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May 17, 2007

With the NFL draft complete, every team now packs its roster with UDFAs, the dregs of the free agency market, and other random hobos found in shopping carts down by the river. This thread is for degenerates so steeped in the NFL that we actually care about these dudes and want to talk about them.

Here's CBS Sports' UDFA tracker

and here's who they have so far, the Pats haven't reported any yet and some teams have only reported a handful, while others have probably everyone they're going to take already.

AFC East
Buffalo Bills

S Tariq Thompson, San Diego State
OT Syrus Tuitele, Fresno State
WR Tre Walker, San Jose State
CB Nick McCloud, Notre Dame
TE Quentin Morris, Bowling Green
CB Olaijah Griffin, USC

Miami Dolphins

OL Rob Jones, Middle Tennessee State
DT Jerome Johnson, Indiana
DB Jaytlin Askew, Georgia Tech
TE/FB Carl Tucker, U of Alabama

New England Patriots

New York Jets

TE Kenny Yeboah, Ole Miss
EDGE Hamilcar Rashed Jr., Oregon State
OT Teton Saltes, New Mexico
OL Grant Hermanns, Purdue

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens

S Ar'Darius Washington, TCU
G Sam Cooper, Merrimack
TE Tony Poljan, Virginia
OT Adrian Ealy, Oklahoma
DT Xavier Kelly, Arkansas
OT Foster Sarell, Stanford

Cincinnati Bengals

TE Pro Wells, TCU
RB Pooka Williams Jr., Kansas
QB Collin Hill, South Carolina
CB Antonio Phillips, Ball State
DE Darius Hodge, Marshall
P Drue Chrisman, Ohio State

Cleveland Browns

DT Marvin Wilson, Florida State
RB Tre Harbison, Charlotte
CB Manny Rugamba, Miami (OH)
DE Romeo McKnight, Illinois State

Pittsburgh Steelers

CB Shakur Brown, Michigan State
S Lamont Wade, Penn State
LB Jamar Watson, Kentucky
LB Calvin Bundage, Oklahoma State
WR Isaiah McCoy, Kent State
CB Mark Gilbert, Duke
WR Rico Bussey Jr., Hawaii
S Donovan Stiner, Florida

AFC South
Houston Texans

OT Carson Green, Texas A&M
C Ryan McCollum, Texas A&M
WR Marlon Williams, Central Florida
WR Damon Hazelton, Missouri

Indianapolis Colts

LB Anthony Butler, Liberty
LB Isaiah Kaufusi, BYU
RB Deon Jackson, Duke
WR Tarik Black, Texas
WR Tyler Vaughns, USC

Jacksonville Jaguars

LB Dylan Moses, Alabama
WR Josh Imatorbhebhe, Illinois
DT Kenny Randall, Charleston
CB DJ Daniel, Georgia
WR Tim Jones, Southern Mississippi
CB Corey Straughter, Louisiana Monroe

Tennessee Titans

DT Naquan Jones, Michigan State
FB Tory Carter, LSU
TE Miller Forristall, Alabama
OG Cole Banwart, Iowa
K Blake Haubeil, Ohio State
TE Briley Moore, Kansas State
DL Justus Reed, Virginia Tech
OL Chandon Herring, BYU

AFC West
Denver Broncos

ILB Curtis Robinson, Stanford
WR Branden Mack, Temple
OT Drew Himmelman, Illinois State
FB Adam Prentice, South Carolina
OL Nolan Laufenberg, Air Force
EDGE Andre Mintze, Vanderbilt
CB Mac McCain, North Carolina A&T
WR Warren Jackson, Colorado State
WR Devontres Dukes, USF
LB David Curry, Georgia Tech
TE Shaun Beyer, Iowa

Las Vegas Raiders

RB Garrett Groshek, Wisconsin
LB Max Richardson, Boston College
DT Darius Stills, West Virginia
DB TJ Morrison, Stony Brook
OT Devery Hamilton, Duke
WR Dillon Stoner, Oklahoma State
TE Matt Bushman, BYU
RB Trey Ragas, La Lafayette

