapter also has a bunch of Swift Wind feeling marginalized by the way Adora words things. We're gonna see more of that.

Chapter 3: An Ancient Mural
Glimmer and Bow praise Swift Wind. Adora brings up how she's not working great with him yet. They find the mural, and it depicts animals doing weird things. Adora translates some First Ones writing saying that the energy on Arcana Island makes the creatures there develop unusual powers. They also find a map pointing out the island, and go back to report. Angella gives them the go-ahead, and it's decided that Mermista, Frosta, and Perfuma will go with them to the island, while Netossa and Spinnerella stays behind to guard Bright Moon.

Chapter 4: Eyes in the Darkness
Perfuma points out a beautiful flower. Bow picks it for her, and she points out it's poisonous. They set up camp, Adora is still amazed that Bright Moon's rations is actual food rather than coloured food bars, and she takes first watch. She thinks over her Horde training and that it still comes in handy in situations like this, but realizes she has completely dropped the ball on covering their tracks and not giving away their location. Towards the end of her watch sees two small lights shine in the forest... one blue, and one yellow.

"Like Catra's eyes, Adora thought, but they couldn't be, could they?"

Chapter 5: Across the Ice Bridge
Frosta and Mermista argue over if seals or penguins are cuter. Glimmer and Adora talk about Horde stuff. They get to a gorge, Frosta makes an ice bridge, and an Elemental shoots up from the gorge, cracking the bridge. Adora is about to transform when the sword is knocked out of her hands, and it turns out Catra and Scorpia have showed up. That's the entire chapter, it's only two pages long, making me wonder why they even bothered making it a separate chapter.

Chapter 6: Battle on the Gorge
We immediately nullify the point of Adora having the sword knocked away by Glimmer teleporting to grab it and Adora transforms within five lines of the start of this chapter. The Elemental is pacified by the presence of She-Ra, but Scorpia's got Bow in a headlock.

Get it together, Bow

Glimmer gives her a teleport-kick in the back of the knee which makes her let go, then Bow traps her in a net arrow. Catra attacks Adora on the bridge, Adora stumbles, Frosta flies in on Swit Wind and traps Catra with some ice. The bridge starts breaking, Adora throws Catra to solid ground, then leaps off the crumbling bridge to the other side. Swift Wind and Frosta call each other nicknames, which maked Adora jealous. Glimmer thinks Adora should have let the Elemental keep Catra busy, making Adora think about how she still has hope that Catra could be saved someday. (that's literally how the book words it.)

Chapter 7: Arcana Island
They reach the lake containing the island, and while arguing about how they're going to get there, they conveniently find a boat. Adora thinks it's too convenient and might be a trap, but they use it anyway. Mermista notes the water feels charged or magical. Reaching the island, they find it's protected by a First Ones hologram with writing on it. In the Etherian version of putting a post-it with your password on your monitor, the password to get through it is also written on it. They enter and see a bunch of animals on the shore.

Frosta, reminding us what book we're reading: "Wow! It's the Island of Magical Creatures!"

Chapter 8: Twinkles the Mighty
The first animal they run across is a skunk, which of course sprays them... but its spray smells like flowers. They realize these animals might not be useful to them. A hedgehog approaches them, Swift Wind informs them he can speak several animal languages (but not raccoon). The hedgehog introduces himself as Twinkles the Mighty, leader of the island, and demonstrates that he can grow to elephant-size. They explain to him they've been looking for help against the Horde, but the animals of the island are peaceful. Some of them want to help, though, so the animals are gonna have a council. Some animals show off their powers. Mehira, a mountain lion with super speed. Winda, a porcupine who does martial arts and can fire quills with perfect accuracy. Tajana, a white fox who can turn invisible. Treeleaf, a deer who can change colours, and that Adora is completely awed by (which annoys Swift Wind). And lastly Felix, a sloth that can float in the air. Swift Wind says it's not flying, and Adora agrees that Swift Wind is the only creature on Etheria that can fly, except for birds, and butterflies, and those black-and-yellow things that sting you. Swift Wind is further annoyed and Adora laments that she always says the wrong thing to him. They're also told that most of the creatures don't have strong powers, just stuff like the skunk and the sloth.

Chapter 9: Following Treeleaf
Each character bonds with one animal: Frosta with Tajana, Perfuma with Lily the skunk, Glimmer with Mehira, Bow with Winda, and...

Mermista, as always, has the right idea

Adora talks to Swift Wind, who starts opening up to her, then Treeleaf comes by and has them follow him to a cave with First Ones paintings that note there was people living on the island in the past. On the way there, Adora finally figures out what a duck is after seeing one. The people left and the animals have been waiting for them to come back ever since. Adora finally realizes Swift Wind is jealous of how taken she is by Treeleaf. The animals prepare a "feast" for them while they have their council, consisting of leaves, flowers, nuts, and berries.

Mermista: "That is literally rabbit food."

The animal council takes forever so they end up falling asleep, and Adora dreams about running through the woods with Treeleaf, then sees two eyes, one blue and one yellow... and then Swift Wind wakes her up, as Twinkles has shown up to report that intruders are coming and they're not princesses.

Chapter 10: Catra's Back!
Adora wakes up her friends, and the report is that there's a dozen soldiers, six machine animals, a cat-eyed girl, and someone who looks like a crab. Adora believes the machine animals are the regular Horde bots, since they look kinda like spiders. Turns out it's not, but actually robot animals—a lion, a bear, a horse, and an alligator (yes, the book only lists four, and the other two are never seen again). The animals head to safety as the Princesses and Bow attack the Horde. Adora goes right for Catra, who reveals she had sent a spy bot to follow them.

Here we see two species of lesbian: Angry and Smug

Adora wonders where all their new technology is coming from, to which Catra replies they have a secret weapon now. Three of the animal 'bots surround Adora and Catra demands to know where on the island the First Ones tech is. Adora tells her there's nothing at all on the island, but Catra doesn't buy it. The animals join the attack, the robots are destroyed, and Catra gets porcupine needles in her arm. Catra vows to return with a bigger force, but Treeleaf wipes their memories of the last twenty-four hours, because that's apparently his other power. Mermista summons a wave to bring Catra and her squad to the other side of the lake, and the animals have come to a decision: They're going to leave the island to join the fight against the Horde.

Chapter 11: Decisions
Adora disagrees, saying the animals should stay and protect the animals that can't fight. Twinkles agrees. With Bow and Swift Wind's assistance, Adora changes the password on the barrier to "Treeleaf", which Swift Wind is still not happy about. As they prepare to leave, Adora has a word with Swift Wind.

Adora: "If you want to stay here, with the animals, I understand."

Chapter 12: A Bond at Last?
Swift Wind's slightly offended by it, thinking Adora's saying that she doesn't need him anymore, but Adora assures him she just wants him to be happy and that nobody could take his place.

Adora: "We're linked by the sword, Swift Wind. I can't be She-Ra without you."
Swift Wind: "And I wouldn't be Swift Wind without you."

Adora tells the animals that they'll be back to visit when they've defeated the Horde and Etheria is safe, and they all bid their animal friends farewell.

Hugs for everyone!

On the way back, Adora tells Glimmer she thinks she's finally bonded with Swift Wind. When they get off the boat, Perfuma says Adora should fly back on Swift Wind, but Adora says that princesses need to stick together.

