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Oct 15, 2004

I totally forgot about this until recently, Gonna try to get mine in tonight after D&D.


Oct 15, 2004

12-Mar 2890
Sagittarian Confederacy Science Council
Exam Room 1

“See? Right there you can see the excitation of the quarks. It’s the same way every time. That has to be where the extra thermal energy is coming from.”

Onson shook his head, “You are both over thinking this way too much. I told you, I just ask the water to get warm. I’m polite about it. You two want to make it get warm with your doodads and gadgets, would you want to do something if someone made you do it?”

“I’m not disbelieving you, but there has to be some mechanism in the physical world that we can read. The water is getting warmer, and we have to find out how your asking is making it happen.” Dr Mixon tapped his finger on the screen, “This looks like Sweemy Effect.”

Dr Dustice jumped up “We have a Sweemy emitter in storage!” Dr Dustice was gone in a flash, and Onson laughed. “I’m not trying to belittle your achievements here, I’m sure a Sweemy emitter is a difficult achievement, and will look wonderful. It will probably even heat the water like you think. But it's not what I’m doing”

Dr Mixon sighed, and gave Onson an old fashioned look over the monitor. “Ever since contact with the Ampha colony was re-established, you’ve all claimed these magical powers of speaking with the elements. We know that you can do things, we’ve all seen them. But there MUST be a logical explanation for it!”

“There is! Clearly I’m using an inherited formation of my brain to effect the base wave state of matter using an emission of subatomic particles effecting the phenomenal world.”

Dr Mixon’s jaw dropped and blustered for a few moments, “You’ve know this whole time? Where is this formation? Do you know how it generates the subatomic particles? When did it first appear in your colony?”

“Nah, I’m just messing with you. Like I said, I just ask it nicely to heat up. That’s all the gibberish you’re going to come up with here in about 20 minutes after Dustice comes back with the Smeewy emitter.”

Rubbing his temples, Dr Mixon wondered to himself one more time why he bothers trying to figure out how the Amphans create their effects. They sat in silence for a few more minutes until Dr Dustin returned with the emitter. He was excitedly setting it up, chatting and oblivious to the tension in Dr Mixon’s shoulders. Once the emitter was set up, they pointed it at the glass of water and turned it on.

“Yes, the energy patterns are exactly the same! I wonder if there's something in their physiology that is somehow emitting subatomic particles...” Dr Dustice looked down at Mixon, and was confused as to why Dr Mixon wasn’t similarly excited. “What’s the matter doctor, we were able to re-create the effect exactly!”

Dr Mixon just silently pointed at the control glass of water that was boiling away merrily. Dr Dustin pointed the sensor at it, and there were no readings.

“Like I said friends, it’s just magic.”

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