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May 27, 2010

The Saga

Season 2, Episode 5: White Out

Last time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the Princess Alliance recaptured a fortress after writing some self-insert fanfiction. The events of that episode are never going to be addressed again.

We open in a very snowy location, where a Horde outpost has been set up next to a large hole in the ground. Inside, Entrapta's working, while Catra's annoyed that she's taking so long and clearly bothered by the cold. According to Entrapta, there's some really powerful First Ones tech deep under the ice, but at the very least they'll be getting data.

Catra: "I'm not here freezing my tail off for data."

We then see a giant monster with a slug-like body, four insect-like legs and a very large mouth slithering into the hole before the intro...

Word of the Horde activity in the region (identified as the Northern Reach) has reached the Rebellion, so Sea Hawk is bringing the Best Friend Squad there on his boat, the Dragon's Daughter V (termites took IV). Mermista cancelled her plans with Sea Hawk to hang out with her other friends, so he had nothing to do anyway.

A blushing Scorpia is mentally preparing herself to go talk to Catra (who's looking for a space heater), wanting to become closer to her. Scorpia nervously asks if Catra wants to hang out some time, you know, outside of work. For some bonding. While talking, she leans against a stack of boxes, one of which tips over and out falls...

On the one hand, this does not bode well, but on the other hand, it definitely does

Entrapta: "Aaaaah, careful with that! It's a rare First Ones artifact! I've been meaning to study it but I haven't gotten the chance yet. The last time I deployed it it ended up infecting all of my robots with some kind of... murder-virus."
Catra: "You brought along a murder-virus and not a blanket?"
Entrapta: "Oh, it does other things too! For example, when it infected She-Ra, she lost her powers. Also, she got very floppy."
Catra: "A She-Ra off switch, huh? Why didn't you say something sooner?"

Scorpia tries rerailing the conversation to hanging out, but an alarm sounds, and apparently their drilling bots have gone offline. All of them. At once. So the Super Pal Trio heads out to investigate.

The Best Friend Squad, plus Sea Hawk, are hiking through the snow. Sea Hawk talks about how Mermista never invites him to hang out with her other friends. Adora thinks there's something else out here too, and Sea Hawk mentions stories about strange happenings in the Northern Reach... and then asks if he's cool. Bow's tracker pad's still on the fritz since the communication hub messed with it, but managed to pick up a signal for them to follow, looking like First Ones tech.

On the bridge over the hole, Catra demands results from Entrapta, when Adora & company shows up. Adora chases Catra, while Scorpia (muttering about that this was not how the night was supposed to go) attacks Sea Hawk (who asks her if she thinks he's cool). Glimmer hits her with some sparkles, so Scorpia tosses her into the hole. She sees some monsters before teleporting out. Bow chases after Entrapta, trying to talk her out of whatever she's doing. It goes about as well as you'd expect from trying to talk Entrapta out of anything. Catra dodges some of Adora's attacks before she turns the sword into a lasso and trips her, but while Adora has her at swordpoint, Catra pulls out the First Ones artifact and touches the sword with it. It quickly infects it, giving Adora a headache.

Insert Jojo reference here

She-Ra goes absolutely loving berserk, attacking anyone and anything within range. While Catra thought she'd be powerless, she does enjoy seeing Adora attacking her friends. Bow traps her in a net arrow, but she quickly breaks out. She loses sight of them when a strike causes the ground to collapse, and immediately goes for Catra again. Only this time, the part of Adora that always stops before seriously injuring or killing Catra is no longer functioning. But while lining up a finishing strike, Scorpia tackles her, causing her to drop the sword and revert to just Adora.

Catra: "Looks like you're mine now, Adora."


Bow, Glimmer, and Sea Hawk climb out of the rubble. Glimmer explains what went on with the disc, and she's out of power.

Catra gloats over an unconscious Adora, and wants to bring her back to the Horde since they can make She-Ra go berserk as long as they have the infected sword and use her as a weapon. Entrapta's still looking for the tech, but Catra wants to pack up and go home... when an alarm sounds. Catra goes to check and tasks Scorpia with watching Adora.

Scorpia: "Oh! Yeah. Yeah! I will absolutely look after this sleeping, non-moving person! Uuh..."
Entrapta: "She went that way!"

Sea Hawk's still arguing that he's cool, being a pirate and all. Right before falling from the cliff they're climbing having to be rescued by Bow and singing a sad rendition of his theme song while being hauled up.

Scorpia's not happy either, having wanted to spend time with Catra but instead being stuck babysitting her ex-best friend. Adora, back in Drunk mode, swings a mop at Scorpia and calls her a big bug before mostly passing out. Scorpia drags her out, trying to remember the code for the door, and Adora starts poking at the keyboard (while vocalizing "boop" for every keypress). She does manage to open the door... by inputting Catra's favourite number. Scorpia starts venting, when the part of the building that was on the other side of the door is destroyed. Adora heads out to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Scorpia throws her back inside.

Don't worry, there'll be a gallery of A Lot of Drunk Adora screens at the end

Adora: "Yaay, it's girl's night in!"

Meanwhile, Glimmer, Bow, and Sea Hawk has reached the Horde camp again, and spotted the monster. Scorpia's grumbling over being stuck in a closet with Adora, when Sea Hawk enters to rescue her.