Swift Wind: "You princesses can stick together. But this horse is flying home. See ya later!"
Glimmer: "So you bonded, huh?"
Adora: "Maybe not this time. But I have a feeling it will happen soon!

Aaaaand that's the end of the book. I'll be real with you, this recap was a bit less effort than I usually put in, just because I don't think it's that good of a book. But I'm nothing if not thorough. SO AHEAD WE FORGE.

In the next intermission, witches!

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Nov 8, 2009


KennyMan666 posted:

Swift Wind wants to come [to the Princess Council] but Adora notes he's not a princess, and he talks about how he doesn't like hanging out with regular horses since they're not magical.

Swift Wind doesn't care about the liberation of all horses - if he ever did - but only about joining the privileged class himself. Typical faux-revolutionary.

Cattail Prophet
Apr 12, 2014

KennyMan666 posted:

Chapter 5: Across the Ice Bridge
Frosta and Mermista argue over if seals or penguins are cuter.

It's definitely penguins, btw.

Nov 21, 2003

Its my party
and I'll die if
I want to

Pththya-lyi posted:

Swift Wind doesn't care about the liberation of all horses - if he ever did - but only about joining the privileged class himself. Typical faux-revolutionary.

He just cares about the spooky apples.

Otherkinsey Scale
Jul 17, 2012

Just a little bit of sunshine!

KennyMan666 posted:

...but you might want to temper your expectations, because this book is... not that great. It's not offensively bad or anything, just kinda bland. It's also clearly written for a somewhat younger audience than the show, and very Swift Wind-heavy.

Honestly these two pictures justify the whole thing:

KennyMan666 posted:

Mermista, as always, has the right idea

KennyMan666 posted:

Here we see two species of lesbian: Angry and Smug

God bless Catra just ignoring the sword.

Oct 5, 2010

Otherkinsey Scale posted:

God bless Catra just ignoring the sword.

Wouldn’t be the first time either

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Season 2, Episode 1: The Frozen Forest

Last time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the Princess Alliance successfully defended Bright Moon, but they lost the defense of the Whispering Woods. Also, Catra became Hordak's new second in command.

Horde robots are roaming the remains of the woods, so the Princess Alliance do what they can to hold the line. Glimmer takes one out by grabbing on to it and teleporting high up, then teleporting back alone.

Glimmer: "Thanks for dropping in."
Frosta, laughing: "Dropping in! Because you dropped him from the sky. Good one."

After we're treated to Warriors, we see She-Ra taking out several robots by transforming her sword into various things. A shield, a polearm, a flail, and... a mug.

"Why does it even have that function?"

Catra: "Oh, cute. You can turn your sword into stuff."

Adora and Catra have a tussle in which Adora turns her sword into a flute. Frosta annoys Glimmer with questions and being overly excited. Adora has Catra pinned and swings the flute at her face, but stops before it connects... at which point it's revealed she's just a hologram. Adora wasn't actually in the Whispering Woods, but doing a training simulation in the Crystal Castle. Adora ask if Light Hope had to make Catra so mean, and gets the response that the simulation is designed for total accuracy. Adora questions her performance, which Light Hope agrees with (her human inspiration protocol is still in the beta stage). Adora's problem is Catra, who just knows how to push her buttons.

Light Hope: "I can relate. I also have buttons."

Light Hope tells Adora that she's come a long way, but there's still much to do and that she must master her emotions, so she doesn't repeat Mara's mistakes. The hologram of the Whispering Woods comes back, this time with a huge insect. Adora transforms her sword... into a fork.

Training is also what's on the schedule in the Fright Zone. Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle are fighting training robots representing princesses, and a big one representing She-Ra enters. Kyle gets hit and cowers on the ground.

Catra: "Who can tell me what Kyle did wrong?"
Lonnie: "Where do you start?"

Catra gives them some pointers—She-Ra's too strong to defeat with force alone, but slow and easily manipulated. Catra demonstrates by taking out the robot and telling them to fix it and continue, before heading to Entrapta's room. Stuff from her castle has been delivered, and she shows Catra and Scorpia recordings from the robots in the woods. She notes they get destroyed too easily. Catra thinks they should just keep them busy with regular robots, but Entrapta holds up a First Ones crystal...

Entrapta: "I have an even better idea."

Adora leaves the Crystal Castle, where she runs into Swift Wind who flies her to Bright Moon. Glimmer brags about how many bots she took out, while Bow notes that all they do is fight off bots now, and asks if Adora learned anything new. She demonstrates that she's gotten better at transforming her sword by turning it into... a pitcher.

"I totally meant to do that."

Frosta pops up behind Glimmer and starts chatting away. Glimmer tries to get rid of her by saying that they've got a meeting, but since it's a war council for the Princess Alliance, Frosta's going there too.

Bow: "Do we have a new addition to the Best Friend Squad?"
Glimmer: "Shut up."

At the council, Perfuma says Mermista is sitting in her chair. Which I'm just going to note never made sense to me, because the chair Mermista's using has the same fish scale-like pattern as on her pants/tail, what looks like fins, and what's clearly a depiction of the Salinean runestone on it. And the chair Perfuma sits in has a flower and a depiction of her runestone. I'm gonna guess the animators just messed this up and they were meant to actually have those chairs swapped.

Castaspella's also at the council, and immediately gets criticized by Angella. Swift Wind (who also wants a chair), Netossa, and Spinnerella have recaptured Thaymor (again). Glimmer delivers the report from the woods, and Perfuma suggests they should try healing. Her powers aren't enough on their own, but if they could recapture the energy they got when working together in the battle, she might be able to regrow the woods faster.

"Unhand me, hippie."

Bow suggests capturing a whole robot for him to study, then he might be able to make a killswitch to take all of them out. Angella approves and orders them to carry out the plan. As they head out, Glimmer tells Frosta to stay behind with Netossa and Spinnerella to guard the castle.

Catra reports her progress to Hordak, who approves while Entrapta is wandering around behind his throne, digging through piles of tech. She introduces their new weapon: A three-legged, self-repairing robot that she calls Emily's Kid Sister (EKS for short). Hordak's impressed, but Entrapta notes she only had enough First Ones tech to make four. Catra adds that she knows where there's more.

In the woods, Glimmer says they're gonna split up. Her, Adora, and Bow in one team, Mermista and Perfuma in one, and Swift Wind scouting from the skies... and then Frosta shows up.

Frosta: "I know I ignored orders, but no offense... those orders were wrong."

Glimmer scolds Frosta but since she's not going to leave, she sticks her with Perfuma and Mermista (while Frosta wants to go with Glimmer). Glimmer's team spots an EKS, and Adora, being Adora, jumps onto it and shoves her sword into it. It comes back to life, throws her off, and Glimmer attacking doesn't produce results either. Adora transforms and whacks it around, but to their horror, it repairs itself. The other three EKSes come, Adora transforms her sword into an umbrella, and again Frosta shows up where she's not supposed to and starts pounding on one of them with ice fists. It tosses her off a cliff, so Glimmer saves her. The robots scan them, then wander off without attacking further.

Glimmer's mad at Frosta, who argues she just wanted to help. Frosta runs off in tears while Bow laments they'll never be able to catch one of these new bots and the plan was stupid. Adora tells him he was the only one who came up with a real plan, and they brainstorm. The bots didn't care about the woods, and only defended themselves, so their mission wasn't attacking... and they all headed off in the same direction. The direction of the beacon! Adora knows where they're going and has a plan... which needs Frosta, so Glimmer goes to find her. She fins her sitting on a rock, sulking, saying she just wanted to be Glimmer's friend.

