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I brought my Drake
Jul 10, 2014

These high-G injections have some serious side effects after pulling so many jumps.

It's next to impossible to play a video game for the internet during lockdown. Everyone else in the house works from home, so I'm picking up the slack with incidentals. I can't create or edit video when there's so much noise going on here!

I found a WFH opportunity from some guy named Laurier. Wants me to document some stuff for him. Data entry's fine with me. He sent me a program file and a training video.

A helicopter flies over the snow. This is supposed to be work from home, right?

Mister T. Glacier looks through his binoculars

--just in time to see an avalanche!

Mister T. noooooo this a training video or a snuff film?

We now take you live to UN Headquarters.

Is this the CEO?

The video takes in this handsome fella before

SMASH CUT to child with apples.

Correction: child stealing apples.

A rumble in the distance. Could it be...?

Great. This is either Pompeii or Herculaneum and that's a pissed off Roman volcano.

*Bender voice* Welp, we're boned.

And here's an earthquake striking where, Renaissance-era Italy?

Hrm. Maybe it's the Byzantine Empire and this is the Hagia Sophia.

Another smash cut before disaster strikes. Did they really need a librarian for this? Maybe I shouldn't be looking for jobs on Craigslist...

Looks like we're farming the Andes. I'm guessing Peru because that mountain looks awfully familiar...

Cut to some Conquistadors cutting down the Amazon rainforest. Jerks!

Polynesians crossing the ocean, nice.

And the opening of the Panama Canal?

The camera tracks some confetti before fading into

Hurricane Katrina.

Okay. Am I documenting past natural disasters? Or ones to come?

The power lines blow up, revealing an ocean wall to protect against storm surges.

A child who looks a lot like the CEO's granddaughter watches the whole thing on a tablet.

"Granddad! I'm infused with hope!"

Okay. So I'm sort of correct. It's a temp job, doing a chronicle of natural disasters for...wait a second... boss is the seventh Prime Minister of Canada?

I brought my Drake fucked around with this message at 23:07 on Apr 5, 2021


Oct 6, 2014

Your Hagia Sophia link is broken.

Looking forward to the rest of this...

I brought my Drake
Jul 10, 2014

These high-G injections have some serious side effects after pulling so many jumps.

I have no idea what any of this means! Production? Food? Diplomats? I have unique (if stereotypical) land units and improvements? I'll write all these down, I'm sure it'll make sense at some point.

Is this some kind of word processing GUI? I'm used to putting together stuff in Notepad so I won't be distracted by widgets.

According to the tooltip, the river's flooded before and might flood again, affecting anything built next to it. Just like real life. Also according to this, it's 4000 BC. Am I recreating a real flood in Canada? Maybe preventing one?

And there's a mountain range from Patagonia here. That can't be right. That's the other hemisphere! And Canadian astrologists are pleased about this? What's going on?

Mousing over the icons provides information on each map tile. Canada can grow rice and tea and oranges? The tundra is right over there! (Is that where we lost T. Glacier?)

Flag dude can found a city. I guess this is as good a place as any, next to the rocks, orange groves, and Chilean mountain ranges.


And Ottawa isn't a big fan of the river. Isn't Ottawa on a river? Maybe we're establishing a Canadian colony in South America and this is NEW Ottawa?

I lost flag dude but the warrior's still here.

Moving them to the unknown spot counts as two.

But moving them to the known spot moves me two spaces for only one. So the blue border means how far I can move them. Turn-based, I like it.

There's another rice patch along the Mackenzie River as well as some deer up north and some cows represented by a bottle of milk. The warrior also has a visual range. Now that the Torres del Paine are out of sight, the map draws them in. Cute!

I wonder what the research bottle down in the bottom-right-hand corner does.

Oh, that's a lot to take in.

Here's what I think. It will take me ten turns to learn one of these three options. Animal Husbandry will let me fence in those cows and deer and show me where the horses are on the map so I can fence them in too. Mining allows me to chop down trees and build quarries on those rock piles. Or I can make something that will prevent New Ottawa from flooding if I pick Pottery. All three options require builders, of which I have none.

Ah, so Astrology is a technology. If I'm reading this correctly, I need to learn Mining and an unknown technology before Astrology, so Mining it is. Finding the Torres del Paine knocked twelve turns off the learn time for Astrology too.

I also need to choose a production.

Huh. So this is what New Ottawa can be doing while I'm learning Mining. I can build a monument or I can make another warrior, a scout (not as strong as a warrior but moves faster), a slinger (a ranged fighter--means the warrior must be melee only), and it looks like here's where we get our builder. I'll pick scout for now.

Some more thoughts: in four turns, New Ottawa's getting another tile in its red and white honeycomb border. Six turns after that, New Ottawa produces a scout AND I learn the Mining technology. Meanwhile, I can move the warrior around two tiles per turn. Better keep them close to home in case something happens.

More deer in the southwest and some copper. I'll be getting the ability to pick that up soon. I don't remember Georgian Bay being this far east but whatever. And the warrior can't cross the water either.

Some sheep--and are those pigs? And fish?

