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Dec 16, 2011

...but i didnt finish

everyone knows and remembers stairs, maybe you remember img-timeline or PAK CHOOIE UNF or Sometimes I Fall Down or "where be the milk up in this piece" or some other random poo poo. but what about the modern era? does SA have any classic modern phrases or in-jokes on the forum?

does ball-do count? maybe "bad faith posting"? we need to get back to being a hub of internet innovation. i propose making yatta! relevant again

fake edit: making jokes about goldbelly cookies definitely has to be up there right?


Jun 29, 2008


turn on your monitor

Apr 18, 2009

I'll be the rollinbout

Fun Shoe

we don't make jokes here anymore op

Dec 16, 2011

...but i didnt finish

Saalkin posted:

turn on your monitor

yeah that's a good one actually

"there is no spoone" - The Matricks
"when there is no more room in hell ur gonna have to wait in line loll" -gorge romero
wat do you do when you're born to play fps? guess there's nothing left 2 do but play fps. boom headshot

Dec 27, 2012

Love Conquers All

sir this is a wendys christian drive-thru forums

20 Blunts
Jan 21, 2017

I'm sorry some of you can't be happy for even 2 seconds because it's an ego threat for life to get easier because you're still not going to achieve your daydreams of loving anime characters, but this will help people who actually are trying to live a good life. hurrah!!

Dec 16, 2011

...but i didnt finish


sir this is a wendys christian drive-thru forums

i don't think this originated on SA i think it just thrived here

"there is no spoone" - The Matricks
"when there is no more room in hell ur gonna have to wait in line loll" -gorge romero
wat do you do when you're born to play fps? guess there's nothing left 2 do but play fps. boom headshot

i must compose
Jul 4, 2010

that crazy Congress woman

I'm gay. Wait that's not a joke.

Big Beef City
Aug 15, 2013

Your posting, op

Mar 9, 2014

Lipstick Apathy

dunk a dill pickle, realdo

Dec 16, 2011

...but i didnt finish

slaw dog/frog dog/any doobie's reference pretty much

"there is no spoone" - The Matricks
"when there is no more room in hell ur gonna have to wait in line loll" -gorge romero
wat do you do when you're born to play fps? guess there's nothing left 2 do but play fps. boom headshot

beer gas canister
Oct 30, 2007

W E L C O M E T O M Y C U S T O M T I T L E ! ! !

Plaster Town Cop

William Henry Hairytaint
Oct 29, 2011

Before i exit stage right, I'll repost this. Its more fitting for you anyways.

Oh, and remember when someone comes and reads this thread what they'll see is your moronic rear end preaching about not responding, etc and then continuing to do just the opposite for page after page. Just like me. Yeah, we both come out looking great.

With that in mind, I'm out and here's my full thoughts one more time for ya:

Want a meltdown? Keep reading from your mothers basements while you beat your tiny dick secretly thinking of Sandi you hypocritical pieces of human garbage.

So how much did you have in SC? I wonder as you're clearly a follower willing to jump on the dog pile here. And if you don't, well at least you can say you made at least one smart choice in life.

Say what you want. But at least I was never so loving stupid as to give CR money like some of the big brains here.

Or even better the loving disgusting assholes straddling the fence believing they'll win whether its released or not.

Here's a news break dumb fucks - You're part of the problem!

But you put yourself in the great position where you can't lose.

Here's the thing though, after I've been accused of shilling my blog, my radio show, etc etc I'm done.

I only ever posted one blog.

I don't have a radio show (that was BlueStrealkBTS you confused idiots).

And my name? Hey, you can find out who I am dumb rear end. That's the point. I don't hide behind anonymity being a loving puppet for DS. I wanted you and everyone to know who I was. Much like DS (whom in respect for this) I'm content to tell you to gently caress off with my real name. The B stands for Branson, my real name. Don't like it? Fine. I find people hiding being handles to be pussies most of the time. Do you have the balls to say the poo poo you spew online under your real name? If not, then get off my loving dick. Not all of us are loving scared bitch.

But hey, lie about all I've done. Forget the take down my wife wrote of CRs letter or the other poo poo we've done. Forget all the poo poo you've quoted of ours without realizing. Forget all the poo poo we've provided to DS.

All that poo poo about Kevin Dent, Wolf Knights relationship, helping Liz keep her loving job. THAT WAS US IDIOTS! But hey, we don't shill that, so gently caress us right.

But i get it, its easy to lie about what I've done. It helps you get your Lols. But anyone reading this think about this one thing, if these cocksuckers can lie about a no one like me then what else can they lie about?

It doesn't matter though. You hate my "shilling" yet suck the dick of the man LITERALLY SHILLING HIS loving BLOG! Hypocritical pussies, every loving one of you.

