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Oct 23, 2012

Link Click (Shi Guang Dai Li Ren) is a 2021 original net donghua with animation by Studio LAN (To Be Hero, To Be Heroine). Unfortunately I'm not aware of a good English-language resource for further info and anime-centered sites and databases are spotty on this stuff.

Synopsis posted:

The series follows Lu Guang (left) and Cheng Xiaoshi (right) as they run the Time Photo Studio, each having a power that allows them to relive (and potentially alter) events that occurred in a photograph. With an obnoxiously cheerful landlady dangling debt over their heads, the two use their powers to help clients while trying to preserve the past and future.

Funimation has licensed the series for streaming in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Brazil and Mexico; likely as part of the same partnership with bilibili that brought Heaven Official's Blessing there last year. Their schedule seems to indicate future episodes will be available Thursdays at 8PM Pacific. While the first two episodes had hardsubs and were a bit iffy styling-wise (incl having dual Chinese/English subs), Funimation tweeted today that from Episode 3 onwards the episodes will be soft-subbed.

Initial Impressions
The first two episodes dropped simultaneously Friday and I feel like they gave a great picture of what the series has to offer. Episode 1 being an introduction to the central conceit and two leads while also planting some seeds for an overarching plot, and episode 2 as a one-off that also serves as a bit of tonal contrast to episode 1's heavier story involving workplace abuse. That both requests were ultimately from the same root of corporate espionage yet diverge so strongly in how they are handled was also pleasantly surprising to me. It feels like a good omen for a full season using the conceit well, before even accounting for the likely case that a job goes sideways. Visually it looks great, with small bits of expressive animation and direction that effectively highlight the emotional beats. The high point of the premiere episodes for me is definitely ep 1's bedroom scene, and the series is no slouch when it comes to OP/ED songs or animation.

(the OP/ED videos got blocked, rip)

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Everything Burrito
Jun 2, 2011

I really enjoyed the first two episodes and like you, thought the parallel beds scene in ep1 was a real standout. Looking forward to hopefully being able to read ep3's subs a little easier lol

As far as info, this twitter account has been posting stuff like some of the in-episode songs and other bits of news so it's better than nothing

Oct 23, 2012

Ep3 is out, bringing with it softsubs that may also be the worst so far...i would hope if Funimation is going to ramp up on donghua licensing they'd bring someone on board to give the scripts a pass 😔

we finally got a name for TPS's landlady, Qiao Qiao (not Jo Jo!), and i was surprised from a few angles to have this third job be so small-scale personal *and* accepted immediately by Lu Guang. i have to guess his confidence is from some aspect of his power, since it did seem odd to assume that sort of job would be safe. the basketball game was important enough to stick with even a benchwarmer in his adulthood, after all! some great basketball animation in the meat of the episode, and it was interesting to see quirks to their powers like Cheng Xiaoshi's normal vision being negatively affected by the client's glasses. the dive itself being standard underdog team facing dissolution stuff, i appreciated that they used it for a window into Cheng and Lu's shared past, similar to Ep1's spring rolls. i hope the series has more to offer on that front since it was very brief, but i liked seeing Cheng contextualize basketball as a game of trust and how that carried forward into their partnership, and his further actions in the dive. i think it even gave some nuance to the game, as even the scummy team operated with trust as a unit, despite their loss on a commanding lead coming about from inability to deal with the trust shared by their opponents.

the early ED stinger was absolutely brutal though, with the job well off the rails and the outcome being left as a cliffhanger. my guess during the episode was Cheng could push it to overtime but the loss has to hit there, so i figure that'll still be the case. once you've had such an inspiring turnaround thanks to someone you had largely overlooked...will it really be easy to resolve that without some bigger effect? even just from the angle that the captain may have a lasting injury.

Sleng Teng
May 3, 2009

This show is pretty cool, thanks for posting about it! This is the first donghua (I think) that I've ever seen so I'm interested to see how it goes just based on that but it helps that this show is high quality so far. Also I'm contractually obligated to like anything with basketball in it no matter how incidental

Oct 23, 2012

an Ep4 preview image has dropped

looks like another peek into Cheng's past, possibly Lu's shock/anger at the outcome of last week's cliffhanger?, and is this storyline going to give us a gay counterpart to Ep2's dive?

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