Las Angeles Chargers

LB Amen Ogbongbemiga, Oklahoma State
QB Ben DeLuca, Charlotte
DL Jared Goldwire, Louisville
T Darius Harper, Cincinnati
TE Hunter Kampmoyer, Oregon
K Alex Kessman, Pittsburgh
LS Ryan Langan, Georgia Southern
DL Forrest Merrill, Arkansas State
T Kyle Spalding, San Diego State
WR Elijah Stove, Auburn

Kansas City Chiefs

QB Shane Buechele, SMU
S Devon Key, Western Kentucky
LB Zayne Anderson, BYU
CB Dicaprio Bootle, Nebraska
CB Marlon Character, Louisville
LB Riley Cole, South Alabama
DE Malik Herring, Georgia

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys

WR Brandon Smith, Iowa
RB JaQuan Hardy, Tiffin
WR T.J. Vasher, Texas Tech
LB Anthony Hines, Texas A&M
WR Osirus Mitchell, Mississippi State
RB Brenden Knox, Marshall
TE Artayvious Lynn, TCU
OL Braylon Jones, Houston
DL Austin Faoliu, Oregon
TE Nick Eubanks, Michigan

New York Giants

OL Brett Heggie, Florida
EDGE Raymond Johnson, Georgia Southern
OL Jake Burton, Baylor

Philadelphia Eagles

WR Jhamon Ausbon, Texas A&M
QB Jamie Newman, Georgia/Wake Forest
C Harry Crider, Indiana
TE Jack Stoll, Nebraska
WR Trevon Grimes, Florida
EDGE Jaquon Bailey, Iowa State
OL Kayode Awosika, Buffalo

Washington Football Team

RB Jaret Patterson, Buffalo

NFC North
Chicago Bears

EDGE, Charles Snowden, Virginia
DL Thomas Schaffer, Stanford
DT Sam Kamara, Stony Brook
LB Caleb Johnson, Houston Baptist
OT Gunnar Vogel, Northwestern
OL Gage Cervenka, Clemson
RB CJ Marable, Coastal Carolina

Detroit Lions

CB AJ Parker, Kansas State
WR Jonathan Adams Jr., Arkansas State
DB D'Angelo Amos, Virginia
WR Sage Surratt, Wake Forest
C Drake Johnson, Kentucky
LB Tavante Beckett, Marshall
AJ Parker, Kansas State
RB Dedrick Mills, Nebraska
C Drake Jackson, Kentucky
RB Rakeem Boyd, Arkansas
TE Brock Wright, Notre Dame
CB Jerry Jacobs, Arkansas

Green Bay Packers

S Christian Uphoff, Illinois State
DT Jack Heflin, Iowa
DL Carlo Kemp, Michigan
WR Bailey Gaither, San Jose State
OL Jon Dietzen, Wisconsin

Minnesota Vikings

WR Blake Proehl, East Carolina
WR Whop Philyor, Indiana
K Riley Patterson, Memphis
LB Tuf Borland, Ohio State
DE/LB Christian Elliss, Idaho
WR Myron Mitchell, UAB
LS Turner Bernard, San Diego State

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons

S Marcus Murphy, Mississippi State
QB Feleipe Franks, Arkansas
RB Javian Hawkins, Louisville
OT Jack Batho IV, South Dakota School of Mines
S Dwayne Johnson Jr., San Diego State
OL Kion Smith, Fayetteville State
WR Austin Trammell, Rice
DB JR Pace, Northwestern
EDGE Alani Pututau, Adams State
DE Eli Howard, Texas Tech
RB Caleb Huntley, Ball State
WR Antonio Nunn, Buffalo,
LB Erroll Thompson, Mississippi State
OL Joe Sculthorpe, NC State
OL Bryce Hargrove, Pittsburgh
DE/OLB Kobe Jones, Mississippi State

Carolina Panthers

LB Paddy Fisher, Northwestern
OG David Moore, Grambling State
RB Mason Stokke, Wisconsin
RB Spencer Brown, UAB
P Oscar Draguicevich, Washington State