You wonder why your stupid poo poo isn't in the gaming media? Simple because most of you come off as the same vile stupid poo poo you claim to hate. No one gives a gently caress about the 500th Ben is fat joke. You dumb loving idiots. No one gives a gently caress about Ben Ghazi. Period. Its not a smoking gun. And the fact that of all places SA is crying about it only makes it that much more pathetic.

This isn't about a game for me, and never was. This was about the effect this has on all of gaming. But you've lost site of that. Your content as long as you get a game or Lols and that's loving pathetic. And people see right through your stupid poo poo.

Want to prove it? Check if SC is still going? Yeah, it is. You haven't won. So quit patting yourselves on the loving back.

Oh, and keep pretending this hasn't become an echo chamber. Hate to break it to you, but you're the only ones that think it's not. Some of you were even to stupid to realize Lowtax was trolling you as he was NEVER going to put money into the SC poo poo show. But nope heads so far up your goddamn asses sniffing your own farts you couldn't even see it.

Can't make it more clear how much of loving morons I find most of you. If I could blow out the part of my brain that even thinks about you dumb shits I would as that would be more preferable then ever having read your inane stupid bullshit to begin with.

And if you want to know why people think you worship Derek just look at how he is now the mod and you have users like TijuanaPedophile telling people to gently caress off for daring to air there dissent. Or the fact that so many of you seem to live and breath off of what he says, parroting whatever he says. Yeah, real hard one to figure out you group of goddamn low grade trolls.

You get a rise out of me. Yeah, sure. I even enjoy this poo poo to a degree. If i didn't I wouldn't bother with this. I find it enjoyable to a degree. Especially as it mostly just reinforces the low loving view I have of most of you. But you don't care right? You just keep responding to because your over it, or above it, or whatever stupid bullshit you pile on.

The majority of you are loving pathetic and under some goddamn delusion that when this is all said and done you'll be remembered or some poo poo. Well newsflash gently caress faces, this will be moved to the gas chamber like many a thread before it and no one will remember you. Derek? Yeah, sure. The rest of you?



You're about as important as I am, NOT AT loving ALL! And no one will remember you or your pathetic excuses at trolling. You wont go down as winning some war. You'll just be another loving burp on the internet that no one gives two shits about. Keep thinking otherwise. It'll be funny when reality crashes down on your pathetic SC obsessed lives.

If you don't like me, good. I don't like you. Now were on the same page. Don't like my writing? Well gently caress you. I don't like your excuse for grammar either.

At least Im not some scared internet pussy thinking I'm vastly more important then I am. I'd rather be that then ever be like the majority of you pathetic fence straddling hypocrites.

And to those wondering why I care so much well that's simple because SC COULD loving RUIN GAMING. If it fails there goes crowd funding. Period. This has been discussed many times before.

It also shows the publishers and big companies that its very easy, easier then anyone thought, to get a bunch of dumb loving rubes to hand over a bunch of money for nothing more then the hope of a dream and nothing loving more. And if you don't think big companies haven't noticed and won't try to replicate this poo poo then your stupider then I ever loving thought. And that's goddamn impressive.

I care, a lot, about consumer rights and advocacy. This is, and has always been, a consumer rights issue for me. Yeah, its a loving game. But with 113m on the line its much bigger then that and though I think a lot of you are dumber then dried poo poo I at least think you know this is a bigger issue then just another game. If you didn't realize that then you wouldn't hang on what DS says, as you clearly do.

I've also from the start been very concerned about the amount of dumb fucks willing to give them money. I never would have guessed it'd get this far, but here we are. With some of you loving retards willfully being part of the goddamn problem all while bitching about it without a hint of irony.

Which in turn makes me weep for the loving state of things, as how can we ever have anything nice with dumb shits crying about bullshit they are actively supporting.

And yes, if you work there, take money from CIG, put money into the game, talk positively about it singing it's praises, or any of that type of poo poo, all while posting here, THEN YOURE PART OF THE loving PROBLEM AND I WILL NOT, AND CANNOT, RESPECT THAT. GET OFF THE loving FENCE AND PICK A GODDAMN SIDE. if you can't, THEM SHUT THE gently caress UP YOUR MAKING IT WORSE YOU IGNORANT gently caress!

And if and when this poo poo show comes out, and you rush off to play it, just remember how much of a part of the problem you really were. You fence straddling waste of human skin.

I'll end with this, I know I'm better then you. Period. I NEVER put a dime into this goddamn poo poo show of a game. MOST OF YOU DID YOU DUMB loving IDIOTS THAT COULDN'T BE BOTHERED TO GOOGLE FOR 5 loving MINUTES AS THAT'S ALL IT TOOK TO FIND OUT CR WAS A HACK! 5 loving MINUTES! BUT NOPE, JUST THROW MONEY AT IT THAT'S A GOOD IDEA. gently caress YOU AS YOU'RE THE loving PROBLEM!