Adora: "Uh... more like, I'm here to rescue you."
Sea Hawk: "That doesn't make any sense. Is she all right?"
Scorpia: "I don't know, but she is getting on my last nerve."

Scorpia won't let Adora go, and while Sea Hawk's trying to pull her away, she grabs both their faces and calls them her best friends. (Drunk Adora: Conflict resolution master.) In the main part of the outpost, the power's starting to cut out, and Entrapta has found that drilling released the monsters. Glimmer and Bow are hiding from them, and Glimmer notices their eyes are red like She-Ra's, so they must be infected too. As a monster spots them, Glimmer manages one more teleport... right into the outpost, next to Catra.

This picture perfectly demonstrates Entrapta's and Catra's personalities

Adora's still being pulled between Scorpia and Sea Hawk. Literally. Scorpia mentions Catra, and Adora comments that she's mean. Scorpia argues she's just misunderstood, and Adora should know that, since they grew up together, something she feels like she can't compete with.

Scorpia: "But you two... even when you're trying to kill each other, you can tell there's a real bond there. I just... I wish she would see me as being worth her time, too."
Sea Hawk, teary-eyed: "I... I know how you feel."

Glimmer's mad at Catra while Bow tries talking to Entrapta, but all he manages to do is make her realize that the bug monsters are also First Ones tech, since they got infected by the virus, upon which she promptly forgets anything else Bow tried to tell her.

Also Bow hit her with an arrow that put her in that cylinder

Meanwhile, Scorpia and Sea Hawk are having a heart-to-heart about how their friends seem to not think too much of them, that the only time they want them around is when they need something. But they conclude, after some drunk compliments from Adora, that they're good people, and it doesn't matter what other people think. Scorpia states that she'll always be there for Catra, before they go to save their respective friends.

Glimmer tries to convince Catra to give up the disc, when one of the monsters break the wall. Scorpia, Sea Hawk, and a mop-wielding Adora run in, chasing it off. In the ensuing struggle, Adora sees the sword but is tackled by Scorpia, and Glimmer tries getting the disc from Catra. The monster attacks her, and she drops the disc. Scorpia picks it up, and after some prompting from Glimmer and Sea Hawk, snaps it in half, sadly meaning we'll never get to see Drunk Adora again.

Scorpia: "Sorry, wildcat. This is for your own good."

The monsters cease attacking and leave, Adora sobers up, and Scorpia scoops up Catra and Entrapta and runs off. On the ride back towards the Fright Zone, Catra says the mission was a failure, but Entrapta reveals that she had gotten the First Ones tech a while ago but didn't wat to say anything because they had so much fun. Catra sincerely thanks Scorpia for the rescue, and even invites her to share a blanket since she's freezing... and starts talking about things they can do while hanging out again.

You keep being you, Scorpia

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Shadow Weaver spends some quality time with Catra.

Bonus Drunk Adora gallery!

(and I could have easily taken, like, triple the amount of images that's in here but you'll just have to watch the episode for the rest)


Jun 26, 2012

KennyMan666 posted:

Bonus Drunk Adora gallery!

(and I could have easily taken, like, triple the amount of images that's in here but you'll just have to watch the episode for the rest)

This is the quality content I came here for

Oct 12, 2013

Every species can smell its own extinction.

Drunk Adora will always be amazing.

Otherkinsey Scale
Jul 17, 2012

Just a little bit of sunshine!

It is a drat shame that Catra never got to interact with Drunk Adora.

May 27, 2010

The Saga

So due to a combination of work, Deltarune chapter 2, and my general incompetence, I don't have an update ready today. I'll try to get it done for Monday, but since the upcoming week is way more packed with work than usual for me, updates are going to come on a When They're Done basis until I have the time to sit down and just crank out a bunch so I've got them ready in advance.

In the meantime, please enjoy this fanart of Entrapta.

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Meow 2, Meow 6: Meow Meow

Meow meow meow Meow-Meow meow meow Meow meow Meow, Meow meow meow meow. Meow, meow meow meow Meow meow meow meow... meow meow.

Meow meow meow meow meow Meow, meow meow meow. Meow meow, Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow—meow meow meow. Meow, meow meow... meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow meow, Meow! Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow: meow meow.

Meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow-meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow Meow meow (meow meow meow, meow meow) meow meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow...

Meow, meow, meow meow meow

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow. Meow, meow meow meow. Meow meow! Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow... meow meow meow meow meow... meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow—meow meow meow meow meow—meow meow meow meow.

Meow: "Meow meow, Meow. Meow meow meow meow meow?"
Meow: "Meow, meow! Meow meow meow."
Meow: "Meow, meow..."

Meow meow meow meow

Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow.

Meow: "Meow meow meow, meow... meow meow."

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow: Meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow... meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow Meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow!

Meow meow meow, meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow Meow meow meow meow meow meow! Meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow, Meow, Meow, meow Meow, meow meow meow. Meow-Meow meow meow meow... meow.


Meow: "Meow meow meow! Meow meow meow meow!"
Meow: "Meow meow, meow meow?"
Meow: "Meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow! Meow meow meow!"
Meow: "...meow, meow-"
Meow, meow meow: "Meow meow meow!"

