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Mar 29, 2010

MJeff posted:

Blue Bloods is successful and that show is so much worse about that than L&O ever was./

See also Chicago PD.


Mar 29, 2010

YeahTubaMike posted:

Overanalysis is basically my favorite thing in the world, so most of my posts in here are going to be long as hell.

Re: the most recent SVU episode...should I be spoiler-tagging episodes that are less than a week old? Anyway both of my issues with this episode center around the ending...

Issue #1: How the gently caress is a woman who has been terrorizing her family for years stupid enough to text her husband threatening messages DURING HER TRIAL? Did she WANT to get thrown in jail on the spot? It was all just way too convenient and odd, especially since she had apparently sent him a bunch of messages without anyone noticing and while glaring suspiciously at him.

Issue #2: Her sentence was lenient as gently caress, and I get that they were trying to demonstrate how female perpetrators of domestic violence aren't thought of as violent or scary as male ones, but the ending was still, like...not bittersweet enough. Everyone is just happy that she's being punished, which could have been good if it had been more cynical, but it wasn't. Plus, her poor husband is like "I won't keep you out of Matthew's life, but I will keep you out of mine." Like, okay, great -- so your son, who is terrified of your mean-spirited rage-filled rapist wife enough that the nanny is worried about him, will be forced to continue having visitations with her. Just great.

Also, whatever the hell the judge was on during the trial, I want some.

Re: the most recent OC episode, that scene where the woman stands up after giving Richard a blowjob and they immediately make out is one of the grossest things I've ever seen on network television, and I know there's a name for that particular act but I can't think of it and I'm not looking it up on UD at work.

My primary OC thoughts (again, I don't know if I should be spoiler-tagging these opinions but I'm erring on the side of yes):
- The only member of the squad with any personality whatsoever is Stabler. This makes the show very hard to get invested in.
- Holy poo poo, Gina really IS dead. :owned:
- I live in New York City -- how the flying gently caress was the Astor Place subway station empty in the middle of the god drat afternoon? :psyduck: Also, the complete emptiness of the subway station made literally everyone more suspicious. From the hacker girl LOUDLY handing her hot dog to "a homeless person" to a horde of extremely freshly well-dressed men convening on the platform, it's like everyone involved was actively trying to be as conspicuous as possible.
- There's a scene where a 6 train -- one of the older ones, with a white 6 in a green circle on the front -- pulls up, but when Stabler and Richard get on, the interior of the train is quite obviously one that a newer train would have.
- In the scene where Richard, Angela, and Stabler are talking about Stabler and Kathy not having true love or whatever, I thought/hoped Richard was going to say that Eli wasn't really Stabler's son. I'm really sick of the Benson/Stabler shipping nonsense.

Itís called snowballing (blowjob thing) and donít kink shame man.

Also, Iím totally hooked on the show and now must go back and watch all of SVU as well. Never seen it!

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