New Orleans Saints

CB Trill Williams, Syracuse
OL Mike Brown, West Virginia
LB Shaq Smith, Maryland
CB Bryce Thompson, Tennessee
RB Stevie Scott, Indiana
DT Josiah Bronson, Washington
TE Dylan Soehner, Iowa State
P Nolan Cooney, Syracuse
S Eric Burrell, Wisconsin

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

K Jose Borregales, Miami
EDGE Leighton McCarthy, FAU
OL Sadarius Hutcherson, South Carolina
OT Calvin Ashley, Florida A&M
DB Cameron Kinley, Navy
S Lawrence White, Iowa State
DL Elijah Ponder, Cincinnati
S Augie Contressa, Stoney Brook
WR T.J. Simmons, West Virginia

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals

CB Lorenzo Burns, Arizona
TE Cary Angeline, N.C. State
DT Cameron Murray, Oklahoma State

Los Angeles Rams

WR Landen Akers, Iowa State
DB Jovan Grant, Merrimack
WR Jeremiah Haydel, Texas State
OT Alaric Jackson, Iowa
C Jordan Meredith, Western Kentucky
S Paris Ford, Pittsburgh
OLB Max Roberts, Boston College
DT George Silvanic, Air Force
S Troy Warner, BYU

San Francisco 49ers

TE Josh Pederson, Louisiana-Monroe
LB Justin Hilliard, Ohio State
LB Elijah Sullivan, Kansas State
WR Austin Watkins, UAB

Seattle Seahawks

WR Tamorrion Terry, Florida State
RB BJ Emmons, FAU
WR Cade Johnson, South Dakota State
LB Jon Rhattigan, Army
CB Bryan Mills, North Carolina Central
OT Greg Eiland, Mississippi State
WR Connor Weddington, Stanford
OL Pier-Olivier Lestage (University of Montreal)

Leperflesh fucked around with this message at 01:49 on May 4, 2021


Jul 24, 2003

Getting WR Josh Imatorbhebhe, Illinois as a UDFA is a steal

Nov 13, 2002

How many Championships?

Tamorrion Terry and Marvin Wilson are very talented and I hope they do well.

lol at Atlanta trying to fill out the roster with UDFAs, you know a couple of these guys will make the team.

Amy Pole Her
Jun 17, 2002

Couple of UDFAs have gone for 6 figure guarantees and 50k+ signing bonuses. I dont recall this being common, but the last Im remembering was Collins to Dallas

Jul 24, 2003

Chiefs have two starters that were UDFA, Tershawn Wharton and Charvarious Ward.

Oct 16, 2008


kiimo posted:

Chiefs have two starters that were UDFA, Tershawn Wharton and Charvarious Ward.

Dan Sorensen too - and looks like they’ve signed a younger version of him from

R.D. Mangles
Jan 10, 2004

Bears fans seem pretty high on Snowden.

Jul 24, 2003

If Zayne Anderson can target helmets we can save some money on Dan Sorenson. He can be our next Mormon Missile

Mar 29, 2010

Texans: WR Damon Hazelton, Missouri

I like to come into these threads and give my little piece on Mizzou guys but I barely remember him. He was a grad transfer and there were a few things going on last year is why I suppose.

Anyway, I think he's a deep threat with shoddy hands, but the hands bit might just be because I'm remembering every other Missouri receiver in the last 5 years. When he did catch the ball going by stats he caught it downfield?

Jan 9, 2008

is there really a drake johnson center from kentucky or is that just people messing up drake jackson's name and turning it into two signings

Ches Neckbeard
Dec 3, 2005

The Browns also added DE Romeo McKnight - Charlotte and CB Kiondre Thomas - Kansas State. Guess we're getting a Charlotte pipeline to replace the Miami one.

edit: and we gave ATV accident man another shot at the NFL

Ches Neckbeard fucked around with this message at 20:26 on May 3, 2021

May 17, 2007

As a niners fan and with zero attention ever paid to college ball, here's my take on their UDFAs.

