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You are CORDIALLY invited to play with me, your pal aldantefax, in BYOB the RPG!

What is a TRPG?

A TRPG, commonly called a "Tabletop RPG" or a "Table-Talk RPG" to most, is a game where you create a character who is ready to go out on adventures! Typically, these adventures are created and curated by someone called a "Game Master", which, in this case, shall be me! I'll be responsible for describing the world, taking the role of monsters and other characters you meet in your adventure, and keep the game moving so we all have a good time.

TRPGs can be played anywhere as long as you have some pals, dice, and time. Thanks to the magic of the internet, the dice part is really easy! The pals are where you come in; the time is the hardest thing of all.


Who can play: Everybody! But I can only take up to 5 players at a time per session.
When is the game: I humbly but also excitedly propose a game OPEN TO ALL that happens almost every Tuesday night at 9:30 PM US Central time.
What System? Levels? OPTIONS?: To make things easy, we shall be using a highly modified version of PDQ: Prose Descriptive Qualities! This is a simple game system that allows anybody to show up and have a character ready to roll. I will make it even easier by outlining the most basic fundamentals.
What equipment do I need?: You'll need a working microphone, Discord, and a way to roll dice. You can roll your own dice, ask someone to roll for you, or use a dice program. If you have a phone, you can do just fine on Discord from your phone!

Character Creation

- Name your character! You can name them anything you like: Meatbun, Jet Li, Cornelius Whitefang, Steve, Dana, etc...
- Pick one of the jobs your character does. A list is provided below with FANCY PICTURES.
- Pick 1 thing your character is GREAT at. When you do that thing, people go "Wow!". Maybe you are just like, the go-to for when someone needs a hug. You are a GREAT hugger.
- Pick 2 things your character is PRETTY GOOD at! It's not as "wow" but people really appreciate it when you do these things. You can be pretty good at making spaghetti, and casting spells!
- Pick 1 thing that your character is embarrassed about, but is generally a good sport over. You might be a bit embarrassed about farting in public, but it happens sometimes and everybody understands, farts happen.
- Describe your character. If you have no idea how to describe them, try using this "Random General Person Generator":, and select "Anime", and pick a result!

That's it! Your character is ready to roll. If you want to go the extra mile, find a cool anime picture. I like searching for stuff from Pixiv Fantasia or old-rear end animes with people that have huge shoulderpads and capes. If you want some genre specific stuff, try fantasy, medieval, fairytale, etc. or videogames with a nice art feel. If you want to go CRAZY, you can draw a character, or get someone to draw it for you!

What do you do in the game?

You are a group of Travelers who are determined to have the best darn time possible. You've said your cheery goodbyes to your friends and family in your hometown, packed your bags, and loudly declared, "HUZZAH! ADVENTURE AWAITS!"

As a result, you picked a road and just started rambling. Who knows where it will take you, and what mischief you will get into? I can't wait!

Dealing with the Troubles

Along your ramble, of course, you may find that you run into dangerous or weird things or situations with no easy answer. That's okay! Use what you know of your job and what your character's GREAT at, what they're pretty good at...maybe even what they're a little embarrassed about. Then, start throwing dice!

You will always roll at least 2d6, but sometimes you describe something so good or you get a really cool idea, and that gives you MORE DICE. Great! You want BIG NUMBERS, so get creative! Feeling stuck? Don't worry, say "Help me, friends", and maybe your friends shall help you. Here are ways to get MORE DICE:

- Loudly announce your name, and how you're here to help. "I AM BUTT THE poo poo MAN FART, AND I'M HERE TO HUG EVERY HORSE," you roar, and proceed to get huggin'. (+2 Dice! But you can only do it once per Trouble)
- Get your pals to cooperate with you! "Help me, orbs!" (+1 Dice! Work together to describe how you help each other out with the power of teamwork)
- Describe a neat solution. "The dragon probably is just mad about losing all their recorded anime, but luckily for me, I just so happen to have the entire Bluray Collection of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure that's region free...AND a Bluray player!" (+1 Dice! But be reasonable.)
- Make things spicy. "Oh, yeah, dude? Well, I know you probably are real bent out of shape over your house burning down, but what if I built you a new house out of toenails! Hello???" (+1 Dice, but this might backfire)
- Ask nicely if you haven't got any extra dice for awhile. (+1 Dice, because Dice...are )

If you need to resolve some Troubles, you must do so one bit at a time. If all Troubles (with a capital T) were so easy to resolve, then the world might be a bit happier - but also a lot more boring! Sometimes solving Troubles makes more Troubles, and that's cool.

