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i happen to be an unemployed SLACKER who also likes buying things (without blowing my whole maintenance loan on it)
i get around 3k a year from my maint loan which is supposed to be used for rent n poo poo but i live with my parents so its pretty much just... there

ive tried asking around in BFC but i didnt really get any responses, so i thought i might as well ask here lol
anyone happen to know how i could make some extra money from home? doesnt have to be much

so far i've tried mturk (which i got rejected for), and ive set up a fiverr
im also willing to sell my programming skills to other goons but 1) i dont think my account's old enough to sell on SA-Mart, and 2) i dont want to undercut anyone else who might be trying to sell their poo poo as a result of my impostor syndrome

oh i should also probably mention i live in fuckin england so uhhh things that're for US residents only arent gonna be much use

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i also wanna use the money to buy myself some more huel bars because god knows my diet needs it

bottom sig by Heather Papps, pretty based

Ex-Cyberpsycho Guy

hilaroius poster arche-type sounds kind of familiar. let me lead you through the top points:

1. steal anything not bolted down
2. steal change from the laundromat by using a screwdriver to crack open the driers
3. fight people at the laundromat, if they run you get to keep their poo poo, change often
4. die in some easily avoidable electrical mishap as you try to steal copper from a huge generator or something
5. try to steal copper from anything else
6. jump in front of moving cars, the nicer the car the better chance you have of makin g a payday
7. pretend at the store that the car you're standing next to is yours, then when someone isn't looking yank their cart towards it and cause a huge ruckus, like calling the police poo poo, hopefully they'll try to keep you quiet.
8. using a stick or some kind of broom handle, you can steal pies off other peoplels window sills, sell them to the nearest homeless guy but only if he pays
9 find an accesible part of the city and try to shut it down, effectively causing a toll road.

10 work with a friend and pretend to get robbed, if someone helps you grab their purse they will be completely stunned
11. ask to try multiple free samples at the store, put into one big ziploc. use this to save money on food later on
12. steal food
13. beg the mayor
14. blackmail the mayor

you gotta have the imagination here buddy.

follow me to some great lucy flames


...but i didnt finish

have you tried just being rich op


yacht jester



I put my thumb up my bum and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth.

Fart in jars and sell them as ghosts on Ebay

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