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Jan 10, 2010

Problem description: 10 year old laptop model, in notably otherwise good condition has stopped running it's cooling fan. Owner mentioned it was running badly and noticed heat and lack of airflow. Checked fan on another 3pin connector and adhoc USB direct wiring and confirmed fan is functional. Checked 3pin on laptop with another spare fan, no joy on operation. Checked 3pin connector, reading of 0.08v, undetectable amperage. I can see no corrosion or cracks in the solder on the side of the motherboard open to me. Contacted manufacturer, reply simply stated laptop was far too old and they would not be able to fix as they carry no parts or otherwise for it. Mostly throwing this at HTS to see if anyone's dealt with similar and if there's anything else I can do before splitting it to do potential soldering work on the interior face, as I may pass on to a different tech due to me lacking workspace and equipment I'd feel confident using.


System specs: Clevo W25AES/Sager NP3260

Location: Manitoba, CA

I have Googled and read the FAQ: Yes

E: Have done the disassembly necessary to look at connectors on the other board side. No corrosion or damage seen. Ruling out this particular I'm at a loss for fixable things that could cause this fan connector to die.

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Jan 10, 2010

On a lark I decided to attempt to reset solder on the volt feed side on the bottom face of the board. Had a gut feeling, was less shiny. Fan now works... ish. Seems to sit at really low RPMs, but does spin up if the temps go too high. I'm not considering this finished quite yet, but I'll update and close the thread if I manage to fix completely.

Jan 9, 2004

outlive your enemies

Clevo fans are pretty aggressive generally. Don't know about yours specifically but did you hear any noises out of the ordinary?

One pin should deffo get a solid voltage 3 or 5v usually. One should be ground, and one should be variable voltage like .200 or 1.5 or something.

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