If you roll a Big Number, sweet, you are making progress! Maybe something cool happens, the bigger the number, possibly the cooler or weirder the thing.

If you roll a Small Number, that is also progress! But you may have some unexpected results as well. Failure just means more opportunities, or maybe you do exactly what you want, just get a different result than you intended!

If you get into a fight, you may be asked to get into the DANGER EGG, but this is a secret until it is revealed.

What is the tone of this game, anyway?

You may notice this game is actually rather silly and whimsical, and you know what, that's true! This is a game intended to be a chill and fun experience for chill and fun people, and being kind to one another. Don't worry too much about 'THE RULES', just use this as an excuse to meet new pals and hang out with your pals and laugh about how those dice worked out. This is a game where maybe crazy, epic things happen but generally people are really just super enthusiastic about adventures and having a good time.

Also, you may find that this game has much weirdness, odd humor, and anime, in-jokes, and all manner of flim-flam, shenanigans, bric-a-bric, tomfoolery, and miscellany.

What if I can't make every session?

That's cool! Just show up when you can, but also, please show up on time. If you show up later, that's cool, just get someone to fill you in unless we're already full for the night.

How long is a session?

I have about enough brain power for 2 to 3 hours on a regular session. Some may be a little shorter, others may be a little longer.

I've never done this before and I'm uncomfortable!

You should know that this is intended to be very easy to drop in and drop out. There's no crazy plotlines or dark conspiracies (maybe a little dark, but not really) or the like, so you can feel free to just hang out and observe until you do feel like you want to join in.

I have been running games for...a while! I have welcomed many new people to the hobby and I am confident that we can find something that works for you. However, if you are really uncomfortable about the whole thing, that's okay too. TRPGs are a place where all manner of stories and people come together and find out more about themselves and each other. If you find something isn't going well, you can always back up or ask for a stop, fade to black, or message me in private. We're all in this to have fun together, not at other people's expense.

Alright, so what kind of character can I be?

Glad you asked, Traveler! Here is a list of all the jobs there are, which give you "Skills" - these are things that enable you to do stuff, but don't worry too much about the details. If you can heal, you can heal! If you are Robust, you are ROBUST!

NB: These are from Ryuutama, but aside from that we will not be using any of the other rules unless it looks like it might be cool and fun

Where might I Travel to?

You are in the land of Orbia, a supercontinent that has a massive sea to the east and west. Lands beyond are yet to be discovered. Dragons are everywhere, but hidden from the public eye. It's said that there are dragon-people who secretly collect stories of rambling adventurers and feed them to dragons to keep them well fed.

When we begin the game, your crew will start in one of the following countries:

You may choose to travel to a type of place. Not sure? Roll 1d6, or make something up!

- 1: A Near place, like the next town over that has some kickass donuts
- 2: A Really Far place, like one end of the continent to the other
- 3: A Exotic place, like the Golem Farms of Dorg
- 4: A Big place, like the Grand Markets of Chan
- 5: A Hidden place, like the Elfhomes of the Protectorate
- 6: A New place nobody's ever been, like Blankness in the middle of the map!

After you figure it out, play to find out what happens!

I don't actually want to play, but I want to make a character because that's cool

Cool! You can make a character and post it in here, and it will perhaps be featured in the game - I make no guarantees, though!

How long is this going to last?

Ideally I would like to run this for as long as possible. I've been running 6 to 8 other games daily since "The Thing" started last year and it just so happens I like running games since I can't go anywhere. This is a bit different of a format since this is an open table, but if it works for people, let's do it!

How can I get in touch for the game?

Go here and say hi:

Note: I may be asleep or busy but I will try and say hi back to you! I am happy to answer any questions here or in Discord.

Picture of a Dog




Unsinkabear posted:

This looks terrific. Can people who aren't playing still tune in on Tuesdays?

Yes! Just hang out in that Discord in the OP and I'll give a holler.



