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Jan 4, 2009

Welcome to the MMO HMO, where we sit around the embers of this dead genre and reminisce about the games of our youth, throw money at new games that promise to recapture that magic, and grind our butts off play pretty princess simulator. I know many of us have spent large amounts of time, energy, and money on these games, but we can still keep things chill and talk about our guilty gaming pleasures. Here are some rules to make sure things go smoothly. Honestly, this is a pretty mellow and balanced subforum but it's always nice to codify expectations:

0.) Be kind. This has been a rough year for many and MMOs can be a great escape from reality. Please don't be jerks to each other. We're all in this together.

1.) All Games and general SA rules apply here. Some of the following rules reiterate or elaborate on those linked Games rules.

2.) No metaposting (e.g., saw n posts and clicked). This isn't funny and never was.

3.) No slurs / "gamer words" / etc. This cursed genre has been around for a long time, and certain things you thought were funny to say in 2001 aren't acceptable. Social norms have changed here over the decades and I hope you've kept up. If you need more guidance, don't use words here you wouldn't use in a workplace. Any kind of racism, transphobia, homophobia, or sexism will not be tolerated.

4.) Please don't tell people to kill themselves or encourage harmful behavior. MMOs have an unfortunate but warranted association with self-harm and addiction. Hurting yourself or continuing harmful behaviors isnít the answer. People care about you, and youíre an important part of this community. We will reach out via PM to anyone we think is struggling with this, so please be supportive and report anything you're worried about.

5.) Don't import drama from discord, jabber, or other platforms. Each MMO probably has their own method of communicating outside the forums or in game chat, but leave the poop there.

6.) No real money trading (RMT). I get that your phallic spaceship pilot is worth a lot of dollars but don't try to sell it here.

7.) If you want something to stay private, post in Private Game Servers. Everyone can see MMO HMO, but you need an account to view Private Game Servers.

If in doubt about a bad post, don't hesitate to slam that report button. Let's keep this a chill, good space.

Feel free to reach out to the wonderful mod team with any issues, feedback, or suggestions!
Mod: Kaysette
IKs: Do Not Fear Jazz, The Chairman


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