First: they only had four open roster slots, they had three picks in round 5 so their round 5/6 picks fill slots that most teams have to fill with UDFAs.

TE Josh Pederson, Louisiana-Monroe
obviously george kittle is the star, SF needs TEs who can block well, Coach Doug Peterson's son probably has been steeped in football from birth,. On the other hand, he's been coached his whole life by Doug Peterson, so that may be a negative. Also he didn't play football until high school, he was more into golf. He can throw an 80 yard pass but his high school coach said he was too football-stupid to be a QB so he went for WR/TE instead. He did well his last two years of college, although not enough to be drafted. I have to think his name has given him more of a shot than he might otherwise have had, with Kittle and Dwelly the only solid TE locks ahead of him, he has a shot at the final 53.

LB Justin Hilliard, Ohio State
2020 team captain, completed his masters' degree, recovered from 2019 achilles, biceps injuries earlier in college. Extensive special teams work with Ohio. 49ers jumped on him as soon as the draft was over and I think he's got a real shot at the final roster unless he gets hurt; the 49ers could use a little more LB depth but didn't draft any (they did sign a 1-year deal with free agent Nathan Gerry), and he's got lots of ST experience which is always a bonus. Elijah Sullivan is probably his main competition, I doubt the niners can keep both. He may need to beat Gerry too.

LB Elijah Sullivan, Kansas State
6' 212lb LB who is more like a safety in terms of size. Started 8 games and finished fifth on his team in tackles in 2020, he's really relying on his 2019 performance: 55 tackles, 5 TFLs, 1 sack, 1 int, 4 passes defensed. Missed almost all of 2018 with torn ACL injury, got a medical waiver so he got to play an extra college year. Kansas State MVP in the Liberty Bowl. I think he's got to prove himself capable of handling NFL-class LB duty despite his size, and I doubt he can do that effectively. May have a shot if he excels on special teams but I give Justin Hilliard the edge.

WR Austin Watkins, UAB
Sammy Watkins' cousin, worked his way up from junior college football with progressively more impressive years, to rack up 57/1092/6 in 2019 and a decent outing in limited games in 2020 at UAB, this guy might have been drafted in a thinner draft class or if he made it to a more prestigious school, but this year there were too many great WRs ahead of him. But he's not amazingly fast, doesn't get amazing separation, doesn't run every rout super great, so he's just good and not standout at any one factor. The niners didn't draft a WR, being already set with several promising young WRs although a lot of injuries last year tested the depth at that position. They signed Mohammed Sanu in free agency, perhaps as just a veteran camp body but also as insurance against more injuries, and I could see a UDFA WR beating out a creaky old veteran if he does well. But there's also guys on the WR list like Jauan Jennings, Austin Proehl and Matthew Cole who are already bottom-of-the-roster late round/barely played nobodies and I would assume the 49ers elect to keep just one of these four or five guys, with Austin Watkins among them. I'll pay attention in preseason but I won't be surprised to see him land on a practice squad, maybe someone else's squad.

Leperflesh fucked around with this message at 20:45 on May 3, 2021

Apr 21, 2010

Ball Hard Enough.

The first version of PFF’s Draft Guide rated Ar’Darius Washington as a 2nd-rounder, so I am pretty happy the Ravens did not have to even use a draft pick on him.

The Puppy Bowl
Jan 31, 2013

A dog, in the house.


Adrian Ealy, an overweight offensive tackle from Oklahoma whose draft stock plummeted after a terrible showing at this pro day.

May 17, 2007

From everything I can find, the pats have six open roster slots and still haven't signed anyone, unless they did so today without making an announcement about it. Sleeping on the best UDFAs seems like a bad idea.

RC and Moon Pie
May 5, 2011

wandler20 posted:

Tamorrion Terry and Marvin Wilson are very talented and I hope they do well.

lol at Atlanta trying to fill out the roster with UDFAs, you know a couple of these guys will make the team.

Terry's never had consistent coaching or that much talent to support him. It'll be interesting to see what his potential truly is.

Atlanta signed Feleipe Franks to hold the clipboard. Matt Ryan better stay healthy.