How Wonderful! posted:

I already play dnd on Tuesday nights so I'm weeping in despair. But if it's alright I'll whip up a character and maybe they can show up as an NPC at some point?

Absolutely! And, if it turns out you are free, then please stop on by and say hello. Make away!



This is lovely! Crudmilla Dogsnack will almost certainly be found skulking about in the places you least expect her (and most expect her). Thank you so much for your character!

We are still looking for players before we get the first session scheduled, we have TWO so far and possibly a THIRD via Heather Papps.

Because it was a question for Straw (BoldFrankensteinMir) let's talk very quickly about Religion and Magics in the world. (Note: this may not be very quick)

Religion is mostly animistic in tradition - there are many, perhaps infinitely, little gods that are in everything and everyone, but there are primordial Elemental Spirits which have granted things their divine spark.

  • Wisp, the Elemental of Light
  • Dryad, the Elemental of Wood
  • Jinn, the Elemental of Wind
  • Salamander, the Elemental of Fire
  • Shade, the Elemental of Darkness
  • Luna, the Elemental of the Moon
  • Gnome, the Elemental of Earth
  • Undine, the Elemental of Water

These Elemental Spirits were born from the Great Mother of the World, Gaea, who rests in the roots of the world with the World Dragons.

The deity which Straw may worship may be a child of the Elemental Spirits of Dryad and Gnome, or perhaps he may worship one of the two directly. Everybody worships every spirit, but not everybody receives the magic healing powers that Straw has! That's why when people see him do his thing, they are definitely wowed.

In the case of Crudmilla, the Ratking who may grant her benedictions is likely a descendent of Shade, perhaps once a pet rat who was given a magic crown. An Elemental Spirit, after all, does not need to have a partner to have a child, they can do as they please!

About World Dragons

The World Dragons are the stewards of the land that grow over countless millennia. They are the faithful servants of Gaea and the Elemental Spirits, and they survive off of the Grand World Energy, and grow in size and power through being fed stories with the Spirit of Adventure. There are three major types of World Dragons:

  • Seasonal Dragons, the four most powerful dragons which ensure that the four seasons happen on schedule. They are supported by twenty-four micro-seasonal dragons! To meet one of the Big Four means you shall be destined for great adventures, and to meet the other twenty-four is a sign of good things to come, indeed.
  • Terrain Dragons, which are landscapers. They are responsible for the breathtaking vistas and profound expanses that are common to the lands of Orbia. There are many of them, and it is usually considered good luck if you meet one, but also it might mean signs of great change to the land are coming, for they are very private in their work and do not wish to be disturbed by the ramblings of mortals.
  • Weather Dragons, which are responsible for distributing and redistributing the Grand World Energy based on the seasons. They are mercurial, playful, mischievous, and are generally what you think of when you're in a certain kind of weather. For example, Sun dragons are very cheerful and warm! Cloud dragons are very thoughtful and aloof and easily distracted. Rain dragons prefer to keep to themselves and are rather shy and delicate. And so on...

About Magics

All of the Elemental Spirits and World Dragons survive and maintain the balance of the world thanks to the Grand World Energy, a byproduct of which is the special stuff that people refer to as magic. All sorts of people have figured out how to harness magic in different ways, which leads to great works, and small miracles. It can be found in the most unexpected of places!

To use magic, one need only harness the power of the Grand World Energy in the ways that they know how. Usually, it requires at least a little bit of training, but even a child in their gap-toothed laughter and merriment can cast a tiny spell!

In some places, the Grand World Energy is rather weak. Magic effects are hard to come by here. People who live in these places use Technology as a way to support their everyday lives.

In other places, Grand World Energy is very strong. Magic is amplified and sometimes has wonderful and terrifying effects!

About the Spirit of Adventure and Ryuujin, the Dragonkin

In order for there to be magic, there must be the Elemental Spirits and World Dragons, and in order to nourish the World Dragons, there must be stories harvested from rambling adventurers. A race of ancient beings secretly watches over adventurers as they ramble about doing all manner of things, writing in their special books that capture the Spirit of Adventure. These books are then used to read to all dragons, young and old, and the stories let them grow and mature in mind and body.