Meow meow meow meow meow meow... meow meow meow meow meow meow Meow-Meow.

Meow meow meow Meow-Meow meow meow Meow meow Meow, Meow meow meow meow meow meow.

Happy April Fools, y'all! Actual updates with the real S02E06 recap are resuming next week! And yes, "meow" has entirely ceased to look like an actual word, as much as it was one in the first place.

Oct 5, 2010

Good to know, I missed your reviews honestly

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Season 2, Episode 6: Light Spinner

Last time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Adora sobered up permanently. Also Entrapta found a big piece of First Ones tech to power her and Hordak's portal.

Mystacor. The camera pans over the statues of the sorcerers... and Light Spinner's statue is still in pristine condition. A bird made of magical light flies past and outside, where Light Spinner is giving a lesson about illusions. A black-haired boy casts his own, a goat, which headbutts the bird, making it shatter. Light Spinner walks up to him, and while he's looking at her, she re-casts her bird, this time much bigger, destroying the goat.

Light Spinner: "Impressive casting, Micah. But you allowed yourself to become distracted."

Yep—it's Glimmer's dad, back in the day. He praises Light Spinner, who tells him to apply himself instead. Micah tells her he wants to learn cooler spells than light illusions, but the guild doesn't allow third-years to learn what he's talking about. He conjures an illusion of a goat-headed man—Master Norwyn, another one of Mystacor's lead sorcerers. We're then shown Shadow Weaver in her cell, marking the days on the wall as Catra brings her a tray of food and drops it on the floor.


After the opening, we see Hordak having his armour put on by way of mechanical arms. One of them hits him, causing him to lash out in pain, making a part fall to the floor. When he goes to pick it up, he appears to not have full motor control in his hands. Catra walks in, and seeing Hordak's state, quickly closes her eyes and kneels. He asks why Shadow Weaver still in the Fright Zone, since she's too dangerous to keep around and wants her sent to Beast Island, since she has knowledge about the Fright Zone that can't fall into the wrong hands. Catra protests that she's powerless and can still be useful... when the lights cut out. Entrapta descends from above, explaining they've integrated the tech they found in the Northern Reach into the portal mainframe...

Entrapta: "...but it maybe, slightly, completely overloaded the Fright Zone energy grid. So, we're gonna have to redesign that."

This gif didn't come out perfect but I had to get this

Hordak tells Catra she has two days to get any information from Shadow Weaver before sending her to Beast Island, then angrily dismisses the Force Captain... who's starting to realize she's playing second fiddle to Entrapta now.

When trying to reach for the food in her cell, Shadow Weaver reminisces about a time she showed Micah how to move objects with magic. She explains how while the princesses channel magic through their runestones, sorcerers can learn channel the power that's around them. She says that she trains those truly gifted, and Micah is one of the most talented students she's ever seen... but lacking in discipline. Micah wants to prove he has what it takes, so Light Spinner makes him help her collect crystals from the main hall (the same kind that Adora broke back in In the Shadows of Mystacor) and grind them down into a powder for magical applications. Micah demonstrates that he's got more power than Light Spinner thought, and she shows him images of what's happening in Etheria with the Horde's invasion. The princesses have failed to stop them, but Light Spinner's got a plan that can give the sorcerers the power they need to stop it—but doubts that Norwyn will understand.

Elsewhere in the Fright Zone, Scorpia has gone to find Catra hanging out on the railing outside.

Catra: "How'd you find me?"
Scorpia: "You always come out here when you're upset. Also, I looked everywhere else. Now,w hat's troubling my bestie?"
Catra: "I'm not your bestie, and I'm fine."
Scorpia: "Oh, I don't accept any of that."

Catra explains that Hordak is making her send Shadow Weaver to Beast Island, and Scorpia's amazed that Beast Island is real (tearing apart the railing in the process). Catra's frustrated that Hordak doesn't trust her, and thinks Shadow Weaver can still be useful. Scorpia wonders why Catra wants to keep Shadow Weaver around, since she's never been nice to her.

Catra: " wouldn't understand."

So yeah seems like that part about the scorpion people giving the Black Garnet to Hordak might have been a teensy bit twisted by the propaganda machine

Light Spinner makes her case to the rest of the Sorcerer's Guild, noting that the Horde has taken the Black Garnet. She proposes casting something called the Spell of Obtainment to get stronger, but that magic is forbidden since it turns the caster into a magical parasite. Light Spinner says she's modified it, and with the coming alignment of planets it will work. Norwyn rejects her idea, making her even angrier. Micah spots her as she angry-walks through the halls, and she rants at him about how Norwyn & c:o just wants to hold the rest of them back (and we get a quick silent cameo of child Castaspella)... but if Micah wants to help, there's another way to do it...

Catra informs Shadow Weaver of her vacation destination, and Shadow Weaver can't bring herself to care. Catra's getting increasingly desperate to be given something that'll let her keep Shadow Weaver in the Fright Zone, but the sorceress has given up. She only asks Catra to see her Sorcerer's Guild badge one last time, as the last thing she'll ever ask of Catra.

Catra: "You don't get to ask things of me anymore."

Light Spinner brings Micah to Mystacor's main hall, and pours a vial of the crystal dust into the font. It starts glowing, and the two of them start casting the Spell of Obtainment. A purple octahedron appears above them, and within it, a shadowy mass with multiple hands start forming, eventually breaking out.

