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Nick Buntline
Dec 20, 2007
Doesn't know the impossible.

HenryEx posted:

Why did he uncork the murder slime? Why? All other actions or motivations in the game make sense at some point, but even if you ask him, you don't get any sort of answer as to why he did that. The game's good at not letting characters' actions feel as if they were just done to move the plot, but this one sticks out.

I think that one's simpler than you'd think: he's a creep who enjoys loving around with bodies in cryo-sleep because he has some some sort of fetish for quiet people (see: a bunch of scenes but particularly his comments as Doctor about how the sleeping person's body was messed up for completely unrelated reasons.)

Definitely enjoyed the game a lot; I think it does slow down a little bit at the end trying to get the last special events (not sure I would have gotten the one from covering Remnan without looking it up), but can't really hold it against them after having new stuff every 2-3 loops for the first ~120 go arounds. Still missing a few skills, so maybe I'll go back for those.

Chaotic Flame posted:

Yay! Glad it finally got a thread. Ready to hear tales of my pal Shigemuchi being a terrible liar.

Think my current record on that is checking the post-game logs and seeing eight straight instances of (Noticed Shigemuchi was lying.) That one help tip about "If you're playing as Gnosia and your allies are Shigemuchi and Comet, maybe just give up and restart." is not joking.


Nick Buntline
Dec 20, 2007
Doesn't know the impossible.

Irony Be My Shield posted:

I think Exaggerate is more powerful at convincing people in and of itself but Seek is more likely to get people to agree (which then helps convince others)? They seem pretty similar in terms of usage, I've found Seek stronger personally.

In my experience Seek is stronger specifically because it causes more people to speak up in agreement, which heavily neuters defensive skills like Regret or Retaliate since people who've already spoken up can't then speak up again on defense.

Nick Buntline
Dec 20, 2007
Doesn't know the impossible.

Haifisch posted:

I actually took screenshots of the endgame log because I was that confused. (although in retrospect I should have taken them of the entire log and not just the parts that seemed related to what confused me)

-Chipie and Shige never investigated the same person at all.
-Shige lived all the way to the end, so there was no 'Chipie was obviously lying about being engineer because Shige got murdered'.
-Chipie only got Definite Enemy after literally everyone else was either dead/on ice or declared Definite Human.
-Chipie never claimed anyone was gnosia, and never pretended to investigate the other gnosia.
-Stella was the only doctor claimant & claimed on day 1(and I immediately Definite Humaned her, because that's obvious even to me :v:). She never investigated anyone that Chipie pretended to. She did check Raqio and corraborated Shige's real investigation that said they were Gnosia.
-There was no AC follower, Bug, or Guard Duty in the game.
-Day 1 we froze SQ(who turned out to be Gnosia but didn't claim any roles or get spotted lying by anyone).
-Day 2 had Chipie say Sha-ming was human and Shige say Raqio was Gnosia. The same day, Stella said that Sha-ming was definitely human. Raqio was frozen that night.
-Day 3 had Chipie say Kukrushka was human and Shige say I was human. This was immediately followed up by Otome saying Kukrushka was definitely human. Later that day Otome also said Setsu was definitely human, despite Setsu not having been investigated by anyone or claiming any roles.

I'm sure there's some chain of logic that could lead to the various Definite Human results but I figured that sitting there 10 minutes was the max I was willing to spend on that.

Assuming your game had three Gnosia, at day 2 Stella would have known:

Gnosia 1: SQ, which Stella, as the confirmed human doctor, would have known based on her own investigation;
Gnosia 2: One of Chipie or Shige, depending on who was lying;

At that point, if Chipie is Human, then Sha-ming is Human. If Shige if Human, then Raqio is Gnosia, all 3 Gnosia have been identified, and Shige is therefore implicitly calling the rest of the crew Human. This means both Engineers called Sha-ming Human, making them Definite. Since Raqio then got frozen (and confirmed as Gnosia by the confirmed Doctor), that just leaves whichever of Chipie or Shige as the last Gnosia and everyone else can be confirmed as Definite. Technically Chipie could have been called Definite Enemy before everyone else got confirmed Human, but the AI tends to want to follow the logic directly in my experience.

Nick Buntline
Dec 20, 2007
Doesn't know the impossible.

Ibram Gaunt posted:

Yeah with Jonas I got the impression that everything he says regarding his heroic backstory is entirely bullshit and Stella saying that he's like this because of lack of safety protocols regarding deep space travel in the past is just bullshit covering for him. They mention that in setting AI does basically all the work for humanity so a crazy guy flying around in a ship doesn't seem that farfetched to me considering he doesn't actually pilot the thing.

The impression I got was his general backstory, at least, was accurate - no one seems to feel that him having spent 1000+ years total in cryosleep to be unreasonable, he's definitely been around at least as long as Shigemechi given their video game scene, and Stella/LeVi is pretty consistent in stating he's been classified as clinically insane due to severe brain damage (and it seems like it'd be a bit weird for someone with no past military connection to be classified that way). Cryosleep as a cause would also be supported by his weird fixation with it in general. The details are obviously completely unreliable, but I feel like that much can be trusted.

One thing I do want to ask those who full cleared: am I correct that the end implication of the "Kukrushka/Remnan as guard" total kill is that it took place in a post-true end universe where SQ's mother is hanging around in the spare Kukrushka body?

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