May 17, 2007

Why haven't the Pats drafted a single UDFA?


Theory No. 1: The shallow rookie pool.
Nah. Hasn't stopped any of the other teams. Actually, the worse the pool, the more incentive to identify the best ones in it and snag them.


Theory No. 2: The deep roster.
They have six open roster slots, just like plenty of other teams who picked up six UDFAs. You can always cut someone next week if you suddenly need a slot.


Theory No. 3: Rookie minicamp.
Teams can bring 5 rookies in on invite basis to the rookie minicamp, so maybe the pats will just do that then to get a look at some UDFAs. But this is still dumb, why not lock up five or six of the best UDFAs now, instead of waiting till every other team in the NFL has evaluated them and picked the pool clean?


Theory No. 4: Finances.
This one I can kind of buy, but even if the top UDFAs cost more than a 7th rounder, they're still cheap as gently caress compared to any veteran free agent. And the pats have $16m in team cap space.

Not actually one of the listed theories:


the Patriots do not like to do their business out in the open. While signings oftentimes get leaked before they become official, the matter of fact is that New England might have already signed some players without the information leaving One Patriot Place yet.

I think this is also unlikely. They've signed some boys and aren't telling anyone? OK, but the guys getting signed, surely they'd tweet about it? And what is even the point of not making an announcement.

I think some possibilities are:
1. They've identified some UDFAs but have decided to try out guys first and only afterward sign them. Some UDFAs might hold off on signing with another team if the pats have invited them to a meeting first. Is this possible?
2. Bill Belichick, famous hardass, has decided "gently caress UDFAs they always suck" and just doesn't want any.
3. They had multiple UDFAs they wanted, but all of them took better deals elsewhere.

I wonder. Any pats experts out there wanna weigh in?

Jun 17, 2003

Nobody move and nobody gets hurt.

FYI you listed Tarik Black twice for the Colts, one of them should probably be USC WR Tyler Vaughns.

The Colts have an insane streak of 22 years where a UDFA makes the initial 53. This year I think the best odds would be one of the LBs or one of the WRs - the WR depth chart gets pretty dicey after the top four, and the LBs got basically no attention in the draft and one of the previous starters left in free agency.

Eifert Posting
Mar 31, 2007

Sweet, pointless victory.

Grimey Drawer

My theory is that when they were picking up the phone to call their first UDFA Bill's dog ripped a really loud fart and they took that as a poor omen.

Antonio Phillips will probably make the roster for the Bengals. He has special teams standout written all over him, and Simmons has a lot of clout in roster building. Pro Wells only has to beat out Thaddeus Moss for the third roster spot, considering his injury history that's not unlikely.

Eifert Posting fucked around with this message at 01:25 on May 4, 2021

May 17, 2007

all errors in the list are those of CBS dot com, all I did was cut & paste and then reformat

but I'll fix the ones you guys point out anyway, as my solemn duty as OP

May 17, 2007

Cavauro posted:

is there really a drake johnson center from kentucky or is that just people messing up drake jackson's name and turning it into two signings

don't know if this is an error or not.

ShakeZula posted:

FYI you listed Tarik Black twice for the Colts, one of them should probably be USC WR Tyler Vaughns.

The colts signed WR Tyler Vaughns - USC, that's who that duplicate Tarik Black was supposed to be, you are correct.

Leperflesh fucked around with this message at 01:44 on May 4, 2021

May 17, 2007

Per the Palm Beach Post:

Dolphins UDFAs: "Middle Tennessee State guard Robert Jones, Georgia Tech special teams contributor Jaytlin Askew, Alabama tight end/fullback Carl Tucker and Indiana defensive tackle Jerome Johnson."

e. Askew is nominally a DB, but seems to mostly or only played special teams.

Leperflesh fucked around with this message at 01:51 on May 4, 2021

R.D. Mangles
Jan 10, 2004

Your New Superstar UDFAs from The Two Time Big Ten West Champion Northwestern Wildcats

Paddy Fisher, LB Panthers
A three-year captain and leader of one of the best defensive units in college football, the question is whether his instincts and Football Guy knowledge are enough to make up for his relative lack of athleticism for an NFL player. Wouldn't bet against him making special teams if there's an opening.