Okay maybe this spell is evil

The hands start grabbing for Micah, who panics and runs away, leaving Light Spinner to control the spell alone. Predictably, it goes poorly, and she starts getting pulled into the blob. The blob then bursts, and Light Spinner is surrounded by black, translucent flames. Micah tries approaching, but gets thrown back, into the arms of Norwyn. Light Spinner stands up, her face and arms scarred, her eyes having turned weird.

Norwyn: "You've always hungered after power. Bringing you into our ranks was a grave mistake."
Light Spinner: "The only mistake was seeking the approval of a fool like you. You're all weak! None of you deserve my help!"

The sorcerers attack Light Spinner, but she counters two of them easily and when Norwyn rushes her, she magically stops him, lifts him up in the air, and... has a black blob consume him, which she then absorbs to eat his power. She grabs Micah with black tendrils, but rather than hurt him, she caresses his face and then disappears... showing up an unspecified time later in the Fright Zone, where she introduces herself by casually deleting a guard and announces that she wishes to ally with Hordak.

And in the Fright Zone in the present, Catra returns to Shadow Weaver's cell with a tray of food... and drops it on the floor when she hears that Shadow Weaver hasn't come up with anything. Shadow Weaver questions why Catra's the one who keeps bringing her food, knowing that she's not just there to gloat.

Catra: "Why... why did you treat me the way you did? Why was I never good enough for you? Really? I wanna know."
Shadow Weaver: "Because you remind me of myself. You always have. Nothing was ever easy for me either. I wasn't born to power like Adora and... others. I had to earn my power, fight for it. Why should it be any different for you?"
Catra: "I was a child when you took me in! What could I have possibly done to deserve the way you treated me? I am nothing like you. You are old, and bitter, and weak!"
Shadow Weaver: "Ah, but you are like me. And just like me, you're losing your position with Hordak, I can see that even from my cell."

Catra denies being pushed out, that it's just because Entrapta knows tech, but her tone makes it clear she's trying to convince herself more than Shadow Weaver. The sorceress beckons her to come closer, and while caressing her ear tuft, says she wants Catra to go further than she did, to be smarter and stronger than her. Catra asks her to come up with something that'll let her stay again, and Shadow Weaver says she'll try.

Yeah the whole situation between these two is pretty complicated

Catra leaves, cracking a smile as she touches her ear tuft. Shadow Weaver then notices something hidden in the food tray... her old badge!

We're then treated to another flashback, seeing Shadow Weaver draw power from the Black Garnet when she hears a child crying. She goes to Hordak's throne, where two captains are holding a crying human infant with a tuft of blonde hair on its head. Hordak has been on an excursion where he arrived... somewhere too late, finding only the child, which he finds useless and wants put with the other orphans. Shadow Weaver feels that the child has power, and is granted custody of it.

Shadow Weaver: "Oh, don't worry, little one. We're going to do great things together.

In her cell, Shadow Weaver declares it's time, as the moons are in alignment. She breaks her badge, revealing crystal powder within, which she uses to draw a magic circle on the ground. It glows, there's smoke effects, and then Catra comes back to the cell, thinking that they could brainstorm together. But the Shadow Weaver in the cell now turns out to be only an illusion. Catra realizes that the closest thing she ever had to a mother had just been using her, and breaks down crying.

Catra has literally not had a good day since Adora left and she needs a hug

And then, for the first time in the episode, we get to see what the Best Friend Squad are up to. Bow's directing Adora and Glimmer to position antennas up on Bright Moon's roof, in the middle of the night, to try to get a better signal to his tracker pad, now thinking that it didn't pick up a bug but a transmission. Adora falls when adjusting her antenna and is caught by Glimmer, but Bow has gotten enough of the message that Adora can identify three words on it...

Adora: "Serenia... portal... Mara. What's a Serenia?"
Glimmer: "I don't know. But if it has to do with Mara, it can't be good."

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Bow comes out of the closet.


Biiiiiig sorry for the massive delay! While some of it was due to work, I can't truthfully claim that it was mainly caused by anything other than general incompetence and procrastination from my side. Then I started feeling bad about not having done it which demotivated me and then it just went on like that until I decided I just needed to sit down and get it done. Which I did! So hopefully we should be mostly back on track now.

KennyMan666 fucked around with this message at 15:19 on Apr 4, 2022

Oct 5, 2010

And that exchange is basically all the backstory Catra ever gets in the series as far as I recall. A pity as it’d be interesting to know stuff like where she came from, how she wound up being taken in by the Horde (I personally always assumed she was a runaway or got abandoned), whether other cat people still exist on Etheria, etc. But then again, they don’t even go into Adora’s past all that much either

Oct 12, 2013

Every species can smell its own extinction.

I always thought the spell might have possessed or twisted Shadowweaver. She wasn't a good person before, but those eyes man, those eyes.

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Season 2, Episode 7: Reunion

Last time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Shadow Weaver escaped the Fright Zone by way of gaslighting Catra, in the process further shattering her already rather damaged psyche.