Frosta: "Sorry I don't know how to act. I've never had any friends before!"

Having taken over her kingdom's throne when she was only eight years old, Frosta's not been able to make any friends before. To her surprise, Glimmer can relate, since she didn't have any real friends before Bow and Adora. Frosta even reminds Glimmer of herself... and Glimmer's certainly no stranger to throwing herself into dangerous situations. She realizes she sounded like her mom when yelling at Frosta, and really doesn't want that to happen again. They make up, and head for the beacon. The EKSes have already made their way there, and sending images back to the Fright Zone.

It's a Super Pal Trio movie night! In the middle of the day.

Catra: "That place has enough First Ones tech inside to power a whole armada of robots. Forever!"
Entrapta: "Aaaaah! I want that!"

The EKSes then start slipping on ice that Frosta has laid down. Everyone attacks the bots, and since they only need one, they can destroy three. Perfuma and Mermista take out one by binding it with vines and filling it with water until it bursts, and combined efforts take out another. Adora transforms the sword into a rope, which while not what she was after, she makes work and trips one of the remaining bots. Knowing Catra's watching, she jumps on top of it and faces the camera before punching it.

Adora: "Hey, Catra."

Catra makes it self-destruct, leaving just one robot left. Its eye starts blinking, so they do what they can to interrupt it. Adora punches it into the wall, Mermista splashes it with water, and Frosta freezes it in place. Perfuma binds it with vines, and Bow rips out a component, which deactivates it. As they celebrate the victory, the princesses start glowing again, causing the Whispering Woods to start regrowing. In the Fright Zone, Catra visits Shadow Weaver in prison to gloat, but Shadow Weaver can tell she's still annoyed over Adora. The princesses relax after their win, and Frosta thanks Glimmer for rescuing her before.

Glimmer: "Friends stick together! No princess left behind."

Bow starts taking apart the robot, while talking into a recorder because that's what the best scientist he ever knew did, even if he's not sure why. Popping open its "face", he finds a First Ones crystal. But the only one who knew how to use that was...

Bow: "Hold on to your hat, future Bow. Entrapta's alive! ...and we left her behind."

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Catra behaves herself.

Nov 8, 2009





Cattail Prophet
Apr 12, 2014

So, Frosta. A lot of people like to complain that she's just Ice Toph, which is valid even if I don't 100% agree with it. (If anything, I think it gives Toph too little credit. (Sorry Frosta, this is all the development you're ever really gonna get.))

However, often it gets taken a step further to say that they scrapped S1 Frosta's personality to turn her into Ice Toph, to which my response is, uh, you do remember Toph's introductory episode, right? She had the exact same cool, collected facade before revealing the violent gremlin within. Frosta has always been Ice Toph.

Jun 26, 2012

Cattail Prophet posted:

So, Frosta. A lot of people like to complain that she's just Ice Toph, which is valid even if I don't 100% agree with it. (If anything, I think it gives Toph too little credit. (Sorry Frosta, this is all the development you're ever really gonna get.))

However, often it gets taken a step further to say that they scrapped S1 Frosta's personality to turn her into Ice Toph, to which my response is, uh, you do remember Toph's introductory episode, right? She had the exact same cool, collected facade before revealing the violent gremlin within. Frosta has always been Ice Toph.

I understand this is meant to show Frosta growing, being allowed to be a little kid, and such, but I kind of missed hardass all-princess-business Frosta later on.

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Season 2, Episode 2: Ties That Bind

Last time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Bow figured out that Entrapta was still alive, since the new Horde robots were made with First Ones tech... meaning that she's still in the Fright Zone.

Catra: "The city's forces have all fled. Dryl is ours."
Scorpia: "All right! I mean, I... I guess it kind of already was ours since their princess is on our side and all, but the banners really make it feel official."
Catra: "Where are you?"
Scorpia: That is a great question, and the answer is... I do not know. Yeah, this place is some kind of maze."
Catra (tapping her Force Captain badge to mark her position on Scorpia's map): "There, that's me. Follow it out when you're done, and hurry up, we've got work to do."

In the Crystal Castle, Adora defeats an EKS in a training simulation. Light Hope notes that she would have been more effective with her steed, so it's time to bring Swift Wind into the training. Said steed enters through Light Hope, who states it's time for them to forge their–

Glimmer has been told about Entrapta, and Bow believes the Horde is keeping her prisoner. Glimmer thinks they should have tried going back for her back when she disappeared, and that they're going to rescue her now instead. They've just gotten word that the Horde has taken Dryl, and they think the Horde is making Entrapta use her lab in Dryl. Glimmer doesn't want to bring anyone else, so it's just her and Bow that heads to the Crypto Castle.

Light Hope has frozen. After some poking by Adora, she finishes her sentence and they explain she froze. Light Hope notes that her system's overloading, but Adora might be able to help. There was a structure called the Watchtower that allowed Light Hope to communicate with an interplanetary mainframe, but Mara destroyed it. If Adora can repair it, Light Hope will function better... and then she freezes again, so Adora and Swift Wind head out.

Adora: "Okay, so... we're just gonna... we're just gonna go."


Glimmer and Bow look for Entrapta in the castle, but nothing. Catra walks by their hiding spot, and gets a call from Kyle. Entrapta's new invention is going berserk, and Entrapta tries to calm it down. Glimmer and Bow mistake her talking to the robot as her being tortured, so Glimmer attacks Catra. Scorpia shows up, and after some fighting, Glimmer and Bow try to escape by teleporting out, but this being the Crypto Castle, it goes... poorly.

Bow: "Waaait... isn't this where we started?"
Glimmer: "Ugh! I hate this place!"
Catra: "I see the rebels sent their finest."

Catra attacks, and when Glimmer tries to teleport herself and Bow out, Catra manages to grab onto her and is teleported with them, a little distance off the ground. Catra faceplants, and Bow traps her in a net arrow.


Adora and Swift Wind have reached the location of the Watchtower, and all that's there at the moment is grass and a bunch of floating rocks. To Adora's displeasure, Swift Wind sings a little song. Adora thinks there's nothing there, but Swift Wind senses something magical. And that something's troubling Adora, because he's attuned to her emotions... and because Adora's really bad at hiding her feelings. He doesn't get any answers, so he goes to do some loop-de-loops instead... and then Adora spots that the floating rocks have glowy blue lines on them. Yep, they found the Watchtower.

Bow doesn't like that they've taken a hostage, because that's something bad guys do. Glimmer questions Catra about Entrapta, and the best reply she gets is that they're taking good care of her. Catra refuses to walk and Bow thinks Glimmer shouldn't teleport more so far from Bright Moon, so... walking it is. Catra keeps being deliberately difficult and delaying them. Bow almost gets to her by mentioning Adora, then talks about how he's always been friends with Glimmer and how she'd do anything for him... so she jumps at Bow and sends them falling off the cliff, forcing Glimmer to teleport to rescue them.

Catra: "Oh, hey princess!"
Glimmer: "How are you such a nightmare?"
Catra: "Ah. Years of practice."
Bow: "Can you please discuss this when we're not hurtling to our death?"
Glimmer: "You know what? I'm ready to see if cats really do land on their feet."
Bow: "Please don't do that! She is attached to me!"

