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Mar 13, 2007

Please don't forget that I am an extremely racist idiot who also has terrible opinions about the Culture series.

Problem description: I have Western Digital Blue 1TB M2 drive that just stopped showing up in Windows. It does not show up in Disk Manager, it also does not show up in the Device Manager. It does show up in my motherboard's BIOS. Running a self-test on it through the BIOS results in a passed test but so far as Windows is concerned the drive just doesn't exist. I have a Crucial 500GB M2 drive that's my system drive and that works fine. The WD drive is at M2A and the Crucial is at M2B.

Attempted fixes: I've physically swapped the two M2 drives at the motherboard, to no effect, the Crucial continues to boot and work and the WD continues to be invisible. I've installed the most recent chipset drivers and APU drivers for the motherboard.

While poking around I noticed that in Devices and Printers, there's an alert indicator (you know, the yellow triangle with an ! in it, the Windows something-is-broken warning) on the icon for my PC itself. Going into Device Manager, this seems to be because there is an "Unknown Device" under "Other Devices." Delving into the Details for this unknown device, I see that it has a First Install Date of 5/9/2021 (Hey, that's today!) This unknown device is Present, is Connected, and has a hardware ID of {54cb850d-a731-8590-0628-1992592bd448}\rcbottom

Googling for that indicates it's an AMD RAID Controller, but when I wind up here:

it seems that prior to even installing this driver you're supposed to enable a RAID mode in the BIOS, create a bootable virtual disk, and basically do a bunch of stuff I never did in the first place. I've never run a RAID and never did any configuration relative to running a RAID. I'm very suspicious that this Unknown Device showed up at the same time this drive stopped being visible to Windows, and the two things are probably connected but I'm not sure just doing all of this and installing RAID drivers is the next step here.

Recent changes: No recent changes. New video card a couple of months ago, nothing since then. Windows has done its standard update routines, that's all.

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro V 20H2 OS Build 19042.964

System specs:

Ryzen 7 37000X 3.59 GHz, not overclocking or anything like that.
X570 Aorus Ultra
Radeon RX 6800
Seasonic Focus PX-750
500GB M2 system drive
4TB hard drive
Another 4TB hard drive

Location: USA

I have Googled and read the FAQ: Which FAQ? I've read the forum rules.

Edit: Restoring to a restore point from 3 days ago fixed it, so I can't explain what happened but at least it's working now. Mods, you can go ahead and gas this if you want.

Phanatic fucked around with this message at 18:21 on May 10, 2021


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