Bow's sitting on a spire on Bright Moon's roof, pondering the words they got out from the message last night (presumably). He admits into his recorder that he's getting nowhere, when his tracker pad starts beeping and glowing red, and panics about something that's happening today. At the same time, Adora's sleeping peacefully in her bed, when Glimmer teleports in and wakes her up by yelling and yanking her blanket away, leading Adora to

Adora that does not seem safe

Adora, not entirely awake: "Wah! Uh, what's going on? What is it?"
Glimmer: "It's Bow. He's in trouble."

Cue Warriors.

Glimmer's dragging Adora through a forest, citing the arrow with a note he shot through her window as proof that Bow's in trouble and that they have to follow him. The note that specifically says "I'm fine. Don't follow me." Glimmer also has absolutely no idea where Bow actually hangs out when he's not at Bright Moon.

Adora: "Seriously? How long have you two been friends again?"

Glimmer says that despite how open Bow is, he's never talked about his past. Tracking him through the forest, by way of broken twigs, sap, and his incredibly distinct footprints, they find his bow and arrow hidden in front of a building none of them have seen before. Teleporting in, they find it's a... library. A door opens, and in comes... Bow, holding a stack of books and scrolls, and most worryingly, dressed in a shirt that covers his midriff. Seeing his friends, he panics, hiding his quiver and Adora's sword as the door opens again, and he introduces Glimmer and Adora as "my friends from the academy" to... his two dads, who pull them all into a double dad hug.

Moustache Dad is George, Glasses Dad is Lance. They're not named until later in the episode but if I didn't have their names now writing this would get dumb

Catra's talking to her squad (and Scorpia) about beefing up security. She's briefly scared by a shadow that looks like Shadow Weaver, and Lonnie brings up that Shadow Weaver's cell is empty. Catra claims she threw her into solitary, and threatens to imprison the next person who questions her. Scorpia can tell something's wrong, but Catra's clearly not interested in talking to her.

In the dad library, the Best Friend Squad has been served tea. George is talking to Glimmer and Adora while Lance is excitedly asking if they want anything else.

George: "Yes, so energetic. Heh. You girls must love attending the Academy of Historic Enterprises with Bow."
Glimmer, nervously: "Uh, yes! Absolutely." Proceeds to elbow Adora who's trying to hide behind the teacup
Adora, who probably hasn't opened a book in her life: "Wouldn't change a thing, at the... academié, that we all... gó tó."

(the exaggerated accent Adora puts on to sound smart in this episode is completely impossible to properly get across in writing but I'm trying okay)

The dads mention some shards that Bow's older brother sent, with Glimmer and Adora having absolutely no idea he even had any siblings. Turns out he's got twelve of them, which according to Lance are all historians... and so will Bow be when he graduates and takes over the library.

Yeah about that

Lance wants to give them a tour of the library, mentioning a shard of a runestone... that George states would be long gone if not for its historical value, since he doesn't want any reminders of the princesses or the war—since he fought in the last one, and his entire village was gone when he came back, vowing that his family would never get mixed up in that business again. To lighten up the mood, Lance suggests baby pictures, including Bow's first bubble bath.

Bow: "IIIII'm gonna show Adora and Glimmer my room now!"
Adora: "I wanna see the bubble baths!"
Bow: "Now!"

Bow shoves them into another room, and Glimmer demands an explanation while Adora keeps munching on snacks. He explains that he's cooked up a cover story about him being at boarding school with Glimmer and Adora as his classmates, because he wanted to do more than just be a scholar but his dads never listen to him. He gets them to play along by bringing up that there's a good chance that there's clues about the message in the collection.

Adora, the single worst actress on Etheria: "Sure! Why not? We can be... schölárs. Hów hàrd cán it bé?" (the last sentence is spoken in an incredibly weird cadence that is even more impossible to get across in writing)
Glimmer, facepalming: "Uuugh, this is gonna be a disaster."
Bow: "Well, maybe with that attitude it will be. Byyy the way, I maaay have said in my letters that Glimmer is aphysics major, Adora's an art major, nobody is a princess or has magical powers, and we all met freshmen year. Okay? Let's go."

Scorpia has been on the lookout for anything suspicious, but in the Fright Zone, that's everything. She asks an annoyed Catra for specifics, who tells her to get out. Scorpia responds by doing something she says she really didn't want to but now has no choice, and throws a blanket over Catra... and then proceeds to wrap her in it and cradle her like a baby. Scorpia tries to calm her down, while Catra gets angrier... and admits that she lost Shadow Weaver, and has to find her before Hordak finds out. Scorpia says she'll help, and suggests having Entrapta make a locator, which Catra immediately nixes because Entrapta cannot keep a secret and if Hordak learns about it, it'll be over for Catra.

Scorpia: "Then we make sure that doesn't happen. We'll find Shadow weaver, the two of us, and not a word of it will leave this room."

Yeah about that

The Dad Duo gives the girls a tour of the library, showing old artifacts, and... the space under a cabinet where Bow played pretend as a kid. Glimmer suggests he played pirates, but Lance says he played a historian, already preparing to take over the library. Bow nervously agrees.

