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Feb 16, 2014

The sanctioned action is to CHUG!!!

Bleak Gremlin

That's quite a generous reading from memory but I have not read that last bit for a while so hmm. Will have to ponder and see if I can scare up a copy easily. Regardless, as you say, its a good call to action but a terrible response to Omelas


Feb 25, 2011

The story is free online if you want to check. From my reading, the point killer crane made stay and cause the right kind of suffering to the right kind of people, because trying to not cause suffering will end up with a world destroyed by complacency. does seem to be the message but Im still unclear if the world destroyed by complacency means the world where we need thought police, or if it means that the ones causing the suffering should be the thought police who are preventing actual huge conflicts.

Ccs fucked around with this message at 20:42 on Apr 10, 2021

Dec 10, 2008

Don't read NK Jemisin, do read Herodotus. (Herodotus was part of an oppressed minority--Greeks in Asia Minor, because it was dominated by the Achamenid Empire).

Feb 25, 2011

Im a bit more than halfway through Jemisin's short story collection, How Long Til Black Future Month. Overall it shows great range, and it varies between stories that feel complete in their own right and those than feel like they're functioning as pilots for what could become full series. Personally I prefer the ones that feel self-contained because they're all great fun to read and don't feel like they're rushing through to outline a possible book-length plot. The City Born Great is the biggest example of a story that feels it could be stretched to novel length, so I was befuddled when I learned that it actually serves as the prologue to The City We Became.

I was going to write reactions to every story I've read but I'd end up just summarizing. For the most part I like them. In certain cases the characters some through much clearer than in others. Valedictorian is a highlight in terms of character work.

Hiro Protagonist
Oct 25, 2010

Last of the freelance hackers and
Greatest swordfighter in the world

Question for the thread: I loved Fifth Season, it was easily one of my favorite books of the year, but Obelisk Gate just sort of fell flat for me. It felt like it was spinning it's wheels a lot, and I'm not connecting to Stone Sky as much either. Does Stone Sky eventually ramp up for a good end to the trilogy?


killer crane
Dec 30, 2006

I think it depends on what you enjoyed in the first book. It expand on the world building and lore more thank the second book. I felt like the bunker in the second book was a slog, but the pacing in the third book goes from frantic to dead stop depending on which character is being followed, but in the end is more exciting of a story. Neither lives up to the first book.

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