A luxury resource here, dyes!

And can I move to that village tile?

Another tech discount, this time for a civic. Nice. Wait--what's that red tent?

Clicking on the tent leads me here. I can either dissuade them from attacking me, pay them to attack someone else, or buy a warrior from them (for keepsies I guess). Next turn:

Yech, that resolution! Gotta get that fixed up.

Seems like the capital of Madagascar wants me to send a trade route to them. Not sure how to do that. I also have an envoy there, whatever that is. They also seem to be at war with the Badger Claw Clan.

Both Mining and the scout finish and I'm now at a loss as to what to do. I've tried emailing Laurier and I haven't gotten a response yet. Hope he's not a lassiez-faire type boss. I figure when he gets back to me I can just tell him what I've been doing in the meantime. Can someone give me a hand?

--I don't really know much about disaster planning or Canada and I could use some advice. I'm not looking for someone to do the work for me--I just need some guidance.
--Should I go help the Antananarivo warrior, help the Badger Claw Clan, or stay out of it? I'm guessing the red tiles mean my warrior's going to have to attack someone if I move into them.
--Where should the scout explore? (And, if I'm not helping Antananarivo or the Badgers, what should I do with the warrior?)
--Which technology should I learn next: Animal Husbandry, Pottery, or the newly-revealed Writing with abilities yet unknown?
--What should New Ottawa produce next? Another warrior or scout, a slinger, a builder, or the monument?

I brought my Drake
Jul 10, 2014

These high-G injections have some serious side effects after pulling so many jumps.

AweStriker posted:

Your Hagia Sophia link is broken.

Looking forward to the rest of this...

Thanks, fixed!

It's been forever since I've played a Civ game and I've never played VI, so that part's not kayfabe at least.

nine-gear crow
Aug 10, 2013

low vis

Good luck surviving Nuclear Gandhi!

Apr 6, 2021

Okay, well first we're going to need some info. What difficulty are you playing on? Depending on the difficulty different things will be viable or not. For instance: on the Highest difficulties it's not worth building Wonders as the AI will practically always snipe you. How many turns are the updates generally going to be? That will give us a heads up on how long we need to plan ahead.

So regarding what you want, Help Antananarivo, Scout should Take a peek Northeast, Animal Husbandry, Builder then Monument.

Note: You actually can't fight Antananarivo, Canada's Civ Ability makes you unable to war against City-States. Also Wilfrid's Leader Ability gives all your camps, gained from Animal Husbandry, +1 food so Ottowa will grow faster. You will want to buy the Grassland to the Southeast of the Marsh as the Torres del Paine doubles the yield of the tiles around it, so it'll be 4 food instead of 2. Also the Bear Claw Tribe will never(not sure, haven't played with Barbarian Tribes yet) become a City-State, due to it being within 3 tiles of a City or City-State. Also don't chop trees, once you get Lumber Mills Wilfrid's ability gives them +1 Production.

Also one thing I'm glad they did in Civ 6 is that Settlers cost a unit of pop to produce. They removed that for Civ 5 and it made people spam happy.

Note: I'm not the best at this game as my preferred difficulty is Prince.

This may delve too much into the mechanics for you, but that's the kind of game Civ is.

Mar 10, 2018

They say money can't buy happiness, but it sure does help.

Seconding the sort of questions ChaosStar0 is asking! They'll be generally helpful. It'll also be nice to know what settings you're using. Obviously Barbarian Clans is on, but we don't know what else might be enabled.

Help Antananarivo, send your scout northeast, research Animal Husbandry, and construct a builder then monument.

In terms of advice, while it's too early at this point to decide exactly where you're going, Canada is by far best suited to Diplomatic and Cultural victories, and befriending lemur town ASAP will give you a good start on both of those. Just becoming good enough friends with a city state will start earning you diplomatic favor, a currency very useful in the long run, and Antananarivo will both give you some help starting accumulating culture and, as you progress through the game, will start giving you a percentage boost to total culture earned if you're their best friend. Soooo yeah!

When the time comes to be building another city, putting something on the opposite side of the Torres del Paine closer to the coast wouldn't be a bad idea. Secure all the tiles surrounding it with their nice bonus yields and give yourself access to the sea for the future. Of course, if a golden opportunity shows up from your scout's exploration, that's worth considering too.

Apr 6, 2021

Yeah, I thought it was a little too early to talk about Victory types, but yeah. Canada is suited for Diplomatic and Cultural. Also we know from looking at the Tech and Civic trees OP has Tech/Civic shuffle on as well. Doesn't seem to have Secret Societies or Myths and Legends on, and likely doesn't have Zombie mode on. That leaves Apocalypse mode as a potential.

Nov 4, 2009

Why yes, I DO have enough CON to whip my hair.

Hope this goes well.
Been having quite alot of fun with Civ VI myself after the New Frontier Pass game modes were added.

And yeah, Help Antananarivo, and research Animal Husbandry.


Apr 6, 2021

So, the next game update is going to boost Wilfrid's Leader Ability. The update may not be Save Game compatible, so it's your call on whether you start a new game or not.

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