Adora: "Mr. Bow's Dad, uh, sir... as First Ones històriáns, do you know anything about the lore of She-Ra?"
Lance: "Ah... great question. Accurate translations are hard to come by, but we think the name was actually Her-Ra."
Adora, chuckling: "Well, that's not right."
Bow: "Buuut, you don't know that for sure, Adora!"
Lance: "She'd fight for the power of Grayskull."
Adora: "It's For the Honour of Grayskull!"
Lance: "And rode on a dragon."
Adora, super jealous: "Wait, she got a dragon? I wish I had a–" Bow puts his hands over her mouth to shut her up

After showing the runestone shard, Lance asks Glimmer and Adora about their studies. Adora has already forgotten what she was supposed to be majoring in and ends up claiming she's a triple majör in art, history, and art history. While Adora digs herself deeper and Bow trying to stop her, George talks to Glimmer, mentioning how it seems like she brought him out of his shell. Bow finally shuts Adora up by claiming they got a First Ones puzzle to solve for school, but they're stuck on "Serenia". Lance brings out a pile of scrolls and tablets about Serenia, said to be a mythical First Ones hero, who may or may not have existed. The dads aren't in agreement about it. Adora notes one of the scrolls is mislabeled and actually about aqueducts, thus revealing she can read First Ones writing, claiming it's because she also studied linguistics... having lost count of how many majors she has at this point. George shows a tattoo in First Ones writing on his arm, which Adora identifies as saying... "lunch". George thought it said love. Lance finds this extremely hilarious. The dads bring her to solve another question for them, leaving Bow and Glimmer with the pile...

Yeah that's a mood I remember

Glimmer's mad/sad about Bow never having told her about his past, now feeling like she doesn't know him at all. Bow confirms that she is the one who does know everything about the real him, and it's his dads that he's hiding the truth from. He's tried to tell them that he's different from the rest of his family, but they won't listen. So he pretends, even if it's making him miserable. (This might remind you of something.)

Dad & Dad shows Adora a sphere that was found with the runestone shard, but they can't agree on what it is and asks Adora about the writing on it. She identifies it as a pásswörd to open it—"Eternia." So it activates. Growing legs. And eyes. And teeth. And starts rampaging about the library.

Adora, exhibiting less social competence than the average potato: "It's an Elemental, this'll be a piece of cake!"
Bow: "Adora, wait!"
Adora, pulling the sword out of the pot Bow hid it in: "For the Honour of Gráyskull!"
Bow, nervously, to his dads: "Adora is a sixth major in She-Ra?"

When you're being judged by two dads at once

So, Adora stands in the way of the Elemental and gets knocked onto the second floor for it, and Glimmer steps in with her magic. Bow's dads are getting increasingly more angry with him as he admits he's run into Elementals before, and explains that it's protecting something. Lance suggests it's the runestone shard. Bow runs to get it, with Adora and Glimmer trying to fight the Elemental and protect the dads. Bow bares his midriff, grabs his bow and quiver, distracts the elemental and retrieves the shard, presenting it to the Elemental... which just stops, grabs the shard, and goes back into sleep mode.


Bow comes clean, explaining that he's lied about the academy and that he's been fighting with the Rebellion alongside Adora and Glimmer, and that he never wanted to be a historian but a soldier, leading to the exchange that more than anything in the episode sums up what it's an allegory for, and I'm just going to present it verbatim.

Bow: "This is who I am and I can't lie about it anymore, even though I know I'm breaking your hearts."
George, hugging Bow: "What's breaking our hearts is the fact that you thought you had to lie about who you are."
Bow: "You're not mad? But I'm a fighter, and you hate fighters!"
George: "I could never hate you. Never. If you feel like you belong in the Rebellion, that's where you belong."
Lance: "Oh, Bow, why didn't you just tell us?"
Bow: "I tried, but you didn't listen. You only listened to me if I said what you wanted to hear."
Lance: "We had no idea you felt that way. We were just trying to encourage you to pursue your dreams. We thought we were being supportive, when really we were being terrible!"
George: "We love you the way you are, Bow, and we're proud of you. No matter what path you take in life."

Bow and his dads hug, and George invites Glimmer and Adora to join, as it's a family hug and he's accepting that they're Bow's family too.

And so Bow managed to come out to his gay dads

After hugging time, Bow shows his dads the tracker pad with the message. They recognize something about the pattern, and ask Bow to really look at the message... and he realizes they're not actually words. They bring out a projector, and explain how the world of the First Ones was different. The climate, the language, and even the sky... since it was full of stars, which they used to navigate and named constellations after heroes, like Serenia. A constellation that only appeared in summer, and only over one place—the Crimson Waste. A dangerous, dangerous place. George asks them to promise that they'll stay away.

Meanwhile in the Fright Zone, Hordak has called Catra to his sanctum, to... touch base. Catra claims everything is going smoothly, prompting Hordak to ask if Shadow Weaver has been sent to Beast Island... which Catra says she has, and that they're never going to see her again... following which Imp comes in, replaying the conversation Catra had with Scorpia about losing the sorceress. Hordak activates the oxygen deprivation machine, and Catra knows she's in trouble. Hordak had learned she had been lying, but more than anything, he's mad about that when given the chance to come clean and prove her worth to the Horde, she continued lying.

Hordak: "This was a test. And you failed."

And back in Bright Moon, Adora's sleeping, when...

Oh dear

Next time on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, we learn of the brutal conditions in Bright Moon's prison.

