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Missing Name
Jan 5, 2013


Behold, my National Postal Meter! I've lived in Rochester, NY for almost my whole life and so naturally, I wanted an M1 made right here in my hometown. Then stimulus packages came in on top of y'know, a pandemic preventing me from spending money on other stupid poo poo. Clicked it, bid it, won it, FFL'd it. (All firearm transfers in the state must go through an FFL-01 dealer.) So let's take a closer look, shall we?

The rear sight covers up the "NATIONAL POSTAL METER" marking and is impossible to get a clear picture of without removing the sight.

The serial number 4155385 puts it in the 3rd block range: 4075010 (Nov '43) to 4432099 (Jun '44). So probably an early 1944 gun. Neat.

The auction listing went into extensive detail on the markings they could find and honestly I didn't really pay attention. I did pay attention to the "no import marks" bit as a bonus. Honestly, my line of thinking was "old gun in good condition = " I'd have been fine with a beat up, mismatched, import marked receiver. But then I took it home and started taking it apart.

Oh! That's a U.S. Carbine Cal. 30 M1! Also note the early pattern handguard, identifiable by the two holes.

Rear sight made by either Rock-Ola or Winchester. Nothing special.

The stock has seen some wear. However, there is a faint TN marking in the sling cutout that I simply could not get to show on camera. This indicates it was made by Trimble Nursery & Furniture Co in... Rochester, NY. So at least the stock is correct for an NPM.

Nigh invisible cartouche.

Crack on the right side of the forend.

Unmarked buttplate. My eyes are not good enough to tell me anything special about this.

Barrel was made by Buffalo Arms in November '43. Front sight marking extremely hard to read, but this is a stamped Type II front with an "SN" marking. NPM original part. Sorry, no way to get a picture of the bore. It's sharp and shiny for the most part, with some light pitting at the muzzle.

Let's get to field stripping to look at more markings. Time to take off the barrel band!

...which is a Type I with a "U" stamped on it...

...while the swivel itself has a "UN." Both of these parts appear to have been made by NPM. Also check out that chewed up screw.

Trigger guard:

"N" and "9" which are consistent with an NPM original part. The safety is the button type marked "SN" which is designates it as made by *checks notes* NPM.

Turning it upside down, we can see the magazine catch.

"SN" is also NPM. There should be another marking facing inside to confirm this but I didn't feel like taking this apart too much.


I'm stumped. Can anyone identify "TH" for me? I don't think it's National Postal.


Ok, "LN." We're back in the Postal Zone. Sorry everybody, but I didn't feel like taking the trigger out today to look at that marking.

At this point I noticed that the whole thing is pretty drat clean. No excessive grease or oil. Any rust I came across wiped off with Rem Oil and a paper towel. Small bit of brass shaving in in the chamber but not much else.

I took the guide rod and spring out. Nothing fancy, definitely need a new recoil spring. After some struggling uselessly, consulting youtube and struggling somewhat less uselessly, I got the bolt carrier/slide off.

IT'S FEELTHY! There's where all the mung is hiding. Scrubbing the carbon out revealed the manufacturer's markings:

Would anyone be shocked at this point to learn that "UN" and a number ("5" in this case) indicates it was made by National Postal Meter?

Or that the schema they used for the bolt was "N" and a number on the locking lug?

I put everything back together and went on to the accessories.

The sling is in rough shape. It's rusty. Is it original or repro? I don't know, and I'm not sure I really care right now.


"KLIKIT * (illegible)"

Pouch may or may not be original. They're easy to fake as well.

Oiler bottle not pictured. Completely normal, unmarked and uninteresting.

And finally the magazines:

Three beat to hell "UN" marked magazines, which are NPM production subcontracted out to Union Hardware.

but those are high cap mags in NY!

I got that covered too:

They're registered with the state. However, to be ultra safe regarding more local Rochester laws, they are still currently disabled awaiting law clarification. I destroyed the (honestly already worn out) springs before bringing them into city limits. Until RPD finally clarifies to my queries, I'll be using 5 rounders. Probably will have to keep using them until I move out. So sad. Also lol at finding ammo for it right now.

Obligatory pic with feet:

Stained glass light:

Welcome back to Rochester, have a garbage plate.

Identification sources used:

Missing Name fucked around with this message at 00:40 on May 2, 2021


Somebody Awful
Nov 27, 2011

Kill Em All 1917
I am trench man
410,757,864,530 SHELLS FIRED

What up, fellow new M1 carbine owner!

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