There's you're loving meltdown. Enjoy and just to put a bow on it - SUCK MY loving oval office YOU PATHETIC GROUP OF loving SHEEP!

Probate this you unfunny assclowns.

PS - thanks for the thousands of unique hits from SA by the way. And your welcome for all the coments from our page you posted. You might hate us, but hey that .05 helped keep the page up assholes.

Goodnight and see you in the Verse Commandos. I leave you to stroke your over inflated epeens in peace.

Apr 4, 2004

here he comes
and he's gone again

Nap Ghost

do you have ramps in your house?

Inexplicable Humblebrag
Sep 20, 2003

it's mostly just confusing, alienating nonsense, op

Jul 31, 2010


Some recent ones Iíve seen making the rounds:

hah well thatís at em!

Cant hit a goon with a hammer but you can string it with one

Aug 14, 2015

Here's the very freshest of new poo poo for you:
gas thread ban op

dee eight
Dec 18, 2002

The Spirit
of Maynard

Mozi posted:

do you have ramps in your house?

Jul 10, 2008

Gravy Boat 2k

i think we are all out of toner

Das Boo
Jun 9, 2011

There was a GHOST here. It's gone now.

Small pastry may not be new, but it's eternal.

Son of Rodney
Feb 22, 2006


Is this loss

Dec 16, 2011

...but i didnt finish

William Henry Hairytaint posted:

Before i exit stage right, I'll repost this. Its more fitting for you anyways.

holy poo poo lol what's the origin of this one, Star Citizen evidently but what's the context

this is easily one of the best threads in recent years and I have been alot

"there is no spoone" - The Matricks
"when there is no more room in hell ur gonna have to wait in line loll" -gorge romero
wat do you do when you're born to play fps? guess there's nothing left 2 do but play fps. boom headshot

Doctor Dogballs
Apr 1, 2007

driving the fuck truck from hand land to pound town without stopping at suction station


spuce it up

Jan 7, 2020

I'm gray

Sep 18, 2016

barnold posted:

yeah that's a good one actually

this has existed for like 10 years lol

Sep 18, 2016

this website has not produced anything creative in a long time. i'm sorry op

Dec 16, 2011

...but i didnt finish

cum posted:

this has existed for like 10 years lol

yeah but it's still very relevant unlike most of the ones I posted in the OP. like not many people go around saying ACES! anymore but a lot of people say turn on your monitor you know what i'm sayin

"there is no spoone" - The Matricks
"when there is no more room in hell ur gonna have to wait in line loll" -gorge romero
wat do you do when you're born to play fps? guess there's nothing left 2 do but play fps. boom headshot

Mar 26, 2007

I am Nooner

Cuck meme lol

dee eight
Dec 18, 2002

The Spirit
of Maynard

Spinz posted:

I'm gray

...of SCIENCE!
Apr 26, 2008
Can't post for 4142 days!

They're mostly stolen from Reddit and Twitter but we think goons invented them because we saw them here and this is the only internet community we visit anymore.

I think the last wholly original SA catchphrase was "slam whale" and even then that was a decade ago.

The Moon Monster
Dec 30, 2005

In the last 500 years, the Fourth Stimpire has dominated four systems, which it has united into one starzone, Stimsis. The Fourth Stimpire has origins from the Ten Empire War in which 10 of the United Stimpires revolted against each rules. All empires except for the fourth swore freedom upon their citizens. There is no free speech in the Fourth Stimpire, and all self-controlled transportation has been made illegal without undergoing painful medical verification methods, in which arteries are severed without pain resistant, operated entirely by machines. The way they work claim to be the most hygenic and healthy way possible, but these machines often rub against pain points, causing great deals of pain to patients. The heart is then extracted from the body and placed into a glass grinding machine. Various energy centers are also dissected and replaced with dangerous transplants. After the painful, 52 hour surgical procedure, patients will then have to use a fused guidance tool, which pumps painful resistors into the body every 2 hours. The pain they have caused is so bad, the victim would freeze in a tense position. They would then collapse afterwards.

Sexual stimulation in any way within the grounds of the Fourth Stimpire is strictly prohibited, and anyone detected even touching their sexual organs will be subjected to a penectomy or if the offender was a female, they would then have a razor inserted into their ovaries. They would pump a blue solution into the womb until the stitchings burst. Offenders would also be forced to show their operated areas in public, and they would always harass and punch them to a pulp, against their will.