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Oct 5, 2010

I believe George’s design is also supposed to be a nod to the original Bow from the 80’s series

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Yep, George is visually basically 80's Bow but with dark skin and hair (and less uncovered skin).

And, of course, Bow's version of himself in his scenario in Roll With It was also based on 80's Bow, so in-universe, he gave himself some elements from his dad who had been a soldier.

May 27, 2010

The Saga

Intermission #4: Swift Wind Adventures

With season two out of the way after all this time, it's finally time for an intermission that's not a book... buuuuut it's all about Swift Wind. Swift Wind Adventures was a series of shorts uploaded to the Masters of the Universe Youtube channel between seasons 2 and 3. So we're at an appropriate time for them like that, at least. Chronologically, there's however not really any chance for them to take place "now", but they can be slotted in pretty much anywhere between the end of season 1 and the end of season 2 (well, the last one can't happen before Ties That Bind, but anyway). There's maybe a tiny window between the first two episodes of season 3 where some could happen, but I find it by far the most likely that they all take place during season 2.

I said shorts, and I really do mean short—they're between 3 and 4 minutes each—and there's five in total, so we're just going to go through all of them. Linking to them as well so you can watch them if you haven't already.

Episode 1: Unicorn Warrior Training!
Perfuma's leading a Plumerian meditation group, with the purpose to get them to find their inner warrior. It goes poorly, when a certain flying horse shows up.

Swift Wind: "Did someone say... Swift Wiiind?"
Perfuma: "Oh dear."

Nobody actually said it, as usual, but Perfuma does ask him to help them, since as the She-Ra's noble steed he might be able to teach them to be mighty rebels. He's up for the task, and so it's time for a training montage! In fact, Swift Wind even calls out "training montage!"

He teaches them to... kick with their back legs, flap their wings so hard things fall over from the wind pressure, eat a basket full of apples, and fence with their horns (using headbands with horns on them). And if things get really bad, they using their horns to signal She-Ra. Y'know, all things that are very applicable for Etherians that are not specifically Swift Wind.

Perfuma: "I have made multiple mistakes."

Perfuma rightfully has second thoughts, and Swift Wind just thinks she's worried about the Plumerians having become fearsome warriors.

Perfuma: "It's just... your methods seem a bit horse-oriented, and-"

She is conveniently interrupted by a Horde soldier attacking, and the Plumerians stop it by headbutting and kicking it. Adora shows up having seen Swift Wind's signal earlier, but he just claims he saved the day and flies away.

Episode 2: Arm Wrestling Revenge!
Swift Wind enters Seaworthy, followed by Adora in She-Ra-form. The find Sea Hawk crying over a table, and Mermista consoling him (without actually putting any heart into it). Swift Wind asks if he can be of assistance, and Sea Hawk does want his help.

Mermista: "Uuugh, please get to the point."

Turns out, Sea Hawk lost his boat in an arm wrestling contest and needs to win it back. To impress Mermista, who of course is the best part of this entire intermission (and my Mermista bias might be showing :V).

Mermista: "Yeah, winning back the boat you lost in front of me is not impressive."

So Swift Wind challenges the purple woman that beat Sea Hawk to an... arm wrestling contest.

Sea Hawk: "This isn't even the weirdest threesome I've participated in."

Adora: "Uh, Swift Wind? There's just like one little problem with this... ugh."
Mermista: "He'll figure it out in a second."

The woman shoves Sea Hawk off the table and assumes the arm wrestling position, as Swift Wind... tries to bend his leg to do the same thing. It goes poorly.

Mermista: "Aaand there it is."
Swift Wind: "Oh, I know! Swift Wind proceeds to knock the table over as he tries to use his back hooves instead Okay, I think we can all agree that this is not going to work."

In the end he uses his wing instead, and does surprisingly well. Adora and Sea Hawk cheer him on, while Mermista...

Mermista, completely unenthusiastically: "You can... probably do it. Rah, rah."

The woman's little cat whatever creatures jump on Swift Wind's wing, but he manages to beat her! Adora and Mermista hug Sea Hawk as the woman walks off, muttering.

Mermista: "Uh, she says the boat goes to the winner... soooooo..."

And that's how Swift Wind became the captain on a boat and Mermista revels in it, showing enthusiasm about something for the only time in the episode... to Sea Hawk's chagrin. Them's the breaks, Sea Hawk.

Episode 3: A Princess Birthday Party!
Adora's invited to Princess Frosta's birthday party, and has no idea what to get her as a birthday gift. She doesn't even know what a birthday gift is, since they didn't have birthdays in the Horde. She goes to Glimmer and Bow for help, but Swift Wind interrupts them, apparently having been waiting in the room for a while. He says he'll help her... but he's never been to a birthday party either. His suggestions include: oats, a Horde stun baton, a stick ("It's a food separator! You put it on your plate, and then your food doesn't touch!"), apples, a creepy doll, a lasso, horseshoes (one of which is tossed onto Adora's head, knocking her out), stun baton doll, whistle, hoof bedazzling, mask, and hay. The Best Friend Squad are thoroughly unimpressed.

Glimmer: "I need an adult!"

Adora and Swift Wind go to Frosta's palace, Adora having panicked and brought the stick, wrapped with a ribbon. Swift Wind's disappointed in himself for having failed to save the day. Adora hesitantly walks up to Frosta, who gets extremely excited when she sees the duo.

