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Aug 1, 2014

Am I a... bad person?
AM I??

Fun Shoe

So before Pestilence, I was in a band with my best friend since childhood, who is a good guitarist and singer, and another guy who is a... let's call him a "drummer." Technically, that's what he sort-of does. I've worked with worse drummers, but I've worked with a lot better. Mainly, though, he had a good attitude, got us gigs, and bless his heart, he tried. He practiced a lot, and he tried really hard. The epitome of musicianship, to him, is playing in a bar band, no matter how far away the gigs are.

I'm Terry Lee, but you can call me Tarli. My friend's name is Guitarzan, which is convenient because he's a guitar man who likes Ray Stevens. And the drummer? Let's call him Jesus H. Christ. Anyway, when gigs started getting cancelled in March of last year, we went on hiatus. Eventually, formed a band (with our blessing) made up of other idiots from other bands who were on hiatus because most of the other members didn't want to die of plague. They've been playing out, and a few of them have had to step out temporarily because they caught Covid 19. The replacement band has had a rotating cast of characters. For JHC, the lockdown has never been an obstacle.

Over the last year, he's tried to get us back together a few times. That was ostensibly the purpose of those emails, anyway, as two times, he was talking about gigs happening during an ongoing surge in new cases. We said no, and he booked with Replacement Band. We're OK with that. Then the other day, he says there's a chance to play in a month and a half, and would we like to do it? It's an outdoor gig, and not super-late. I let Guitarzan do the talking, since he knows JHC way better than I do.

JHC: wanna play the outdoor gig?
Guitarzan: Well, Tarli and I are vaccinated. How about you?
JHC, after a whole day of silence (he has never taken more than 10 minutes to reply to any message): hahaha HIPAA privacy hahahaha OK, no, not going to lie. That going to be a problem?

At this point, Guitarzan and I had a conversation. We'd be OK with the gig, but JHC needs to get vaccinated. We hatched a plan to tell us once and for all just where he fell on all of this stuff, because while he seems to be ignoring the danger, he says the opposite, and tries to stay in the middle. (BTW, I know what you musicians are thinking, and you're right. Honestly, I loathe the idea of having side conversations like this behind a band member's back, much less actually having them. But this isn't "he wants to do one of his songs." This is actually serious.)

Guitarzan: Well, it's 6 weeks until the gig, and you can get vaccinated anywhere for free. How about it?

And then he replies with this.

Jesus H. Christ posted:

Thereís 2 topics that I refrain from engaging in discussion with friends: politics and religion. Well I now add Covid-19 to that list.

Having said that...Iíd rather poo poo in my hands and clap twice than get the vaccine at this time.

Ok thatís a stretch. I have several nurse friends who highly advise against getting it, so theyíve scared us enough to not get it at this time. However, thatís not to say I wonít consider it in the future. If the government ends up requiring it for all citizens...then of course sign me up.

Or if they say, ďShow your vaccination card and you donít have to wear a mask anymore.Ē But then again, my family has been running around St Charles (aka; Thunderdome) for the past year so the mask policy isnít very strict out here anyway. Or at least the places we tend to frequent.

Again, I may revisit my feelings about it at some point. But until then, Iím treating it as I do every flu season without a flu shot and hope my immune system responds favorably to whatever I may catch.

Everyone has to decide to do what they feel is best. I have friends whoíve rarely left their house in over a year: work from home, homeschool the kids, order everything online, etc... I get it. I 100% respect anyone who does prefer to wear a mask/social distance/get the vaccine. Itís been a crazy time in our lives with a lot of unknowns and a lot of unknowns to come. I just have to hope that my decision is the correct one.


We suspected he didn't take it seriously. We didn't know he was a full-on denier. And if you knew this guy like we do, you'd automatically filter a bunch of that crap. I can tell by the way he's talking that he absolutely doesn't believe the virus is a problem, and now his carelessness makes a lot more sense. We thought it was ignorance. Nope. It's aggressive incorrectness.

Band over. We had some good times, but Jesus H. Christ.


Captain Log
Oct 2, 2006

Captain Log posted:

"I AINT DYING! Choo choo motherfucker!"

My Brother from Another Mother is an incredible drummer and we both used to work at Meinl. I read Buddy Richís biography. Iíve got nothing but respect for the craft.

But...there is a machine that can do his job perfectly without getting anyone killed.

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