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Apr 1, 2021
Can't post for 24 hours!

Welcome to USnews, your tool for keeping informed in a fast moving world. This thread is for posting and discussing anything interesting, informative, or otherwise newsworthy happening in the USA. For the most part, this is going to be national politics, state politics that reflect them, and commentary thereon, but feel free to also share interesting things happening more locally, or international news that is likely to affect the US.

The purpose of this thread is to curate and commentate on news to help readers stay informed with good information. To this end, there are a few rules:

---As per the general D&D rules, good information is important. Take time to read and vet your sources, and when you post them, make sure that you accurately describe who the source is, why they are trustworthy, and importantly, what it is they are saying. Don't post nonsense from twitter nobodies in this thread. Consider checking out the Media Literacy & Critique thread for information and discussion on how to better critically examine journalism.

---While debate and discussion is, of course, welcome in this thread, because this thread is fast moving, lengthy or recurring debates may be asked to move to their own threads. Mods or IKs may point you to an existing thread, or ask you or someone else to make a new one. See the New Thread Thread for information about making and advertising new threads. If you have managed to get yourself banned from USnews, consider yourself on a one strike policy in these spinoff threads.

---This is a thread for good information. Articles with bad or misleading information, or those written as dogwhistles or ragebait should be posted either in the Media Literacy & Critique thread for serious discussion, or Should Have Been Spiked [also Coming Soon!] for just dunking on bad articles.

---As always, if a poster is being a problem, refrain from having a meltdown in thread and report them. If you feel it necessary, PM a mod with additional information and context about a report you've made. Remember that you can always put posters on ignore if you do not wish to read their posts.

Some other US Politics threads:
Political Science & Polling
Activism and Organizing
State & Local Politics
Supreme Court
Police Abolition & Reform
Right Wing Media
(Feel free to PM a mod if you would like other US politics related threads added here)


Bootleg Trunks
Jun 12, 2020

Do you think God lives in Heaven because He, too, lives in fear of what He's created here on Earth?

I think biden may be imperfect


Jan 26, 2019

they also serve who only
stand and wait

*baffled, fiddling with the remote trying to get the director's commentary to play in this thread to see if it explains anything*

Bootleg Trunks
Jun 12, 2020

Do you think God lives in Heaven because He, too, lives in fear of what He's created here on Earth?

Mod hat on: Hmm that source does not meet my rigorous standards so I'll be ramping up your probe

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