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W.T. Fits
Apr 21, 2010

Dream Super Combo

I'm gonna post this every year until it makes it into the fanart section and you can't stop me.


W.T. Fits
Apr 21, 2010

Dream Super Combo

Galick posted:

Hi there! I'm the one making the Waddler rebalance and this is my first foray into game modding in general. I hope the people who choose to use the rebalance have fun with it, and if you find a bug or anything, please let me know!


$5 for every person who plays a Fiesta using my rebalance, up to a maximum of $100. I'll take your word on the honor system, but let me know what you think of it in general if you do!

Does your change to the Berserker account for the fact that Counter normally doesn't work for them, since the Berserk status prevents reaction scripts from triggering?

W.T. Fits
Apr 21, 2010

Dream Super Combo

It's that time of year again, and that means it's time for me to repost my:

List of Abilities You Want to Give Your Berserker

Just a heads up that this list assumes you're playing an unmodified copy of the SNES, Playstation or GBA versions of the game. Having established that, let us begin.

As we all know, the Berserker is uncontrollable in battle, meaning that most active commands are useless for it. So what do you fill that extra ability slot with when you're setting up your job? Well, there are a number of options that may surprise you, but let's just go down the list, job by job.

Knight: Two-Handed and Equip Swords are the main draw here. Most axes in the game are flagged to be compatible with Two-Handed, which can really pump up your damage numbers. On the other hand, if you want your Berserkers to actually land hits with some consistency, Equip Swords gives them access to a better weapon class and also bumps up their Strength by a few points, just to let them hit even harder. A Berserker with Equip Swords is one of those rare niche cases where you might want to actually consider grabbing the Brave Blade, assuming you don't have other classes that can easily use the Chicken Knife. So in the end it comes down to do you want the potential for huge burst of damage on occasion? Give them Two-Handed. Do you want consistent damage output? Give them Equip Swords.

Monk: Basically, either HP+30% or Bare Handed. As far as HP+30% is concerned, you actually probably don't need it; Berserkers have the second highest Stamina stat in the game, meaning that their HP numbers are actually almost on par with Monks, who beat them in the Stamina department by a single measly point. The practical upswing to this is that unlike Monks, who are stuck in light armor and thus need that extra buffer of HP to survive more than two hits, Berserkers can wear real armor and shields that will allow them to tank hits without immediately folding like wet cardboard. So while extra HP can be nice, it's not really necessary.

Bare Handed on the other hand is always useful for Berserkers, both early and late game. Early game, you can just have your Berserkers punch poo poo to avoid having to put up with the accuracy penalty of axes/hammers or the weaker damage of daggers, with the added bonus of possibly scoring critical hits. However, it's important to note that just because Bare Handed gives you the option to use your fists, you're not required to do so. So later in the game, once you've got some of the better axes and hammers and the damage from fists starts to drop off because of the poor scaling, Bare Handed is still useful because it bumps your Strength up to the same score as a Monk would have.

Counter is a trap. Avoid Counter. The reason being that the Berserk status you're constantly locked into prevents Counter from going off.

Thief: Artful Dodger is really your only option here, mostly due to the fact that all the other passives are redundant by virtue of already having a thief in your party. Artful Dodger doesn't really do anything except give your Berserker the same Agility score as a Thief, which is arguably more useful in the versions where the ATB for Berserkers isn't buggy, but there are still plenty of better options out there.

White Mage: Surprisingly, you want to give your Berserker !White 6. Even though you can't cast spells in battle, giving your Berserker this ability boosts their Magic stat to be on par with a White Mage's, which in turn increases the amount of MP you have available, and also affects your damage output for two late game axes, the Rune Axe and the Gaia Hammer. As an added bonus, you can still have your Berserker use their healing spells outside of battle to top off your party if you feel like you need to, thus conserving your real White Mage's MP for actual combat situations.

Black Mage: You want !Black 6 for the same reasons as !White 6, minus the whole "can heal the party outside of battle" part of it.

Blue Mage: Either !Blue for the same reason as the other two mages, or Learning, just so that you have an extra body on hand to help learn Blue Magic spells.

Summoner: You want !Summon 5 for the same reasons as !Black 6.

Time Mage: Did you guess "!Time 6" for this one? Give yourself a gold star. Though Equip Rods is also there as a comedy option if you're bored.

Red Mage: Same deal as the other mage classes, give yourself !Red 3 to boost your Magic stat. In theory, you could also achieve the same results with !Dualcast, but in practice if you were to do that, I'm pretty sure everyone else in this thread would personally track you down and slap you upside the head for it.

On that note, if you happen to roll into multiple Mage jobs alongside your Berserker, here's how you'll want to prioritize which ability to give him: !Summon > !Black > !White > !Time > !Blue > Equip Harps > !Red. Yes, Red Mages actually have worse Magic stats than Bards.

Mystic Knight: I suppose you could give your Berserker !Spellblade 6 if all else fails; you're not going to get a huge increase to the Magic stat, but it's better than nothing. You don't really benefit from the Strength boost, since as a Berserker you have a natively higher strength to begin with. Magic Shell's not really worth bothering with - if the enemy can knock you down to low enough health for it to trigger, something has gone horribly wrong somewhere and you're probably about to die anyway.