A Dragonkin, or Ryuujin, as they tend to call themselves, are mostly neutral folk that stay out of the common eye. They have angelic wings and hints of draconic features such as horns and the like, but can take the guise of a normal human. If they need to in an emergency, they can use a special power to them, Reveil, which allows them to adopt their true form of Dragonkind. This is rare, but happens most often with rambling adventurers to help them out of a pinch when dealing with the Troubles.

It's said that if a Dragonkin follows the party, the kind of person they are influences the types of things that adventurers will face. They are usually categorized by their color, and each bears a book which details the types of stories they collect:

  • Azure Blue, the Bearer of Heartwarming Encounters
  • Verdurous Green, the Bearer of Grand Journeys
  • Crimson Red, the Bearer of Legendary Conflicts
  • Pure Black, the Bearer of Shadowy Intrigue

Each of these dragonkin have their own attitudes and sense of humor, but above all, they all seek fun adventures. Adventures which end in ramblers crying bitter tears and returning home feeling horrible are anathema! Thus, they will make sure to support the adventurers however they can. They can provide direct support occasionally through the Reveil, but they can also perform certain special effects a limited amount of times per adventure. You'll have to find out what those are!

Meta-Notes: This is basically Ryuutama

For anybody interested in where these ideas are coming from, they come from an old but beautifully illustrated game called Ryuutama, published originally in Japanese and localized in English. If you're interested in a copy, you should check out the official site in English:

The world was created using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator:

The Elemental Spirits come from the Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) series:

The interpretations of all the above into whatever amalgamation this is, is from me, and y'all!

aldantefax fucked around with this message at 21:22 on Feb 13, 2021



Sounds good! I look forward to hearing more about FARMER soon!



Heather Papps posted:

okay i'm going to be a FARMER and the extra skill will be weapon grace. think shepherd who spent way too long pretending sticks were spears, and got really really good at splitting wood, etc.

GREAT: throwing rocks or similarly sized small objects at targets

PRETTY GOOD: jumping, carrying things

EMBARRASSED: genuinely unsettled and frightened by/of bugs

name/character history and motivation i need to think some more about, but the character i play is almost always informed by my build and now that i've picked things it should be simple

also as a FARMER you get a cool sidekick from being an animal owner (but animals really owned? the matter is debatable, since they choose to hang out with you). You can have a COOL DOG, a WITTY CAT, or maybe something else??



BoldFrankensteinMir posted:

Oh whoops, I didn't even see that farmer is a whole class, maybe I need a different thing to be good-not-great at. I could just be FARMER's hired hand and my two good-ats are cooking and, maybe, handle animal?

these are good! thank you for your consideration!



Buttchocks posted:

I'm a shopkeeper, but I only sell turnips and +1 magical plate armor.

you may also roll 1d6 for special turnips, once per week:

- 1: turnip of longing, when you eat it, you become longer in some aspect
- 2: turnip of shortening, you may chop it up and use it in a baked goods recipe
- 3: turnip of elucidation, you may throw it in order to get exposition on the first thing it hits (1 throw per turnip)
- 4: turnip of medulla obscura, you may blend it into a drink or squeeze it into one if you are STRONG, it doesn't taste very good but it will reveal to you your subconscious thoughts for one minute
- 5: turnip of melon collie: when gazed upon for an hour, temporarily turns you into a dog who can eat melons. you like canteloupe especially
- 6: turnip of mystery: nobody knows what this turnip does or how to use it. it's said that there is a mysterious flute ditty that plays every time you pick one up from a treasure chest. nobody knows where the sound comes from either

your plate armor is renowned throughout the land. you may roll 1d6 to determine its legacy:

- 1: tony hawk
- 2: prince (the performing artist formerly known as)
- 3: king arthur (one of the anime versions of him or some other such representation)
- 4: your future or past self
- 5: a humble gongfarmer
- 6: satan



yeah, yeah, and yeah!!!

Seems good, dirt gord, I will root for u and Milk Sally



Just an update for anybody who is like "wasn't this thing supposed to happen already lol", you may have heard that there is a little bit of weather happening in Texas, where my brain currently resides (my spirit remains with everybody and everything in the internet though). Currently my brain is operating on emergency power and so hopefully we'll try to get the game up and running on Tuesday, March 2 @ 9:30 PM US Central time. Thanks everybody for your patience!

Also, I have put a series of adventure prompts up for people to debate over what might be good. These can be self-contained adventures or can be combined to create a super-adventure.