So Glimmer teleports them down, into a river. Catra's not a fan, and Bow notes thay're heading for a waterfall. They teleport to shore, and Catra makes another mention of Entrapta. Glimmer tries blasting her, but is out of magic, so they continue walking. Catra, continuing her trolling career, licks Glimmer's arm. She shakes Catra away, and she drops to the ground, subtly tapping her badge to send a signal to a worried Scorpia, who immediately sets out to recover her.

Adora and Swift Wind try to figure out how to put the Watchtower back together. Adora tries using her sword like when she repaired the Sea Gate, but that doesn't work. Swift Wind goes off to do more loop-de-loops, and Adora tries physically pulling the chunks together with her sword transformed to a lasso. It goes... poorly.

Not pictured: The floating chunk actually physically pulling Adora instead

Meanwhile, Glimmer is pulling Catra, who continues her trolling with references to Entrapta and being completely uncooperative in their attempts to move her. While none of them notice it, Glimmer gets Catra to drop her facade for just a second—by suggesting that Adora ran away from her. Catra retorts by suggesting Adora will leave them behind too. Glimmer gets in her face, but before she can do anything, Scorpia, Lonnie, and Rogelio arrives. Glimmer suggests a trade: They'll release Catra, if the Horde releases Entrapta. Catra has another offer: They let her go, or they finish Entrapta off. Glimmer thinks she's bluffing, so Catra has Scorpia call Kyle. Entrapta's still screaming in the background, trying to deal with her robot. Catra tells Kyle that if he doesn't hear from them in thirty seconds... take Entrapta out. Glimmer prepares to give Catra a magic beatdown, but Bow stops her, saying they can't take the chance about Entrapta. So Glimmer lets go and Catra returns to her team.

Catra: "Hah! Wow. I didn't think you'd actually buy that."
Glimmer: "We held up our end of the bargain. Now show us that Entrapta's alive!"

Catra tells them they're so easy to manipulate, and contacts Kyle again. But Kyle's busy being manhandled by Entrapta's robot, so Entrapta answers herself, finally getting the situation under control. Catra shows Glimmer and Bow the screen, and Entrapta greets them. The only way I can make the following exchange justice is to quote it verbatim.

Hello to you too, Entrapta

Entrapta: "Hi, Bow, what are you doing there?"
Glimmer: "Just hang on, Entrapta, we're going to rescue you."
Entrapta: "Oh, good! ...rescue me from what?"
Glimmer: "From the Horde!"
Entrapta: "Oh! Well, that's nice of you, but all of my stuff is here now, so probably I'll just stay. Thanks anyway, though."
Bow: "Entrapta... are you... on the Horde's side now?"
Entrapta: "I'm on the side of science! Buuut, I am living at the Fright Zone now, and the Horde is supplying me with tools and materials for my work, so... yes, I guess?"
Catra: "Did I forget to mention that? Haha. Oops!"
Entrapta: "But don't worry about me. I love it here. I've made unbelievable progress in my research, and the Horde has been so supportive. I'm getting closer every day to unraveling the mysteries of Etheria. Hacking the Black Garnet was just the first step."
Bow: "That was you?"

Adora admits she has absolutely no idea what to do, but she has to be a better She-Ra than Mara, so she needs to fix Light Hope so she can learn how to control her powers. Swift Wind apologizes for not taking the mission seriously, and Adora apologizes for having dragged Swift Wind into everything by zapping him. He enjoys what he's become, though, and they hug...

...and Glimmer's trying to punch Catra. Scorpia whacks her, then Catra grabs Bow and tells Scorpia to attack. Glimmer teleports to Bow and gets him away—causing Scorpia to hit Catra instead, much to her horror.

Swift Wind's horn starts glowing, signifying that he and Adora have bonded. Looking up, they see a glowing octahedron—the core of the Watchtower. Adora transforms, and they fly up to it. When Adora touches the sword to it, a surge of energy goes through all the floating chunks, and they start reassembling. The tower is rebuilt, and Light Hope goes back to normal.

Back in Bright Moon, Glimmer and Bow are still devastated over the reveal about Entrapta, even if they know she's still alive. Adora walks in triumphantly, but notes the bad mood of her friends.

Adora: "What happened to you?"
Glimmer: "Oh, Adora, we've got a lot to catch you up on."

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Entrapta follows orders.

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Horsies (from Swift Wind's imagination)


Nov 8, 2009


Catra loving with the good guys is the best part of this episode

Oct 19, 2009

Ooh! Are we messing with Adora?

Pththya-lyi posted:

Catra loving with the good guys is the best part of this show


May 27, 2010

The Saga

Season 2, Episode 3: Signals

Last time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Glimmer and Bow (and by extension, the whole Rebellion) learned that Entrapta's working for the Horde now. They did not take it well!

Hordak's working on some kind of green glowy orb in his lab... but the machine explodes and he calls it useless before the intro theme plays.

We then join Adora, Glimmer, and Bow who are walking through the woods, discussing Entrapta. Adora's sure that Shadow Weaver messed with her mind, but Glimmer notes she seemed normal ("Entrapta-normal, but still!"). Glimmer admits that the Horde has better tech, but the Rebellion has magic! Bow replies that those aren't completely separate, and that Entrapta was one of the few to understand that. Bow tries reassuring them by noting that he's a techmaster, then Swift Wind flies in saying he's found an outpost. Glimmer explains their mission, they lost all contact with a farming outpost a week ago and are here to handle it. The way they always do.

Adora: "Brute strength?"
Swift Wind: "Almost dying?"
Glimmer: "No! And... no! By sticking together and never giving up!"
Bow: "Yeah! Best Friend Quad to the rescue! ...because there's four of us?


Bow: "...okay, taking that one off the list."

In the Fright Zone, Entrapta's working on something but is annoyed by her desk being unstable. She asks Emily for a six-sided hex driver, but none is found. Meanwhile, Catra enters Hordak's throne room, who wonders why she's there. She suggests they establish a daily rapport, but Hordak just sees her as a disturbance. She tries arguing her case, but Hordak activates a device that makes it hard for Catra to breathe. He's not impressed with Catra's latest lack of success, while Catra says she hasn't failed yet and she knows best how to take the princesses down. Hordak tells her to prove it.

Swift Wind senses something weird as they get closer to Alwyn, the rebellion's biggest supplier of... well, supplies. Normally it's a happy place, but they find it's now a ghost town. Bow tries his tracker pad, but it just delivers noise. Glimmer says there were stories about Alwyn being haunted, which reminds Adora of Shadow Weaver telling her the story of the Weeping Princess. Swift Wind thought he heard a voice, and we see something rather ghost-like in the forest...

Catra is planning to send the third battalion to Erlandia. Scorpia notes the third battalion is refusing to fight because they don't have armour, despite requests for resupplies, and the Armory's out of armour. Catra thinks Shadow Weaver didn't have to deal with all the busywork, but all the files about it are her old files. Then Entrapta literally drops in from the vent, which she still uses because it's faster. She's still looking for a hex driver, and notes she saw one in Hordak's lab. Catra stops her, warning her about Hordak and forbidding her from going near his sanctum.

Entrapta: "Ooh. He calls his lab a sanctum. Oh, that is so classy!"
Catra: "Focus!"

Yeah good luck with that, Catra

Catra makes Entrapta promise to stay away from Hordak, Scorpia figures out that the Armory is out of the material they need to make armour but has no info on where to get it, and Catra tells her to keep an eye on Entrapta... who is, of course, already gone.