Adora, knowing this is a disaster: "Happy birthday, Princess Frosta! Um... we didn't know quite what to get you, so, um, the best we could come up with was..."
Frosta: "Eeeee! You're letting me ride Swift Wind for my birthday? Awesome! Can we go right now?"
Adora, tossing the stick offscreen and breaking something: "Ehehe... suuure!"

So Adora takes an excited Frosta on a ride, and Frosta says it's the best birthday ever. The end!

Episode 4: Grounded Glimmer Jailbreak!
Bow approaches Adora and Swift Wind, having their serious faces on. Swift Wind reports that he saw Glimmer having been taken. She was supposed to join a recon mission to Plumeria, but was intercepted in the throne room.

Adora: "It's time for... Operation Free Glimmer!"
Bow: "Where did they take her? The Fright Zone?"
Swift Wind: "It's worse than that! We're going to... Glimmer's bedroom."
Bow: "...waitaminute, what?"
Adora: "Queen Angella grounded Glimmer!"

Bow: "Are these guys for real?"

Bow laughs, and asks if they even know what being grounded is... but Adora's adamant about commencing the operation. She and Swift Wind plan something out, and fly in... with Swift Wind getting stuck in the window. Some guards pass by, and when Adora hides on the outside, they both fall. They then try approaching through the corridor, hiding from guards... but Swift Wind, being a big horse, isn't great at hiding in such a space and ends up knocking down several pieces of art. The guards see them, but don't care at all. They finally make it to Glimmer's room, kicking in the door, where... Glimmer's having ta with her mom. Adora explains they thought Glimmer was being held against her will, and Glimmer admits that she did get grounded for trying to sneak away to hang out with Perfuma without telling anyone, but Angella came to talk with her and they're having a lot of fun now, having a rare moment of hanging out outside of Rebellion business.

Adora: "Ooooh. We're so sorry to barge in on your majesty, I... I guess we'll just go."
Angella: "Would you two like to be grounded and join us for tea?"
Bow, stepping in with his bow drawn: "The fact that I didn't come help you has been eating me up! And I feel like a bad friend, and I'm ready to rescue-"
Adora: "We're staying in and drinking tea!"
Bow: "Yaaaay!"
Swift Wind: "Well, it looks like Operation Everyone Gets Grounded... is a success. For the honour of... ohoho, is that apple blossom? Pass it over!"

Episode 5: Horse Hero Transformation!
Swift Wind comes to the Crystal Castle, having gotten a summon from Adora, telling Light Hope that he doesn't want to fight spiders again.

Adora, dropping in from the ceiling: "Did someone say... She-Raaa?"
Swift Wind: "Haha, no one did! Why are you making a grand entrance?"

Adora wants to acknowledge Swift Wind having helped a lot of people recently, so she wants to help him back. Light Hope tries to explain that there are things he has to to fulfill his role as She-Ra's noble steed, but before she can mention any Swift Wind has his own list: His own transformation sequence, eating more apples, and letting go of his past by showing his old horse friends how cool he is now (which sounds kinda douche-y tbh).

Light Hope: "I have made multiple mistakes."

Adora: "Great! I'll help you do all that stuff, and then... you'll be a hero! Just like Light Hope said."
Light Hope: "That is neither correct nor what I said."
Swift Wind: "I stopped listening after 'Great!'. Come on!"

And so they proceed. Swift Wind eats 19 barrels of apples, having no regrets... until after he ate them all, wondering why Adora let him eat all of them. Then, Adora helps him do a She-Ra style transformation sequence, by doing wind and light effects and throwing glitter as Swift Wind poses in front of a backdrop (and as you might have guessed, this is where today's "title" image is from). Much to the bewilderment of the onlooking Thaymorians, because they chose to do this in Thaymor. Which I guess is because that's where Adora first met him when he still was a horse.

Swift Wind: "More glitter! Brighter lights! Now, do the song!"
Adora: "Swift Wiiind, it's a wonderful Swift Wiiind- hey, wait a minute, I don't get a song when I transform!"
Swift Wind: "Haha, good enough! Now, last but not least..."

Adora approaches two regular horses, and (very flatly) introduces Swift Wind and his abilities that normal horses don't have. The horses don't care. They return to the Crystal Castle, Swift Wind saying he's finished the training and feels like a whole new horse.

Swift Wind: "So, are we done here?"
Light Hope: "No. Nothing you said or did as prepared you for your role as She-Ra's steed. As I tried to state earlier. There are many steps you must take to complete your training."
Adora: "Oh. Okay, well, then what's the first step?"
Light Hope, smirking: "Spiders." Lots of spiders start crawling in
Adora: "Great! Well, I guess another day is saved thanks to-"
Swift Wind: "Less talking, more dodging spiders!"

In the next intermission, fire!

Happy Easter, y'all! There will be no update next week as I work a lot next week and I want to get a few episodes in the pipe before I start posting season 3. Until then!

Nov 8, 2009


Swift Wind still a jerk.


Gnome de plume
Sep 5, 2006


I had no idea these shorts existed and they're a delight

I enjoy half of them aren't just Swift Wind being an oblivious dumbass, they're Swift Wind and Adora being dumbassess together.

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