If anybody has any ideas or would like to do some freewheel writing on these things, then go ahead, otherwise I will take some of these based on player and thread response and kludge something together. Hope everybody is doing well!



thanks for playing! we shall continue next week with the story of "The Megacircus and Sleepy Town", stay tuned!



Hey everybody! We are ON for this Tuesday! If you are interested, here is a brief lore post about Megacircuses (there are multiple):

Nobody knows when the first Megacircus came into being in Orbia, or perhaps it was always there as a kind of constant reminder that jubilations are always one Megacircus away. They grow in size like the warbands of old, or perhaps the crashing waves, but instead they bring festivities in untold panoply. Food most decadent, drinks ever-sweet, and entertainment aplenty.

Each Megacircus is said to swell in size and inexorably be drawn over the course of years of endless revelry to another Megacircus, resulting in a sobering of both Megacircuses. The following outcomes have been recorded (roll 1d6 to determine the last Megacircus fate you can uncover):

1-2: Dispersion. Both Megacircuses collide and the sheer amount of enjoyment causes them to break apart like two waves crashing into each other.
3: Amalgamation. Two Megacircuses become one. If they are of sufficient size, a Gigacircus may be formed.
4: Apotheosis. The Megacircuses ascend to a plane of higher existence than the Prime Material, all of the participants becoming enraptured and uplifted to the Celestial Heavens as little gods of the Jubilee.
5: Confluence. Though it appears they meet, the Megacircuses converge but still remain separate. They will eventually separate as each Megacircus moves through one another, possibly causing an exchange in Megacircus ideas.
6: Subdivision. Each Megacircus creates smaller Megacircuses, which then trundle off immediately (on a geological timescale or faster) to go revel elsewhere.

There are generally as many consequences to an eternal roaming party like the Megacircus, but some have figured out ways to become self-sustaining. Cotton candy can be used as both a food source but also as a durable supply to repair broken wagon axles and circus rides, as an example. The Ringleader is more a conductor, and they hold great (but not all) the power in a Megacircus. Large amounts of detritus and building debris is often found in the wake of a Megacircus, which can leave a trail miles-wide of discarded popcorn bags, ruined buildings which could not move in time, and passed out party people.


I don't have a picture of what a Megacircus looks like, but Goatman, the bipedal goat that wears a dapper vest and hat, is leading the Megacircus that the crew has rambled into this time! What will happen next?



Different kinds of trolls you might find at the Megacircus:

1: Blue troll. Generally tends to sleep for a long time. Known to eat people in their sleep but mostly by accident. Sometimes blocks the path, unless you give them some kind bud.
2: Red troll. Often mistaken for an oni because of their skin, they are rather indignant about it. The horns and ferocious gaze as well as tiger-striped loin cloth and heavy spiked iron club likely does not help getting the two races mixed up.
3: Purple troll. Pretty good at doing business, they helped defined the whole bridge economy several aeons ago. It's said they were once green, but made Dionysus angry so he turned them purple grape-colored instead.
4: Yellow troll. Loves eating seitan and other vegan foods.
5: Mind troll. Carries around a pen and paper and often recites from the Book of Mad Disses. Likes to get people riled up by gaslighting them, kind of rude but means well.
6: Troll troll. Actually two or more trolls in one, roll twice above. If you get the same result, it means they are a double-version of that kind of troll. Nobody knows what that means.



the gang is en route to the cotton candy factory and mr bones' wild ride, but they have to get there -- FAST -- or else they'll miss the Big Show with the Pyrotechnic Goblins.

as a result the group rallied back at their favorite restaurant in Sleepytown, "DRINKZ", and gave the Granny there a corndog, leveling her up to Golden Granny, and then after a crafty call to the Zorb Tournament Office, ended up setting up a Double Extreme Elimination Battle Royale Zorb Tournament, which they won after shooting an overcharged beer cannon now responsible for BEER LAKE off in the distance

the players may have other notes on this session, but we'll see everybody next time...!



A picture of the Zorb Tournament Organizer, working from home:







gonna get into the dueling ring octagon with dueling dan, the champion duelist of children's card games as well as the ultimate fancy combo breaker (UFCB) in the cafeteria of the cotton candy factory

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