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Mambo No. 5
Feb 24, 2009

Admiral Parry "Terror" Sornis,
Dead Birds Society

Hello all, if you know me, you know that I'm pretty good at asking dumb questions about guns. Or suggesting dumb things about guns. I was googling around and couldn't find anything particular AR build. Well, it's mostly an AR. It operates the same as an AR and uses mostly AR parts. Anyway, I ordered a bunch of parts and had to wait about 3 weeks to get to here:

Yeah, this is a box(es) thread!

So the meat and potatoes first: I ordered a KS-47 builders set because it was actually in stock for once! I don't have high hopes for the QC because it's PSA, and I absolutely used a card.

Then I started ordering away. Parts from here and there. All willy-nilly. Like a real shopaholic.

Here's some cheapo parts:

(Not Pictured: Dust Cover that was almost thrown away)

Here's some more cheapo parts:

(I like to cry more than once!)

Oh, what's this?

I actually ordered that upper first, before the builder set was in stock. It's okay, we'll be using that in a secret build, later.

Here's a bolt completion kit!

Oh, and here's some more parts for that spare upper:

To get back on track, here's the reason I needed that BCK in the pic before last:

(Not Pictured: gas tube that almost got thrown away)

Yeah, we've finally reached the part where the bad idea has come to light... but wait! There's more!

Remember that light weight dpms barrel gunbroker link? Me too!

Anyway, here's some AK mags:

Those are kind of weird and not very curvy, oh well. Here's the furniture I ordered:

I like the Magpul FDE stuff. It's nice. I didn't take any pictures during the build because I'm bad at this and forgot because I was excited. Anyway, here's a rifle!

I think it's pretty neat, but I think it needs something...

(Oh crap, I've been taking all these pictures sideways, haven't I? Embarrassing)

Oh, now this actually looks kind of nice. Here's what the end result looks like:

Okay, so I didn't spend a ton of time googling around to see if this had been done or not, but I didn't find anything in the short time that I did search. What I have here is a genuine, one of a kind, poorly designed, Bad Idea Gat. Just to show how bad of an idea this was, here's a pic of how the bolt used to get stuck on that magazine.

After a bunch of massaging with a file, I got it to fit in, and the bolt runs over it nice and smooth about 85% of the time. Everything is bone dry right now, so I hope some lube will improve that percentage. Here's a pic of the working mag (right) and an unmodified mag (left).

I need to get a few other mags, specifically some steel ones, and I'd love to try a Galil mag too, just to see.

This is a part of the hobby that I didn't really expect to enjoy as much as I do. I don't consider myself an AR guy but somehow I've managed to accumulate several, and I suspect it's because anyone that is relatively handy can build one. All in for this rifle I'm at about $850. A year or two ago, I could have gotten that down closer to $650, I think. At the end of the day, though, this isn't really about the money for me. I just think it's cool that someone like me, with no technical background, can do this.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my box thread. What bad idea should I do with this lower next?


Somebody Awful
Nov 27, 2011

Kill Em All 1917
I am trench man
410,757,864,530 SHELLS FIRED

So... it's an AR that uses AK mags but in 5.56/THREE HUNNERT BLACKOUT? I'm a little confused.

Shima Honnou
Dec 1, 2010

The Once And Future King Of Dicetroit

College Slice

Somebody Awful posted:

So... it's an AR that uses AK mags but in 5.56/THREE HUNNERT BLACKOUT? I'm a little confused.

It's answering the question, "What if the US and the Soviet Union were swapped with each other but only in location"

Mambo No. 5
Feb 24, 2009

Admiral Parry "Terror" Sornis,
Dead Birds Society

I was too busy asking if I could to ask if I should.

Jan 23, 2019

I love it. Rock-and-lock over straight insert every time.

Nov 26, 2007


The Hero We Need

Brackit posted:

I love it. Rock-and-lock over straight insert every time.

Mandatory "That's what she said".

Mambo No. 5
Feb 24, 2009

Admiral Parry "Terror" Sornis,
Dead Birds Society

I took the second upper and the lighweight DPMS barrel and built them up with the box of AR seeds I keep next to my safe. I also picked up an AK sling for cheap. Here's the end result:

I also got out to the range to do a function test and well...

Rip to the second magazine I moddified. It fit better in both uppers than the first one I fitted. It broke with the first round. The gun did run though. The 5.56 upper ran well by comparison, but that's because the 300bo upper failed to feed every round.

As far as proof of concept, I'm sold! My bad idea gat works and I'll iron out the issues as best I can. Now I just need more magazines to come in stock so I can try them.

Shooting Blanks
Jun 6, 2007

Real bullets mess up how cool this thing looks.


Shine on you crazy diamond

Mambo No. 5
Feb 24, 2009

Admiral Parry "Terror" Sornis,
Dead Birds Society

I put an A2 fsb on it now. I watched a youtube video and took some advice from the AR thread. First I took off the sling swivel, which has to come off for that handguard anyway. Then I drilled and tapped the access hole for the gas port. I also drilled and tapped all four taper pin holes on the fsb. I robbed all the set screws from my box of scraps seeds and put them in. Luckily, I had already dimpled the barrel so I was able to index the fsb from there. Turns out I was a tiny bit off with the dimple job, as to be expected for my very first time. I was able to use the set screws to make up the difference and the fsb has a cant that is barely even noticable. I'll fix it if the gun doesn't run.

I also have a, I'm not sure if I should call it a problem, problem. The bolt gets stuck on the follower in both of the magazines that I have fitted right now. It's kinda like a bolt hold open, but since there isn't a bho lever in the lower, it doesn't really matter. Anyway, new mags are in the mail and I hope they don't have issues or barely require fitting.

Feb 13, 2008

That gat is freakin' sick


Jan 12, 2005

border patrol qt

Plaster Town Cop

BaconCopter posted:

That gat is freakin' sick

Sick on a stick.

Boom, coined it.

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