The Best Friend Squad aren't finding much. The houses are empty, and the people fled in a hurry a while ago, with no signs of any struggle. Adora's reminded of the story about the Headless Princess, who abducts people at night. Bow points out a structure in the middle of the village before they're startled by a window rattling in the wind. Adora thinks the place is weird, like the lair of the Undead Princess.

Bow: "The Horde really had a theme, huh?"
Adora: "Oh. You're right. Wow, I can't believe I'm just realizing this now."

Entrapta ponders ethical dilemma #63, in front of the doors to Hordak's lab. She told Catra she wouldn't go there, but does it count if she never finds out? To nobody's surprise, we cut to Entrapta inside Hordak's lab, spotting the tool she needs. She spots Hordak's sparking green orb, which again fails, making Hordak mad. Entrapta is of the opinion that failure is just a part of the scientific process, and nothing to get mad about. Grabbing the hex driver, she starts leaving, but decides to stay.

Entrapta: "For science!"

Power to the people robots

In Alwyn, everyone's started hearing the weird sounds, and Adora spots one of the ghost-like things. She transforms and goes after it.

Entrapta's tinkering with Hordak's machine, when he walks in behind her. He yells at her to get out, but she puts the last touches on it before Emily pushes her out. Not taking any note of Hordak's wrath, she explains she replaced the cables and the machine should hold the charge now.

Hordak: "She was... right."
Entrapta: "Of course I was right!"

There is not a single Entrapta moment in this episode that I do not love, but this is definitely the best

Entrapta identifies the orb as a power source, and wonders what needs so much power. Looking at Hordak's research, she concludes he's experimenting with portals, something nobody's come close to making work before. Hordak just doesn't think someone from a backwater planet would understand, but Entrapta counters with that she's the one who got his machine working.

I could have taken so many more Entrapta shots for this episode

Hordak explains that portals aren't just theoretical and that he's going to open one, and Entrapta really wants to help, thinking about transporting things from one side of the planet to the other. Hordak points out she's thinking too small... and Entrapta realizes the implication that there's other planets out there, which Hordak confirms...

Catra, meanwhile, has gone to Shadow Weaver's cell to find out how to get the material for the armour. She calmly informs Catra that the material is produced in the Fright Zone's own foundry. As Catra's leaving, Shadow Weaver asks if being her was really what she thought it'd be like, and that Hordak will never really trust her. Catra disagrees and leaves.

The Best Friend Squad starts seeing more of the ghostly figures, and they're all scared. Swift Wind mentions that he's hearing the noises from the pointy thing, which gives Bow an idea. He realizes it's a First Ones ruin, and the ghosts aren't ghosts... they're holograms, running in a loop... because it's a recording.

On her way back, Catra runs into Scorpia who has also figured out that the material for the armour comes from the Foundry... but has lost track of Entrapta. They rush to Hordak's lab, where they find Entrapta and Hordak working on the power source (that Entrapta points out could be even stronger with some First Ones tech). Hordak's annoyed at Catra's intrusion, because he's working... with Entrapta's assistance.

Entrapta: "Did you hear that, Emily? I've never had a lab partner before!"

She is just adorable

Bow has figured out the pointy structure is an antenna, and must have powered up when the Black Garnet disrupted the planet, and is now trying to send old stored messages. Looking at the holograms, Adora realizes she's been thinking of the First Ones as some kind of big, epic figures, but... they're just people. People whose messages never reached their goal because of what Mara did. They disable the antenna, so the holograms disappear. Bow sees a weird message on his tracker pad, looking like First Ones writing, but too degraded for Adora to read.

We then get a shot of a spaceship crashed in a desert, and a panel inside of it is displaying what looks to be the non-degraded version of the message...

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Bow dies.

Nov 8, 2009


We finally got to the episode where Entrapdak, the ship that was made for me personally, launches from the dock. :toot:

Jun 26, 2012

Hordak catastrophically losing a battle of wills just never gets old. Entrapta just unthinkingly walks all over him and he's helpless to stop her.

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Jul 17, 2012

Just a little bit of sunshine!

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Oct 12, 2013

Every species can smell its own extinction.

KennyMan666 posted:

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Bow dies in lava!

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Season 2, Episode 4: Roll With It

Last time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the Best Friend Squad... did something unimportant that's never going to come up again. More importantly, Entrapta and Hordak struck up an odd friendship!

A valley. A fortress under Horde control. Adora (as She-Ra), Glimmer, and Bow have climbed to the outer wall. Adora asks how they're gonna pull off retaking the fortress. Glimmer will teleport ahead to scout. Bow plans to attack the turrets with his trick arrows. They attack... and Bow is shot by a cannon, falling into the canyon.

Adora: "He's... dead!"


Bow: "Oh, what? Tiny Bow, you will be avenged!"

Bow death count: 1

Adora the GM! Also I'll just go ahead and say right now that this recap is going to be a doozy—a bit longer and way more image-heavy than normal and if you know the episode you know exactly why I had no other choice

Adora: "That clearly isn't going to work. Let's try this again."

(cue the theme song.)

So, in the Rebellion's camp on the other side of the canyon, the trio are using Bow's figurines to plan their attack. Glimmer mentions that Bow failed to make a successful observation check, just in case you thought this was really anything other than a D&D session. The Horde captured the fortress while the Rebellion was defending Bright Moon, and Adora has concluded that their plans always fall apart.

Adora: "It'd be impressive if it wasn't terrifying."
Glimmer: "We have gotten really good at improvising, though."

But Adora really wants to come up with a plan that works, because the fortress is going to be guarded by the Horde's best and brightest...

...or, y'know, Scorpia, who Catra left in charge of it, because "even you can't mess this up", she said. Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle are also there, and Kyle's being bossed around as usual. Scorpia thinks about getting a thank you gift for Catra.

Lonnie: "We should spend less time talking about Catra, and more time checking the defenses!"
Lonnie: "The reason we're here!"

Scorpia declares she'll defend the pass with her life... and Lonnie points out she's facing the wrong way.

The Horde's best and brightest, it was.

Adora ponders another plan, but Glimmer grabs the DM screen from her... because she's got her own ideas.

Here we go

Picturing herself as the heroine of an action noir spy anime, Glimmer describes how she'll use her awesome power of teleportation to take out their defenses, soldiers, and robots, and make some awesome moves and teleports and

Bow: "You ran out of teleports like twelve teleports ago."
Glimmer: "Then I land on you! Waaaa!"

Bow death count: 2

Adora is... not impressed with Glimmer's plan because it's completely unrealistic. But Adora does see merit in using teleports, and suggests that Glimmer takes Bow to a blind spot to act as backup while Glimmer and Adora make it to a less patrolled area.

Attack on Titan (2013)

Mermista: "Uuuuh, why are you playing with dolls?"
Adora: "We're not playing with dolls!"
Bow: "Yeah! They're war table battle figures, and I don't know if I have one for you. Hold on."

Bow suggests a seashell or a happy otter for Mermista, who refuses and grabs the She-Ra figure. Adora protests, but Glimmer just teleports Mermista out and gets the figure back.

Mermista: "Uh, wow, rude much?"

Glimmer admits to getting carried away, and Adora adds she didn't take the biggest variable into account—Catra. Glimmer says she does, and back in her fantasy, Catra has been lured out.

Not pictured: This Catra meowing

Adora: "This is how you see Catra?"