Otherwise, offenders would be tazed with the worst type of electricity in the systematic district, causing so much pain, the victim would scream and flail in madness. The pain would also triple every second, but no death would be incurred. This is also used in combat against enemy units, which is why all UEE forces must wear the upgraded suit to block this effect.

However, enertainment is also questionable in UEE grounds. Sporting events end with the losing team being rounded into a grinder and shredded on live television, boxing matches end with the loser having their hands removed without anasthesia, flight races would end with the losers having their arms and legs removed, then being injected with insanity, for entertainment. People are also forced into these events, by undergoing a painful 127 hour procedure which involves tweaking the muscles so they will not listen to brain commands, and then having a painful drug injected which also causes madness if the player is not sporting. This is all for entertainment, and anyone not watching any of it during sporting times and cheering for the winning team, they will be imprisoned into galactic camps.

Snuff films are also broadcast, and actors are actually murdered just for entertainment. Stealth droids also guide these forced actors into behaving exactly as the director dreams, otherwise they will be punished by being placed into a macerator and having their execution written into the film. Any film that does not feature someone being murdered will be burned and the entire crew behind it will be executed in the most grotesque way possible - vivisection.

All executions are broadcast, and anyone who misses even a millisecond, even by blinking, will be executed. All citizens must boo to the person being executed, and the family is gathered to be injected with eternators, which cause pain forever, making them immoral but feeling the pain tenfold every millisecond. They cannot pass out, but they will feel like it forever.

Conquests by this Stimpire end in the planet being razed, and all the citizens being executed in the same way as their citizens are. The planet is then destroyed and all remnants of it are removed, and any memories of it will be erased instantly from civil minds. People who are also killed are also erased from memories, and all memories of them, including toys and pictures, are destroyed.

Prisoners undergo 40,000 years of relentless and endless labor, and anyone not complying is sentenced to the eternator injection. All prisoners injected with eternators are placed into capsules and launched into far space, then the room is closed tight to ensure maximum insanity. Some prisoners are also subjected to the removal of blood, the lungs, the liver, the genitals, the skeleton, the muscles, the eyes, and even the injection of pressure. Prisoners sentenced to pressure chambers are locked in until they are inflated to a high level. The decompression is then stopped to make sure they are inflated and uncomfortable.

Children born on the 14th of July are subjected to the removal of their skeleton and an implant of a silver liquid to replace it. The nervous sysem is also injected in various parts to ensure it is five times more sensitive than the average.

Restaurants also are ordered to serve civil meat, and anyone attending must give themself up to be cooked into a grotesque meal. They are cooked alive, undergoing extreme pain, and are then subjected to industrial grinders and blenders. The Stimpire orders at least 1 million citizens to be dispatched every day, as they are afraid the population may overthrow them. But only one planet is cared for, and the rest are banned from eating, drinking, talking, using technology, touching anyone, wearing unauthorized clothes, touching buildings, or walking a centimeter out of designated routes. Civil enforcers are on every planet, and they are engineered so that they are 40 times larger than the 300 quadrillion population. At least 7 billion die every 12 hours under this rule.

Thoughts are also surveyed, and anyone who does not think anything to loving the Stimpire with more than their capabilities will be sentenced to a prison. Prisoners who are punished for this violation will meet their greatest fear, only to have it amplified so they will turn insane as they imagine it exactly as they fear it. They then undergo a painful extraction of all fluids, to be replaced by a toxin which causes permanent irritation. The unknown substance keeps the subject aging normally, except they will never die. Prisoners punished in this way are unable to be reverted, despite many efforts, and they will never be able to be disposed.

The sickening truths have been revealed only today, and invigilation teams are still investigating the truths without setting foot in the galactic space of this sickening empire.

Apr 2, 2015


I'll have what she's having!

Big Beef City
Aug 15, 2013

Alright get this, it's a sassy talking rabbit and his catch phrase is 'what's up doc's

Lmao is that rich or what

The Grimace
Sep 18, 2005

Are you a BigMac of imbeciles!?

so you work from home OP?

Knot My President!
Jan 10, 2005

none really, the internet is a firehose of memes from all over the place and there really hasn't been a collaborative impactful goon presence in anything outside of niche online games in a while

Dignity Van Houten
Jul 28, 2006


While holding a bud light, you point and say "now THAT'S what I'm TALKING ABOUT!"

dee eight
Dec 18, 2002

The Spirit
of Maynard

"i'd buy that for a bittecoin! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Nov 18, 2006

I just performed testicle surgery on the reporter!

hehe shmorky

Bad Purchase
Jun 17, 2019

our most successful meme in recent years was donald trump as president of the united states of america

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Pennywise the Frown
May 10, 2010

Upset Trowel

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