Blake Gallagher, LB Ravens
Insert cliche for undersized, unathletic linebacker who tackled a gazillion people and is probably not fast enough to play in the NFL, Northwestern rolls these guys off an assembly line.

JR Pace, S Falcons
Overshadowed by Greg Newsome, but Pace was part of an outstanding secondary with a good nose for the ball. Had a pretty rough 40 time although he also was recovering from a foot injury, but this dude was rock solid and I hope he gets a look somewhere.

Riley Lees, WR Bengals
A quick receiver who also returned punts. He has a really weird career to try to evaluate. In 2018, he emerged as the top target for Clayton Thorson in an outdated, dismal offense. In 2019, Northwestern essentially didn't have a quarterback and trick plays where he threw the ball were honestly some of the best passing plays they could muster. In 2020, new quarterback Peyton Ramsey was locked onto Ramaud Chiaokhiao-Bowman, who emerged as his favorite target, and Lees's production plummeted based on the rule that Northwestern can only have one functional receiver per season and then Lees got hurt. I'm an idiot and have no idea if he will be at all of use on an NFL team (probably not) but I thought he was cool as a college player. Also,

Gunnar Vogel, OT Bears
I'm too dumb to tell if you an offensive lineman is any good, but it rules that he is for the time being a Chicago Bear and they will be looking for all the help they can get on the offensive line.

John Raine, TE, Falcons
A grad transfer from FAU, had a breakout game in his first game against Maryland. Raine was an excellent receiver and a master of flopping in the endzone to draw penalties. The first real Northwestern tight end since they hired Mick McCall and he insisted on calling them "superbacks" for 12 years.

Peyton Ramsey, QB Panthers
Grad transfer from Indiana after getting beaten out by Penix, brought immediate competence and stability to a position after a year of rotating inept guys. Ramsey is decisive and capable of pulling down the ball and running in the opposite field but not super accurate capable of taking over games on his own. Is the son of a high school football coach who named all of his boys after NFL quarterbacks. Unlikely to ever play in an NFL game but I am expecting that within 10 years he will be inexplicably interviewing for head coach jobs over more deserving candidates after being a QB coach for Sean McVay or something.

Anyway, cool dudes. Of all those guys, I think Fisher and Pace have the best shot to stick on a roster or make a practice squad.

Jan 9, 2008

the pic on that drake johnson page is a picture of drake jackson and clicking through the 'Source' takes you to a page of drake jackson. even so i don't know "my" college team well enough to be sure there isn't a drake johnson. Pretty cool

May 17, 2007

That is hilarious. If you search for Drake johnson kentucky, google's first result is drake jackson, but then there's a whole lot of drake jackson... but how does it know?, but maybe that page is a mistake, lol

Leperflesh fucked around with this message at 06:05 on May 4, 2021

Jan 9, 2008

perhaps it's best if we never know

May 17, 2007

UDFA's: Perhaps it's best if we never know

Eifert Posting
Mar 31, 2007

Sweet, pointless victory.

Grimey Drawer

My brain: The Bengals have a really solid roster this year.

Also my brain: this UDFA has a real solid shot of making it, also this one - Oh and this one as well.

The Big Jesus
Oct 29, 2007


its bc theyve determined udfas are something the rest of the league is doing so when they zig you zag

May 17, 2007

Eifert Posting posted:

My brain: The Bengals have a really solid roster this year.

Also my brain: this UDFA has a real solid shot of making it, also this one - Oh and this one as well.

I really wish there was an NFL minor league for all these guys. I guess there's always canadian football


Ches Neckbeard
Dec 3, 2005

Basketball and bloodlines in one player! Who needs football experience?


The Miami Dolphins announced Thursday they are signing former North Carolina Central basketball standout Jibri Blount as a free agent tight end. Blount, the son of former Steelers star defensive back Mel Blount, didn't play college football, but will be the latest former college hoops star to get a shot at playing tight end in the NFL.

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