So, yeah, in Glimmer's mind, Catra's this suave James Bond villain. And this is just two episodes after Glimmer experienced actual Catra first-hand. Fantasy Catra explains her plan, Adora reacts appropriately (Adora facepalm count: 1), and-

Perfuma: "I cast Giant Flytrap on Catra!"

Catra dodges. So does Glimmer and Adora. So, naturally...

Bow death count: 3

Perfuma, Mermista, and Frosta have entered the tent, wanting to join the battle game. Adora allows them to sit in on the planning, but only if they're serious about it.

Scorpia's giving orders to a little spy bot, which derails into more talking about Catra. Lonnie points out that a) it's not turned on, and b) it doesn't work like that. Scorpia very unsuccessfully tries to claim she was testing them. Lonnie hands her the remote, Scorpia coos over how cute the bot is, Lonnie subtly implies that they should get on with it, and Scorpia has issues handling the remote with her claws.

Lonnie: "Do you want me to drive the spy bot?"
Scorpia: "Yes please!"

Bow: "Okay, everyone has a figure, except Perfuma who's using her plant, and Mermista who has... that, for some reason."
Mermista: "Says the guy with a bag of dolls."
Bow: "They're war table battle figures!"

Adora tries to start, but this time it's Bow who grabs the DM screen, being tired of dying. So he declares that his plan will have no death, no dying, just heroic good times!

They're all dressed in the outfits of their 1980s She-Ra: Princess of Power counterparts, if that wasn't obvious. Also, the original theme from that show plays during Bow's fantasy!

Perfuma: "Ooh! We all get hats!"
Mermista: "Ugh."
Bow: "After I destroy the turrets with my trick arrows, Glimmer teleports us to the tower. There, someone waits in the shadows... Catra."

There was no way I was not gonna show this too

Catra: "Fools. I won't let you destroy my purrfect plan!"
Adora: "What?"
Glimmer, chuckling: "This is kind of amazing."
Bow and Catra: <several bad cat puns>
Adora: "Ugh, stop. You gotta stop." (Adora facepalm count: 2)
Mermista: "Mmm, now we're all hoping this plan kills us."

Catra pulls down her mask, and transforms into a cat... because Bow didn't have enough figures, so all he had left for Catra was a cat. (Adora is not amused.) Also, the Horde has dragons, because he didn't have enough robots. (Perfuma, however, is :allears:) Fantasy Bow fires a net arrow at the transformed Catra, who dodges, causing the arrow to ricochet around the room until it hits...

Bow death count: 4 (okay getting caught by the net probably didn't kill him directly but I'm counting it anyway)

Swiftly moving on, Adora thinks they can exploit a weakness in the wall... and Perfuma wants to go next, suggesting making a plant golem to take down the tower. Adora states they're not just making up what they want (Adora facepalm count: 3) and Mermista thinks her idea is dumb. So what would Mermista do?

Mermista: "Uh... I step forward, and I say... I am Mermista! Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my trident and said 'For the honour of Gray Whales!'"


Mermista: "Then it's like, sparkle, sparkle, dolphin, sparkle."
Adora, seething: "Mermista..."
Mermista: "I get shoes that are slightly better than my normal shoes, there's probably another dolphin..."
Adora, shouting: "Mermista!"
Mermista: "So then, like, I twirl, and then my hair does this thing where it looks all messy, but it's actually, like, really super beautiful."
Adora, past her breaking point: "You can't transform into She-Ra!"
Mermista: "Uh, duh, I'm Sea-Ra, Princess of the Oceans, obviously."
Perfuma: "No. If she gets to be Sea-Ra, I get to have a plant golem."
Frosta: "The Winter's Bane needs no help from a plant."
Adora: "The what?" yeah Frosta's got this edgy ice-themed character who has a +3 strength obsidian broadsword and... Glimmer as a sidekick. She even brought a character sheet.

Adora: "We're getting so far from the real plan..."

The whole thing devolves into arguing, which is when the Horde spy bot shows up. The princesses talk about their fantasy solutions, and... Scorpia doesn't get that it's not real. Lonnie figures out what's going on, and while Scorpia tries to grab the remote, Mermista opens a bottle and spills some of its contents on the spy bot, breaking it. Kyle is told to bring another spy bot... but he didn't bring any. Meanwhile, Adora keeps shooting down suggestions, also bringing up that they're not taking Catra into account.

Perfuma: "Oh, sure we are! See?"

She-Ra: Into the Catra-verse

Glimmer just wants to attack, since they've been planning for hours. Adora wants a perfect plan, and paints a worst case scenario in which everyone is defeated and the Horde wins the war and Etheria crumbles and it's all Adora's fault!

Bow death count: 5

In her rant, Adora pretty much reveals the whole thing is rooted in that she worries that she's not good enough. Glimmer points out that she was kidnapped, and lost her powers, but they won anyway.

Glimmer: "Bad things are going to happen. That's life. You can let it paralyze you, or you can roll with it."

Everyone reassures Adora, including Perfuma casting friendship and support on her next turn and Frosta not being sure if they're still in character or not. Adora decides that they're gonna do what they do best... improvise.

And so the attack on the fortress finally commences. Lonnie has made sure their defenses are solid, and reassures Scorpia that none of the stuff the Princesses were talking about was real... when big green hands grab onto the wall, and Perfuma appears actually riding a plant golem. Frosta's made herself some ice gear, and Mermista has cobbled together a Sea-Ra costume (which inexplicably disappears for the rest of the episode). Lonnie is thoroughly confused as they actually manage to take out a whole lot of the defenses, while Adora goes looking for Catra... and runs into Scorpia instead, who reveals Catra's not even there.

Adora: "Catra's really not here? And she left you in charge?"
Scorpia: "Yes! Why do people keep acting surprised about that?"

Well, up until now, this episode has probably made you wonder how Scorpia even is a Force Captain. And now it also gives you the answer: She can go one-on-one with She-Ra, relying on her strength (well, and tail) alone, and win, disarming her after only a short struggle. Even when Glimmer jumps in to assist Adora, Scorpia maintains the upper hand. Or the upper tail, as the case may be, since that's the only thing she uses to knock down Glimmer before dangling her over the edge. But, then Mermista, Perfuma, Frosta, and Bow appear, leaving Scorpia vastly outnumbered and thrown into the river below, securing the victory for the Rebellion.

Scorpia: "All in favour of blaming this on Kyle?"
Lonnie: "Oh, yeah."
Rogelio: <mumble-growl>
Scorpia: "Yep. Yeah, that unanimous."
Kyle: "Oh, man..."

...and over the closing credits, the credits theme from the 1980s She-Ra: Princess of Power plays!

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Adora gets along with Scorpia.

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Oct 5, 2010

This is one of my personal favorite episodes in the entire series (both for the homages to the 80’s show and the fact that the entire episode is basically Adora and co. sitting around playing D&D)

Jun 26, 2012

The inside of Glimmer's head is really the most frightening thing in the show.

Nov 21, 2003

Its my party
and I'll die if
I want to

I do love D&D episodes are becoming a staple for shows like this.

Oct 12, 2013

Every species can smell its own extinction.

It's funny seeing how everyone else sees Catra.

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Intermission #3: Song of the Sea Witch

Yep, time for another one of these, and it's another book! Specifically, it's the fourth SPoP book. "What about the third?" you might ask. Don't worry, we'll be getting to that one later, where it better fits the timeline. So anyway, just like the first two books, this one was written by Tracey West and published by Scholastic, and was released in November of 2019. Specifically, it was released on November 5th 2019, which was the exact same day that season 4 of the show dropped on Netflix. But looking at it chronologically, we're at the perfect time for it, since it starts right after Roll With It. Not even just "between episodes four and five", but later that very day.