Bard: You want Equip Harps for three four reasons:

1. It boosts your Agility, so you're not slow as poo poo anymore.
2. It boosts your Magic, which powers up the Rune Axe and Gaia Hammer.
3. You can give your Berserker the Apollo Harp and let them shred dragons with it.

Ranger: Equip Bows is pretty good. It helps you by giving your Agility a boost, and also gives you the option to shove your Berserker in the back row with a Bow instead of an Axe, making them even harder to kill. It should be noted that bows tend to have accuracy issues similar to axes, so there's honestly no reason not to do this if you have the bows to spare and you don't need anything a given axe might offer you in return.

On a related note, Rangers themselves can actually make pretty good use of Equip Axes before you pick up !Rapid Fire to replace it. It'll boost their Strength to be on par with a Berseker's, and their innate !Aim command makes axes' poor accuracy a non-issue.

Beastmaster: Equip Whips is a solid choice for when a problem comes along. They don't have much to offer in the way of attack power, but they'll let you sit in the back row and potentially paralyze enemies you hit with them. And it's a fairly significant chance to paralyze, too. A Berserker with a whip can legitimately keep a fair number of encounters completely locked down with surprising frequency, especially if you also have your Beastmaster whip it good. Also, most whips tend to deal bonus damage to certain kinds of enemies, and there's plenty of them to go around so you won't really be stepping on your Beastmaster's toes when it comes to endgame weapon selection. It also gives you a slight boost to your Agility, but it's not as big a deal as it is for Artful Dodger, Equip Bows or Equip Harps.

Ninja: Dual Wield. Like with Thieves, the other passive offered by a Ninja is redundant, since you'll already have a Ninja providing it for you. You'll take a slight hit to your durability, since you're giving up the protection of a shield for another weapon, but your damage numbers will generally make up for it, since you won't be taking hits from dead enemies.

Geomancer: This class has nothing to offer you; the passives skills it teaches are redundant since you'll already have a Geomancer in your party. And that hippie poo poo !Gaia won't pass along the Geomancer's Magic stat, unlike real magic commands. I mean, gently caress, even the goddamn Red Mage gives you a boost to your Magic stat, and when a loving Red Mage outclasses you at something, you know things are pretty goddamn dire.

As for the Geomancer itself, it's another class that can get some good mileage out of Equip Axes, because it still has a beefy innate Magic stat, so it can put out some decent damage with the Rune Axe or Gaia Hammer.

Samurai: Can't decide between the consistency of Equip Swords or burst potential of Two-Handed? Consider Equip Katanas! Like normal swords, they have a consistent damage formula and aren't hampered by the same accuracy penalty axes suffer from. But they also have innate chances to crit, meaning you can still suddenly explode a random enemy's face out of nowhere on a lucky swing! It's the best of both worlds!

Alternately, Shirahadori/Blade Grasp makes for a fine defensive passive if you feel like you need to worry about enemy physical attacks. Giving a Berserker the Aegis Shield, the Main Gauche, an Elf Mantle and Shirahadori on top of their already insanely high HP totals and high defense scores from heavy armor makes them insanely difficult to kill with physical hits... and since you've got the Aegis Shield on there, you're also avoiding nasty enemy spells 33% of the time.

Dragoon: Equip Spears is... eh, it's fine. It's fine, really. I mean, it's more consistent than Axes, and there are a few that have elemental properties that can hit weaknesses, or deal extra damage against dragons, I guess. I mean, ideally you'll have better options than this, but if you don't, it's fine. Equip Spears is fine.

Dancer: The misleadingly named Equip Ribbons actually gives you the ability to equip the four Dancer-specific pieces of gear in the game - the Ribbon, the Man-Eater dagger, the Rainbow Dress and Red Shoes. Of the four, the Ribbon and Man-Eater are really the only ones worth considering. Ribbons give you +5 to all stats (mostly you just care about the Strength) and immunity to a host of debilitating status effects. The Man-Eater, despite being a dagger, is coded to deal damage as a spear, and also effectively crits any enemy that's humanoid. You have better options for armor and accessories than the Rainbow Dress and the Red Shoes, both of which basically only offer you Confusion immunity (Berserkers are innately immune to Confuse due to permanent Berserk status) and an increased chance of getting Sword Dance when using !Dance (which Berserkers can only do randomly if you give them the Dancing Dagger).

Chemist: Since you can't use Items in combat as a Berserker, you don't get any benefit from Pharmacology. That said, it doesn't really matter because you have a loving Chemist in your party, which means you have access to !Mix, and have basically already won the game, so what you choose to give your Berserker is immaterial at that point.

W.T. Fits
Apr 21, 2010

Dream Super Combo

Shaezerus posted:

Funny you say that.

Quoting this because it didn't get anywhere near the proper amount of appreciation at the bottom of the previous page.

W.T. Fits
Apr 21, 2010

Dream Super Combo

FeyerbrandX posted:

This was a twofer, !gaia windslash (after having a bitch of a time keeping everyone balanced and eating a meteor/comet angry flexdeath) and obviously the corpse of zerky. No gif since I wasn't TRYING to do these but you can see Faris's ATB at the lowest and what else was I going to do with a geomancer in the void?

Well, they do make a passable chassis for the Gaia Hammer or Rune Axe if you don't feel like letting your Berserker use either of them.

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