I like this one better than the last one, but I'm biased towards Mermista and this one's got some quality Mermista.

So here we go.

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Message
We start in Bright Moon, with the Best Friend Squad talking about the battle that just took place. Bow's painting Warhammer figures because now all the princesses wanted their own custom ones. He has some problems getting Mermista's hair colour right, but figures it out.

Glimmer: "Yeah, that's good. You've managed to capture that 'I don't care' look on her face just right."
Adora: "Mermista does care. She just doesn't want anyone to know that she does."

Adora thinks about how it had taken some time for her to understand Mermista, then they go to give Angella a report about the battle. They don't get far before a messenger from Salineas arrives, bringing a message from a Queen Calypsa, who's apparently the new ruler of Salineas and who hasn't decided if she's gonna support the Rebellion or the Horde. The messenger won't answer any questions, but confirms that Mermista's alive, at least. Calypsa wants Angella to meet her in Salineas, but the Best Friend Squad is sent there instead.

Chapter 2: A Surprise in Salineas
They go to Seaworthy to find Sea Hawk, but learn he's not been there for days. Instead, they find a woman named Liana who's going to Salineas and brings them along. As opposed to Sea Hawk, she doesn't mess around or sing shanties. She then promptly disappears from the book entirely. They get to Salineas, and two guards wait for them, saying they still serve the princess in their hearts but must obey Queen Calypsa, and that Mermista's life will be in danger if they say too much. They take them to the palace, and on the way find that the Sea Gate is open, on Calypsa's orders because she's awaiting guests from the Horde too. They get to the throne room, where they see Calypsa, a woman with pale green skin and fins sprouting from her neck.

Someone's enjoying this a little too much

Mermista's embarrassed and starts saying Calypsa tricked her, but Calypsa silences her, a ring on her finger and an amulet around Mermista's neck glowing as she gives the command. The Best Friend Squad prepares to attack, which Calypsa responds to by singing a song that puts them to sleep.

Chapter 3: Catra's Plan
Catra's mad at Scorpia for screwing up defending the fortress. Scorpia argues she was outnumbered, but Catra says she wasn't that outnumbered, since it was four against six (completely ignoring all the other Horde soldiers there).

Scorpia: "Well, Kyle doesn't really count, does he?"

Catra's not sure she can trust Scorpia, who very much says that she can, and Catra admits that Scorpia's not perfect but all that she's got right now. So they're going on a mission to Salineas, since Calypsa has asked for an audience with the Horde too. But Catra's not going to negotiate, she's bringing soldiers to take Salineas since the Sea Gate is left open.

Somebody's rethinking a few life choices

Chapter 4: Captured!
The Best Friend Squad wake up to find themselves trapped in a bubble without their weapons (despite this, and despite the fact that Calypsa interrupted her before she could transform, Adora's shown as She-Ra in the illustration for this and the following chapters...). Calypsa and Mermista are there, and they conclude Calypsa's a sorceress. She says she never wanted join the Rebellion, but wants to destroy the princesses, because they destroyed her kingdom. So she's going to join Hordak. Mermista tries tipping Adora off to something that involves the floor. Glimmer kind of easily manages to blast the bubble open, and they find a trail of scales from Calypsa's dress on the ground. But the trail stops when the tunnel forks, and after taking one path, they reach a room with ten more tunnels. While trying to decide where to go, they hear a familiar voice singing about also being stuck in a bubble.

Chapter 5: The Story of the Sea Sorceress
They follow Sea Hawk's voice through the tunnels, finding him also in a bubble that Glimmer pops open. Sea Hawk confirms that the ring Calypsa wears allows her to control Mermista via the amulet she's wearing, and reveals that she can also turn Mermista into a puddle of water with the right command. Sea Hawk had heard a song when out sailing several days ago, and followed it, only to have been put to sleep and imprisoned in the bubble. Calypsa had then told Mermista that Sea Hawk was in trouble, put her to sleep as well, and put the amulet on her. Sea Hawk actually knows the way out by having listened to the pattern of Calypsa and Mermista's footsteps when they've come by to give him rations. They get to a large room with remnants of an old kingdom, that Sea Hawk explains was Corala, Calypsa's old kingdom that was attacked by the princesses and their laser cannons. Adora recalls the name Corala from cadet history classes as one of Hordak's great triumphs, but a mural on the wall shows Bright Moon symbols on attacking vehicles. The survivors of Corala sought refuge all over the planet, and Calypsa, just a young girl at the time, ended up alone on an island and trained herself in magic while planning revenge on the princesses, and began rebuilding Corala when she was strong enough. Glimmer wishes she had ended up Mystacor, and Adora knows what it's like to have your whole life based on a lie. They get to a room with a bubble that takes them up to the surface, and as they float along towards Salineas, a sea monster emerges!

So, as we're now halfway through the book, let's pause for a moment here to ponder the timeline of this story. The book absolutely takes place later during day Roll With It happened (because the way they talk about it in the first chapter makes absolutely no sense if it's not immediately after the battle), and Mermista was there, clearly not controlled by someone else. The messenger from Salineas shows up during the report about the battle, so Calypsa's already taken control and made her orders. Sea Hawk having been captured before the episode is no issue, but... when did Calypsa get control of Mermista? Calypsa can't have taken control of Salineas before getting Mermista, so the only possible time for Calypsa to have approached Mermista about Sea Hawk is immediately after Roll With It. The planning session was said to have taken several hours, but given the sun, it was still mid-day at the latest when the battle happened, so they have to have started planning in the morning. Calypsa only had a few hours, at most, to do everything in Salineas. Calypsa and Mermista also returned to give Sea Hawk rations "several times", according to the book, and it's sunny when they reach the surface in the bubble. Catra and the Horde also hasn't shown up in Salineas yet and from The Sea Gate, we know that traveling to Salineas from The Fright Zone can be done within a single day. And looking at chapter three, Catra learned about the new Salinean queen before discussing the battle with Scorpia.

The only way I can make sense of some of this is that the Best Friend Squad was left unconscious overnight, so chapter four starts in the morning of the next day, and that Catra, for once in her life, didn't rush something but waited until the next day before heading out. Still doesn't answer where Calypsa really found the time to trick Mermista and take over Salineas, and also dispatch messengers to Bright Moon and the Fright Zone, and for it to still be the same day as Roll With It when the Best Friend Squad reach Salineas. The only explanation for Sea Hawk having heard the footsteps enough to learn the exact path is that Calypsa brought him rations alone for the days he spent captured before she took over Salineas, since them both coming to do it can't really have happened more than twice to make the timeline work in any reasonable way.

And I've now officially put more thought into this aspect of the book than the author did. So let's move on.

Chapter 6: Monster Trouble
The sea monster is familiar—it's the same one they encountered on their last trip to Salineas. While they're safe inside the bubble, they have no way to fight back, but Glimmer can teleport them out if they get close to shore. Sea Hawk sings a shanty, and suddenly a giant octopus appears, which turns out to be a friend of Sea Hawk's. It takes care of the monster, and they reach the shore. Adora sees no sign of the Horde, and wants to explain what really happened to Calypsa. Sea Hawk points out that she'll just sing them to sleep again, but Glimmer has an idea...

Chapter 7: The Sound of Victory
They find where their weapons are kept, and Glimmer teleports in to grab them, but trips an alarm in the process. Bow traps some guards in a net, and when faced with some more resistance, Adora transforms and throws them out of the way. They barge into the throne room, and as Calypsa's about to start her song, Sea Hawk uses a conch shell as a megaphone and drowns her out with his own singing. Bow traps Calypsa in a net, and Glimmer gets the amulet off Mermista, who tackles Calypsa and gets the ring for herself before Glimmer puts the amulet on Calypsa.

She mad

With Mermista in control now, she shuts Calypsa up and remembers there was a command to turn the wearer of the amulet into a puddle of water...

Mermista: "Yeah, that sounds like it might be fun."

Chapter 8: What Did We Forget...?
...but Adora is a major buzzkill and stops Mermista from just straight up murdering Calypsa.

Mermista: "You are no fun." (yes, that's actually in there.)

Makes you wonder what other war crimes Mermista's gotten up to while the other princesses weren't looking

Mermista knows Calypsa was tricked, but still wants to punish her somehow. Glimmer wants to take her to Mystacor so she can get actual training, and Mermista just wants her far away from Salineas, and says she feels like a failure for being tricked. Bow says he feels like they've forgotten something, when an explosion rocks the palace.

Chapter 9: Hey, Adora!
The Horde's started their attack. Mermista stays back to keep Calypsa under control, as the others head out and start attacking the Horde robots and soldiers, but Glimmer's out of power. Catra and Scorpia rides in on a large robot with two giant legs and a spinning laser wheel. Catra calls for Adora.

Scorpia: "Shouldn't you call her She-Ra when she's in her princess form? I mean, it's kind of confusing, right?"
Catra: "She'll always be Adora to me."

Adora charges at the robot, and as Catra takes aim, a wave of water comes out of the castle and knocked it down, followed by Mermista. Adora jumps on top of the bot and opens the cockpit, tossing Scorpia out, who Mermista lifts into the air with a water geyser. Adora points her sword at Catra, who lunges at her and gets a hit in with a stun baton. Adora has a moment of hesitation about fighting Catra, still having hope that she'll come around to the side of good. Catra dodges and kicks the back of Adora's knees, and Adora responds in kind with a roundhouse kick to Catra's ankles, bringing her to her knees.

Same energy

Adora thinks they've won, but Catra points out that she's not the one with the upper hand. Looking around, Adora finds that Bow's surrounded, Scorpia's holding Sea Hawl, and Mermista and Glimmer aren't anywhere to be seen, as more soldiers come marching in.

Catra: "Drop the sword, Adora. You've lost!"

Chapter 10: Trust
Mermista comes running, telling Adora to not do it, and she's got Calypsa and Glimmer (pointing a trident at Calypsa's back) with her. She tells them to cover their ears, which they do as she commands Calypsa to sing a song that makes the Horde get back on their ships and leave. Calypsa protests, since she would never willingly help the princesses. Mermista goes to close the Sea Gate as Adora explains the truth to Calypsa. That the Horde was the ones who attacked Corala, using the symbol of Bright Moon. How that, just like how it was for Adora, everything Calypsa had knwon was a lie and the Horde is the real evil. To demonstrate that you need to trust each other, she removes the amulet from Calypsa's neck. She explains that Calypsa can go to Mystacor to live with other sorcerers, and Calypsa thinks she might find answers there, so she agrees. Mermista's disappointed that she doesn't get to imprison Calypsa forever, but she does have Sea Hawk take Calypsa to Mystacor, enjoying that she'll have to deal with Sea Hawk's singing on the way. And that was the last anyone ever heard of Calypsa! Mermista then tosses the ring and amulet into the ocean because they're too dangerous for anyone to have. She thanks her friends, and Adora says that they've all been vulnerable, but now they have each other.

Mermista:  "Now you're just getting mushy. Why don't you take one of my boats and get out of here?"
Adora: "I love you too, Mermista."

...and so they head out, with some final musings about friendship and how there's more monsters and Horde ships out there but that whatever happens, they'll be okay.

The end!

So implausible timeline aside, I kinda enjoy this book. But again, Mermista's my third favourite character overall and this book really nailed her, in my opinion.

In the next intermission, adventures!

...okay, and I wasn't gonna include this at first, but I just had to show off this hilariously off-model She-Ra. Like, that face. Plus, She-Ra being there at all is just wrong, because Adora wasn't transformed at the time.

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Not gonna have an update tomorrow, not done with the next one yet and have to wake up early so won't be able to finish it tonight and will work all day tomorrow so I'm not gonna finish it tomorrow either. Should return to our regularly scheduled updates on Monday.

In the meantime, please enjoy this fanart of Entrapta (and please get the thread to a new page before the next update).

Cattail Prophet
Apr 12, 2014

Apparently I've been too well conditioned to spot hidden pride flags everywhere, because my first thought on looking at that was "But Entrapta is ace, not bi."

Oct 19, 2009

Ooh! Are we messing with Adora?

Who's everyone's favorite non-Catra non-Princess (that we've seen so far)?

I'm a fan of Lonnie.

Nov 8, 2009


Bow is a Very Good Boy

Oct 5, 2010

Bow, Razz is ok too but I kind of prefer her 80’s design in this case.

Oct 12, 2013

Every species can smell its own extinction.

Is Aunt Castaspella a Princess? She's alright.

Nov 8, 2009


MonsieurChoc posted:

Is Aunt Castaspella a Princess? She's alright.

Casta's great, excellent passive-aggressive energy

Oct 19, 2009

Ooh! Are we messing with Adora?

Lmao my brain categorized Bow as a princess he's great too.

Casta isn't a princess because Bright moon is matrilineal and she's Micah's sister not Angella's.

Aug 25, 2017

KennyMan666 posted:

Mermista: "Uh... I step forward, and I say... I am Mermista! Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my trident and said 'For the honour of Gray Whales!'"


Mermista: "Then it's like, sparkle, sparkle, dolphin, sparkle."
Adora, seething: "Mermista..."
Mermista: "I get shoes that are slightly better than my normal shoes, there's probably another dolphin..."
Adora, shouting: "Mermista!"
Mermista: "So then, like, I twirl, and then my hair does this thing where it looks all messy, but it's actually, like, really super beautiful."

One thing I'd like to point out is that when Mermista said the last line about her hair doing the thing where it looks messy but is actually super beautiful, Bow is nodding in solidarity with her. :hai:

Oct 19, 2009

Ooh! Are we messing with Adora?

Roll for it is probably my favorite non-S5 episode. There's two in S5 I like more but Roll for It was my #3 overall.

Jun 26, 2012

Pththya-lyi posted:

Casta's great, excellent passive-aggressive energy

Casta gets extra bonus points for having Sandra Oh as a voice actor, offsetting her even-by-this-show's-standards dumb name.

Oct 5, 2010

Madurai posted:

Casta gets extra bonus points for having Sandra Oh as a voice actor, offsetting her even-by-this-show's-standards dumb name.

Not familiar with that name, what else significant has she done?

Oct 19, 2009

Ooh! Are we messing with Adora?

Larryb posted:

Not familiar with that name, what else significant has she done?

In relevance to the overarching theme of this thread (Gay), Sandra Oh is one of the leads in Killing Eve.


Oct 19, 2009

Ooh! Are we messing with Adora?

Also, this post should be the final post on the page

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